Harry sat on the Hogwarts Express, head leaning against the mist covered window, staring at the tracks. The week's events still seeping through his mind, driving him crazy, Dumbledore was dead, he wasn't coming back, why did he freeze Harry? He could have cursed Malfoy and saved Dumbledore's life! What was Dumbledore thinking? Ron and Hermione weren't in the prefect carriage; they were by his side. Harry appreciated it; Ginny had taken the carriage with him also. She obviously felt she had to be there for him, even though they weren't together, which Harry wished they were.

People peered in the window, there had been rumours going around that Harry had something to do with Dumbledore's death; that he was responsible. No matter how many times he told each of them when they asked him rudely, the rumours still flied. But there was one rumour that was correct; was that Snape was a Death Eater and had betrayed Dumbledore even though he had been given Dumbledore's trust for many years.

"So," said Ron, trying to hide the noise of people peering into the window and talking about Dumbledore's death, "when do you want us to come to your aunt and uncles house?" He queried, pushing the door shut with his foot as people tried to make their way in.

"Straight away I guess, wait until I am there of course… You should've seen what happened when Vernon thought there was a burglar in the house when a stray cat had gotten in. I didn't know he had a gun!" He said, Ron gulped,

"Harry," said Ginny,

"If you are going to ask about the cat, he was fine,"

"Yeah that's great," she said dismissively, "but I was wondering if…." she smiled weakly, "I could come... with you," she asked, Harry was taken aback. He sat there spluttering for a moment,

"Ginny! No! What? When? You can't!" Said Harry,

"Why not?" Asked Ginny her smile dissapearing,

"Because… I don't… want! No! You'll get hurt!"

"How do you know that?" She protested, "...is this because we aren't together?"

"No! It's got nothing to do with it!" Harry said,

"Then why can't I come?" She said angrily, her eyes peircing into him.


"Wonderful reason Harry! Truly spectacular the way you put your words together, a true inspiration!" She said sarcastically,

"Look," said Harry, "I just don't want you to come, I don't want you to get hurt, and you will if you come. This isn't a game! We are talking about Voldemort here! He would kill you!"

"He could also kill you!" She said louder, "and Ron and Hermione! What difference is it if I come?" Ron, who had been watching this argument as if watching a tennis match, turned to Harry,

"She got you there mate," he said, Harry sat wide eyed for a minute, he sighed exasperatedly.

"I'll think about it," he said.

"Oh good!" Said Ginny,

"It doesn't mean I have said yes!"

"No, no, of course not!" She said, a smile plastered on her face. "So one of you will pick me up from my house?" She asked,

"Ginny!" He said,

"Ok, ok," she said rolling her eyes. Hermione glanced at Harry,

"What are we going to do after Godric's Hollow?"

"No idea," said Harry, he had been thinking about this a while now, he had to find the locket, the cup and the snake, and something or Ravenclaw's or Gryffindor's, and he had no clue where to look first.

"Gee that's a great start," said Ron,

"I'll get something!" Said Harry, "..I'll work it out," he muttered, still unsure.

The train pulled up at the station and all around them people started to move. Harry got up and headed for the door.

"Do you think your aunt and uncle will murder us if we came into their house?" said Ron behind Harry, Harry turned around and frowned;

"Yes," he nodded,

"Wonderful," said Ron. They walked off the train; Harry stared at it for one last time. He didn't know what he was going to do without Hogwarts. Hermione and Ron walked up to Harry,

"We will see you at your house ok?" They said, Harry nodded,

"Yeah," Ginny walked over to Harry, unsure whether to hug him or not. She merely gave an abrupt nod.

"See you," she said,

"Bye," he said, she stood there for an awkward moment before walking off the platform with her trunk. Harry sighed, walking off the platform also. He looked around for his aunt and uncle, and spotted them, very to themselves, Vernon's bulk covering Petunia. He walked over to them,

"I am only staying for a few weeks," he said to them, not even bothering to say 'hello' but there wasn't any point anymore.

