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The Fate of a Timeline Saved! Dimitri Looks Ahead to a Peaceful Future!



May 13, 2022/Outside an underground shelter/ Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan/4:38 PM

Several years have passed since the day Athenamon left the kingdom. Mimi and Dimitri had moved in to settle into the underground shelter under what used to be the apartment complex Tai and Kari used to live in. Every now and then they would occupy their new home and spend half a year with the Amazons back in the kingdom.

Dimitri hasn't let the move bother him much as he dedicated most of his time training. He trained with the sword to become a better swordsman and has molded his body into near perfect fighting shape. He remained his mother's most effective bodyguard.

As for Karin, she would appear often to visit Dimitri and his mother. Each time she would come back to tell them about her daily life with a family she had grown accustomed to living with from the 'other world' she has traveled from.

Today is the day Dimitri prepares to set out to change the course of history in the other time line that his adoptive mother had told him about. In that specific time period: Tai was still alive, Burizalor was preparing to launch a revenge campaign against the Digi-Destined and the Artificials have yet to appear. This was the perfect opportunity to embark on his trek across time.

The time portal device was completed by Herodramon and delivered to the warrior.

Standing outside of their new underground shelter, Dimitri faced the sun in the background with Faith by his side. Mimi, Palmon and Karin watched from the background to see their beloved preparing to leave. Tears of happiness swelled up in Karin's eyes.

"Well, guys. This is it. It's time that I made a difference and change the fate of one time line. I will prevent this nightmare from effecting another time period," Dimitri stated with determination.

"Tell me. Did Herodramon say he found that device from the Odaiba Technology Research center?" Karin asked her friend.

"That's right. If you're asking, how he got it? I have no detail on that myself. It really doesn't matter since it's the only real tool that comes close to time travel. Herodramon said he and Magnamon made a few modifications. Mom really helped out in finding that device with Herodramon. I owe you two for everything."

"No problem, Dimitri. I'm always here whenever you need mother dearest!" Mimi said proudly. "Oh and I did hear Herodramon say he might develop some pods based on that device's tech- you know."

"Yeah, so I heard. He wants to build time pods. I wish him luck on that," Dimitri smiled, brushing his hair to the side. "Hopefully, it'll be better than this small device I have here. Oh well. That can wait."

"Ready to go, Dimitri?" Faith looked up at his partner.

"Yeah, it's time. Everyone, we're leaving now. Wish us luck."

Karin nodded her head and raced across to her friend. The boy faced Karin and felt her embrace the boy. She cried tremendously and looked directly into his eyes. Dimitri couldn't bring himself to look away and embraced her.

"Have a safe journey, Dimitri-kun. I just wished I could have joined you."

"I'll be fine, Karin. You stay and take care of my mother with Palmon. I'll be sure to tell you everything on my journey. I'm really looking forward to meeting the old Digi-Destined, including Tai, Uncle TK and my father."

The girl smiled and wiped her tears away, "Yeah. Not to mention your mother of the past. Maybe you'll notice differences between her and your mother now. But, be careful with this Burizalor monster."

"I'm sure I can take him. No, I know I can take him! After the crap the two androids have put me through, I know I can crush him. But, you make sure to keep yourselves safe from out of the androids' sights."

"I will. Besides, that barrier will keep us out of their radar. You just go do what your adoptive mother told you to do. Change the course of time and prevent another future like this to ever occur. I know you can do it!"

"Thanks for the encouragement guys. I will keep that hope and faith," Dimitri blinked, smiling. "Well, I'm off guys! Let's go, Faith!"


Pressing the switch at the bottom of the handheld device, Dimitri turned to watch a maelstrom form and materialize into the shape of a portal doorway. A green light was released from out of the doorway and shone across toward the boy's direction. Dimitri kneeled down and picked Faith up. Then, giving his mother and girlfriend a final wave, he jumped through the portal with his digimon partner.

"I hope they'll be fine," Mimi prayed for her son's survival.

"Ah, they'll be just fine," Karin reassured the woman.

"How can you be sure?" asked Palmon.

Watching the portal close up away from them, a smile crossed the Sailor warrior's face. The symbol of Sedna flashed across her forehead as she visualized Dimitri safely crossing the passage across time and space.

"I just know that's all. He's in good hands."

"And Karin would be right. She's always right. Well not all the time. Anyway, I do make the safe passage across time and space into the past. I had placed the approximate time coordinates on the day Burizalor and Lady Myotismon would prepare to enter Earth's realm to attack and await Tai. Well, weren't those two in for a rude awakening! The date was August 17, 2003. Perhaps the most important date in our lives since that was the day everything would perform a 180."

August 17, 2003/Digital World/Sector YVERN-09736/Outskirts of Myotismon's Fallen Castle/3:34 PM

Burizalor turned as he laughed in triumph over his enemies. Lying across the battlefield were the battered forms of Leomon, Flamedramon, Shurimon, Digmon, Stingmon, Angemon, Angewomon, Were Garurumon, Garudamon, Lillymon, Seadramon and Altur Kabuterimon. They had easily been handled by the tyrant. The Digi-Destined, New Generation and Originals, all watched in horror. Their digimon were soon about to become deleted in a matter of moments.

They had all fought to protect the doorway between the two worlds. Now, Burizalor was in the process of entering the real world to unleash his wrath upon the human race. There was no Omega X to stop him either. The smiling goddess of victory crept across the tyrant's face.

"Now, shall we move onto the human realm, Burizalor?"

The tyrant eyed each Digi-Destined and licked his lips. "Not just yet. I want to have a little fun with our little friends some more. I want to savor the moment I exterminate each of Taichi's friends one by little one. I almost forgot that I would kill Joe and his pet for attacking me behind my back. Then, I'll exterminate the pathetic louse who once reigned as the Digimon Kaiser. Then, his poor excuse of a grasshopper partner will be next!"

Before Burizalor prepared to begin the childrens' executions, the soldiers were sent hurtling out through the vortex in masses. The bodies dropped to the ground in droves and there were large cannon-sized holes through their chests. Lady Myotismon and Burizalor turned with perplexed looks on their faces. More soldiers came flying through as body parts scattered across. Burizalor questioned this and evaluated the body parts laying on the ground. Lady Myotismon, nonetheless, was stunned.

"What the hell caused all of that?" Matt asked, with a perplexed look.

"Gross! I'm going to be sick!" Yolei whined.

"Those soldiers were taken out and sliced into pieces? but how?" Ken wondered.

Suddenly, their questions would be answered as a Pegasusmon flew right out of the vortex and on his back was Dimitri Ishida. He wore his attire from the future: gray pants, a blue vest with a black muscle shirt underneath, the insignia of Hope on his vest, golden boots and the Holy Blade sheathed on his back and strapped down. The Pegasusmon landed and the mysterious boy jumped off. The Pegasusmon was actually Faith after Dimitri had found the Digimental of Hope during his excavations in his journeys across the Digital World. Jumping off Pegasusmon, he stroked away the hair that covered his forehead and turned to pierce his icy blue eyes at the terrifying villains.

