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Kanius Productions Presents…

Earth/Odaiba/Alternate Timeline/Year: 2021/ 7:35 PM

This is Earth; actually it's what is left of the once beautiful city of Odaiba. Better yet, Tokyo for that matter. The atmosphere is ghastly, barren and empty. The once lively city was reduced to a post-apocalyptic. What could have triggered the fall of this beautiful metropolis? A future World War involving the use of nuclear weapons?

This wasn't the result of nuclear weapons or even a world war. It wasn't just Tokyo who suffered but nearly every major metropolis across the planet. No, the damage was inflicted by two treacherous killers sent to exterminate the human race for overextending the boundaries of the same planet they have evolved for the past few thousands of years. Who exactly were these killers? Why have they started a campaign to wipe out the human race? One young man and his friend can tell you the trauma that they have experienced for their entire lives.

Standing on the edge of a cliff was a young boy. He has blonde hair, which was long and tied back into a ponytail. His eyes were blue as the heavens. He wore a black jacket with the symbol of Hope encrypted on his back. It was bright golden with orange shading. His pants are dark gray with brown boots. Attached to his back was a sword inside a sheathed shaped as a woman's face. Raindrops down poured all over the apocalyptic scenery, including all over his body. On his right shoulder was an orange, blue-eyed winged mammal creature. It perched and looked down at the devastating left by the 'demon duo'.

"In case you were wondering who this is… Well, I may appear to look like Takeru, but in truth, I'm not… In fact, I am a last of the Chosen Children nearly twenty five years into the future. My name is Dimitri Ishida. Henceforth, I am the blood kin of the Digi-Destined of Friendship, Yamato "Matt" Ishida. So, why do I have Hope as my symbol? Because that's my wish for humanity and digimon life. Hope. Unfortunately, that's a word foreign to my own world. That is until I was encouraged to change the future of one reality to prevent it from taking it place. Thus, starts the beginning of my story. What happened in my reality? How was it any different from the one I just returned from? Well, you're about to find out, my friends."

Drawing out the sword from out of his sheath, the boy identified as Dimitri holds the majestic blade out and sets his sights on the devastated city. He watched as flares of energy ignited across the landscape. Dimitri gave a nod to the Patamon on his shoulder.

"Ready to go, Faith? This is it! They won't defeat us this time!"

"I'm with you all the way, Dimitri," Faith responded with a serious gesture.

"It's time that we avenge uncle Takeru!"

As soon as he said that, Dimitri jumped off the edge off the cliff and slides down across the slope below. Faith came flying down in pursuit of his partner to keep up with him. They were determined to face this demonic duo who has caused chaos throughout the two worlds. Dimitri has faced hell for nearly eighteen years and he was dead set not to let this nightmare drag on. It has gone on far enough as far as he was concerned. The villain pair's time has come.

"But, can we be sure we'll be ready for them, Dimitri? We've constantly have been defeated by them time after time," Faith reminded the boy. "They're more powerful than any enemy your dad and the Digi-Destined have ever dealt with!"

"I know, but I'm their future generation. I have to carry out the tradition of the Chosen Children! I don't care if the enemies I face now are greater than anything they've faced in their lifetime, but I will not die in vain! Do you hear me? My uncle, father and their friends gave their lives up just to ensure that the future generations survive. My mother is the only survivor left from the Great Massacre years ago. She is the only family I have left. I cannot let her down or the spirit of the Ice Warrior! This is our chance to make a difference!"

"Dimitri… Right! This one is for everyone that gave their lives up to ensure we carry out their tradition!"

As soon as he slid off the end slope of the cliff, Dimitri jumped up into mid-air and swiftly lands down at the center of ground zero itself. He searched his surroundings with Faith accompanying his side. He opened all six senses to feel the wave of destruction created by the demons. His eyes scanned the devastation until he came to a complete stop. Faith also came to a complete halt and frowned when he heard footsteps. Then, it became apparent they weren't alone anymore. Lightning shot down in the background and brought light through the darkness. Dimitri and Faith remained fearless despite the horror-esque atmosphere.

Then, their blood chilled and body froze when the pair of impish giggles whispered in the darkness. There was a pair of golden, slanted eyes moving across the darkness. One second there was eyes and the next there was pitch darkness. Dimitri felt his heart racing like a triathlon runner and beads of sweat come down his face. He took a step back. Gripping the handle of his sword, Dimitri stood poised and ready to meet the demonic duo. Patamon's fur straightened out as he growled to himself.

