Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade or the Movies Evita or Fools Rush In (1), which I took a quote from, the only thing I own in this whole thing is the actual story; and that's just dialogue.

Another humorous dialogue, well it's supposed to be humorous, which in itself is new for me. Please bear with me I'm trying to get out of just angst writing. I hope you enjoy and please review at the end!

Movie Fun

"Don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you!"


"It's a quote from a movie, Evita I think."

"What's it about?"

"What's what about?"

"The movie, Evita."

"I don't know, I've never seen it."

"Then why are you quoting it?"

"I'm bored and it gave me something to do, a spur of the moment type thing."

'Lovely; so I don't entertain you anymore?"

"That's not true, you know I love you babe. You are what I never knew I always wanted."

"Another movie quote?"


"What's this one from?"

"Dunno something about foolish people." (1)

"Then why are you saying it?"

"Because it's fun."

"You're weird Michael, I will never understand you or your people."

"My people?"


"Oh. But you love me even if I'm American right Lee?"

"I can't imagine why."


"Alright, yes I love you, even if you are an egotistic American loser."

"How cruel! You're going to regret that."

"Am I now? Then why don't you come over here and make me?"

"With pleasure!"