"Yes. Can we help you with something, earthling?" Burizalor asked with authority.

"Burizalor. I am here to kill you," the mysterious boy responded calmly, with slight malice in his voice.


"That was when I made my first impact on the scene in the past. Burizalor didn't know who he was dealing with. I easily disposed of his legion of soldiers in seconds. Then, it was down to him and that conniving witch, Lady Myotismon."


"...Taichi isn't the only Chosen Child who is able to perform the legendary power of Digital Fusion! You're also looking at another, standing in front of you at this very moment!"

"What!" Burizalor shouted in utter disbelief, his eyes widening.

The boy grinned nonchalantly and grinned his father's trademark smile. But was he just being delusional or was he hiding a real power? Whatever it maybe, Burizalor sure wasn't buying into it. He stifled a chuckle and then broke out into joyous laughter.

"Ha! I've never met anyone who could play such a bluff such as you! That's a good one, boy! Ha! Ha! Can you believe what he's saying, my lady?"

"Burizalor. He obviously is joking. He can't be a fusion warrior. I'll see it when I believe it."


"That's what you think, you fools."


The boy smiled and tilted his head up. The ground started to shake a little and rocks were lifting up due to the amount of gravity increasing. Faith felt his partner's ki shooting up rapidly in succession with his aura. The boy looked down at his partner and clenched his fists tightly. His body shone with a tremendous aura of golden yellow light. This caught Burizalor and Lady Myotismon both by surprise as their laughter abruptly stopped. They felt the increasing force of ki increasing from both Dimitri and Faith.

"No... IT CAN'T BE!" Burizalor screamed, his face contorting into fear.

The slain bodies of the soldiers that surrounded the boy were all lifted by the force of Dimitri's power-up. Faith was immediately encased inside a digital orb and underwent his digivolutions at once. The boy had a D-3 at the side of his pocket and it released a bright golden flash of light. Faith digivolved from his Patamon form and straight into his champion form, Angemon. Then the boy's Crest of Hope shone to give Faith the power to digivolve to ultimate.

TK watched from the sidelines and recognized it as the same crest symbol he possessed. Once the crest powered up, Faith immediately reached his ultimate form, Magna Angemon.

Burizalor couldn't stop trembling as he witnessed the boy and Magna Angemon merging together as streams of golden light. Lady Myotismon couldn't believe what was transpiring and would become a witness to a Digital Fusion for the first time.

The Digi-Destined could only watch in astonishment as the boy levitated off the ground. Soon, they would be even more shocked when Faith spun around him.

In an instant, the boy transformed into a beam of light and entered Faith's body. Their combined powers increased dramatically as Burizalor appeared horrified by the events. Terrifying, nostalgic images of Omega X taunting him in his mind through the form of mind games to mentally break him down. The tyrant stepped back as his face became covered in nervous sweat.

"Their power! He... He has the same power as TAICHI!" Burizalor screamed out in panic.

Burizalor easily recalled what Omega X did to him three and a half years ago. Not wanting to be reminded of the humiliating defeat, the tyrant walked backwards and uttered a dry throat gasp.

In place of Dimitri was Angemon X. His sights on Burizalor and ready to go for the kill.


"And it was there I would silence the tyrant. Now, Tai won't have to deal with him! I heard even Tai's mentor, X, couldn't predict my arrival."



Hearing his name being called upon, Burizalor looked up to find Angemon X standing on top of a cliff with his hands extended out. His eyes widened in horrified disbelief over the boy escaping his attack.

"No... That's... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!"

In response to the villain's outburst, Angemon X launched out a projectile beam and targeted the villainous duo. However, Lady Myotismon and Burizalor were both able to jumped out of the blast's direction. They looked up to find safety in mid-air and remained safe from Angemon's X attack.

"ARGH! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'LL..." Burizalor bellowed out before he cut himself off mid-sentence.

Sensing Angemon X's presence, he looked up to spot Angemon X dropping down with the Holy Blade overhead. He held out his blade and flew towards Burizalor. The evil tyrant stiffened in shocked fear as his heart stopped beating and breath leave his lungs. He couldn't even move a muscle. Angemon X swooped down and sliced down at Burizalor with one stroke of his Holy Blade. Within a matter of moments, Angemon X stood still as time suddenly stopped. Burizalor's face was frozen with a gaping mouth and widened eyes. A lone formed across his waist with his upper body sliding off. Red blood oozed from out of the sliced halves.

His upper body was cut off from his other half within seconds. Lady Myotismon could only look on in disbelief. She couldn't believe it but she saw it. Now Burizalor has met his match and his final fate.

However, the fused warrior was not finished with dealing with the defeated tyrant. Angemon X raised his blade back and then cut right through Burizalor. Then he sliced at him again, and again, and again. He kept repeated the process until all that was left were shredded pieces of Burizalor. Pieces of his skin and robotic parts were floating around. Angemon X powered up his fist and wrenched back. His fist started glowing and released a powerful ki beam to disintegrate Burizalor's remains. In a matter of moments, the once powerful tyrant was reduced to dust and charred remains.

The Digi-Destined were stunned beyond belief as history was being rewritten before their eyes. They couldn't believe that a Digi-Destined that they are unaware of was able to perform the fusion with his digimon. In addition, this same boy easily defeated the most feared tyrant the Digital World has ever encountered.

Angemon X sheathed the Holy Blade and glanced up directly at Lady Myotismon, who was beyond shocked by the turn of events.


"Yes, I had rewritten history and this time line would forever change once I had slain the once powerful Burizalor. Lady Myotismon was easily dealt with but next would come an even greater challenge: confronting Tai himself."


"Pleased to meet you, Taichi. My name is Dimitri. As you can see, my partner, Faith, here is a Patamon, much like Takeru. My crest represents the symbol of Hope."

"Of THE Hope? But I thought TK was the only one to inherit that crest trait?"

"Partially true but I would eventually receive it, too. I can tell you this. I am not from this time period. I came from twenty years in the distant future."

"From the future? Twenty years distant! Wow, that's incredible!" Tai exclaimed in shock.

"Unbelievable!" remarked Agumon.


"I would tell him my uncle is TK and father was Matt. He was shocked to say the least but he was even more so when I told him about the impending threat to come."


"About a year from now, specifically on December 17, 2004, at about 10:00 am, in the city of Kyoto, three ruthless monsters will appear. They will will bring forth the impending apocalypse. Nothing will stand in their way. Their powers are indescribable. They're monsters, Tai. That's all I can say about them. They're truly monsters. They will leave a trail of death and chaos. But that's not all; their bodies contain a deadly virus known as the D-Virus. In order to completely wipe out entire populations, they will spread the virus anywhere they go. Millions have died from the virus itself but millions of others were slaughtered by the monsters themselves. It's a living nightmare."

"So, what are these guys? Evil dimensional beings? Digimon?" Tai demanded to know from the time traveler.

"No. They're deadly artificial beings created by a digimon. The name of this digimon is Datamon."