"They're here, Faith! Brace yourself!"

"I'm ready to evolve whenever you're ready!"

"Let's make sure to pull off Digital Fusion before they even have a chance to strike," Dimitri whispered down to his Patamon partner. "Then, I'll make them pay for taking Uncle Takeru and my father away from me! The Digi-Destined shall be avenged!"

The impish giggles continued to echo within the darkness. Suddenly, a building ruin toppled over and collapsed onto the ground. It shattered against the ground and caught Dimitri immediately off guard. He turned and jumped back from the scattering debris. He brushed the debris off his face and let out a deep sigh of relief. For a minute, he had thought that the demons had located him. Faith flew by his partner's side and scanned his surroundings.

Then, there were foot steps creeping up behind them. Dimitri froze completely still and felt a presence watching him. He instantly turned and slashed his sword across…


The boy's sword sliced through a piece of wood but he did not make his mark on anything in particular. Whatever he had felt earlier had vanished without a trace. These devils. They have no souls. This made it harder for either Faith or Dimitri to sense.

The footsteps returned. This time they were louder and easier for the duo to pick up on. Dimitri backed himself against a corner with Faith and without anywhere to turn. He was trapped like a mouse cornered by the cat. He and Faith knew they were the mice while these two predators were the hungry cats. Then, the pair of eyes revealed themselves through the darkness.

"Here they come, Dimitri! Let's brace ourselves, my friend!" Faith barked out. "C'mon, you heartless monsters!"

The boy gripped his sword tightly, which was forged by a legendary hero. He prepared to strike the demon pair head on but what was stopping him? Fear and doubt crossed his mind, but anger built up in his heart. He had to avenge the loss of his loved ones, but was he even sure he would have enough power to make a difference? Does it make any difference? This was HIS revenge!

"Come on out, you devils! I'm NOT afraid of you anymore! Do you hear me! I DON'T fear you anymore!" the boy screamed out at the top of his lungs.

Before long, as he opened his eyes, he came face to face with one of those two devils. But, this creature did not have any demonic or grotesque features. In fact, it appeared completely human. It appeared to be a boy in his late-teen/early adult age. His face was clean yet freezing cold. He wore an orange bandana around his forehead, a black shirt with gothic symbols on his shirt, a pair of blue, torn jeans, and tennis shoes. His hair was long in shoulder length and completely black as the pitch darkness in the surroundings. He was completely human with the exception of one feature: his eyes. They appeared cold and lifeless. They were light blue yet possessed the eyes of a demon from Hell. Despite being heartless, a twisted smile crossed his face, which would be considered foreign since he was supposed to be 'emotionless'. Nonetheless, he was smiling and perhaps even amused. He is one of the two assailants who have gotten away with the murders of millions of lives. Humans and digimon have fallen at the hands of this creature.

The teen looked deeply into Dimitri's frightened eyes and sensed fear from the boy. He enjoyed seeing this from Dimitri and wanted nothing more than make his life a holy hell.

Speaking in a casual yet twisted manner, the teen spoke up for Dimitri to hear, "So, you're out alone, aren't you kid? I thought you would have learned by now, but you're becoming nothing more than an annoying bug. But, like any other bug. I'm just going to have to SQUISH you! That's right, Dimitri my boy, you'll be the cockroach that gets squished right under my foot! That same applies to your little friend there!"

"Not this time! Dimitri and I have come to defeat you! We will avenge our loved ones!"

"Ha, now that's a good one! How many times have we heard that excuse, sis?" the teen male motioned over towards a corner.

Standing beside a pillar, there was another figure. This was one was the partner in crime and the sister of this boy. Her eyes emitted the same demonic aura as her brother did earlier, except these eyes were even more frightening. A low, sly chuckle came out of this individual. Much like her brother, she took great amusement in toying with Dimitri's emotions. The female figure stepped out of the shadows with a piece of mirror glass. She glared directly into it and saw a reflection of the boy. Not even bothering to face Dimitri, she smiled and stroked the piece of glass.

The sister appeared to be the same age as the male teen. She even looked exactly like him, which clearly indicated that they were twins. Her hair was long, jet black and past shoulder length. Her accessories included black leather pants, black gloves, a white shirt with a black vest over it and a pair of earrings of both ears. Her eyes were the same as her brothers: light blue and lifeless. Her face was pale yet delicate.

The duo did not appear to be strong nor did they have powerful physiques. However, looks can be quite deceiving as far as these two were concerned.

The female spoke in a calm yet calculating tone, "Well, hello there, Dimitri. You're looking cute as ever."

