I'm back. Miss me? Here's the next chapter. I would like to thank my readers… finally a bunch of people who have the same kind of humour as me. Hopefully you enjoy this chapter we get to meet brainless spike! Loll the concept is so beautiful I can't believe I haven't thought of that before! Theres a lot of hidden meanings in this but it should be okay if you don't know me personally. Most of it is introducing the characters.

I would also like to explain the not so mentioned characters from buffy…

Clem, is the flabby demon that baby sits dawn once… he likes chicken wings and has a lot of access skin

Devon, is Oz's band mate, he's the lead singer, hobbies include, getting laid and booze. He's the regular rocker dude interests include sex drugs and rock and roll baby!

Illeria, is from ATS, she's a god king in a woman's body, she wears a lot of tight leather and has an orange face with blue hair…

Disclaimer: to add on to the one I had before, I also don't own snow white and the seven dwarfs, or anything else I might have added.

without further ADU: chapter 2 (hey that rhymes!0o)

Clem: offers Buffy some of his chicken wings chicken wing?

Buffy: I'm good. Um do you guys happen to know how to get back home?

Cordillia: how are we supposed to know? You just fell from the sky and popped the icky pimple! That's all I care about.

Devon: well, there is one guy… he's a pal of mine. Almost as short as us but; "not" he can help you get home.

Buffy: well who is he?

Dawn: grins Oz! He's the greatest! He can play the shit outta a guitar!

Buffy: ooookay…

Umpa lumpa's: oompa lumpa doo ba de tar. Oz isn't greedy he plays the guitar! Oompa lumpa dee dee dee ome he can defiantly help you get home…

Buffy: inches away slowly um, thanks?

Suddenly a red headed woman pops up out of nowhere and stares at Anya for a second before saying…

Willow/Glenda: hey your pimple is gone!

Anya: it really wasn't THAT big.

Devon: yeah, yeah it was.

Everyone: nods in agreement

Anya: gets mad and runs into her teapot home

Willow/Glenda: then turns to Buffy so who are you? looks perky

Ileria: this is the zit popper

Willow/Glenda: really? raises eyebrows and gives Buffy a hug thank you on behalf of all of us in Munchkin land

Devon: wipes drool off the side of his mouth and takes a drink outta his rum and coke girl on girl action… mmmmmmm…

Willow/Glenda: looks pleased at what she sees so are you a 'good witch' or a 'bad witch?'

Buffy: frowns I'm not a witch at all

Willow/Glenda: really? zaps buffy into the blue number you look like a witch…

Buffy: I'm NOT a witch!

Willow/Glenda: well, then where's your broomstick?

Buffy: chokes I-I don't HAVE a broomstick!

Willow/Glenda: well then… looks confused I'm not interested anymore…

Buffy: well do you at least know where I can find this… Wizard guy.

Willow/Glenda: oooh, I understand…

Angel/Toto: woof woof annoyed

Willow/Glenda: clears throat you must follow the yellow brick road.

Buffy: oookay

Oompa lumpa# 1: motions to the road that just appeared out of nowhere. Follow the yellow brick road.

Oompa Lumpa #2: hands Buffy a giant lollypop follow the yellow brick road.

Oompa Lumpa#3: damn it! Just go! And take your damn dog with you! morphs into to grumpy the dwarf

Angel/Toto: abruptly stops licking oompa lumpa #3's feet and backs away while whimpering

Willow/Glenda: poofs away


Devon: giggles; he finds the whole costume thing verry hott

Buffy: stares at Devon oh god. They're all so short like carnies or something!

Devon: you like that baby? licks lips

Buffy: and the ugly one is horny! slowly starting to back up towards the road.

Suddenly Glory appears; saving everyone from an uncomfortable situation…

Glory: Give me the bunny slippers!

Buffy: what? Why would you wan…(is cut off by glory)

Glory: they were a gift and I need to return them!

Buffy: cocks eyebrows are you sure?

Glory: yess, now; GIVE THEM TO ME!

Buffy: but then I won't have any shoes!

Glory: I don't care! I don't like you!

Townsfolk: gasp

Buffy: you don't like me looks close to fainting but-but, everyone likes me!

Glory: humph… well I don't!

Buffy: I-I I gotta get home grabs Clem's chicken wings and runs into the forest followed closely by Toto, who is struggling to keep up in the dog suit


Devon (to glory): hey baby, what's your sign?