"Tai was horrified to say the least. But he and his friends needed to know. My mother, father and uncle were all there. They had every right to know. But, I asked Tai to keep my birth a secret from my biological parents. I didn't think Matt and Mimi were ready to know that I was their son twenty years from the future. Tai showed no fear and was eager to fight the Artificials. Knowing he would truly turn back the Artificial threats, I gave him the antidote to combat against the D-Virus. I returned back to my time to stay with my mother and Karin. I would not go back to the past until a year and a half later.

Then, by the time I returned, I noticed differences in the time line I visited. In this time line, three Artificials did show up. However, only the two showed up in my time with the third one missing but later confirmed by Herodramon that the third one had deactivated itself. There was no identification on that third android. However, in this time line, the three artificials that appeared in Kyoto were the models named Funkymon, Elfmon and Ice Ladydevimon. Funkymon would later be revealed Datamon. I was horrified when I saw how different these artificials appeared. These androids assumed digimon forms since Jax and Sonja were once human beings modified into killing machines. They were much weaker than Sonja and Jax from my time."


Looking down at a near mile-sized crater, Dimitri's eyes widened in horror. Inside the crater was the head of the now obsolete Elfmon. Dimitri's eyes were widened in shock. Something was obviously wrong.

"What…… What in the hell is this? I've never seen this artificial before."

"Yeah. I can't confirm it. Nothing that we've seen before. I doubt there's a digimon like this."

"You're right. This isn't one of the artificials that killed Datamon. The artificials aren't even supposed to be in digimon forms."


"I would be informed by the Digi-Destined that my father had destroyed Elfmon. Funkymon got rid of Ice Ladydevimon for failure. As I arrived to meet with the Digi-Destined, Datamon under the guise of Funkymon fled to his laboratory. We chased in oursuit of him but were too late to prevent him from awakening the real androids: Artificials Jax and Sonja. Then, much to my surprise, the third artificial was awakened to personally assassinate Tai: Black War Greymon.

However, there was a major difference in the motives behind these artificials. The Jax and Sonja of this time never had any interest in killing innocent people. They were also abnormally stronger than their counterparts from my time. Yes, Jax did dispose of Datamon as he and his sister conspired to turn on him. They left with Black War Greymon to find Tai. In fact, there was also another major difference in this time line. Tai would catch the D-Virus much later than I predicted. He was supposed to have caught the virus and died several months before. Fortunately, he was taken to shelter and given the antidote while we dealt with the Artificials."


"For the final time, you better not release it!" Datamon roared out, glaring directly at Sonja. "Do NOT release Black War Greymon!"

Suddenly, just as Datamon had his back turned, a hand protruded through his neck. This hand came directly from Jax. Datamon uttered a wheezing gasp as he saw Jax's hand sticking out his throat. The machine digimon noticed red-oil dripping down from his large open wound. Barely managing to speak, he turned around and faced Jax. He gripped his bleeding robotic neck and struggled to move.

"Damn you... You piece of scrap metal... You'll never send me to the depths of hell. You won't!"

"Oh but you see. I already have," Jax murmured directly to Datamon.

Before Datamon could do register a single movement, Jax jumped up and blasted the machine digimon's head clean off his body. His entire android body was destroyed by Jax's single blast shot. This caught the Digi-Destined by surprise to the turn of events. The head of Datamon rolled directly toward the Digi-Destined. Davis looked down at it with sheer disgust.

"To... hell... with you... Jax... I shall... see you... there... soon... enough..."

"Ha. Cocky for a dead man," Sonja remarked, smiling.

Picking up the head of Datamon, Jax crushed with his bare hands effortlessly in little time. All that remained of Datamon were mechanical parts and pieces of robotic brain matter scattered on the floor. Some blood stained the artificial's hands. Jax wiped off the blood and the brain gush off of his hands. At last, he and Sonja were free from Datamon. They were set to freely explore the world in their pursuit of Taichi Kamiya.


"Well, what are we waiting for? Lets drop it, hurry it up and open it!" Jax ordered, waiting for his sister to drop the sleeping capsule containing the third artificial.

"You're the boss," she smirked, holding the near ten-ton capsule with only her right hand overhead.

With that, Sonja dropped the capsule and wiped her hand clean. The brother stopped near the capsule and pressed the activation button to pop open the capsule's glass top. They watched patiently as the capsule top opened up successfully. Inside, they could see a tall, creature that looked like War Greymon. In fact, it did look like War Greymon. Except this one has black armor & skin and yellow hair. His eyes were bright yellow with black pupils inside of the eyes. Unlike War Greymon, there was a cold and calculating presence to this mysterious artificial. Not even Dimitri from the future could have predicted this.

The monster managed to open his eyes and sat up from out of the capsule. He studied his surroundings and stretched out his muscular arms. Springing to his feet, the mysterious android looked up to the sky and then noticed the twin androids that set him free of his dormancy within the capsule.

The Digi-Destined were just as shocked as ever. Now they weren't going to handle with two artificials but three of them. Three gruesome power houses still aimed to find and destroy Tai Kamiya at all costs.

"He looks just like War Greymon but very different!" TK observed the dark artificial. "Dimitri, I don't like the looks of this!"


"I also had the opportunity to see my father in action and I must say he was impressive. He held his own against Sonja but her infinite stamina was the deciding factor that would lead to my father's defeat."


"Come get you some, android!" Metalla X bellowed out, flew directly out at the female artificial.

Opening his hands, he unleashed an array of energy blasts upon his intended target. They were only able to slow her down which gave Metalla X enough time to slam against Sonja's back. The force of the impact sent Sonja plummeting towards the ground below.

"Wow. I never really thought my young father was capable of this much power before. But he has to stay focused!" Angemon X stated, observing Metalla X carefully.

Metalla X grabbed Sonja and aimed to release an devastating energy blast. Instead, he changed his mind immediately and threw a punch across. Sonja saw his attack coming and phased out of his reach. Metalla X turned and found Sonja flying out from the corner of his eyes. She forced a vicious side kick with her right leg came and slammed it against Metalla X's chest. Metalla X grunted from the blow as Sonja followed it up with a punch into her opponent's chest. The Digital fused warrior dropped down to his knees and struggled to stand up.

"Oh no! My father is weakening! Just like in my time, Sonja and Jax have an unlimited power supply!" Angemon X thought, angrily watching the fight and grinding his teeth.

Suddenly, Sonja delivered another direct punch into Metalla X's chest to force him back. Jumping further back from her staggering opponent, Sonja flew directly at Metalla X and delivered a vicious spinning kick into the warrior's right arm. In the process, a loud snap echoed out from the spot as several bones were broken in Metalla X's arm. He howled out in excruciating pain and noticed his arm limping on his right side.


"Just like in my time, Jax and Sonja proved their superior power. We were defeated effortlessly and it seemed there would be no hope. However, much to my surprise, they did not finish us off. They left us and even spared Davis' life. That was when the twisted love relationship between him and Sonja would start taking root. Even he tried to hid that from us though.