"Wench! How dare you say that after the deplorable acts you and your brother have perpetrated across the two worlds! Humans and digimon have suffered enough! What is the damn point to all of this?"

"It's simple, kid," the male responded to Dimitri's question. "We HATE your kind. Both digimon and humans have overextended the two worlds. You're ultimately going to be your own demise. Just call us the waste disposals! However, we're not doing this as a job. We enjoy watching your kind suffer."

"Seeing fear across the faces of our victims really turns us on," the female chuckled and threw the shard of glass aside. "But what really turn us on are the screams of agony you let out once we're finished playing with you. We're taking out our anger and hatred out on you for our conversion into soulless monsters."

"Right, sis, consider this our revenge on you humans for abandoning us and letting us being turned into demons. Our humanity has long been taken away. But, we simply don't like you, because you remind us of how much we despise humanity. In this case, sis and I are tired of playing around with you, Dimitri!"

"Ready to die, cutie?" the girl asked as she winked to Dimitri playfully yet in a psychotic manner.

Dimitri gripped his sword tightly and turned towards Faith. They nodded to each other and both emitted bright auras. They were set on performing their patented Digital Fusion, a trait achieved by several members of the Digi-Destined. Taichi, Yamato and Takeru were the most notable to pull off such a feat in this period. Dimitri was the fourth to become an official Digital Fused Warrior. As soon as the duo merged with one another, a single entity stood in their place. However, his form was not revealed as his back was completely turned. The fused warrior's entire body was engulfed in a golden aura.

The two siblings looked across with calm smirks. They weren't even worried about the boy's Digital Fused form. This was the same power achieved by Tai and Agumon years ago in the climatic battle against the tyrant, Burizalor. Omega X was the first legendary Digital Fused Warrior and came right out of a prophecy, yet he had perished years ago due to a virus. The two siblings shrugged off Dimitri's fused form. To think these two devils possessed strength superior to a monster such as Burizalor.

"Well, so you and the little guy decided to turn things up a notch?" the male smirked. "Sonja, what do you say we give this punk another beating to remind him who he's dealing with?"

"Ha, you just read my mind, Jax," the female identified as Sonja smiled and combed her hair back with her right hand. "We're going to make this quick."

With that said, the siblings flew out across to attack the fused warrior on. The fused warrior stood poised with the sword in hand and ready to meet the devils. This could very well be the opportunity to avenge his loved ones yet he couldn't be too sure. The future has many unlimited paths. In this case, he never expected to have to defend two worlds on his own.

He leaped across and with one swung of his sword…


Meanwhile, from a far distance, there appeared to be a lone figure watching the struggle between Dimitri's fused form and the two androids. It appeared to be a spirit of a young girl in her pre-teen age, somewhere between thirteen and sixteen years of age. Her skin was slightly pale and delicate. The eyes of the girl were heavenly blue and her hair was brown while past the shoulder length. Her outfit was very odd and different from what she had worn at the time of her death. She wore one of the outfits worn by one of the Sailor Senshi. The blouse, the skirt, the high-heel boots and the heart-shaped brooch item on her chest. The colors of her outfit were silver and purple. Her skirts, arm sleeves and boots were silver while the bow on her brooch and back was silver. In her right hand was a crystallized trident.

She spoke in a calm and worried manner, "Dimitri, please do be careful… I can't dream of ever losing you. You are vital to this time period and you are the one person I've become attached to. May your courageous spirit guide you to victory…" …

However, just how did this nightmare get started? It's time to take a little trip into the past and present the chronological list of events that has led to this post-apocalyptic time period.

(Play Digimon Zero Two opening theme Target Akai Shougeki)

(End theme)

A Future From Hell: The Prologue to a Nightmare

Digital World/Sector YVERN-09736/Outskirts of Myotismon's Fallen Castle/3:45 PM

August 17, 2003

The Digital World. These grounds are the forests outside of the former castle left behind by Myotismon. The skies were bright and the trees were being blown by the strong winds. The setting appeared to be calm and peaceful. However, there was an ominous presence. Standing out on the open of a barren landscape were two figures. Behind them was a legion of digimon garbed in militaristic armor and equipped with plasma rifles. The two notable figures were then revealed. The tall individual appeared to be a female Myotismon with a slimmer body. Long, black hair plopped from her head to the waist down. The other was the tyrant himself, Burizalor, with a new makeover. With his body nearly torn to shreds in his climatic battle against Omega X, half of his body was cybernetic. His lower body was robotic, as was half of his face and entire lower body. He even received a new cybernetic tail implant. The only real skin he had left was the left side of his face, his upper body and his right arm.

