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Celestial Butterfly
Chapter One: Going Home

She walked down the narrow stone path that led to the shore and away from the Tama Mansion. Her arms crossed tightly over her forearms to hug the small blanket to her body. The moon lingered high over the angelic ocean, casting an eerie glow onto the water. A soft sigh escaped her lips the second her feet squished in the sand. Her hair wiped wildly as the wind picked up. She walked a few more steps and reached her rock. The rock that she has spent many nights during her childhood. Taking a seat and sitting back so she could look up at the stars, her heavy heart let out a small quiver. Rin was glad to be back, but the reason for having to return to her hometown hurt more then she cared too admit. Her lips fell further into a frown when her jumbled confused thoughts began to run ramped in her mind.

Her life had been a fairy tale, she had the perfect parents, the perfect friends, the perfect everything. But then one faithful night, everything came to a crashing halt when a drunk driver killed her mother and father. She was thirteen when it happened, she had been too young to be alone in the world. Officials had wanted to send her to a home to deal with the death of her parents alone, but luckily the Tama family had been a very close friend of her family. Inutaisho was her father's best friend. The Tama family had taken her in, had given her a home, helped her though her pain, and gave her back a family. A smile graced her lips, her warm cinnamon eyes watching the waves crashing against the rocks before her.

A year later, when she was fourteen the Tamas moved across the country leaving behind their hometown. Rin had been upset at first, so had the brothers. Moving meant leaving behind the gang, the children they had grown up with. It meant saying goodbye to Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Kouga probably forever. Sesshoumaru was three years older than Inuyasha and Rin, and even though he was very indifferent towards people, he still considered the four his good friends as well. The three teenagers had tried to stay in contact with their friends but as time passed and their new lives began that contact grew less and less.

Four years passed and Rin became incredibly close to the brothers in different ways. Inuyasha in the events of the struggles of being in a new school, and having no friends became the greatest friend she could ever ask for. He knew her inside out and she knew him just as well. She had been there when he first met Kikyou, she watched as he fell in love with her, and she had cried with him when Kikyou ripped his heart from his chest. Rin shifted on the rock, bringing her foot to rest underneath her.

As for Sesshoumaru…

A tear trickled from her eye. Sesshoumaru was the love of her life. She knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt. She was sixteen when their relationship had begun. He was nineteen and heading straight to college having already two years of dual enrollment under his belt. She remembered the first time he kissed like it was yesterday. So soft…so warm…so perfect. Inuyasha had caught them. A smirk spread across her lips, she had never heard her friend laugh so hard and Sesshoumaru leave a room so fast. But that had been so long ago. For two years their relationship continued and blossomed. She got to see a side of Sesshoumaru that nobody had ever had the privilege to see not even his family. He was always expressionless but she had learned that the doorway to him could be seen briefly though his cold eyes. She had even over heard Inutaisho tell Izayoi that Sesshoumaru planned to ask Rin to marry him after she graduated. She had been thrilled and danced around the house for days causing everybody to wonder if she had taken up drinking or something. And so her life had become perfect again.

But apparently fate disliked her being happy. Three months ago Sesshoumaru suddenly married Kagura, the daughter of Naraku who was the owner of an equally powerful company as the Tama Corporation. Rin had found out about the arrangement the night before the wedding. Sesshoumaru and her were supposed to spend the evening together to celebrate her last day of being a junior in high school. She was supposed to meet him at his apartment but instead was stopped when a man delivered a letter from Sesshoumaru before she left her house. The note had simply told her that he had met someone new and that Kagura had become to mean more to him than anyone. He was very sorry, but he could not longer deny his heart.

Rin scowled, 'what heart?'

She had run straight to Izayoi given that she was the only one home. Izayoi comforted her the best she could. The older woman had told her that Sesshoumaru and Kagura were going to be married in the morning and that they had been planning it for at least a month. It had been a long and hard summer for her. She dealt with a shattered heart and a lot of anger. Luckily Inuyasha had been there for her every step of the way. Neither Inuyasha nor her attended the wedding. And they had come to find out that everyone but them had known about Kagura and Sesshoumaru. That had caused a lot of strife in the family. Inuyasha outwardly expressed his anger at his parents and his brother for what they had done. Inutaisho and Izayoi apologized daily, they had assumed Sesshoumaru would end things with Rin sooner and more appropriately. Rin did not know much of what happened after Sesshoumaru and Kagura left for their honeymoon, she could not see much outside her own pain.

She had fallen into a deep depression for over a month, only speaking to Inuyasha. She could not see how her life could possibly go on. Everyone was worried but nobody more so than her best friend. One night, in a desperate attempt to help her, Inuyasha had drug out of bed and to the ice skating rink he had rented for the evening. He knew she loved ice-skating and hoped that it would be something she could use to release the hurt and anger that was building up inside her. It had been the best thing he could have done for her. She skated everyday – in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. It was her release and through that she found the strength go on and return to her old self. Though her heart was still broken and it still hurt, she was able to block it all out and start to move on.

Three months after Sesshoumaru's marriage, Inutaisho moved the family minus his eldest son back to their hometown. He commissioned a skating rink to be added to the family's mansion by the sea. Inuyasha and Rin were thrilled to come home. The first move had brought them both heartache and they wanted so much to return to their long lost friends. They were going home.

Rin's mind returned to reality and she stretched allowing a yawn to escape her lips. They had been back only two days and her first day of her senior year would start tomorrow. She was eager to see her old friends.