Anyway, this came as a shock to me. Even Leomon pointed out the differences that were taking place in this time period. Tai was still alive, three different artificials showing up in Kyoto, the two androids from my time showing less aggression & being more powerful, and let's not forget Black War Greymon. But there would be another factor that would throw off my fore sights. The arrival of Virus was unexpected.

You see. He came from a third alternate time line similar to my own. However, he came after killing an alternate me and stealing a newly crafted time traveling pod developed by Herodramon. After that, he used that pod to arrive in this time line one year before my first arrival. He would burrow underground for the next couple of years until sometime before the attack at Kyoto. Virus would feed upon people to make himself stronger.

The reason he came to this time was to absorb two components: Jax and Sonja. By absorbing them, he would achieve his perfect form."


Confronting an injured Cyberleomon, Virus explained his true motives upon his arrival in the past, "You need to realize that these two artificials are very swift and deadly. Now you may know that the combined powers of such warriors as Omega X, Metalla X and Burizalor were strong enough to compose my design. But their powers pale in comparison to the unlimited energy the two artificials possess. I thrive on that kind of energy. But there was one small flaw. From the time period that I arrived from, I found out that the artificials were gone somehow. They either were stuck in the Digital World or were destroyed. I waited for them to return back into Earth, but I couldn't afford to wait anymore. I dispatched of poor Dimitri, stole the new time pod he was preparing to activate and hijacked it. Wasting no time, I activated the switch and arrived here in this time period. Seeing that I was in need for nutrition, I de-evolved back into an insect-like state and borrowed myself underground where I stayed there dormant for the last few years. And all of that waiting was quite worth it for me."

"But why this particular time?" Cyberleomon asked, seeking answers from the bio-android.

"I really don't know because all I did was push a button. I managed to hi-jack a pod that was supposed to arrive here for some particular reason, but it really didn't matter to me anymore, I am now here. I shall find what I am looking for."

"Now it's starting to become clear. We've been trying to find out the reason why everything has been going out of proportion ever since Dimitri warned us of the arrival of the artificials, his predictions were completely becoming quite out of place and we've been wondering why that has been happening. And now I may have found out the answer to our problems. Yes, it was this guy who was meddling with time itself and hi-jacked that time pod!"

"The computer confirmed to me one other detail," Virus continued on.

"What's that?"

"Once I absorb the two artificials, I shall become the most powerful force ever!"

"But why! You already the strongest warrior in your own time period!"

"That maybe true but all I am carrying out Datamon's will. I was designed by my creator to absorb Sonja and Jax. I have no other alternative to my existence!" Virus declared, a smile twisting across his face. "Of course, it could be the data and DNA of both Burizalor and Myotismon that fuels my desires of more power."


"In response to threat of the artificials and Virus, we made an agreement to borrow Azulongmon's Time Room dimension. It was my father and I that entered first. Then, Tai and Kari used it afterwards. As soon as myself and Matt left the room, we raced off to find out that Virus had already absorbed Jax. He was only one more step to reaching his perfect form.

My father, blinded by his own arrogance, allowed Virus to absorb Sonja and thus reach his final form for the thrill of a good fight. Once Virus reached his perfect state, he made a mockery of my father and easily defeated him. It was up to me to step up and prove myself to everyone. I was determined to stop Virus. Knowing that the future of this time line was at stake, I would not stand down and let this son of a bitch get away with turning the two worlds into a living hell. I would fight in the name of my father, my uncle, my mother, Tai, Athenamon, my Amazon sisters and for the time lines."


"What a extraordinary power! Yamato can't possibly match up with you," Virus gloated, facing Angemon X.

"I'll never let an artificial demon like you go wild again," declared Angemon X. "You see it was your kind that destroyed my future! My world was turned into a living hell! I won't let you destroy the two worlds of this time line!"

As he listened to warrior ranting on, Virus smirked and pierced a gaze into his opponent's eyes. One possessed eyes of burning, passionate hatred while the other was confident.

"You see. That's why I'm going to slay you here! Virus, I swear to the gods and goddesses that I won't let you destroy the future again!"


"Even after the years of training under Athenamon and my uncle, I was never able to defeat the artificials. After my training in the time room and achieving a stronger form in my Digital fused form, I still couldn't land a blow on Virus. He showed me that speed will almost certainly trump power. It was a foolish mistake on my part and it's no wonder my father never bothered to use that bulky form.

In startling turn of events, upon my defeat, Virus made a worldwide announcement that he would host an event called the War Games. He challenged the strongest warriors across Earth and the Digital World to fight him. I would once again train inside the time room provided by Azulongmon. My father, Tai, Kari, TK, Leomon and the rest of the Digi-Destined agreed to take part in the event.

But, the first to answer to Virus' challenge was Tai. It would be a breath-taking battle between two powerful warriors. The Earth and the Digital World watched the event as everything they held dear was at stake. Tai would concede from the battle in a shocking twist. Taking his place would be his little sister, Kari.

We doubted her chances and questioned Tai's decision. Nonetheless, she still took her place at the center of the battlefield and confronted Datamon's ultimate creation. She would not be strong enough and needed a boost.

Once Black War Greymon gave up his life and repented for the sins of trying to assassinate Tai, he threw himself toward Virus and paid with his life. Seeing Black War Greymon die before her eyes, Kari as Celesta X unlocked a new power. The power of Digital Fusion Level Two. Celesta X attained Amazing Grace."


"Im... Impossible," murmured Virus, breathing heavily and feeling excruciating pain within his perfect body.

Levitating down from above, Celesta X landed directly in front of Virus. Virus watched in frustration and anger building up. Celesta X glanced back with an angry, confident expression. Lightning cracked around her, despite the current lack of an aura surrounding her body. The Digi-Destined and the digimon all look down at the battle with awed expressions on their faces.

"Good work, Kari!" Omega X called out to his sister, showing support for his sibling.

"This has all been your own doing, Tai. Hasn't it? Kari is reading each of Virus' moves well in advance," said Leomon.

"It's not just that. My sister now is above Virus in every aspect possible. Believe me."


"And he was right. Tai proved us all right when he said his sister was above Virus in every aspect possible. Speed, power and durability. Virus had no chance of winning. Once spitting out Sonja, he was powered down to his previous form and on the verge of death. As a last resort, he inflated and threatened to blow up Earth. That was when my uncle TK stepped in..."


War Angemon paced toward the bloated Virus and then turned to face Celesta X. Her eyes looked directly into his. Virus uttered a small gasp in shock. War Angemon formed a tiny smile on his face, which attracted Celesta X.



Celesta X rushed over towards him and wrapped her arms around his waist. War Angemon held onto her and could feel her head lean on his right shoulder. Hot streams of tears poured down his shoulder.

"Hikari, I know you and I have considered ourselves as best friends for a very long time. But I always wanted to say that I... I... I... see you more than just a friend, but as an equal and I love you dearly. Hikari, do you feel the same way about me? I need to know..."

Celesta X nodded in reply and smiled with tears forming in her eyes.

