Sasuke's Uncontrollable Lust



The Blonde and the Raven

The things you see may not be the things you need.

The things you want may not be the one for you.

"S-Sa-ku.. Sakura!" baby Sasuke pointed at the tree with beautiful pink flowers.

Naruto ran a hand through his messy blonde hair. Cold. He concluded bringing his jacket closer to his body. Cold. He repeated. It was about eight in the evening.

The sky was completely covered with a blanket of stars. Nice but cold.

He was walking passed a couple of persons. He decided to go to the amusement park to have some fun together with Sasuke and Sakura.

Naruto invited the two. However, Sakura was said to have a date with Itachi and Sasuke had a date with Momoka. He felt really left out. But it doesn't matter.

It has been 3 years since he decided to give the two some space alone.

"Naruto, I-I like Sasuke-kun very much.."

He remembered those words from Sakura. Her face was really red and she was shaking in nervousness. Her eyes were covered with her bangs as the wind blew Sakura's hair.

Everyone knows that HE likes SAKURA and SAKURA likes Itachi. The first part was true but the second part of the sentence wasn't.

He was the only one who knew about Sakura's real feelings. She's quite a deceiver. Even Sasuke didn't notice this. He had promised Sakura to never tell her secret and HE DID. Because she was important to him.

Very important to the extent that it hurts..

He continued to stroll around the ever so cheerful amusement park when someone bumped him without even saying sorry. His first reaction was to shout: "Hey you.. you you.. bumper!"


But to his surprise, he saw pink.

"Oi! Sakura-chan! Where are you going?" Naruto called out but she ignored him. He frowned seeing the sad look on Sakura's face and her tears.

Sasuke-teme made MY Sakura-chan cried again. Damn that bastard.

The first thing in his mind was to kill Sasuke. But, he realized.. the situation doesn't INVOLVE him. It was only Sasuke and Sakura, and never NARUTO.

They were best of friends. They grew up together. Laughed together and heck even took a bath together.

Those days were good old days. How he wished so much that he would have experienced it longer.

"Itachi-kun, thank you for.. for cheering me up." Sakura smiled sincerely at Itachi. Itachi just gave her a smirk and a nod.

"I told you, anytime." He bowed slowly and went to another direction. He wants to try the ferries wheel before the amusement park closes.

Sakura stared at Itachi's back. He was tall and very handsome. He's eyes were beautiful dark charcoal eyes. So enticingly seductive. He's really mature and is the typical I-can-protect-you-type of guy.

He is definitely a boyfriend material.

But boyfriend material or not. Sakura has no feelings towards Itachi other than admiration. For her hearts only belongs to Itachi's arrogant, self-centered, I'm-the-king-of-the-world younger brother.



Cold. Cold. Cold. Fuck. Cold. Cold. Fuck. Cold. Cold.

Sasuke repeated it all over his head. He had forgotten to bring any jacket. It was quite unusual for him not to be prepared especially when he knows it is going to be a cold night.

He was actually distracted.

He wasn't use to dating someone, especially a girl... of course a girl, other than Sakura. It was like a Standard Operating Procedure that everytime he goes out with Sakura during evening occasions, he MUST not forget to bring a JACKET.

Sakura is a very weak.. vulnerable.. weak.. fragile.. little.. girl.

She needs someone to look out for her well-being. She needs someone who can protect her. Someone who knows what she likes and dislikes. Someone like him.

Sakura needs HIM and not ITACHI.

Damn that girl. She's making him insane.

"God. I'm so hot. Make the weather a little bit hotter please. It is so damn cold." Naruto murmured to himself as he stood by an empty corner watching people pass by and out of the amusement park.

It was almost 10pm. Few minutes from now, the amusement is going to close.

Ichiraku is the best place in a cold situation like this.

He roamed his eyes one last time and walked slowly towards the exit. When he felt a very gloomy, I'm-going-to-the-underworld-and-meet-satan-wanna-come?-type of aura.

It was Sasuke's.

Naruto rarely sees Sasuke in this type of depression. The last time was when Sasuke heard about Sakura having a huge crush towards his almighty brother.

His look, back then, was unexplainable. He was totally devastated. But who cares about him anyway? He was the one who made his Sakura-chan cry first.

Naruto, S-asuke.. Sasuke-kun likes Momoka.

He could still remember Sakura's face. She was so sad and if Sakura's sad, it is ten times the intensity towards Naruto. Naruto loves her more than anything else in the world.

Too bad, she couldn't reciprocate that feeling. But he was okay with that, as long as she's happy.. then life goes on. Naruto then went at Sasuke's back and tapped him.. ever so slowly.

