Chapter 1

Misty was waiting in a café when her mobile phone rang.

"Hello, Misty here"

"Hi Misty, Brock on the phone we missed our boat because Ash couldn't wake up on time."

"What! Why didn't you guys try to wake him up?"

"You know ash he's a real Snorlax!"

"Let me talk to him!"

"Ok, Ash you're in a real mess now!"

"Hello?" asked shyly Ash

"Ash! Why the hell didn't you wake up! I close the gym for you guys plus I'm still waiting alone in the café!" Misty shouted

"Well you see I was having this wonderful dream and I just lost track of time…"

"I don't care you guys better be there tomorrow" she hung up angrily and headed for the exit when she saw a familiar face. It was Gary Oak all by himself looking kind of depressed, strange picture. She decided to go see what was wrong with him her day couldn't get worse anyway. She sat in front of him.

"Hey Gary, what's up?"

"Nothing much, Misty"

"Huh? How do you know my name? We never talked before" Gary gave her one of his famous grin.

"I know a lot of things you know; after all I'm a researcher."

"Lucky shot" she just said "What is the famous Gary Oak doing here all by himself anyway?" Gary looked like he was trying to cheer himself up without quite succeeding.

"Gary seems to actually try to enjoy the day like it was special, reminds me of the day Ash forgot it was my birthday…"Misty thought to herself "Here I go!"

"Happy Birthday Gary!" she exclaimed smiling

"Gary looked rather shocked than surprised guess I was wrong."

"Thank you" He replied "How did you know?" he added suspiciously

Misty gave him a bigger smile and replied "Guess I could be a researcher if I wanted to too"

"Well you're the only one who seemed to remember so let me give you a present…" he started

"What about your family!" she cut him off.

"Well they're all pretty busy so I can't expect them to remember that"

"Why don't you tell them?"

"Sorry" Gary smirked "I'm not that pathetic. You know since you're here why wouldn't you spend the rest of the day with me except if you had other project that is…"

"Well I already closed the gym, ash isn't coming any soon and it is your birthday after all so I guess" she answered "Where are we going?"

" Here's the schedule Princess, first we go to Safari park, then in a restaurant to have dinner, guess you wouldn't mind bowling or a amusement park to finish with a movie and supper so what do ya think?" he suggested

"Isn't that a little bit expansive?" Misty asked

"Not for an Oak" was his replied "plus I have my own private jet so are you on?"

"You bet! But don't call me princess anymore I'm not one of your air head cheerleader!"

"As you wish, princess" he quickly added with a grin

BAM! That was misty mallet guess she kept it unfortunately for poor Gary.

"Oww! You didn't have to do THAT!" she just ignored him and pulled him through the exit.

"By the way I chose the amusement park; it's in the same city so you'll spare some money. See I'm not that bad!"

"I wish"

"Did you say something?"

"No, I said nothing!"

"Oh ok then let's go!"

Guess it'll be an interesting B-day after all thought Gary as he followed her.

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