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Chapter 7

"What the…!" exclaimed Ash "Can someone explain me what's going on?"

Gary and Misty looked at him embarrassed

"Huh well Ash, I kind of forget to mention that we knew each other…" started Misty

"Do you mean you were friends with my rival all along? Why did you hide it for so long? I thought we were friends!" exclaimed Ash

"No, Idiot! We just got to know each other yesterday when you guys were late and I'm the one who chose not to tell you guys because I knew you'd act all jealous and childish"

"Well it's not my fault if you're always stealing everything I have since our childhood! Here you are again, stealing Misty from me!"

"Ash, I'm not yours! I'm nobody's, stop arguing like if I was an object or some prize to win! You guys suck!" she then stormed off

"See what you did, you jerk!" said an exasperate Gary

"What? You're the one stealing everything from me! Remember when we were kids I wanted this toy so bad, saved money for months and just because you felt like it you bought it! You never played with it, you had TONS of toys! Or again you stole my dream to be a pokemon master, you were one of the best always trying to beat me and then you stopped! Don't tell me it's because I beat you 'cause I know you never liked it you were just doing it to tease me! And now you're doing it again with Misty!"

"Ash…you're the most stupid person I ever met! It was just a toy and there's something you don't remember, I talked about this toy as much as you did you were just too damn selfish to notice and if I never played with it, it was because I had to study and work while you and the other kids were playing! I liked to be a trainer but I was tired to always be in your shadow! Gramps was just talking about you and your progress; Ash won this, Ash wont that! While I was being 6th in the league you were 14th and still had more credits that I had. My parents were furious because I wasn't 1st while your friends were cheering you up! You're just a lucky idiot, damn too dense to notice anything!"

Ash had been quite surprised to everything Gary told him and just managed to mutter

"What do you mean?"

Gary took a moment to answer, it seems like he was trying to think of where to start

"You have Misty" he then simply chose to reply after moments of hesitations


"I just can't believe how you can manage to hurt her that much? Why don't you tell her you're going out with May? Why don't you tell all your friends?"

"How did you learn that!" Ash said more surprised than before

"It doesn't matter! Misty's been waiting for about 3 years for you to make a damn move! She didn't have the slightest idea you were with May! I'm surprised at how good she took it! You haven't change Ash, you never noticed about other's feelings and if you want to know mines; I love Misty with all my heart so don't think I'm trying to steal anything! She never was yours, even if she could have been but you're such an idiot, and she's not anything but everything now to me"

Ash's jaw almost dropped at how serious Gary was!

"He isn't actually that serious right? He can't fall for Misty in only one day and what's this thing about her waiting for me for 3 years? He didn't mean that too, like Misty can't possibly love me right? We've been fighting for years, I thought she never could have loved me! If only I knew it sooner…but now I'm with May and I love her…"

"What's wrong Ash? You can't believe me? You don't think I could have fell for Misty this quickly or that she had loved you all these years? Well, both of them are true."

"Man! Is he some kind of psychic! How did he know about what I was thinking? Stupid Gary!" thought Ash "Gary, I don't know how you manage to know all that or if your feelings are true but I don't care! You shouldn't be in Misty's life! You're not worth her and she deserves something better after all she's an awesome person"

Gary frowned at what Ash just told him and at how mature he just seemed, well that was pretty rare. Completely ignoring Ash he walked past him but before exiting the room he said coldly to Ash:

"I think Misty left your room keys somewhere on her desk" he then disappeared.

Misty was in her room, crying, when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she asked

"It's me, May"

"You can enter" she said quickly wiping the tears that had fallen down

"What's wrong Misty? I saw you running to your room; you didn't look that good…"

"I'm… ok thanks for caring" she smiled to May

"No problem, if you have any problems you know where to find me" she offered "Hmm and by the way Gary was looking everywhere for you, for once he didn't have his I'm-so-good-attitude I think he's worried"

"Thank you for letting me know but I think I'll sleep now guess I'll see everyone tomorrow morning"

"Ok well good night!"

"Good night too and huh by the way the keys to your rooms are on my desk, forgot to give them" Misty added quickly before May exits

"Thanks" then May left the room

Misty was again all by herself, she sighed trying to remember what had happened today.

"Well I guess I couldn't expect Ash to love me after the way I always treated him but I'm glad he fell for someone like May she's really nice" she thought sadly. She was about to spill some tears again when she heard another knock.

This time the person didn't wait for an answer and entered immediately the room.

"Hey princess, how are you feeling?" he allowed himself to sit next to her on her bed

"I should have guessed it was you" she forced a smile

"He isn't worth your tears"

"What?" said a very confused Misty

"I said Ash isn't worth your precious tears and the one who's worth them would never make you cry, believe me" his eyes were showing so much care and affection, Misty's heart was pounding quicker

"I…I... Thank you Gary" she said and Gary pulled her in a hug and this time she didn't cry but smile

"Hey see, you're really beautiful that way. You should do it more often, trust me you'd find a boyfriend in no time!"