"Yes. I feel the same way. Ever since I met you when you were a little boy, I've always liked you. But now, we've grown up together and I've grown to love you even more so. You're so sweet, gentle and... I... I..."

"And so are you. But this time, I have to do this to save you and everyone else."

"No, Takeru! Please don't do this! There has to be another solution!"

"Hikari. Do not worry. Where I'm going it's just like the Digital World. If I die, well I can't say for sure about my fate. I could be reconfigured sinc eyou guys can use the digicores. It worked out well with my brother and Sora many years ago. Remember?"

"Yes, but I want you to come home with me after this is all said and done! Myself, Davis, my brother, your brother, Dimitri, Ken, Sora and the others won't stand the thought of losing you!"

"Hikari. I love you, but I have to do this. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't care for you and our friends. I'm doing this because... Well, quite frankly, you're stronger than I'll ever be and you're needed more. You've surpassed your brother and it's your time to run with the ball."

Upon hearing this, Celesta X choked out a gasp and then wiped her tears away. War Angemon smiled and fired a blast across. Suddenly, a gateway portal, similar to Magna Angemon's Gate of Destiny, formed from the blast. This was one of War Angemon's special abilities. Virus watched as he was quickly being sucked into the gate.

"Goodbye, Hikari..."

Celesta X pulled herself towards him and then planted a kiss onto the lips of War Angemon. She held onto him tightly and War Angemon returned the favor by holding her. He embraced her closer for a deep kiss. The two lovers have now revealed their secrets for the love towards each other, which wasn't a surprise to the other Digi-Destined. War Angemon released his grip and freed himself. To be sucked towards the portal gateway. He flew out directly toward Virus near the gate.

"All right, Virus! Since you don't seem to be moving into the hole, I might as well push you right in myself!"


War Angemon powered up and fired a blast directly at Virus, which had enough force to push Virus directly through the gateway. War Angemon then found himself getting sucked right in. Celesta X hollered out as she watched the portal close up instantly.

"TK! NO!"


"Even in another time line, TK shown his courage and unselfishly sacrificed himself. I had to stand by and watch my uncle die again. I was saddened but couldn't help but feel proud of him. Unfortunately, his noble sacrifice was in vain. Virus would return much stronger than ever and back in his perfect form. Once he returned, he started off by killing me in an instant.

He no longer would had interest in competition. It was all about life or death. I was made an example of by Virus and died before my father's eyes."


"It can't be!" Angemon X exclaimed in horror, feeling the demonic bio-android's presence.

"He's... He's back!" shouted Omega X.

Powerful winds blew back some of the small boulders away into a far distance. This wind became stronger and stronger by every second. Celesta X glanced over toward the dust cloud with a terrified expression. Her heart raced rapidly as she waited for the villain to show himself. She was even more saddened that it wasn't TK who returned.

Suddenly, a familiar hand pointed out through the cloud and fired away a golden ki-blast through the finger's tip. The blast was so fast that even all of the digimon weren't able to keep up with it. It went by past each of the digimon and the Digi-Destined, until it pierced right through Angemon X's chest. He howled out and flew back with blood spewing out from the chest's gaping hole. He fell down on the ground and immediately lost his life force in the process. He was now dead before realizing what had just killed him. Metalla X and Mimi watched with horrifying shocked expressions upon witnessing their son's death. Mimi screamed out in agonizing disbelief while Metalla X was speechless

"DIMITRI! MY SON!!" exclaimed Metalla X. "VIRUS! YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

"DIMITRI! NO!" cried out Mimi as she raced over and kneeled beside her son's corpse.

The other fusion warriors look towards the dust cloud and it slowly starting to clear away. Just then, they could hear a familiar voice booming out from the cloud.

"So, was that Dimitri I just killed now? Hum, my what a rush!" Virus' voice called out

And out of the cloud, Virus stepped out to reveal himself back in his perfect, final form. A huge malevolent grin formed across the maniac's face and electrical streaks flowed across his charged-up body.


"Needless to say, I was out of it at this point. I would remain 'dead' for a bit. My father went ballistic and went all out to stop Virus on his way. He defended everyone, including my mother. When I was told of my father's heroic actions, I was surprised. On that day, I became proud of my father. Though, I was proud of my father for what he did to assist Kari. If it wasn't for her him, she wouldn't have overcome Virus in the final showdown."


Glancing directly at the struggling Celesta X, Virus smiled a sadistic grin. His voice bellowed out before breaking down into a triumphant laughter, "SAY GOODBYE, HIKARI!"

With that, Virus charged up his modified Positron Laser/Terra Beam combination attack and witnessed his gigantic beam overcoming Celesta X's charged up attack. She struggled with every fiber in her body and attempted to push more energy into her Seven Heavens Beam. Virus laughed as he aimed to push more force into his attack and overwhelm Celesta X in no time. Victory would finally be his until...


Out from the heavens, a metallic blue ki-blast plummeted down like a comet and struck Virus across the back. The villain howled out from the blow and slightly lost his footing. He glanced up to find the perpetrator. He looked above further and located none other than Metalla X levitating from above with one arm stretched out.

Virus growled angrily and turned towards him as if he were going to go kill him. With Metalla X distracting him, Virus made the fatal mistake of letting Celesta X recover.


"Now it's your chance, Hikari!" the spirit of TK cried out within Celesta X's thoughts.

Celesta X looked out as if she were a deep trance until she returned back to reality and became more motivated thanks to TK's encouragement. Screaming out, she launched out her Seven Heavens Beam and pushed more energy through her finishing attack. A massive explosion occured and the beam quickly overwhelmed Virus' Positron Laser/Terra Beam combo attack. Virus turned his back, became caught within the incoming beam and was immediately starting to become broken down.


Celesta X pressed onward and maintained her Seven Heavens Beam directly on the villain. Virus howled out as parts of his perfect body was melting away. The beam consumed through his hide and began to disintegrate him in the process.


Concentrating more power into her finishing attack, Celesta X pushed the beam right through Virus and watched his body decomposing into cracked armor and melting skin. His once fully evolved body was disintegrating right before her very own eyes.

"This... is... IMPOSSIBLE! I'm SUPPOSED to be PERFECT!"


"The end result of the War Games was Celesta X defeating Virus. Kari had avenged TK and the nightmare of Datamon finally came to an end in this time line. During the aftermath of the War Games, I was wished back to life using the digicores from Azulongmon. Lives lost by Virus' wicked hand were restored and eventually TK would be revived after some trial in the Digital Afterlife. I was already gone by the time TK came back to life.

What about the two androids of the time line we saved? Well, Jax's whereabouts are unclear. Since he was one of Virus' victims, he was possibly revived and is on Earth somewhere. Hopefully not to cause trouble. Sonja and Davis would eventually get together a few years after the defeat of Virus.

I gave my farewell to my mother and father in that time. Faith and me set off back to my time to at last confront the two androids and avenge everyone they had killed. Mother. Karin. I'm coming home. Hopefully, I can somehow find Athenamon again. I look forward to seeing you all again. But first some unfinished business. Nightmares don't last forever, you two. You wake up and you know they are not there anymore."

