Chapter 4

Unable to Admit the Truth

Rosie was smiling triumphantly to herself as she was walking towards her house, 'I guess I won that fight,' she thought.

She almost laughed as she thought back to the look of fury on Frodo's face.

Then, suddenly the sound of giggling reached her ears and voices calling out her name.

"Rosie! Rosie!"

Rosie smiled and turned, "Hey, Diamond. Hey, Marigold."

They grinned, "We saw you slap Frodo."

Rosie nodded with a smile, "He's been asking for that for awhile."

Diamond nodded, "Yeah, he really has."

Rosie sighed, "So…what'd you want to do today?" She twirled around, "It's perfect out here."

Marigold shrugged, "Well…why don't we pick a bouquet of flowers?"

Rosie smiled, "Yeah…okay."

Then the three girls walked towards the forest where the most beautiful flowers were found in the meadow hidden there.

Once they had reached their destination they began picking the flowers.

"So Rosie," Marigold started, "do you fancy anyone?"

Rosie shrugged, "Well, I don't know. I fancy Samwise a little bit."

Diamond nodded, "Yeah, he's a sweetie."

Rosie blushed, "Yeah," she looked toward Marigold, "do you fancy someone?"

Marigold frowned, "Well…not really anyone at the moment."

Diamond nodded, "understandable."

Then both Rosie and Marigold eyes her with curiosity, "Do you fancy someone?"

Diamond blushed a deep shade of red, "well…yes…I mean no…uh kinda."

Marigold squealed with delight, "oooh, who is it?"

Diamond looked down, refusing to meet both Rosie and Marigolds stares, "Please don't be angry with me, but I…I kinda fancy Pippin."

Rosie's jaw dropped, "What?"

Diamond sighed, "Oh come on, and he's not as bad as the other two. I've been around him a lot more than you two have, and…he can be pretty nice at times."

Rosie sighed and then nodded slowly, "Yeah, I-I guess you're right, he isn't as bad as Frodo and Merry. He's kind of cute too!"

Diamond smiled, "Oh yes! I love his smile!"

The girls giggled and then continued picking the flowers.

Meanwhile, they did not realize that they were being spied on by some certain young men.

Merry and Frodo were laughing uncontrollably, while Pippin was just staring at the girls with a slight blush creeping upon his face.

Frodo suddenly noticed his companions flushed face and his fit of laughter ceased, uh…Pippin?"

Pippin turned and nodded, "umm, yes?" he acknowledged weakly.

Frodo raised an inquisitive eyebrow, "you…don't actually like Diamond, do you?"

Pippin shook his head a little too violently, "of-of course not! What made you think something like that?"

Frodo shrugged, "Oh, nothing at all."

Merry suddenly, (and finally,) stopped his laughter, "You know," he looked back at the girls, "they are quite pretty you know."

Frodo looked at Merry with an appalled stare, "what was that, Merry?"

Merry shrugged, "Oh come on, Frodo, you have to at least admit that."

Frodo looked at him in a way that showed his consideration on the statement, but, also his apparent disbelief. Then he turned his attention to the girls, observing each one.

His eyes first rested on Diamond. She was wearing a deep red dress that came to her knees. Her ebony hair was in a loose bin, and her eyes were a profound shade of brown. She had a hearty smile, and her pale skin was clear of any blemishes.

Frodo shrugged, 'I guess she's alright,' he found himself thinking.

He allowed his eyes to wander over to Marigold, who was talking extremely animatedly to Rosie. She had long, wavy, golden hair that was being furiously blown about in the breeze; she was desperately trying to tame it. Her eyes were a lovely shade of violet, which were brought out by the lavender gown she wore. The smile she seemed to constantly have on her face was a pleasant, pretty one. It brightened her entire face, and revealed her pearly, perfect teeth.

Frodo smiled slightly, she was rather pretty.

Finally, with great reluctance, he averted his eyes to Rosie Cotton, and suddenly caught his breath at the sight of her.

She was allowing the gentle autumn wind to blow her gorgeous crimson hair in a delicate sweep across her face. It was loosely curled, and seemed to emit its own lustrous shine. Rosie didn't bother fighting the wind's force on her hair, as she knew it would be useless. The sun, shining through the trees, brought out her natural highlights, which made it seem as if her hair was on fire.

