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This is just something I did for amusement, it's not serious at all and there is major OOCness and it's shonen-ai. BE WARNED!

Dress Shopping

"What about this one?"

"No it's too poofy."


"Ugh! That's worse than the first one!"

"Then what about this one?"

"No way! That's the worst yet! Don't you have any taste?"

"Apparently not."

"Argh! Why did I even bother taking you along with me?"

"Because we need to pick out a wedding dress for you by the end of next month."

"Why did we wait so long again?"

"You refused to accept the inevitable fact that you would be wearing the dress?"

"Shut up, I hate you."

"Aw, and I just love you."

"Remind me once again why I brought you along."

"Because I'm you're fiancé?"

"That just doesn't seem plausible enough to me."

"Why's that?"

"Because I must be insane to marry you."

"How cruel."

"Shut up and help me find a dress, if I'm going to be stuck wearing the damn thing it's going to have to be perfect."

"Like you?"




"Yes Kai?"

"I hate you."

"I know. Now what about this one?"

Well hope you enjoyed my random dribble. It was supposed to be humourous, I'm hoping it was. Review and tell me what you think please.