April 1, 2025/Earth/Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan/2:45 PM

Back in the alternate future time, the two artificials were located within Odaiba. They were on yet another rampage across the city district in hopes of finding Mimi and Palmon to eliminate them. However, they remained safe underground thanks to the protective barrier provided by Herodramon and Magnamon.

Becoming impatient with searching, Sonja madly fired multiple energy blasts at a pile of debris and destroyed numerous buildings standing in her way. Needless to say, she was ever so P.O.ed and was desperate to vent out her frustrations out on something. Her brother, Jax, watched from a corner with his arms crossed.

"Man, if someone offered me twenty bucks every time you get on your period, I'd be a millionaire by now. I mean you're getting pissy about me killing a guy you thought was cute?"

The female artificial did not respond kindly to her twin sibling and continued to unleash numerous energy blasts rapidly, "You shut up! I'm still not talking to you!"

"God, are you ever so annoying. You and that 'I'm better than you' bitchy attitude," Jax scoffed, looking annoyed.

"Everything I like you take away! Don't you think my bitchiness is justified!"

"Cause I killed that boy you thought was cute?"


"Cause I destroyed that clothing store."


Suddenly, there was a sudden movement from a figure underneath a black Toyota truck. The figure reached for his semi-automatic pistol and pulled the trigger. As Jax was preoccupied with his sister, the bullet bounced right off his face. This managed to catch the android's attention and turned to find the source of the bullet. He glanced to notice an white-haired old war veteran dressed in his old military uniform. He lied on the ground with his gun directed at the artificial. The war veteran was horrified once he realized the bullet did not damage to Jax and trembled violently. Not even a single scratch on Jax's face.

"Well, what's this?" the android smiled with a perverted and sick thought in mind.

"You killed my son you demon!" the war veteran yelled, barely managing to stand.

"Ah, I see you're one of those war veterans. Pretty good aim there, soldier. Do you want to play a game? I bet you do, huh?" Jax blinked.

"Stay away from me, you murderer!"

As a last act of desperation, the old man fired more shots at the android. Jax simply paced forward slowly and allowed the bullets to bounce right off his body.

Jax kneeled down to look directly into the old man's terrified eyes, "I asked you. Do you want to play a game? Well, pops?"

Jax crouched down further and held a palm hand out in front of the old man's head. Trembling in fear, the old man looked into Jax's eyes and trembled violently. He knew that if he had made one false move and Jax would not hesitate to seal his fate in one murderous blast.

"Nah. I'll tell you what. Let's play a little game of Cowboy and Indian," the android changed his mind. "I'm the cowboy and you're the Indian. A'right there, old timer! DRAW!"

With that, the artificial pulled out his pistol out of the gun holster on his right hip and aimed with point blank range directly for the old man's head. The war veteran closed his eyes and prayed for God. He knew that this was a foolish mistake and would pay with his life.

"Please... Please, don't kill me," the old man begged for mercy, tears in his eyes.

"Hey, sorry pops, but you started it. I'm going to finish it," Jax smiled devilishly, placing a finger around the trigger. "Bang..."

Suddenly, a loud sonic scream echoed from the heavens and a massive blast of energy came plummeting down. Jax watched a bright flash of light covering the area and pushed the old man away. He jumped from the incoming blast and flew directly towards his sister.

The blast penetrated through the ground and destroyed the scale of the landscape. Jax and Sonja noticed the collateral damage from the result end of the explosive blast. They could only confirm this as the working of...

Angemon X quickly descended from the heavens and landed down to face off against his two long-time enemies. His eyes were fueling with burning hatred and passion.

"It's...It's Dimitri!" Jax exclaimed, his face twisted with annoyance.

"This is as far as you two go! It all ends here today!" Angemon X declared.

Upon hearing the warrior's threat, a grin forms across Jax's face. He was as confident and sure of himself as he's always been.

"What? Are you still alive? Don't you know wasting your effort like this makes you look retarded, Dimitri?" Jax said, chuckling. "I mean. How many times have we whooped your whiny ass? I've honestly lost count."

"Ugh and if that Amazon bitch wasn't enough. I still haven't paid her back for that loss! But this punk will do! How about I take him, bro?" asked Sonja, "It's a matter of principle."

"I don't give a fuck what you do," Jax sighed, tapping his foot. "But, look sis. We'll be blowing weeks worth of fun."

"Pssh! I don't give a shit! I've been in a bad mood all week!" Sonja shouted. "You hear that, kid? You picked the wrong time to pick a fight with me!"

She smiled and then launched a blast right out at Angemon X. He anticipated her attack and batted it aside with one hand. Angemon X vanished and quickly reappeared behind Sonja. She turned and was sent hurtling through a pile of debris from a right punch. Jax's mouth dropped at the feat performed.

"You... bastard! He's SO dead!" Sonja screamed out, flying at the warrior. "Head's up!"

As she threw out a punch, Angemon X disappeared out of her reach. She turned and went for a spinning back kick. Angemon X once again vanished out of sight. He reappeared in front of Sonja and punches her in the face. The force of the blow sent her flying back. She retaliated by firing an energy blast out of her right hand, which Angemon X easily sidestepped.

Jax caught his sister and prevented her from crashing through the debris. He was shocked by the startling feats performed by Angemon X.

"God damn! He's changed! I don't know how but he's gotten too damn good!" Jax exclaimed, obviously in shock.

"Ugh, you..." Sonja muttered before screaming out. "I. HATE. YOU!"

"You hate the fact that you're powerless to stop me. That you're completely outmatched," Angemon X stated, his eyes piercing a gaze towards the two androids. "Well imagine feeling the way you do now all of the time like the people of this planet do. You fools, how do you think my uncle Takeru felt when you ganged up on him and he had no way out? Well, it's your turn. I hope you two enjoy it!"

"You've improved but not by much!" Jax exclaimed.

"Bro, let's kill this son of a bitch!"

With that, the twins flew out at Angemon X simultaneously. He anticipated their moves and phased out of their reach. Jax turned and was taken down from a single punch by the warrior. Sonja put her hands out and launched several energy blasts. Angemon X easily batted the blasts away.


He placed his hand right out in front of her and fired out a quick successive beam. She released a loud banshee that echoed throughout the city. Her body was quickly vaporized within the ensuing blast and let out her final screams. Her fate was forever sealed and deservedly so.

As the dust cloud cleared away, only Angemon X was left standing with his right hand extended out. Jax gasped in horror as his face contorted into shock. Sonja was so effortlessly defeated by the same warrior who was battered and beaten around like ease, but now Sonja had suffered the consequences and sent to her grave.

"No... I... I don't believe this! You killed her!" Jax exclaimed, coming to his senses. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU!"

Angemon X turned around and glared at him angrily. Jax's eyes narrowed and he prepared to attack him head-on.

"That was for my friends that you killed and this.. This... is for... TAKERU!"

