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NOTE: There is going to be a lot of things altered obviously, because she has NO idea about his ghost powers, which means she had nothing to do with him getting them, and a lot of the episodes would not be possible, but you can figure out which ones easily. And some of them will be mentioned in here, but they are obviously altered a lot, but you can use your imagination as far as that goes.

Chapter One: Unknown Hero

Well, when they say a hero can save you, it's true. A hero isn't someone you love necessarily, although in my case, it is both love, and the fact that he has saved me numerous amounts of times. He is that one special person that I can't seem to understand. He seems so familiar, yet so far away from my thoughts.

As I sat there in class, doodling on a piece of paper, writing his name over and over again. It seems as though his name is Danny Phantom, he shouted it out not to long ago during a battle he had to fight. Odd that I knew Danny Fenton, whose name, and looks closely resemble him, but in yet, they were so different from each other.

Thoughts of him raced through my head while Lancer blabbered on about some stupid story in our English book. I woke up from my daydreams, when I heard Danny calling my name, and I saw that there was a huge commotion around me, as people formed up groups.

"Daydreaming?" He asked me, as I walked over to where him and Tucker were seated.

"Yea, you could say that," I said, and looked around a bit dazed at the sudden attention of the real life again.

"What was it about?" He asked me, never to concerned for his work, or his odd dropping of grades. It seemed like it started a few months ago, his grades slipped fast, as though he had no time left, or either he was just to lazy for it, but it didn't bother me, he didn't have to be smart for me to love him. Yes, love him, but nothing could beat the burning desires I had for my hero.

"Nothing," I said quickly, if he found out I was in love with a ghost, he would probably think I was nuts.

"Doesn't sound like it," he said, and Tucker just sat there full of boredom, he could care less about it, yet Danny though he needed to know.

"Well, it wasn't anything you would be interested in, what's our work?"

"Changing the subject? You would know the work if you hadn't been daydreaming," he mumbled, and flipped through his book till he found a page, full of questions from the story Lancer had been reading during the hour.

"Oh… Umm…" I said, peering over at the questions, since I had been dumb enough to leave my book back at my desk. Tucker and Danny had seats all the way across the room from me in this class.. Which is often why I got my daily dose of thinking about my Phantom in during the meantime…

"You weren't paying attention to anything… at all, were you?" Tucker asked me, and I could feel myself blush from the stupidity of myself thinking nothing of my class, but slacking off like Danny often did. I was an A student, even while this class was boring, I ended up getting an A no matter how much attention I paid. Often because I liked to take it home and read on my own, I thought of school to be my time off, and home to be my place to work. Besides, the more homework I had, the less my parents could spend 'quality' time with me.

"No… not really…" I said, and looked at what Danny was writing down on his paper.

"That isn't right," I told him, although I wasn't paying attention to the story, in which, we were reading the book Where the Red Fern Grows, which I had already read once before, I knew the answers. I had read it a few years back, and I remembered the names Old Dan, and Little Ann, and he was putting some odd name down, in which I had never heard of before.

"I thought you weren't paying attention?" He said, erasing his answer, although he was furious with me correcting him all the time.

"But anyone knows that the two dogs names were Old Dan and Little Ann," I pointed out, and he just gave me a grouchy look, and wrote it down without a second thought, he knew I was right.

"I have read it before too, by the way," I said, but looked at the questions on the page and couldn't remember half of them.

"Well, then you finish it!" He said, shoving his book at me, his angry moods had come along with his bad grades, as though he was slacking off in sleep to. My guess was he was on his dumb computer all night long playing one of those games with Tucker.

"I can't remember all of it, but I will finish it all when I get home," I sighed, but couldn't resist. I would hate to see Danny fail, since after all, I did have a desire hidden inside me, and I couldn't let him down no matter what. Even when I tried to get mad, I couldn't, it was as though I had to like him no matter what.

"Thanks," he said, cooling off a little, and he shot me a quick smile before he walked out of the classroom, right after the bell rang. I sat up, and walked out of class as well, at least that was the last hour of the day.

On my walk home, it was just Tucker and I, for some reason, Danny had gone away without saying anything to us at all, but I figured Jazz decided to drive him home or something. I didn't say anything at all, I just wanted to get home fast, so I could be by myself, and daydream all I wanted while I tried to finish up all the homework I had promised I would finish for Danny. He wasn't using me, I offered to do his homework in every class, besides, I wouldn't like him if he was being my friend only to use me for homework. But we had been friends LONG before he started to have his homework problems, and it was him and I that were the best friends out of the three. Tucker was a friend, but not as great of a one as we were.