Burizalor turned as he laughed at his accomplishment. Lying across the battlefield were the battered forms of Leomon, Flamedramon, Shurimon, Digmon, Stingmon, Angemon, Angewomon, Were Garurumon, Garudamon, Lillymon, Seadramon and Altur Kabuterimon. They had easily been handled by the tyrant. The Digi-Destined, New Generation and Originals, all watched in horror. Their digimon were soon about to become deleted in a matter of moments.

They had all fought to protect the doorway between the two worlds. Now, Burizalor was in the process of entering the real world to unleash his wrath upon the human race. There was no Omega X to stop him either. The smiling goddess of victory crept across the tyrant's face.

"Yes, you see, Chosen Children? I told you! Victory would indeed be mine! I told you that I would never die and now do you believe me!" Burizalor laughed heartily. "Lady Myotismon, it's time we give the humans a piece of our mind."

"We'll destroy the planet quickly if you wish, my lord."

"No, I think I want to saver my victory first by eliminating these pests first," Burizalor directed his attention towards the Digi-Destined and the fallen digimon. "None of these pathetic fools had a chance to inflict any damage on my newly repaired body!"

"No! I can't believe this!" David slammed his fists to the ground. "Our digimon were defeated this easily? How was Tai able to beat this guy? I mean, Flamedramon and I can't even perform a Digital Fusion! I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to let this maniac get away with this!"

"But, can we do?" Yolei asked while being frightened out of her mind. "I can't believe you originals survived against this guy!"

"Yeah, but it was my brother who cleaned this maniac's clock!" Kari reminded the new Digi-Destined. "There's nothing our digimon can do to make a difference. It's… It's all over… Oh, Tai, I wish you were here…"

"I can't believe it's going to end this way! After all of the mess we've gone through…!" TK growled angrily. "All for nothing!"

Realizing that the Digi-Destined were losing hope, Burizalor would put an end to their misery. He turned around to face them and pointed his finger directly towards the children first.

"NO! DAVIS!" Flamedramon screamed out while struggling to stand on his feet.

"TK! KARI!" the angels cried out in horror.

The other digimon quickly reacted to the danger of their partners and jumped back to their feet. Despite their second minds, excruciating pain erupted through their bodies from the severe beating they had received earlier.

"Well, it's been fun, Chosen Children, but all good things must come to an end. You have been nothing more than nuisances to me," Burizalor grinned as his right index finger emitted a crimson flare. "It's time to put you little insects away for good… Sayonara!"

As soon as the finger flared up with more energy, Burizalor was seconds away from ending the Digi-Destineds' legacy. They would be erased from his sight forever and Earth would become his next destination. Revenge for the tyrant was at last at hand.

However, just as Burizalor was preparing to deliver the finishing blow, a golden streak of light passed by through and…


The tyrant felt a powerful force slam hard against his right cheek and send him flying across the barren landscape. Burizalor screamed out as he plowed through a rock and was piled under heavy rock. The Digi-Destined watched the event unfold with shocked glares, including Davis' mouth nearly dropping to the ground.

"Wha-Wha-What the heck was that!" Davis exclaimed. "That just came right out of nowhere!"

"And Burizalor was just sent flying across!" Cody cried out.

"What could have triggered this? That was too fast even for me to find out!" Ken looked around his surroundings.

"It's him! At last!" TK gasped out in happiness.

"It is indeed, TK," Sora nodded in agreement while glancing forward. "Stupid Tai, you've finally came back…"

"BIG BROTHER! YOU'RE BACK!" Kari screamed out towards her brother.

Standing out on the open of the battlefield was a lone figure. This figure had a bright golden-orange aura dancing around his body and his presence was powerful. The warrior himself looked like a humanoid version of War Greymon himself. However, a human face was revealed with a War Greymon covering his head with smaller horns. His armor was also similar to War Greymon. A metallic chest plate covered his front chest and abs. His arms were covered with a black leather spandex; the same can be said for his legs. Armored gauntlets were perched on his fists and without the claws. His hair flowed out through the helmet and spiked up. The color of the hair itself was golden. Armor padding covered his legs and waist. His feet were a pair of fiery orange-red boots. The eyes of the fused warrior were now intense emerald green and a bright golden aura engulfed his body.

