Title: The End

Author: VladtheImpish

Rating: Honestly, I haven't the faintest idea.

Summary: Somebody's final moments.

Warning: Character death!

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I doubt I ever will. This was written for, well not for fun, but definitely not for money either.

A/N: Just a little ficlet written as an outlet for my feelings at the time, the warning should be an indication that I'm not having happy thoughts.

The End


A sign of pain. An indication that her friend was hurt, but she was too busy trying to keep herself alive to stop and check on him.

It hadn't sounded that bad, if it weren't for her enhanced senses she doubts she'd have heard him, but hear him she did and now she's fighting harder than she ever has, needing the fight to be over so she can check on him.

She has no idea how long it takes for her to kill the remaining demons, it could have been seconds or hours, but she triumphed once more and now she's scrambling to find her fallen comrade. The fight had her all turned around and now she has no idea where he is, or even where she is.

The easy thing would be to simply shout out, to call his name, but the silence that permeates the air after the almost ear shattering noise from the battle causes her to hold her tongue.

Eventually she finds him and she immediately wishes that she hadn't. His position reminds her of someone attempting to lambada and she'd no doubt find it amusing if it weren't for the fact he's kept in that position by the long iron bar that he had been impaled with. His arms are hanging limply by his sides and his head is hanging back in an almost unnatural position and she almost considers turning round and leaving, the sight before her was so sickening.

A gasp makes her decision for her and in the blink of an eye she is by his side, knowing that there was nothing she could do but be with him for the end, watching as he battles for every breath, each inhalation a victory over death itself.

She takes his hand in her own, suddenly feeling the need to be connected to him physically and the sensation causes him to twitch slightly, undoubtedly sending indescribable pain throughout his body and a pained cry escapes his lips.

"Buffy?" he manages to say, forming the word through sheer force of will.

"I'm here Xander, I'm here. Everything's going to be fine, you're going to be alright." She knows it's a lie but she cannot contemplate voicing the truth.

He attempts to say something again but it's simply beyond him now, but she knows what he was wanting to say as though she had just plucked it from his mind. 'You're a lousy liar Buffy'.

She finds herself incapable of saying any more, her throat feels so tight that even breathing feels impossible. She is simply transfixed by the shallow rise and fall of his chest, his stubbornness shining through even now as he continues to force his lungs to accept more life-giving oxygen. The pause between every breath increases and she begins to hope that the one he had just taken would be his last, so he can finally be at peace.

After what seems like an eternity, he exhales one last time and then all is still. So, so still. Only now do the tears fall and her voice returns to her and her scream pierces the night, her pure unadulterated anguish finally released onto the world as her rock, her heart, her friend travels to the great beyond.