"See ya," I said, and waved to Tucker after the walk that seemed to take hours since it was so quiet, in yet you could hear Paulina and Dash talking behind us, but it was nothing important, I wasn't paying attention anyway. I hated them living so close to my house, but it was nothing I could help, everyone in school lived somewhere near-by.

Once I got in my home, I ran straight to my bedroom, avoiding any contact with my parents at all. My room seemed odd though when I entered it, something didn't seem right, but I ignored it. It felt as though someone was watching me, which kinda creeped me out, but I was guessing I was just imagining things.

I threw my book on my bed, and plopped down beside it, laying it on my pillow, and laying down on my stomach. I read the story over again, but only finished the first chapter, before my eyes started to drift off, I was extremely tired, I didn't know why, but I couldn't fall asleep for the past two nights. So, I sat up and turned my speakers on full blast, and began to read again.

Now I could totally get lost in my own world, since I could hear nothing outside of my room at all, it was as though I was all alone, but somehow, I managed to hear my closet door swing open. I turned my speakers off, and stared at the door that had mysteriously opened. My heart was beating fast, as I looked around my room, someone was obviously here, the door was latched, it couldn't get blown open or anything. I felt a cold rush come into my room, and I began to shiver. This had happened to me before, a couple nights ago in my first encounter with a ghost.

I stared around, with my arms folded across my chest, waiting for something to appear, but instead of appearing I felt it when my body got lifted up off my bed, and into the air. I was quickly taken out of my room, and I saw it wasn't the familiar hero of mine, it was some ghost I had never seen before in my life. He had cold green eyes that seemed to be like ice. He had an evil grin spread across his blue face, that had scars all over it.

"Hello Samantha," he said, it was a creepy tone of voice, one you would expect from a kidnapper, which… he was definitely a kidnapper. I wanted to scream so badly, but we were flying right above town, what would people think if they saw me getting captured by a ghost? Not only would I be a weirdo, but I would get asked a million questions. Yet, I wanted to shout from my hero, get the relief I wanted, and get into the comforts of his arms.

"Put me down!" I yelled at him, but didn't squirm… if he dropped me, I would never make it to the ground.

"Oh? You want me to put you down?" He said, and I felt his fingers coming undone around me.

"No…" I said, but he didn't care, he was doing, as I wanted. He dropped me, and I closed my eyes, hoping for a miracle. I felt myself hit, but not hard, but I kept my eyes closed, was I still alive? I could feel myself moving, so I opened my eyes to reveal the piercing green eyes that could only belong to him.

"How did you know I was in trouble?" I asked him, looking up into his eyes dreamily. Yes! I was able to be with him, how much I would die just to be with him. Which… I pretty much did almost have to die to be with him, but it was all worth it.

"I have my ways," he said, and smiled down at me. His white hair blowing in the breeze slightly with his slow pace that he was flying, as though he was in no hurry to get me back to my house. He had me held so close to him, I felt as though I was in my daydream, flying with him in a comforting way, that I almost fell asleep in his arms.

"Your tired, aren't ya?" He asked me, and he looked almost ashamed as though it was his fault.

"A little, but it's nothing," I said, opening my eyes back up all the way.

"We need to stop meeting like that," he told me, and I could see my house come into view. Darn it, my time with him was so limited, I never got to stay with him for to long.

"It's Danny, right?" I asked him, making sure I had gotten his name right.

"Yea, it is."

"You think… we can get together sometime? I mean… I know it would be odd… and your probably not to fond of being with humans…" I said, and I could feel my stomach get butterflies, and I could tell I was blushing as a hot wave blow across my cheeks.

"Sorry… I don't think I can do that," he said, and I looked down for a second, I was actually being brave enough to ask a guy out, but it wasn't successful. Although, he wasn't exactly human, I believed he was more human than most people in the world. After all, he was always helping people, why couldn't he be more like a person?

"But… it could just be at my house or something? Get to know each other a little more?"

"I dunno, maybe," he said, as we landed down on my balcony.

"You think you could ever become friends at least with me?"

"You have a crush on me, don't you?" He asked me, and now I glanced down, my face totally hot, and then I looked back up at him.

"You're my hero, an unknown one though, you are so mysterious," I told him straightforward, and he smiled at me.

"Well, I'll think about it," he said, and flew off, disappearing from view fast. Darn it… I wanted to make sure it was a for sure thing! Oh well… any time with him was better than nothing, right? All I knew though, was once again, I wasn't falling asleep to fast that night… trying to recollect the feeling of being with him.

As I lay down in my bed that night, I fell asleep, having dreams of being with him, but nothing could feel like actually being held in his arms…

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