Alright, here's the start of a new fic. I just couldn't get myself to continue The Museum--you know how things just feel "finished"? Yeah, that's how that one goes I guess. But I am enjoying the writing and so have decided to start another story. Please enjoy.

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Chapter 1--An Unusual Request

The great pharaoh Atemu gazed intently into the shallow depths of the pool in front of him. He was so lost in thought that he jumped slightly as a soft hand came to rest on his shoulder.

"My son, it pains me so to see you this melancholy. Why do you spend the days of your afterlife by the pool that looks down upon the world of mere men? You are a god, a god who has come home after so many years. Why trouble yourself with a world in which you do not belong?" Atemu felt a soft squeeze on his shoulder and the woman continued. "What in the world of mortal men could draw your attention away so fully from the afterlife you were born to live? What do you see, my son?"

Atemu looked up at the goddess Hathor, a sad look behind his eyes. Seeing this disturbance, Hathor sat down next to her beloved son. She pulled him into a gentle embrace and waited. She knew her son well and could not turn away when she saw how unhappy he was living amongst his family, his god heritage. She felt silent tears stain her pristine robes and knew that answers would come soon.

"I miss him so."

"Who, my dear son?"

"I miss my hikari, my light, my love."

Hathor was taken aback by that proclamation. His love? Who could have captured the heart of her son so fully that he would give up his afterlife to pine away for a mortal? She gazed into the pool in front of them, now noticing that its focus was on a young man. A young man, she noted, that looked very similar to the young pharaoh she held in her arms.

"My Atemu, is this young man the one whom you speak of?"

She felt him nod against her shoulder. Giving her son a reassuring hug, she then pulled him away from her, keeping her hands on his shoulders. Atemu kept his eyes downcast from the goddess, and Hathor moved one of her hands to place it under his chin. She lifted his face so he would meet her eyes.

"Atemu, my beloved son, I can bear no longer to see you so unhappy in a place that should be your home. Tell me what it is you desire."

The pharaoh blinked and continued to stare at Hathor. "There is no use in saying what I desire for it is impossible for a god of the afterlife to walk among the living."

"Then you wish to go and live among mortal men…." She paused for a moment to search her son's eyes, "You wish to go back and live with this young man." It wasn't a question, but a statement of a fact that had been so ever since her lost son had finally made it to the afterlife to live amongst his god family. She pointed at the pool and Atemu's gaze fell once again. He spoke so quietly that Hathor had to strain to catch the words that fell from his mouth.

"Yes. I would wish to go back and live as a mortal with him."

Hathor gazed down at her son and with a small smile, she squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. "If that is what you truly wish. If that is what will make my son truly happy, then I shall do all in my power to make it so."

Atemu looked up at Hathor, surprise written across his face. The goddess gave him a motherly smile and pulled him into another warm hug.

"Thank you, mother."

"You know it will not be easy. Only ever has one god been resurrected, and it is not taken lightly in the realm of the gods."

"I know. But thank you anyways."

Hathor smiled and disentangled herself from her son. She rose and, with one last look, she turned away to go in search of Osiris, her husband's father and god of the dead.

Okay, some more author notes to brighten your day. I've currently got the next two chapters under way, and have a vague idea of where I'm going. Editing is a great thing, and I've tried to do some for this chapter before posting, but it always helps to have someone else to watch your back. That said, I think I'm going to need a beta to bounce some ideas off of and to do some editing (as well as keep me on the ball for updating). If anyone is interested, please let me know.

I hope you enjoyed the start of the story. I know that I'm enjoying writing and sharing it.

As for Hathor, for those who don't know, she is an actual Egyptian goddess who is the wife of Horus. She was known as the mother of the pharaoh, so that's my explanation for the family/son/mother quotes.