He turned around and acknowledged the Digi-Destined. Kari and Sora were the two that were happy to see the Digi-Destined of Courage the most. Their happy, teary expressions said it all.

The warrior, Omega X, shifted his eyes towards the pile of debris that buried the tyrant completely underneath. He waited for the bastard to emerge and present himself.

Lady Myotismon and the legion of soldiers watched in utter shock at the turn of events. Yes, she was staring at the same warrior who had destroyed Burizalor's 'immortal' status and allowed the prophecy to come true.

"So… This is the Legendary Digital Fused Warrior…?" Lady Myotismon gasped in horror as she stuttered out of fear. "To think that I, Lady Myotismon, would be trembling in fear! What an extraordinary power I'm sensing from the Digi-Destined of Courage!"

Ignoring the cries of Lady Myotismon, Omega X was focused completely on the tyrant.

"Come out of there, you son of a bitch!" Omega X yelled out angrily with authority. "I see you haven't changed one bit since our last encounter! I should have known better than to let you live!"

As soon as he challenged the tyrant, Burizalor emerged out of the rubble and sent debris scattering across. He screamed out angrily and seethed once making direct eye contact with Omega X. The fused warrior stood his ground with his fists clenched and eyes fueled with raging flames. These were the same green emerald eyes he made contact with during the climatic battle in the Dark Dimension. These two super powers were set to finish off where they had left off from their battle. Omega X has yet to get warmed up but Burizalor still has an ace up his sleeve.

"So, you've finally shown yourself, Taichi… It's good to see you, friend," Burizalor grinned while wiping the blood from his lips.

"A bastard like you will never be considered my friend. Now, put up or shut up, you stupid son of a bitch," the Warrior of Courage cursed directly at the tyrant.

"What was that! You dare insult the greatness that I, Burizalor, represent? Well, it seems you still have ways to learn," the half cyborg crossed his arms. "With my new implants, my power has been upgraded. I can summon enough energy to create en even larger Armageddon Genocide. Only this time, I won't require time to power up. Once it has been summoned, you will be instantly killed!"

Having heard enough from out of the tyrant, Omega X stepped into a battle stance and snorted in frustration.

"I'm not here to play anymore games! This is where you end!" Omega X declared. "Burizalor, I let you off the hook the last time we met. This will be your final stand."

"We'll see, Taichi. For I will never die!" Burizalor retorted back at the fused warrior. "That's right! The longer I draw this out, the better chance I can summon my finishing attack and send this asshole into the depths of limbo!"

Before Burizalor could even react, Omega X instantly vanished out of thin air. He didn't just disappear but he appeared to have teleported out. This quickly threw the tyrant off guard. Lady Myotismon and the soldiers gasped out once they located Omega X standing behind Burizalor. This had all occurred within one tenth of a picosecond, maybe even less! Omega X had somehow managed to teleport behind Burizalor as fast as light speed.

"Man! That's wicked!" Davis exclaimed as he looked down and admired his new hero.

"How is he able to teleport this quickly? My senses weren't able to keep track of that! Wait, I've heard about this teleportation," Leomon thought as his eyes observed Omega X. "Burizalor didn't even track his movements! Was this the result of Azulongmon's training? If this is the case, then Burizalor is done for!"

"Let him have it, Tai!" the Digi-Destined exclaimed out in unison.

"Put that monster out of his misery, big brother!" Kari called out directly towards her older sibling.

Burizalor spun around as he met directly in contact with Omega X. The fused warrior placed a palmed right hand directly in front. Seeing the hand held out directly in front of him, Burizalor had prepared for the worst to come. It appeared as if Omega X was going to end this quickly without anymore hesitation. This was when Burizalor started backing away and decided to persuade the warrior.

"Heh, nice try, but you don't have enough ice in your blood to attempt to kill me! You couldn't hope to get the job done in the Digital World! What makes you think that you'll do anything to make notice now?" Burizalor reminded the fused warrior and toyed with his emotions. "I survived the explosion and escaped the clutches of Hell to get my revenge on you! I didn't come this far just to kick the bucket! You greatly overestimate your own abilities, Taichi!"

"And you underestimate me, Burizalor. Face it, your days are numbered. You're already nearing the end of your pathetic life," Omega X declared solemnly. "You're about to go where all evil bastards go after they have perpetrated their heinous crimes. This… IS. THE. END. OF. YOU!"

