Families One: Reunion

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Chapter One- Missing the Past

"Tracy, come on! The bus is here and you don't want to be late!" Dick called up the stairs to his daughter. Dick and Star (Robin and Starfire) had been married for several years, and had triplets. Two girls and a boy. Tracy, Melanie, and Chris. The kids were now ten and in the fifth grade. Dick and Star had given up crime fighting three months before the kids were born. Now, Dick was a Sensi at a local dojo, and Starfire lived under the name Star and owned the local florist shop.

"I'm coming!" Tracy called as she pulled her shoulder-length, red hair into a ponytail. Both Tracy and Melanie looked like Star. They had read hair, and emerald green eyes. Their brother, Chris, took after Dick. He had black hair and brown eyes. Tracy's hair was only shoulder-length, while Melanie's fell a few inches above her waist. Tracy grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs.

"Mel and Chris are already on the bus. Go before you're late," said Dick, opening the door for his daughter.

"Okay. Did you sign my permission slip for the field trip next Wednesday, Dad?" asked Tracy.

"Yes. It's in your folder. Now, good-bye," replied Dick. He lightly pushed Tracy out the door. "Another morning at the Greyson family household," he said as he walked into the kitchen were Star was loading the dishwasher with the breakfast plates.

"All the kids off to school?" asked Star.

"Yes," said Dick as he sat down at the kitchen table with the newspaper. He flipped through the paper until he spotted an article about a bank robbery. He sighed.

"You still miss our crime fighting days?" asked Star.

"That, and sometimes I wish we could just tell the kids that we were heros once," said Dick. The two had kept the Teen Titans a secret from the triplets their entire lives.

"You know why we can not tell them, Dick," said Star, closing the dishwasher and sitting down in the chair next to her husband. "We do not want that life for them,"

"I know, Star. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to tell them,"

"It is for the best," said Star. She checked her watch. "I have to go to the flower shop. I am holding interviews for a new employee. Remember, Chris has baseball after school so you have to pick him up at the field an hour after the girls come home,". Star stood up and waited for Dick to answer.

"Got it," replied Dick.

"See you later," said Star. She walked out of the kitchen. After a few seconds, Dick heard the front door close.

"See you later, Starfire," he whispered to himself.


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