Angemon X charged up his ki, flew out at Jax and easily took him down with a swift boot into his gut. He then followed it up with an elbow shot into Jax's face and left a dent on the android. The force of the blow sent Jax flying across. Jumping up into mid-air, Jax launched a huge blast at the fallen android.


The warrior witnessed his blast engulfing the fallen android and exploding into a massive column of light. He saw the light dying down and saw a crater in place of where Jax lied. The fate of the two artificials had finally been sealed after nearly twenty years of angst and torment.

Angemon X descended back on the ground and quickly defused back into Dimitri and Faith. Dimitri looked up in the sky and deeply sighed. To him, his mission was not yet complete.

"Is it over? No, not yet. There's one more I can't forget about. Virus, I know you'll be hatching one day. And you know what? I'll be waiting for you."

March 23, 2028/Odaiba/Outside of the new Tachikawa Residence/1:18 PM

Three years have now passed and the cities worldwide were being restored after the devastation left by the artificials. The Digital World, too, has undergone major reconfiguration. Primary villages were restored and lost digimon lives were restored with the minor exception of a few. Athenamon, Omegamon, the Holy Beasts and a few of the Royal Knights were not revived since some of the aforementioned have asked not to be revived into digi-eggs. The time of peace has now come and no threats, on the destructive scale of the two androids, have occurred during those three years of peace.

Dimitri stood outside in front of his mother as he was now prepared to take another trip back into the present time. He was dressed in a black muscle shirt, brown army pants and black boots. Faith sat on top of his head. Mimi was standing in front of her son dressed in a pink long-sleeve shirt, a white skirt reaching down her knees and her hair was long, strawberry blonde. She kissed her boy on the cheek and stepped back with Palmon by her side.

"Tell, everybody hi for me," Mimi said to her son.

"And don't forget me," Palmon replied.

"Sure, no problem. I'll only be gone for a few weeks. I can't wait to tell them the news!" Dimitri smiled, standing beside the time traveling pod. "If Karin shows up, make sure to tell her I went off to see my friends in the past."

"Sure, thing," she nodded in reply.

Suddenly, a familiar figure waited behind a corner of a nearby building. Faith was the first to probe the dark presence and glanced towards the direction of where the figure stood. Even Dimitri quickly caught onto it and frowned.

"So, you sense him, Faith?"

"Dimitri. He's here."

"Mother. You and Palmon have to get back inside. Now," Dimitri whispered quietly.

"Ok, then. Lets go, Palmon!" Mimi called to her partner, pulling her towards the house.

As Mimi and Palmon fled inside the house, Dimitri and Faith were left alone to deal with their unwelcome guest.

"All right, Virus! I know you're there!" Dimitri called out.

Realizing that his cover was blown, the figure emerged from out of the corner and revealed himself as Virus. He had recently killed a woman Dimitri knew very well in Kyoto and went off on his search for the boy. However, he didn't expect Dimitri to know about his arrival.

"WHAT?! How...?" Virus muttered, glaring at Dimitri.

"I know all about your plan to kill me, hijack the pod that Herodramon worked hard to build, change back into an egg, and use it to go back in time to go absorb Jax and Sonja! Is that it? I guess I win the grand prize for such an obvious guess!"

Virus was shocked beyond belief by what Dimitri had said. It was as if the boy had read his mind and realized his true intentions.

"What? How? How did you know that!"

"I read your palm, big guy. Yep, you got a short life span coming right up," Dimitri chuckled, winking to Faith.

Virus steps out from behind the building and he confronted Dimitri with a perplexed look on his face.

"What do you mean that my plan won't work! You're talking big for someone in your position!" Virus hissed, his tail slamming through the concrete ground.

"Virus, your fully evolved form was certainly too powerful for me to stop, but I should be strong enough to deal with your present form!"

"Oh I see! You went into the past! That would explain why you know so much!" the bio-android nodded his head.

Dimitri simply smiled, "That's right. I've learned a whole lot about you and your purpose."

"But you've got to be damn crazy to think that you can defeat me. I've learned everything to know about you through one of Datamon's many spy insect robots. You shouldn't even be able to defeat Jax and Sonja, who are much weaker than I am."

Dimitri chuckled deeply and grinned nonchalantly, "Then why have Sonja and Jax disappeared in this time period?"

Virus realized at what he was saying and was quickly taken back at what he just said. Now his chances of absorbing the artificials have now gone down the drain. His chances of reaching his fully evolved form were no longer possible.

"You were the one to beat them!"

Dimitri smiled as he and Faith quickly fused together in succession. In their place was Angemon X, who now sported a golden aura. He looked towards Virus and held out his hands in front of the bio-android.

"But that's okay! I'll simply kill you and take your damn pod! Then, I can go back and rewrite history in your absence! If I can't dominate this time period, then I'll destroy another and enjoy seeing the looks of fear across your friends' faces!"

"Not when Tai's sister has gotten strong enough to deal with your perfect form! I don't want to fight here in Odaiba, especially in front of my own mother! We humans have rebuilt so much. Lets go somewhere else to fight!"

With that, Angemon X quickly unleashed his ki energy and sent Virus flying right across the heavens with tremendous force. He flew right in pursuit of the bio-android. The two eventually arrived far off from the city and in an uninhabited area of land on opposing cliffs. They stared at each other quietly, until Virus broke the silence.

"You…… You have gotten a lot stronger, Dimitri."

Angemon X quickly powers up and ascends into his ascended fusion level. He raised his fists.

"There's no way I'm going to let you go into the past!"

"Shut up, you good for nothing brat!"

With that, Virus pounced forward. Angemon X easily countered his attacks. Angemon X punched him and he flew back. He stopped while sitting on one knee. Angemon X's impact blow still shown as a dent on his face. Virus swung tail across, but Angemon X effortlessly caught it. Virus gasped in shock. Angemon X lifted Virus into the air by his tail and swung him around. He then released Virus, sending him sailing into the sky above. The bio-android stopped himself in mid-air and looked down at Dimitri.

"Heh, you're getting on my nerves boy!" Virus snapped until he calmly sighed and chuckled. "Oh, Dimitri, there is something I've been meaning to tell you."

Angemon X looked up and overheard Virus. He waited to hear what the crafty bio-android was going to state.

"I might not know this but ever wondered what happened to you dearest adoptive mother? I do believe she had sapphire eyes, brown hair and the body of a goddess."

As the description became obvious, Angemon X gasped out in disbelief and clenched his fists tightly.


"The bitch had it coming, Dimitri! She was far too weak to do anything and I effortlessly killed her. You should have been there! It was truly a sight to behold! Now, you can join that whore in the after life!"

Virus cupped his hands together and gathered a massive amount of ki. He made sure to condense it into a ball before launching it into the form of a powerful beam.

"See how you like this technique!"

Virus began powering up his energy ball in the palm of his hands.


"You... You..." Angemon X muttered, tears pouring down his cheeks and his body violently trembling.