Once Omega X made his declaration, he instantly vanished out of sight and left Burizalor to wonder where his adversary may have gone. The digimon tried keeping up with the fused warrior but all to no avail. He looked about his surroundings while using the robotic right eye to scan the perimeters. Unfortunately, even his new upgrades couldn't aid the tyrant in tracking down his adversary. Now the tyrant's mind was riddled with fear, doubt and paranoia. The one warrior he was soundly crushed by was nowhere near in sight. Burizalor screamed out in maddening rage and instantly fired numerous energy beams from his right index finger. The beams shot through rock cliffs and reduced them to burning piles of debris.

"My lord, what is wrong? Can you not find him!" Lady Myotismon called out to the paranoid tyrant. "If you keep this up, you'll end up shooting those beams directly at me and our soldiers!"

"NO! I will NOT rest until I have rid myself of that son of a bitch!" Burizalor roared out in furious rage. "WHERE ARE YOU! COME ON OUT YOU COWARD!"

"Burizalor, enough of this! You're going to destroy us all with this nonsense! Whatever you do, don't let any of those damn beams hit me! Just remember who helped to rebuild this new body for you!"

"I understand my lady, but this SON OF A BITCH will DIE! Do you hear me! DIE! DIE! DIE!" Burizalor screamed out repeatedly the hatred that has boiled in his heart over the last few years. "HUMILIATE ME AGAIN, TERRAN! I'LL MAKE SURE YOU PAY DEARLY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME AND MY REPUTATION!"

Once he had finished letting lose his rage, he stopped and saw the entire area completely reduced to rumble. He searched his surroundings in hopes of locating the fused warrior. Then, without warning, Burizalor sensed the warrior's whereabouts and turned around to find him standing on top of the spaceship. Omega X stood with arms crossed and a serious demeanor on his face.

"Argh! Toy with me, will you? Soldiers attack with everything in your arsenal! ELIMINATE HIM!"

Following their leader's orders, the legion of soldiers unleashed a horde of blasts directly at Omega X. Omega X casually levitated off the ship and allowed the blasts to bounce off his powerful aura. The blasts did not even inflict any damage or penetrate through the warrior's intense aura. They immediately stopped firing and gasped in utter disbelief.

"Why did you stop firing! Stay on him!" Burizalor called out in direct order.

"But… No… Damage was done to him…" a Fuugamon soldier stuttered.

"He's right, my lord! We must fall back now!" Lady Myotismon suggested. "You said this warrior was strong but you never told us that he would be invincible! It's no wonder you were easily defeated!"

"BE SILENT! DESTROY HIM NOW!" Burizalor screamed out.

Just as the soldiers aimed to fire away, Omega X simply placed his right hand out and directly positioned it towards the soldiers. A massive ball of ki was collecting around his palm and sent directly towards the soldiers. They screamed before the ki blast made impact and then…


A massive explosion erupted from the spot and every soldier was caught in the blast. Banshees echoed and bodies were instantly broken down within the enormous blast. However, Lady Myotismon and Burizalor managed to escape the fray.

"No! He just wiped out our entire fleet! I had no idea he'd be this powerful!" Lady Myotismon screamed out.


"Actually, yes, I do…" the voice of the warrior whispered behind him.

The tyrant turned around and spotted Omega X directly in front of him. The fused warrior walloped the tyrant with a right handed punch and sent him flying across using an invisible force. Burizalor was pushed back away from Omega X and sent flying across the skies. Lady Myotismon decided to take advantage of the distracted Omega X and fired a scarlet beam through her right hand. As the blast shot across, Omega X reacted quickly and slapped it away.

"NO!" the mistress exclaimed in horror. "That's not possible!"

Before she could summon another attack, Omega X flew directly towards her and slammed his right fist THROUGH her torso. The villainess gagged out blood from her mouth and looked down at her torso. She couldn't believe it. This was the end for her. Now she would join the legion of soldiers that were killed earlier. Her efforts were in vain.

"It's a shame you had to go up against me. This would have never happened to you if you hadn't joined this bastard's cause," Omega X sighed deeply. "But, you brought this upon yourself…"

With that said Omega X let out a defying cry and unleashed a massive ki blast. This was sent directly through Lady Myotismon's torso and engulfed her body completely. Her screams echoed out before being broken down into data fragments. Burizalor watched the event unfold and seethed in anger.


The tyrant decided to turn things up a notch and quickly summoned a sphere of negative energy from out of his right index finger. He held the condensed energy ball and stared a death glare directly at Omega X. The two super powers would finish this with one deciding, finishing blow. Omega X remained poised and ready. Though, he seemed rather confident. What could he be hiding that Burizalor doesn't realize?

