Rating – PG13

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Summary – How far will someone go to get the one they love, even if it is an illusion? JD, JS Kinda


The first time he caught them they were just holding each other, before they stepped back, each preparing to leave the room. He shut the door and walked away, but it had taken him a long time to get to sleep that night, reflecting on just how well they fit together, he hadn't expected it but the image looked right.

The second time they were kissing, both with eyes tightly screwed shut and, for a second, he wondered what they were thinking, before he shook himself, realising that it was brutally obvious. He'd felt awkward for a few days after that around both of them, Jack especially… But nothing changed; he wasn't treated differently, which made him wonder just how long this had been going on.

The third time he'd walked in to drop some mission reports off and at first he'd seen only him, before he'd quickly realised that there was someone under the desk. Fighting against the natural instinct to react he refrained from even arching an eyebrow dropping the reports on the desk, noticing the way that Jack stayed seated when he'd have normally stood up to greet him and studiously ignoring the scent perfuming the air, a scent that he'd have known anywhere. When he left though his eyes couldn't help flicking up to see that the red light of the security camera wasn't blinking.

The fourth time he caught them was the last time… they'd gotten careless. He'd been up in the surveillance suite, when they walked into the office, shutting and locking the door… and then the camera went off.

This time he'd needed to know. He'd stepped out of the suite and walked down to the office standing outside waiting, until, soon enough, Sam appeared out of the room, self-consciously running her hand through her hair.

Then she'd turned to face him, spending the first second after the fact looking like she couldn't believe she'd finally been caught. Then the next looking confident, as though she knew she'd be able to bluff her way out of it. This time though he wasn't going to let her.

'Daniel.' She greeted.

He didn't return it, instead leaping straight in, 'he does know that…'

She looked defensive for a second and then defeated, 'yes.' The soft response punctuated by a nod of her head. He nodded in response, just felt the need to check, but that didn't answer his main question.


He knew he sounded incredulous but he wasn't prepared for the anger and overall emptiness in her eyes as she looked up, expression twisting, before hardening as she answered.

'You'd be surprised Daniel, just what people will do for someone they love… and in turn,' she inclined her head towards the door, 'what people will do to get them, even if it is an illusion.'

And with that she stepped forwards, grabbing his hand and turning it palm up, dropping something in it. She closed unresisting fingers round the object and walked away, head high, without looking back.

He looked down, unfurling his fingers, his eyes settling on and taking in the article that had obviously been 'borrowed' for experimental purposes from Area 51, he'd checked the records after that first time, just a week ago. It was a small device, the same as the one that had been used in the foothold situation they'd had not so long ago.

A mimic device…

One set to make the wearer look like a member of SGC Personnel.

Set to make the wearer look like him…


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