He reminisced his entire life spent with Athenamon. The nurturing, training and love he received from the former Amazon queen. She was a second mother to the boy and even went as far as to sacrifice her power for Dimitri's sword. She granted him her power and wisdom. The boy opened his eyes as they turned sapphire, much like his adoptive mother's. The knowledge, power and wisdom of the great Athena were coursing through his body.

"Mother! No, you can't be dead! I can still feel your presence within me! You're not truly dead because we are one! This one's for you, Lady Athenamon! Virus, I'm sending you to the depths of Hell where you belong!"

Virus quickly gasped as he stopped his chant. Holding his hands far above his head, Angemon X formed a bright aura and created a massive ring of energy. His eyes flashed a sapphire color and the spirit of Athenamon appeared behind him.


"THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER, VIRUS! IT ENDS HERE! NOW DIE!" Angemon X bellowed out at the top of his lungs.

With that, he launched an enormous holy beam at crafty bio-android. Virus stared down at the rising ki-blast with widened eyes and a gaping mouth.


Virus unleashed an ear-piercing banshee as the ki-blast engulfed him and completely destroyed his body, which prevented him from every regenerating in the process.

The smoke cleared and the ground around Angemon X was deepened into a crater under his feet. He sighed and completely faded out of his fusion form and back into two separate entities: Faith and Dimitri.

"Now we can finally say that it's over," Dimitri said, a proud smile on his face.

"You said it!" Faith happily chirped.

Looking down at his feet, the boy sighed once realizing that Athenamon was gone. "Lady Athenamon, I'm sorry. I wish I could have been there to save you. I wish you hadn't completely isolated yourself. It would have been good to see you again but you gave me your power and wisdom. Somehow, I feel you are now apart of me."

He kneeled down beside a water fountain and caught a reflection of himself. His eyes turned back to normal. He noticed the spiritual forms of Athenamon, Omegamon, his uncle Takeru, Jaguarmon and all of those killed by the artificials. The Amazon queen kneeled down and placed an arm around her adoptive son. He turned around and saw no signs of the spirits. Only Faith was sitting behind him. A smile crossed the boy's face as got up and walked alongside his digimon partner.

"Lady Athenamon, I didn't think it would be you but thank you. Thank you for everything you've taught me about combat, love and compassion for life. Also, thank you, father. Thank you, Uncle TK. Thank you, Taichi and Hikari. Thanks, Digi-Destined. You have all helped me become a better human being and now thanks to you my future has been saved."


Upon his return back to his home, Dimitri stopped and noticed Sailor Sedna standing outside the door. She apparently was waiting for her boyfriend and around her arms was a purple-spotted digi-egg. Faith flew down on Dimitri's left shoulder and blinked.

"Karin?" Dimitri murmured.

"Oh, Dimitri! I managed to catch you just in... What happened?" she asked.

"It's a long story short, Karin. I'll tell you later but what's the digi-egg you have there?"

Looking down at the egg she was holding, a smile crossed her face. Dimitri examined it carefully and felt a familiar presence from within it. He gasped as soon as he recognized the familiar presence inside the digi-egg.

"J.. Jaguarmon!"

"What!" Faith gasped in surprise.

"Yeah, I wanted to surprise you, Dimitri. You see the Underworld lord from the world I came from judges the souls of those who have died. Good souls are sent to paradise, evil ones to the Dark Area and those with slightly tainted souls to purgatory. Jaguarmon was a good soul and thus her data was contained. You see I do serve for Anubimon as a sort of ferry girl in exchange of him giving me a human body to go by. So, you can thank me for preserving her soul. Since the Primary Villages have been restored, I was fortunate to allow her soul and data to become reconfigured back into a digi-egg. Unfortunately, the souls of Athenamon, Omegamon and the others turned down the chance of being revived. They wished to remain in the after life because they had fulfilled their duties to save this world. They see you as the Earth's and the Digital World's greatest hero. You have earned each and everyone of their respects."

"Is that so?" Dimitri smiled, happy tears in his eyes. "That's great. I'm happy you managed to at least retrieve Jaguarmon."

"Anything to make you happy, my love," Sailor Sedna smiled, setting the egg beside Faith and pacing towards Dimitri. "I'm sorry about Athenamon."

"It's okay. Because I know she'll always be watching over me. In essence, she is apart of me now," Dimitri reminded himself of his eyes turning sapphire momentarily.

"I see. Well, if you truly believe so, then I admire you for that. Dimitri..."


The two looked directly into each other's eyes until they embraced each other. Sedna stood on her tiptoes and reached up to plant a kiss on his lips. Dimitri returned a kiss and embraced her with his arms around her waist. Finally, after years of war and angst, Dimitri would finally settle down with his loved ones and continue to rebuild all that was lost by Datamon's androids.

Watching from inside the house, Mimi smiled and felt a tear drop from her eye.

"They're so cute together, Palmon."

"So, when you thinking they'll be tying the knot anytime soon?" Palmon asked her partner, her head tilted to one side. "Well?"

"Give them so time, Palmon. At least let them love one another before making that decision," Mimi replied. "Then again, I was never married when Matt and I had Dimitri. The poor boy didn't even see his father in this time line. I'm the only family he's got left. Well, one day, I certainly hope he and Karin have kids one day. I've learned the quality of life and that good can certainly come out of terrible times. I certainly have no arguments becoming a grandmother. Dimitri, you've grown so much. I'll let you make the decision of marrying this girl and having children. You've certainly earned the time to settle down. Oh, Athenamon, wherever you are... Please, watch over us and pray for us to rebuild all that we have lost."

Not realizing that Athenamon had perished, Mimi looked out the window and sighed. Still, she asked from the former Amazon queen to take care of them.

Nudging their noses against each other, Dimitri and Sedna kissed once more to signify their fond for one another. Their future would be unclear for the time being until Dimitri considers proposing to her.

"I know one thing is for sure. The nightmare is at last over..." the young man thought, embracing Sedna.

A hopeful future has been set in place for him and his lover. And so another chapter in the life of the future hero begins.


(Play Digimon Zero Two second ending theme Itsumo Itsudemo)

And that at last concludes the movie fic of my Dimitri story. What did you guys think? Well worth the wait? I've been desperate to write for such a long time and now my dream has finally come true. I'm officially an avid Dimitri/Karin fan. Those two are meant for each other. No more angstiness! Hee:D

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Speaking of D-Fusion, this summer I am planning to release the special editions of my original D-Fusion stories. So, you guys caught scenes paraphrased out of my Artificial/Virus Sagas will new dialogue and whatnot added. In addition, I was given permission from Zero 2 author, Ultra Sonic 007, to use his characters in the finalized rewrites. So, there's a chance to see the likes of Darkheart and UmbraDevimon in the stories. :P

The release date for the D-Fusion: Ultimate Edition series will be near the end of June. So, keep your eye out for that. Future movie fics will be put on hiatus until I finish the Rajita arc.

That's all the news I have and I'll have plenty of time to write this summer. Until then, leave me a review for this story and tell me your favorite moments of the Dimitri mini-series. Until then, stay cool and peace out.