Sasuke's Uncontrollable Lust



Bam! Sasuke's having preadulthood hormone craze! Tsk. Tsk. Not good. Sakura's gonna have a hard time dealing with this.

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Chapter 1:

The Ant Bully

"You FREAKING asshole! GIVE me back my UNDERWEAR!" shouted a pink haired girl.

"You mean this pink bunny bikini-like underwear?" a guy with raven hair teases.

"OMG! I'm gonna kill you!" she snapped.

…and run after him…

…holding a chainsaw...

A/N: very nice intro eh?

Sasuke Uchiha: Raven haired. Onyx eyes… handsome face…19 year-old lad. Living with his brother, Itachi, while his parents were in New York for some business. He also lives with Sakura Haruno who he had been teasing for 14 years now… well life is like that and he loves it that way.

"Come on… don't tell me you can't catch me? What a slow poke." he teased.

"You shut up, chicken hair! I'm SO NOT a slow poke! Give me that back!" Sakura took hold of his shirt straddling him on the ground.

Sakura Haruno: Pink Haired. Green eyes… very pretty face… 18 year-old gal. Living with Sasuke and Itachi, both parents are dead. Obviously being the only heiress, she has the control over all the Haruno riches. Hates Sasuke very much… She has a crush on Sasuke's bro, Itachi.

"Get off me. You know you should go to gym. Maybe you're not-so-average-forehead adds on your weight." he smirked seeing her reaction.

"Freaking… freak! DIE!" she pound her small fist on his chest when he reversed their position…

"you're so small… and cute." He whispered on her ear.

She blushed


They looked back.


"You know bro, you both are already 18, if people saw you in that position, they would definitely think dirty thoughts."

They blushed. Like what you're thinking now... eh? Brother?

"Sorry" Sakura muttered to Itachi.

"It is okay" he lifted her chin "come let's have dinner."

Sakura blushed more. Itachi-kun is so cute and caring..

"And yeah, Sasuke… don't forget to return back the souvenir you got." he winked.

Sasuke smirk grew wider… he's such a jerk.

"Don't worry, bro, she will not be needing it tonight." he murmured softly... that only Sakura can hear.


"Eh? What's wrong again?" Itachi looked back at them.

"Nothing, Itachi-san" both answered.

"You two go to sleep and Sasuke don't do something naughty."



"Goodnight." both replied.

It was dark in their room… well you might be thinking why they sleep in one room when they are super rich.


Due to some constructions, Sakura need to share a room with the devil.

"Sasuke? Where are you?"


"Don't scare me"

"… or else" she threatened

"or else, what?"

Sasuke was at her back. She faced him just to receive a very bruising kiss.

Sasuke locked his body on hers on the cold wall. He interwined their fingers in a complex web... bringing her to arms above her head.

He kissed her deeply... intensely... more passionately with enthusiasm... with fascination... obsession... infatuation... excitement... yeah. He knows he wouldn't be doing this.

He was insane. It's her fault... for being damn tempting. Yeah, it's all her fault. It was always hers.

He's corrupting her. His childhood friend... enemy. They were friends for 14 years. Fourtheen years of mere fun with her.

He still remember how they become good friends. It was on that very day on a swing. A swing.

A swing with rusted chains of metals.

You were crying... crying over something very very very very stupid. YOu cried over a dead ant.

Can't you imagine that? An ant?

It wasn't my fault that I killed it. It bit me. What else would I do? Just stare on the freaking red ant while it sucks my blood out of my body...

I sat beside you. And stared at you like a lifeless idiot. I was like sinking down into Naruto's level...

I asked for your forgivenes...

You should be proud. I, Uchiha Sasuke, said sorry... it would be my first and maybe my last... maybe.

To think that I shouldn't say sorry... for killing an ant. It was self defense... I think.

... and after that day... we became good friends...

how crappy...

In the past few years... I had always protected you. Giving you happiness... trying hard not to kill ants again.

It's your turn to give me happiness...

Sigh... we're teenagers... I'm almost on my 20's... ready to step another level of adulthood...

Adulthood... yeah.

I also promised not to hurt you... yet, Look what I've done... I'm corrupting you...

You're like a second sister to me. You're my best friend. A friend to everybody. But...

You're Uchiha Sasuke's Sakura. My Sakura.

He kissed her... not caring... as long as he have her. It would be okay.

He pushed her on the bed... Heavy Breathing... Heavy sweating

He wants her... he took some of her offending clothes. Exploring her... every single part of her... her body... from her legs to her thighs and... etcetera

He was hungry... the devil was very hungry... devouring every detail of her...

He was hungry of desire... hungry of Sakura...


It wasn't really his fault... she didn't pushed him. SHE. JUST. MOANED.

With pleasure... With the urge to want more

More of the pleasure... excitement... of SASUKE.

He wasn't corrupting her... He was helping her... He was giving her what she wanted

And what HE wanted


If she wants to...they can do this lustful game every night... every single night... and he's very willing... even crossing the lines.. for he Uchiha Sasuke gets what he wants... and he wants... HER.

But something's bothering him. A thing about ants. Though... he wasn't bothered... on why ants sucks blood for a living... or why ants are red... why not pink or lavender or why Sakura have this special feelings for ants...

He was bothered over something...

"If I die... would you cry for me like what you did with the ant?"

A question that was bothering him... and he just covered it up by corrupting HIS cute little angel...

She was an angel. He was a devil. They're totally opposites... but things go better with opposites...

He was enjoying everything... his fantasies... in life. His fantasies that had been tantalizing him...

He wants to experience this forever...

but things sweet to taste prove sour in digestion... Pleasures do not last longer.

His game ended…With a push... No, you must be kidding…

It takes more than that to defeat the devil

It ended... with a strong uppercut... POW (pacquiao)

They looked at each other... Sakura and Sasuke both nearly naked. yeah... atleast they still have something ON.

Too bad... Sasuke's fantasy land ended..

But the devil will make sure... Next time his angel...Will have no escape…

Not in dreams... but in reality...


"Damn. That stupid dream again!" he muttered gritting his teeth

"Sasuke-kun, you bastard, get up now! We're going to be late" Sakura shouted with only a towel covering her body

"Damn Hormones" he cursed

Well life is like that and he loves it that way…


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