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Chapter Ten- Back to the Tower

Star came home around 10:00 that night.

"Hi Dick," she said as she entered the den. Dick was watching the news as he always did.

"Hey, Star. Find any new employees?" Dick questioned.

"No, not today. Although, there was this boy who would be good for the job. I need to look over his resume again,"

"Well, more success than yesterday," said Dick with a laugh. Star smiled and sat down next him. "Oh, I got an interesting phone call earlier," Dick said after a minute of silence.

"Oh. With whom?" asked Star.

"Raven and Beast Boy,"

"You're kidding!" she exclaimed.

"Nope. Well, Beast Boy goes by Garfield now. They have own kid, same age as the triplets, actually. And Garfield said the tower's still standing. I went to check it out myself today. It's in bad shape, but it's there," Dick explained.

"Wow," was all Star could say.

"Yeah. So, anyway. Raven called just a few minutes ago. They got a hold of Cyborg, um, well, Victor, and they want to have a reunion on Saturday,"

"That sounds nice. But what are we going to tell the kids?"

"I already told them that we were planning a high school reunion," said Dick.

"Did Melanie believe it?" asked Star. She already knew the other two would, but Melanie was different.

"I highly doubt it. But, she pretended to go along with it. After a short Q&A session, of course,"

"Of course," replied Star. The two sat in silence for a few minutes.

"I wonder what it will be like to see everyone for the first time in so many years," said Star.

"I know. It'll be weird," Dick agreed.

"But nice," Star added.

"Very nice," replied Dick.

Once Saturday rolled around, all of the former Titans were ready for their "high school reunion".

"Kids, come down here!" Dick yelled up the stairs. All three children bounded down to meet him.

"You kids behave while we are gone," said Star.

"We will," the triplets replied in unison.

"And don't kill each other," said Dick jokingly.

"Okay," the kids laughed.

"We'll be back late, so go to bed on time," Star ordered. The three nodded.

"Bye," said Dick as he ushered his wife outside. "See you tomorrow,"

"See ya!" said the kids as they watched their parents close the door. Melanie locked it behind them then all three ran back upstairs.

"Raven! Where's my other shoe!" Garfield yelled as he hopped around the house tying the one he had.

"In the hall closet!" Raven yelled from upstairs. Garfield opened the closet and found one lone shoe among all the pairs they had.

"Found it!" he yelled back.

Andrea sat on the couch ready yet another book. She rolled her eyes at her father's lack of common sense. Raven came downstairs and did the same.

"Ready to go?" she asked

"Yeah," replied Garfield.

"We'll be back tonight, Andrea," said her mother.

"Okay," Andrea said without looking up.

"Lock the door behind us," said Garfield.

"I know,"

"Bye," her parents said in unison. Andrea closed and locked the door and quickly went back to her reading. Finally, some peace and quiet.

"No, Dan, I can't…….I'm really sorry……I know it's your niece's graduation……I know she's not going to graduate high school again….Because I have a life, too…..Dan?..Dan?" Victor held out the phone almost at arms length. "He hung up on me!" he exclaimed, hanging up his own phone. He put it down and headed out the door. Just as he got in his car, his cell phone rang. He sighed.

"Hello?" he asked. "Oh, hi Dan…….Oh, you misread the date……The graduation is really when?...Next month!...Okay, the 12th it is…….Bye,"

Victor stuffed his cell in his pocket. This guy was really getting on his nerves.


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