"Oh no! Its Burizalor's finishing technique! If the Digi-Destined of Courage doesn't get away, he and this world will be done for!" Leomon warned the team.

"Oh no! This isn't good!" Davis exclaimed. "You guys! We have to get away from here!"

"But we can't leave my brother!" Kari cried out.

"Sorry, Kari, but we must stay away or we'll get caught in the fray," Angewomon held her partner back.

"Don't worry, Kari," Sora placed a hand over Kari's back. "Tai will pull through this."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course, we just have to believe in him. If we lose hope, Burizalor will win. So, everyone, don't you lose faith in Tai! He will ensure that monster stays dead!" Sora stated promptly.

"That's right! You heard, Sora, guys!" TK reminded the group. "We're the Digi-Destined! We don't ever give up and abandon our own! Tai's beaten this monster once and he'll do it again! Davis, I hope you'll get a kick out of this!"

As the Digi-Destined watched the events unfold, Burizalor collected enough energy through his Death Ball. He looked directly at Omega X and snickered wickedly.

"This is it, Taichi! This will spell your final end!" Burizalor declared while collecting more energy into his Death Ball. "For the all the damage you've inflicted on me and for my pride being torn to shreds, I will pay you back tenfold!"


"Well, you're awfully calm, aren't you? Any reason why you remain so confident?"

"That's because I'm going to end this dispute in a matter of moments. Even your ultimate technique can save you from what I have in store for you."

"What? Ha! Don't make me laugh! You don't have anything worthwhile to make me notice! Even you cannot hope to prevent this sphere of death from destroying the two worlds! Victory is at last mine!"

"Yes, and once again you let your own arrogance be your own undoing. It's a shame you haven't exploited any new techniques for our re-meeting, because I have a technique that I've been dying to use on you. In fact, I used this same technique to arrive here in the first place. How do you think I caught you and your men off guard?"

"What! But, you moved faster than the eye could see!" Burizalor exclaimed. "It doesn't matter anyway; you're still going to meet your end, Taichi!"

"Typical, Burizalor. I guess I'll just have to show you the hard way then," Omega X stated before his aura exploded with intense fury. "THIS IS YOUR FINAL HOUR, BURIZALOR!"

As soon as he made this declaration, Omega X placed two fingers over his forehead and yelled out two words.


Once that was said, the warrior instantly vanished right out of sight and became nothing more than an afterimage blur. Burizalor was immediately caught off guard by this new technique performed by his adversary.



Burizalor quickly looked up and saw Omega X with his hands cupped out in front of him. Everything now appeared to move in a slow motion manner as if time itself was freezing. Burizalor's eyes widened in horror as Omega X collected more ki through his palms. There was nothing Burizalor could do to save himself from this predicament. He had come to seek revenge but now would die at the hands of the one who had humiliated him.

The tyrant couldn't even speak as he became stiff frozen out of shock. The heart of the villain stopped beating and his mouth became dry as cotton. Through his eyes was the reflection of condensed ball of energy.



The enormous wave of energy swept across and caught Burizalor within it. The banshee screams of the villain echoed. Only a shadow outline of the villain could be seen through the growing beam of light. The once powerful tyrant was broken down and turned into smoking ashes under the scorching heat of the beam. Omega X finished his attack and dropped his cupped hands. With the smoke cloud dissipating, there was nothing left of Burizalor. At long last, the tyrant had finally been defeated. Omega X could now sigh a relief and put this nightmare behind him.

"HE DID IT!" the Digi-Destined exclaimed in unison.

"Way to go! You're my new hero, man! Kari, your brother is awesome!" Davis said to the young Kamiya.

"See? What did I tell you, Kari?" Sora asked Kari as a smile crept over her face.

"Yeah, that's my big brother for you!" Kari laughed happily.

"This is great! Now, I understand why you guys thought so highly of this guy," Yolei added while looking up into the skies. "He easily took out Burizalor!"

"Easily is an understatement, Yolei," Ken replied.

"Well, what are we all standing around here for?" Davis spoke up. "C'mon, let's go and greet him!"

"Yeah, I say we throw a big party for Tai's comeback!" Mimi suggested.

"That sounds like a plan to me, Mimi," Michael nodded.

As the Digi-Destined and their digimon rushed down out of hiding, they quickly scurried over to where Omega X was levitating. Matt watched Omega X with keen interest and grunted to himself.