"Then I will be gone… for good," said Harry, uncle Vernon looked as though Christmas had come early;

"For good? As in never coming back… ever?" Asked Vernon

"Yes, but some of my friends are coming over," Uncle Vernon's face contorted with rage,

"You can't bring in some of your sort into OUR house! What would the neighbours think?" he roared, Harry's face remained calm,

"They are coming Vernon and there is nothing you can do about it, they also are only staying for a short while."

"And where do you propose they sleep?"

"I'll find somewhere," replied Harry,

They all heard a loud beeping coming from the Car park. Harry turned to see where the noise was coming from; Dudley was leaning in from the back seat of the car and tooting the cars horn. He stuck his pig face out of the window,

"HURRY UP!" He yelled like a child, Harry couldn't help but notice that Dudley had gotten fatter since he had been away... if that was possible. Though he appeared to have developed muscles, Harry supposed from lifting children before beating them up.

"Coming didikims," said Aunt Petunia, running for the car, Harry rolled his eyes, and shoved his trunk into the boot but kept his invisibility cloak and wand in his pocket, just like Dumbledore asked. There was no telling what Voldemort would do next.

The car started and they drove off to Number 4, Privet Drive.

Dudley took his favourite place in front of the television while Harry pulled his trunk up the stairs and pushed it onto his bed. He sat down, glancing around at his room. Suddenly there were two loud pops and Hermione and Ron appeared by his bed carrying their trunks, Harry recoiled in shock.

"Gee scare the hell out me why don't you!"

"Sorry," said Hermione apologetically,

"We couldn't very well apparate on your nature strip now could we?" Said Ron

"And we couldn't apparate in your lounge room because we figure your aunt and uncle would have a fit," Said Hermione.

"I see your point," said Harry, feeling his heartrate return to normal.

"We had good timing though didn't we!" Said Ron with a smile, Hermione gazed at the door with suspicion.

"I don't think I've ever met these people, do you mind if I go say hello Harry?" Said Hermione, biting her lip with anticipation.

"It's your funeral," Harry said with a smirk,

"You remember what happened in forth year when dad busted in the fire place," Ron laughed, Hermione shrugged and left, as soon as she left the room Ron said,

"Let's go see what happens," they raced down the stairs but kept on the other side of the wall, to where Hermione was now entering the kitchen to talk to Petunia.

"Hello," said Hermione, in a sweet voice,

"Hello," said Aunt Petunia softly, a confused expression plastered on her face,

"WHO THE RUDDY HELL ARE YOU!" Boomed Uncle Vernon, entering the room, Hermione jumped.

"I am Hermione Granger, I believe we talked on the phone once…" she said holding out her hand, but she got cut off,

"Oh you must be one of Dudley's friends! DUDLEY! THERE IS A GIRL HERE FOR YOU!" Yelled Uncle Vernon to the lounge room. Harry and Ron were biting their fists trying not to laugh, the thought of Hermione and Dudley dating was just too much for words.

"N-No actually, I am one of Harry's friends," Uncle Vernon looked at Hermione in a completely different light,

"You are…Harry's friend?"

"Yes... from school," she said raising her eyebrows,

"Well, OUT!" He roared, and Hermione looked shocked at first and took a step backward, they almost like instinct, she held out her wand. Vernon's eye's bulged and he jumped back, looking at it.

"You aren't allowed to use magic out of school! I know that!" He said, his voice shaking and eyes not faltering.

"Not a witch of age! They are! Although… strictly speaking I am not allowed to use magic to hurt muggles." She smiled, "but hey, you know…. I couldn't really help if… perhaps… you woke up with boils all over your face," she said with a smile. She let the words sink in and then, stuck her wand into her pocket, and walked out of the room.

Harry and Ron stepped out from behind the wall and looked at her as if she had turned insane,

"You saw that?" She asked, Ron nodded,

"Brilliant!" He said, Hermione smiled,

"I… don't usually act like that," she says now looking concerned,

"How long have we known you?" Asked Harry, "we know you do," he said winking at Hermione as he walked up the stairs with her.

"Yeah you punched Malfoy in third year!" said Ron,

"Shut up!" Said Hermione, with a smile.

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