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Chapter 4

By teal-lover

Summary: After her trip to the future, Piper vows to build a better relationship with Chris. Things are going well, or so she thought—and she just has to make sure.

Rating: PG13, T

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Last time…

Leo gestured to the blonde in a way of an answer, "Wyatt, take your Mom to see the scroll, I think it's the only way for her to understand. I'll stay with your brother to make sure he's alright." He turned back to the woman and spoke excitedly, "It's the same prophecy we heard about when Wyatt was a baby. If you remember, we just assumed it spoke of him, but we never actually saw it—at least until a few years ago. Wyatt is mentioned, but just as he said—Chris's guide and protector. The text describes everything we've ever seen in Chris, right down to his appearance, and then there's one surprising little fact that can't be denied."

Wyatt was a bit saddened by her wary gaze in his direction, but he forced a smile onto his face and held out his hand for her. Tentatively, she placed her smaller hand in his before he whisked them both away.


Wyatt held out his hand for his mother and she placed her hand in his tentatively. They immediately orbed to a lake where Piper was awestruck at the lush greenery around her.

Every flower, tree, and even blade of grass seemed particularly colorful and bright—as if they had been placed there right out of a fairy tale. She gasped as she bent down to touch one of the exotically colored flowers. It seemed to lean into her palm just as expectantly as a kitten waiting to be petted.

Wyatt grinned at her reaction before warning, "Be careful. It's all real. But it likes you. It can sense the goodness in you. This place would look like a wasteland to anyone without the purest of intentions."

"You mean it's alive?"

"Sort of. They don't really have thoughts and feelings, but more like basic instincts. They don't just let anyone pet them either."

Finally tearing herself away from the flower, Piper stood up with amazement again. "It's beautiful here. I've never seen anything like it."

"That's because nothing like it exists."

"What is this place?"

Wyatt smiled proudly, "It's the birthplace of Excalibur."

Her eyes widened as she looked around, "Where are we?"

"Neither here nor there," he answered cryptically. She raised a suspicious eyebrow at him upon hearing his vague response. He rolled his eyes when he remembered who he was dealing with, grumbling under his breath but loud enough for her to hear. "I should have known that you wouldn't accept anything but detailed facts."

"Or at least an honest answer," she chastised.

He hunched his six-foot-four frame down meekly, feeling very much like a five-year old again under her careful scrutiny. "Ok, fine," he huffed, "I don't actually know. It moves to protect itself, and the only reason I can find it at all is because of my connection with Excalibur. And if I couldn't orb, I'd never be able to get to it even if I did know."

"What about me? Could I get here?"

"You're a Charmed One. If anybody could, I know it's you. I'm sure with the right spell you could summon yourself here. But here, let me show you the scroll."

She took his extended hand once again and allowed him to lead her further into the forest-like surroundings.

They walked quietly for a few minutes before finally coming to the edge of a lake. She pulled back warily as he started wading through the water with her in tow. "What are you doing!" she yanked on his arm.

"The water doesn't even go up to your shoulder," he said absently and quickly delved in deeper. Another sharp tug on his arm, and he turned around inquisitively, only to realize his mistake with alarm. He immediately dropped her hand and reached around her waist to pick the tiny woman up. "Oh, Mom! I'm so sorry. I forgot you're not as tall as me," he apologized profusely as he pulled her out of the water, which had just about reached her nose.

When she surfaced, she scolded him, "I can swim you know, but not when you're dragging me along by the hand!"

"I'm so sorry!" He swung her around and hoisted her up on his back, "Truce, ok? Free ride."

Piper bristled at riding on her son piggy-back style. "You know, I used to carry you this way."

Her comment elicited a slight chuckle from him and he offered helpfully, "Well if you like, we can switch?" He couldn't help laughing harder when she swatted him on the back of his head for his comment.

Piper relaxed a bit at his jovial behavior. She had to admit to herself that it had the effect of easing some of her worries for her youngest. The way Wyatt and Leo were talking, she had feared that they had somehow been brainwashed by the sword. And that perhaps, a bit of evil had crept up into her two sandy-haired angels. It was still a possibility , but it was seeming less and less likely by the minute. Now she wasn't quite sure what to think of all of this.

Wyatt suddenly stopped in front of a waterfall that she hadn't noticed before and announced, "Here we are."

"Wait—we're going through that?"

"Uh huh."

"Why can't you just orb?"

"No magic is allowed through there. There's a little cavern under the water. Sorry, but you're going to have to hold your breath for about 10 seconds. As soon as we pass under the waterfall, I'll take two steps and there will be a pool there that I'll have to swim through. Don't worry, its not far."

Piper's teeth chattered a bit. Whether it was from nerves, or the chill of the water, she didn't know. She clung to his back a little tighter, "You're sure about this?"