"What are you doing out here so late at night?" a familiar voice broke her train of thought, causing her to gasp in fright.

Inuyasha chuckled and took a seat next to her on her rock.

Rin slapped him on the back of his head, "You scared me!"

He smirked and wrapped his arm around her, "So what are you doing?"

"Do you have to ask?" Rin replied resting her head against his shoulder.

"Not really…"

"Then why did you ask me twice?" Rin teased.

"I…ah I…huh?"

She giggled, "Never mind. So are you ready for tomorrow?"

Inuyasha yawned, "Hell yeah, can't wait. I found Kagome's email address but I don't know if she has changed it since the last time I talked to her," he was silent for a moment, "damn I think that was over a year ago. But I emailed her anyway and told her we were back in town."

The pair settled into a comfortable silence staring up at the star filled sky.

"Do you think everybody has changed?" Rin pondered, reaching down to scratch the side of her leg.

"Hell, Rin, we've changed. Its only natural for people too over time."

"I suppose," she responded looking down at her lap.

"Don't worry," Inuyasha replied, pulling Rin close, "everything is going to go great tomorrow and if you need me at all, I am only a phone call away."

Rin shook her head, "Inuyasha, you are not supposed to use your cell phone at school, stupid."

"Never stopped me before!"

She laughed, "Why doesn't that surprise me. So what do you think about seeing Kagome again?"

He shrugged, "I don't know what you are talking about…" he replied, brushing her comment off.

"Ha! Don't give me that. You used to have the biggest crush on her!"

Rin watched Inuyasha's face turn bright red and smiled brightly knowing that Inuyasha had always like Kagome.

"I didn't! We were just good friends, that is all."

"Yeah, yeah whatever you say Inuyasha."

"Feh, whatever is right. So are you still planning to see visit your parents grave tomorrow after school?"

"Yep, are you still going to go with me?"

Inuyasha moved to get up, nudging Rin to stand as well, "Yeah, I would never ditch out on you."

Rin smiled, readjusting the blanket around her body as she stood, "Not even for Kagome?"

"Shut up, that was a long time ago," he retorted and began trotting up the path back towards the mansion.

The female shook her head, her hand came up to grasp the sapphire crescent moon charm on her neck, a gift from Sesshoumaru that she couldn't bare to part with. Things were going to get better she just knew it. Tomorrow was the first day of school and her senior year. She had learned to block out the pain caused by Sesshoumaru, she had learned that there was more to life and if he didn't want her then she hoped that he had a happy life. He would always mean something to her but she was bound and determined to have a happy life too. Tomorrow as a brand new day and she planned to take every advantage and start over even if her heart was still gluing itself back to together.

"Hey are you coming or what?" Inuyasha called from halfway up the hill.

Rin realized she had been lost in her thoughts again and began running up the path, "Yeah," she yelled back. Tomorrow really was a brand new day.


Sesshoumaru rose out of bed, grabbing his robe off the bedpost and putting it on. He walked silently to the French doors in his bedroom and walked out onto the balcony. Behind him he could hear his wife's shallow breaths as she slept. The wind blew his long silver strands to his left. His deep amber eyes found the moon, and he stood there staring at it for a long time.

He had never felt this feeling before, it had been with him since he had decided to marry Kagura. It was a feeling of emptiness…his soul had become an eternal abyss that could only be filled by one person. He had never really felt emotions before her. He never cared enough to bother trying. But she slowly but surely crept into his heart and claimed it for her own. She would always have it too, but she was out of his reach now. She would never forgive him for what he had done. He could not blame her either. They had been together for two years and without warning he left her to marry another. He had tried to break things off with her for nearly a month but every time he looked in those sparkling eyes he couldn't do it. He couldn't give her up. She was his weakness…his only weakness. And so as his brother called it, he took the coward's way out. He nearly killed his brother at that comment because at first he had not looked at it that way. He saw his method as a way to avoid the emotional mess she would be in if he had confronted her.

The emotions Rin had caused would soon die with the remainder of his heart. He constantly reminded himself that he needed nobody. He was the cold-hearted bastard that most people took him for. He had his reasons for hurting the only female that he would ever love. But they were his, and it no longer mattered. Kagura was his wife, Rin would find someone new, and he would be left with nothing. Everything was as it should be. Even though the though of someone else holding his Rin was unbearable…everything was as it should be.


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Rin, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Kouga, Kikyou between 17-18 (seniors in high school)
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Sesshoumaru 21 (going on first year out of college – vice president of Tama Corporation)
Kagura 20 (junior in college - she had one year of dual enrollment in HS)
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The gang grew up together and was great friends. Rin's parents died when she was 13 and the Tama's took her in as part of the family. When Rin was 14 the family moved across the country away from Kagome, Kouga, Miroku, and Sango. Rin became close to Inuyasha and they became best friends. Inuyasha met and fell in love with Kikyou but she broke his heart. Rin fell in love with Sesshoumaru and their relationship started when she was 16. The Tamas were away from their hometown for four years but moved back three months after Sesshoumaru suddenly married Kagura. Sesshoumaru and Kagura did not move with the family. Inuyasha and Rin are starting their senior year hoping to rekindle their friendships with Kagome, Kouga, Miroku and Sango.

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Rin and Sess relationship only lasted two years before he left her to marry Kagura.
Inuyasha and Kikyou's relationship lasted for two and half years and ended when just before his 17th birthday.
Nobody but the Tama family knows about Rin and Sesshoumaru's relationship.


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