"I do"

"What?" this time Gary was the one confused

"I do trust you, thanks again for being there for me" she kissed him on the cheek

"No problem princess!" he thought for a minute before saying "Let me show you something, c'mon follow your fierce knight" he added grinning

"Oh Gary I wanted to sleep, please"

"C'mon he won't take long I promised" he begged

She then gave in, he hided her eyes with his hands and lead her to the balcony.

"What did you want to show me?" she asked amused by his childish manners

He just took his hands off her eyes, letting her see the sky. Today was the full moon. The moon was partly hided by clouds making it seem more mysterious. The sky was covered with stars moving; shooting stars.

"Wow Gary! It's beautiful!" She exclaimed then took some step forward to have a better look.

"Yeah, almost as beautiful than you" he said and after some seconds Misty just giggled

"This line is so cliché, Gary" she let out another giggle "But I appreciate the thought really" she thanked him

"Hey, a lot of girls fall for this" He smiled and Misty laughed

"Did you know that there'd be a fall of shooting stars tonight?"

"Well I didn't expect it but Brock and May were watching T.V. and I happened to heard in the news that they were one tonight, but I didn't bring here just for that" he then kneeled down

"I wanted to make an oath to my princess" he added seriously

Misty, intrigued and amused, nod and let him continue

"I, Gary Oak, promised to always be there for you, Princess Misty Waterflower, to protect you with all my might and to be the one that'll never make you cry, the one worth your tears and love. I promised to always stand by your side, to give you my life and love and until death take us part I'll love you and do anything for you, the one who reached for my hand but touched my heart, the one that only the smile seem like a warming sun and who defrosted my heart from loneliness. I swear all this to you with only the sky and those shooting stars as witnesses, princess, do you accepted me as your knight?"

"Gary…I…" she was just really surprised, she didn't know how to react. Seeing the confusion and sadness in Misty's eyes, Gary got up and turned his back trying to avoid the pain in being rejected a second time.

"I'm stupid right? Guess it was a little too early to ask you that" he chuckled bitterly "Well, I guess I'd better leave. Sweet dreams, princess" he sadly smiled

He was walking away when a hand held his shirt, forbidding him to go any further.

"Wait, Gary! Please let me answer to your question." Gary looked back at her not too willing to hear her answer "I'd be honored to be yours, my knight" Misty smiled to him.

At this moment, Misty never saw so much happiness in someone's eyes especially coming from someone as reserved and cool thanGary and seeing him so happy made her happy as well. Gary then took something out of his pocket, it was a black box. Misty looked curiously at it.

"What's that Gary?" she asked

"Well I don't exactly know why but before coming here I bought this" he opened the small box and showed her an emerald ring "here take it"

"Gary it's so magnificent…I'm speechless…"

"Reminded me of your eyes"

Misty laughed out, Gary just stare at her questioningly.

"Sorry, didn't know you were that romantic. It seemed to me that you didn't have romance in all your 1 week relationship" she continued to laugh and Gary joined in

"You know what you're really unpredictable, but I love that about you"

"Hey, Gary I think that this is the last falling star! Quick, make a wish!" exclaimed Misty, almost ignoring Gary's last comment, and Gary turned back his attention on the fall of shooting stars

"Ok, done. What's your wish?

"I won't tell you! If I do it may never happen!"

"Fine, don't" he said looking at her chuckling

"Gary, do you think my wish could come true?" she said seriously

He looked straight in her eyes, trying to read her, and after a moment replied:

"Yeah I know your wish will come true; I wished the same thing" he then got closer to Misty, closing the gap between them, and leaned forward to finally meet her lips. She kissed back this time deeper. They were now enlaced not caring for anything else in the world but the other. Guess she had gotten completely over Ash in only one night with Gary's help.

Spying on them were Ash and May:

"Well guess, Gary's worth her after all" said Ash smiling

"Yeah, he's so romantic" she sighed dreamingly

"Hey I can be romantic too!" exclaimed Ash jokingly which worked since May giggled "So anyway did you bring me here to spy on them?"

"No, I wanted to show you the fall of shooting star"

"So you bring me here just to see stars?" questioned Ash

"Yeah, kind of…" blushed May

"Why bring me here to show me stars when I already can see them everyday in your eyes?"

"Oh Ash, that was so romantic!" said an excited May

"Told ya" Ash grinned

May was now looking at the kissing couple when Ash's hand turned her face toward him.

"Don't worry about them, let's think about us" he then kissed her.

"I love you May" confessed Ash when they pulled away

"I love you too Ash" replied May and this time she took the initiative to kiss him

The fall of shooting stars ended, taking away all wishes and hope with it. Only two "new found" loves was left. The moon was brighter than ever on this night of promises.


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