Her stunning eyes matched her cerulean dress; they sparkled with amusement. Her lovely face was flushed pink, and her tiny freckles were perfectly positioned on her nose and cheeks.

Diamond was whispering something in her ear, making her laugh. Her smile reached her glistening eyes.

Frodo hadn't noticed his widening smile as he gazed at her, but then suddenly looked away as he felt his face flushing. He shook his head and closed his eyes, 'No, Rosie is not attractive.' He thought

Merry gently elbowed him in the arm, "Well, Frodo?"

Frodo waited for his natural facial color to return before turning to look at Merry. "Well, what?"

Merry smiled, "Am I right or not?"

Frodo glanced at the girls for a brief moment and then back at his friend, "Well…I guess their kind of pretty."

Merry shook his head, "Frodo! They are not kinda pretty. Their really pretty, but, you're just too stubborn to admit it."

Frodo huffed, "Well, is that so?" he ran a hand through his hair, "You're acting as if you like one of them."

Merry grinned, "Maybe I do."

Frodo's eyes widened, "you're not serious."

Pippin, who was ignoring Frodo's comments, turned and looked at Merry with interest, "Who?"

Merry blushed, "Marigold."

Pippin nodded, "I thought so."

Frodo shook his head, "I cannot believe you."

Merry crossed his arms and gave Frodo a defiant stare, "well, believe it."

Frodo was about to retort, but Pippin shushed him, "I'm trying to hear what their saying."

Frodo and Merry looked at one another and then strained their ears to listen.

"So, Rosie you like Sam huh?"

Rose nodded, "Yeah, I feel sorry for him."

Diamond nodded, "Yeah, but, he's…not very attractive you know."

Rosie eyed her disapprovingly, "I know, but, that isn't what counts."

There followed a long silence before Marigold finally broke it, "So…is there a guy you find attractive, Rosie?"

Rosie stiffened at this and then slowly shook her head, "I…don't know."

Diamond looked up at her pleadingly, "you don't think Pippin is?"

Rose shrugged, "well...yeah.

"What about Merry?" Marigold unknowingly blurted out.

Rosie and Diamond both looked at her with are-you-kidding expressions.

"Merry?" Rosie questioned, "Do you like him Marigold?"

The expression on her face was answer enough.

"You like him?" Diamond added in disgust.

Marigold shrugged, "well, just think about it this way, he isn't as bad as Frodo."

Rosie nodded and chuckled slightly, "well…no one's as bad as Frodo."

At this Frodo subconsciously clenched his fists.

"Well…he is cute though." Diamond and Marigold said together.

Rosie's jaw dropped, and Diamond rolled her eyes, "Oh come on, Rosie, are you that blind?"

She shook her head, "What?"

Marigold came and stood beside her, "Do you find Frodo Baggins attractive?"


Marigold crossed her arms, "I want the truth."

Rosie looked down at her feet and kicked up the dirt, "fine." She mumbled.

"What was that?"

Rosie looked up, "fine! He's cute!"

Marigold nodded and smiled, "I knew we'd get there."

A slight shade of pink crept up on Frodo's face. His heart started to beat faster in his chest and his mouth parted slightly. Then, without knowing why, his lips spread into a half-smile.

He closed his eyes and tried to prevent the heat of his face and the pace of his heart.

He felt a touch on his arm, "Frodo?"

He slowly opened his eyes to see Pippin, who smiled. "You do find her attractive."

Frodo stood quickly, "No I-I don't."

Pippin shrugged, "Well, why not?"

He stammered, "Be-Because it's Rosie!"


"So, I just don't see her that way." Then the young Baggins turned and stormed off.

Merry and Pippin shook their heads.

Frodo ran all the way home, "Rosie? Attractive? Any guy who'd think that is clearly not thinking straight."

He burst into Bag-end and cast a glance towards Bilbo before going into his room.

Frodo lay in his bed, for what seemed like several hours, with many thoughts haunting his mind. He could not get the image of Rosie's face out of his mind, nor the words she had spoken.

"Fine! He's cute!" they came rushing back to him as he blinked hard trying to rid them from his memory.

He remembered the way she had looked with the wind billowing her hair about; her smile, and her eyes amidst a perfectly gorgeous face.

His heart started racing. "I hate her!" he whispered to himself, "I hate her so much."