His bottom lip quivered slightly while his eyes widened, "Uh no. Maybe you should go first?" He laughed when he felt her tense again, "I'm just kidding. Of course I'm sure. It's safe. You'll be fine, I promise. Don't worry, there's a much easier way to get out. Just hold on tight to me because I need my arms to swim. Ready?"

She took a deep breath and nodded, making sure to keep her eyes open to see where they were going.

He plunged into the water as fast as his legs would carry him, taking the two short steps and diving in one continuous motion.

It seemed like only a few short moments before their heads bobbed above the water and he was pulling them up onto dry land. Now that she was on her own two feet again, he rotated his shoulders and flexed his arms as his muscles stung and contracted. He commented absently, "What a workout. I haven't benched anything that heavy since—" he broke off suddenly feeling the sizzling glare she shot him. Changing the subject quickly, he rushed to the end of the cave and pointed to the yellowish brown parchment, "Uh, this is it. Just don't try to pick it up."

Piper ran her fingers over the evenly squared pages bound by a thick, leather strap before opening it carefully. "Why is it called a scroll when it's obviously a book?"

"I think it was just passed down through myth's that it was a scroll, so we just let everyone continue that thought. Just in case someone who shouldn't be seeing it got their hands on it—" his voice fell off noting that she no longer paid him any mind. Though he knew it by heart, he listened with rapt attention as she picked bits and pieces to read aloud. The mystical words and the warmth of her comforting voice were like music to his ears.

"Born to the Charmed and the Angel, he will gaze upon the world through emerald eyes, showing a wisdom to unite in peace, all magical beings. The mighty Excalibur shall aid him in his twenty first year, and the mortal world will follow...

…The boy guided by his angelic protector and deeply saddened by loss, will grow into a young man and through it, shall find the courage that lies within him…"

Piper stopped abruptly and stared at her son. "Well, it certainly sounds like it could be talking about him."

Wyatt smiled at her reluctance and flipped the page to the very last. "In case you had any doubts…"

She gasped audibly as her fingers traced the outline of the drawing he showed her. Not surprising was the finely detailed portrait of Excalibur, with all of its delicate and jewel-encrusted carvings. What did surprise her was the intricate detail and crosshatching pattern which left no room for misinterpretation. Etched into the centuries—if not millennia—old document, was a portrait of her youngest child.

Piper was stunned, and the said the only word that came to mind. "Oh."


Hours later, Piper sat down on a stone slab that she assumed was made of the same stone that held Excalibur. With her head in her hands, she blew out a deep breath shakily after reading every word written of her children.

Wyatt sat next to the smaller woman, wrapping his arm around her. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah. It's just a lot to take in."

Knowing his mother as well as he did, Wyatt sensed that there was more to her simple statement. His answer was in the words that she hadn't spoken. "You're afraid of all this aren't you?"

"NO!" she answered immediately. Perhaps a little too quickly. She revised her answer a moment later. "I guess, maybe a little. I just didn't want any of that for him—for either of you—you know all of this destiny crap that obviously doesn't lead to anywhere but an early grave and heartache. I'm proof of that, right? And how can I just go back, and allow all this to happen?"

"But it's not just about destiny, is it Mom? It's about doing what's right. You taught me that. And Chris becoming the heir to the throne will bring peace to more than just the magical community. After thousands of years of turmoil, and good fighting evil--don't you think it's time for that?"

Piper shook her head stubbornly. She decided on a joke that she knew he wouldn't appreciate, but at least would make her feel like she was fighting for her family. "I know, but I'm allowed to be a hypocrite when it comes to the lives of my children."


"I know, I get it. Is this really what you want?"

Wyatt stood up angrily, "How can you ask me a question like that? Do you think I want to loose my mother? That dying was just the most fun I've had in ages…Do you think it was fun to watch my little brother fall apart over it? And my father barely keeping it together himself so that he could help his son? Yeah, Mom. That's what I want!"

Piper lowered her head in embarrassment at his outburst. "You're really making a good case for me not to allow this here…"

"I'm sorry. I'm not going to lie to you, Mom. It was hard. On all of us. They kept me away from my family for--SIX—months, without them knowing I was a whitelighter. And I hated it. But I didn't want that. But I needed that. Chris needs this. And the rest of the world needs Chris."

She closed her eyes pensively, his words and the desperation in his voice forcing her mind into second thoughts. "When did you get to be so wise?

"Sometime after I died." He said with a smirk.

She returned the look before staring into his baby-blue eyes. How could I have ever doubted him, she chastised herself. There was no delusion or evil in them, only faith and implicit trust. The love she had for her boys was clearly reflected back in his own. She tucked a stray lock of blonde curly hair behind his ear tenderly, just as she used to do when he was little.

"I trust you Wyatt. But it's destiny I don't trust. Not with my babies. So if I'm going to do this, then I need to see for myself that he's going to be ok. Both of you."

Wyatt drew her to him tightly, relishing in the long absent feel of his mothers arms again. He pulled back suddenly with a conspiratorial grin. "You're already in the future. What's another decade. Or two."