"Hey.." His voice was gentle and soft.

Sasuke tilted his head to see Naruto. Sasuke's glare intensified as Naruto announced loudly.

"You fuck up bastard! How dare you hurt MY Sakura-chan! You hear me!! My Sakura-chan." Talk about gentleness at first.

"Go away." Sasuke answered boredly and moved forward.

"Is that the way you talk to your best buddy who is concerned with the welfare of your beloved girl?" Naruto's nose flared 360 degrees from the normal size. There were imaginary smoke coming from his hears.


"Fine. If that's the way you want, then so be it. I will NOT talk to you again. I REPEAT. I will NOT TALK TO YOU again!! Understand!?" Naruto still walking side by side with Sasuke who still has a cool composture.


"What did you say!?" Naruto's already flared nose puffed some red hot steam that could cook siomai in a an instant.

"You're talking to me." Sasuke cocked an eyebrow and continued walking.

"Aarrgh. You're unbelievable!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke faced him with a bored look on his face as if saying FUCK-OFF-BLONDE-IDIOT.

"We need to talk." Naruto concluded. He's patience is getting lesser everytime he looks at Sasuke. The face, the oh so handsome face, is freaking annoying, disgusting and absolutely yucky to look at. Why do girls drool over him, when in fact they could have him?

Naruto is the name.

"I care not." Sasuke said simply and pushed Naruto away. The closeness is disturbing him.

"I'm taking Sakura away from you." Naruto said this time with a calm tone. He has the talent to easily change moods. And god, he's really good.

"Funny." Sasuke murmured sarcastically though a part of him believed what Naruto had said.

"No, Sasuke. I'm serious."

"Achoo! God the weather is so so so cold!" Sakura had just arrived and prepared herself to bed. She went to her and Sasuke's room. It was dark, empty and cold.


Flashes of Sasuke and Momoka kissing clouded her mind. It was freakingly painful to remember those scenes because of the fact that SASUKE was the one who KISSED Momoka.

She had a short shower and looked for her nightwear. She couldn't find any. Most of them were torn due to some circumstances wherein Sasuke becomes really really horny.

Some of them were in the laundry. Shoot.. Nothing to wear in a cold and lonely night. She decided to search on Sasuke's drawer. She opened it to see blue or black shirts and blue, white or black shorts.

She doesn't like HIS shorts. They were too big. So she decided to wear his boxer shorts instead and snatched an oversize white shirt.

Sakura looks so cute in HIS clothings and definitely looks cuter UNDERNEATH his clothings.

Feeling so tired and sleepy, she hastily jumped on their bed and covered herself with Sasuke's comforter and slowly dozed off.

She dreamt of merriland, where both of them lived happily ever after.

But dreams are dreams. They do not usually happen in reality.


"Why am I here again?" Sasuke asked staring at his bowl of Ramen.

"First, because you offended me. Second, you offended MY Sakura-chan and THIRD because you had fallen for my trick of taking you here and buy me free Ramen." Naruto chuckled as he finished his fourth bowl of ramen and ordering another one.

"Pig." Sasuke snorted. It was a good thing though cause he was really really hungry. The tension and everything that had just happened was eating his intestines.

He needs a break.

"Don't be too bitter, teme. Besides, I'm happy that you really do care about her."

Naruto looked around and whispered to him. "What really did happen?"

Sasuke stopped himself from rolling his eyes. He had known Naruto as nosy, but he never thought he would be this irritating with a whole bunch of questions regarding the situation he doesn't want to remember.

"Well?" Naruto tapped his chopsticks on the sidings of the ramen bowl.


"Well?" Naruto waited impatiently.

"I kissed Momoka."

SILENCE. Naruto blinked once then twice then thrice. Am I hearing the right words from the disgusting mouth of Uchiha the great!?

The reaction time must be really long. Naruto just stared at Sasuke with an unexplainable expression. It was happiness mixed with grief and fury mixed with shockness mixed with Naruto.




"Achoo!" Sakura sneezed.

Sasuke nodded.


"Well fine by me. Although it wasn't fine the way you hurt my Sakura-chan. But about the I-am-Sasuke-almighty-and-look-I'm-kissing-another-girl-and-I-don't-care-what-Sakura-feels ATTITUDE is totally PISSING ME off!"

Sasuke remained silent.

"Fine." Naruto sighed. "It's not my business anyway. As long as I, Naruto Uzumaki, was Sakura-chan's first kiss then I don't give a damn with you kissing other girls." With that statement, Sasuke's full attention was on Naruto.