Glory: oh God! rolls eyes

Devon: yes?

Glory: I need my slippers.

Devon: I need a re-fill goes looking for more rum and coke

Anya: I need a better facial cleanser!

Dawn: I need to go find a better part in this movie.

Clem: I miss my chicken wings!

The Gentlemen: so uhh why are we here? Oh right outta the goodness of out 'hearts' they all hold up 2 hearts in each hand

Oompa lumpas: are arguing in the corner with Grumpy who isn't really supposed to be there

Somewhere a bell rings to tell the actors to get off the set and everyone walks away, while background guy #1 changes the background into a farming area and a road. Buffy walks on scene and 3, 2, 1… go!

Buffy :starts skipping down the road munching on the chicken wings tra la la la la!

Spike/scarecrow jumps out into the middle of the road from a cornfield…

Spike/scarecrow: well aren't you a saucy little girl cocks an eyebrow

Buffy: why yes, yes I am. takes the napkin Spike/scarecrow offers her and wipes the sauce from the chicken wings off her hands and fingers thanks…

Spike/scarecrow: so where are you headed on this fine sunny day?

Buffy: don't I know you?

Spike/ scarecrow: um, no…

Buffy: shrugs I'm gonna go see this wizard guy that might be able to send me home

Spike/scarecrow: where is home?

Buffy: for you or me?

Spike/scarecrow: I CAN'T REMEMBER MY HOME!

Buffy: why can't you remember your home?

Spike/scarecrow: what's a home?

Buffy: rolls eyes what's wrong with you? It's like you woke up with no brain.

Spike/scarecrow: maybe I did… I CAN'T REMEMBER!

Buffy: well you are made of straw…

Spike/scarecrow: bloody hell, I am! I'M MADE OF BLOODY STRAW!

Buffy: cocks an eyebrow you didn't notice?

Spike/scarecrow: shakes head sadly and tries to light a cigarette

Buffy: STOP! You'll catch fire!

Spike/scarecrow: what's that then? I can't even smoke! Well, being made out of straw really is a cock and two meatballs

Buffy: what

Spike/scarecrow: this stinks.

Buffy: looks scared well. I'll just be going now… tries to inch away

Spike/scarecrow: your leaving already! But I don't even know where my home is!

Angel/Toto: bark bark growls….

Spike/scarecrow: eep… nice… what ever it is you are…

Buffy: down Toto! Well, if not having a brain is that bad I guess you could come with us.

Spike/scarecrow: really! You're my BEST FRIEND! Well at least I think you are… I don't know


They walk in silence for a while until they reach a fork in the road…

Buffy: that's a really big fork! I've never seen such a big fork

Spike/scarecrow: maybe a giant got tired of its silverware

Angel/Toto: looks annoyed woof

They walked for another little while and came to a cross roads

Buffy: which way, left or right?

Spike/scarecrow: shrugs

They stand there for a while waiting for the answer to this riddle when suddenly…

Spike/scarecrow: look a big shiny man!

Buffy: what?

Spike/scarecrow: over there points to the guy wrapped in tin foil just beyond the trees

Buffy: hey you're right! Why didn't we see that before?

So they start over to the man when suddenly Glory appears out of a poof of smoke and is now blocking the way…

Buffy: greeeat… it's you again. rolls eyes

Glory: yes it is I! I still want those slippers you little brat!

Buffy: never! My feet will get cold!

Spike/scarecrow: it's true you know

Glory: looks at the spike-crow who the hell are you?

Spike/scarecrow: gets all teary I CAN'T REMEMBER!

Glory: wow, sucks to be you…

Spike/scarecrow: YESS IT DOES!

Glory: turns to Buffy why do you keep him around!

Buffy: I keep asking myself the same question

Glory: well I was going to take care of you myself but seeing as he annoys me I'll have to use my magic.

Buffy: looks skeptical you have magic?

Spike/scarecrow: WHY DON'T YOU LIKE ME?

Glory: oh jeeze, I can't even complete my villain-ie plans without being interrupted! wiggles nose and makes the tinfoil guy become alive. Then crosses her arms and nods which poofs her out.

Meanwhile the tinfoil man is making his way towards them…

Spike/scarecrow: by George watch out for that tin man!

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