"Unbelievable, to think that Tai and Agumon have perfected their Digital fused form. They've also managed to learn a new technique called Time Warp? Burizalor never stood a chance in hell. It was obvious he and his men were going to be wiped out in an instant. It was only a matter of time. But, why him? It should have been me and Dark Gabumon that became the first to achieve Digital Fusion. I should have been the one to end the same tyrant who took me in and influenced me with the powers of darkness! Once again, Tai, you rob me of that opportunity. Well, just you wait and see. Digital Fusion will be mine and we'll finish off where we left off!"

"Hey, Matt, shall we get going?" Were Garurumon suggested to his partner.

"Yeah, you're missing out!" TK called out.

"Yeah, I'm coming!" Matt replied to his brother and hurried over to where everyone else gathered. "Just you wait and see, Tai, our destined battle will soon come at hand."

As the Digi-Destined, New Generation and Original, gathered around Omega X, there was an ominous presence glaring down from behind the face of a cliff. The figure appeared to be cybernetic yet humanoid. A door opened up around the waist of the being to reveal a familiar face of a villain. It appeared to be robotic with a cyber brain encased inside glass. This was none other than Datamon himself. He directed his undivided attention towards Omega X and snickered.

"Ah, so Burizalor finally bit the dust? No matter, this only gives me the opportunity to pick up where he left off!" Datamon said while activating a few buttons on his robot suit. "Now, I can begin the process of turning my latest test subjects into my subordinate killing machines. In only one year's time, these new pets of mine will leave nothing but death in their awake. But, first, I must work on the D-Virus. Taichi will not know what hit him! Ha! Ha!"

As soon as he cackled to himself, Datamon activated his robot suit and disappeared out of sight.

This ominous appearance by Datamon could only spell trouble for the Digi-Destined and their future would never be the same again. Just, what did he mean by latest test subjects? What killing machines did he have in store for the Chosen Children?

Earth/Outskirts of Kyoto/Innards of a Cave/Datamon's Laboratory/5:20 PM

In the innards of a deep and dark cavern, there was a hidden laboratory containing the works of the sinister Datamon. Heavy machinery equipment made up the entire laboratory and there appeared to be capsules alongside the walls.

The lab appeared to be quiet yet cryptic with little activity. That is until there were screams from what sounded like a young girl.

Into a chamber room, there was a girl, with long midnight colored hair, hanging against a padded wall. Her hands were tied up and she was completely naked. She appeared to be in her late teens. Was this one of the test subjects which Datamon has spoken of? It appeared so as wires were attached to nearly every part of her body. Her eyes remained closed with tears of blood pouring down. The poor girl was being tortured not just physically but also mentally. Everything she moved, she could feel the wires and needles stuck through her body shooting out electrodes throughout her internal system. This resulted in her body being jolted with electrical shocks and excruciating pain swelling inside. She had no choice but to cry. It was the most painful and traumatizing experience she has ever had to endure.

"Why… Why is this happening to me…? Jax… Brother…? Where are you…?" the girl whispered. "Why is this freak obsessed in torturing us? Why did he choose us? Who are these Digi-Destined he speaks of…?"

"I see you're still awake, my dear Sonja," Datamon's voice was heard from out of an intercom.

"You son of a bitch… YOU SON OF A BITCH! LET US OUT OF HERE!" the girl identified as Sonja screamed out violently with venom in her voice. "ARE YOU SATISIFIED WITH OUR AGONY!"

"This is merely the beginning of your conversion, dear child. Slowly but surely your humanity will be stripped away. You and your brother will help me bring about the end of the Digi-Destined, the human infestation and the Digital World! My name shall become revered across the worlds! At long last, I can avenge the humiliation I suffered at the hands of the Digi-Destined of Courage and his meddling comrades!"

Hearing all of this from Datamon, Sonja could only snicker to herself and smile diligently.

"Heh, that's what you think you god damned douche bag," Sonja snickered while fighting against the excruciating pain. "It will be me and my brother who will get the last laugh… Just you wait, you son of a bitch… Jax and I will be the ones to run the entire show. Then, everyone will feel our pain, including the Digi-Destined…"

Taichi has returned and slain Burizalor, yet he has no knowledge of Datamon's latest scheme. In just one year's time, he will unleash several artificial humans to wipe out the Digi-Destined, the human race and digimon. However, it appears that one of them has other plans in store for Datamon and the two worlds. Two human siblings named Jax and Sonja are in the process of being converted into cybernetic humans with demonic intentions. Just what unspeakable horrors will take place within the next year or so? This is merely the prelude of a nightmare to be told by the Chosen Child of the future.


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