"Excuse me, I am Sakura's first kiss." Sasuke said with seriousness on his voice.

"OF COURSE NOT! Remember the incident on the beach when we were still seven years old. When YOU intentionally DROWNED me!"


Seven year old Naruto building a not-so-artistic sand castle. Seven year old Sakura helps in building the not-so-artistic sand castle. Seven year old Sasuke stared and glared at Naruto and the not-so-artistic sand castle.

"Sakura-chan! You see this artistic sand castle? When we grow up, I'll build you a large castle where we could live happily ever after. With our sons and daughters and--"


Seven-year-old Naruto was sent flying towards the sea with Sasuke's sandal imprinted on his face.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura scolded as she ran towards Naruto. He was definitely dying and Sasuke was definitely enjoying the scene.

"Oh please kami-sama, let him live!" Sakura prayed as she pulled Naruto towards the shore with Sasuke's help of course, although he didn't do it for Naruto, he did it for Sakura.

Let him die.. die..

"Naruto, please live.. please live!" Sakura, with her small hands pumped water out of Naruto. But still, Naruto wasn't breathing. He's going to die. Tears started to fall from the corner of Sakura's eyes.

And the next event was something Sasuke would regret ever seeing.

Sakura Haruno performed CPR on NARUTO... and damn it was real. Sakura's mouth pressed on Naruto's mouth. Geez it was Sasuke's number one worst nightmare.

Sasuke stood there, unable to talk, to move and even breathe. Damn that dobe. It was Sakura's first kiss. Naruto was Sakura's first kiss. And hell, jealousy is damn painful.

Sasuke was then disturbed from his painful thoughts when Naruto started coughing out water. Yes, it was true. He drowned and not just merely acting. He definitely drowned and how Sasuke wish... he didn't come back to life.

"Naruto, oh my gawd! I saved you! You are alive!" Sakura hugged Naruto tightly. Uh-oh... STRIKE TWO!

"Arigato.. Sakura-chan.." Naruto hugged her back. STRIKE THREE!



"See.. I am Sakura-chan's first kiss." Naruto crossed his arms arrogantly and looked at Sasuke with a huge grin planted on his whiskered face.

"No, that was not the end of the flashback." Sasuke glared at Naruto. "Here's the continuation."


Seven-year-old Sasuke was trembling with anger. He was like thinking. If Sakura and Naruto kiss then... then.. Sakura's going to get pregnant and have babies with Naruto.

That would be totally disgusting especially with Naruto's babies populating the world.

"Sakura..." He called out. Naruto was out of sight, he was like eating ramen. Eating a lot of ramen, he was so happy with the events. Besides he needs it too, he's not going to live for so long.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun." A cute seven-year-old Sakura with a cute red headband place on her shoulder length hair.

"You love me right?" He pulled her closer so he could see her eyes clearly.

"Of course, Sasuke-kun." She blushed at Sasuke's movement. She had liked him since they first met but Sasuke was oblivious of this because he was so busy protecting her from others.

"Then let's have babies, kiss me."

"Neh?" Sakura pulled away shocked at Sasuke's statement. Sasuke smirked at her actions. She was so damn cute with her weird expressions.

"Kiss me." He repeated innocently.


"Oh yeah, first we have to rub off Naruto's saliva on your lips." With the back of his hand, he rubbed her lips roughly until he was satisfied that there are no trace of Naruto's saliva.

"Then we kiss." Sasuke pulled her in an innocent lips to lips kiss.


"THAT was not COUNTED! You hear me!!?" Naruto was shouting his lungs off as Sasuke continued to eat silently.

"This could not be happening. The first lips that touch Sakura-chan is Sakura-chan's first kiss!"





"Whatever, anyway Naruto..." Sasuke's voice was dark and cold. With this Naruto got serious and waited at what Sasuke's going to say to him.

"The truth is the only persons I want Sakura to be with are either you and me. Becuase I know that we will always protect her no matter what happen and would always seek for her happiness." Sasuke's bangs covered his beautiful eyes.

The clock struck 12pm. It was midnight already.

"So.. you trusted me with her happiness?" Naruto said, this time his voice was as equally calm as Sasuke's. WHen it comes to Sakura's happiness. These two boys are drop dead serious.

"Hn." Sasuke nodded.

"So.. you trusted me with her happiness?" He asked again not believing the words he heard from Sasuke. Sasuke was a selfish man. What he wants will always be his. He doesn't want anyone to have it but him. It was quite unusual for him to share HIS Sakura to him.

"Hn." Sasuke nodded.

"But what if... but what if I don't trust you, Sasuke."

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