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Bushido League: A samurai's quest

By Chaos Paladin

Night enveloped his surroundings as a storm raged under the moonlight. He clutched his sword tightly. His body seared from the deep gashes and exhaustion was overtaking him fast. Blood trickled down his face, forcing him to shut one of his eyes.

Across from him, a white haired man grinned devilishly, his red eyes filled with bloodlust.

"Satoshi-kun, your end draws near…" The man spoke coldly. "Any last words?"

"Just one…" Satoshi held his sword to his side, twisting it horizontally. "…die." In an instant, they sprinted towards each other, closing the distance between them quickly. They were mere feet away when—


Satoshi woke up with a start, sweating profusely. He gripped his head, attempting to recover from the sudden rush of movement. Slowly, he began to regain focus, recognizing his room. There was his shelf of books, a window, a collection of wooden katanas, a television connected to a video game system, a desk with a stack papers on top, and a lamp. He saw someone staring at him. A muddy brown haired teenager that was slightly older than him. Blue eyes bored into his russet ones, screaming impatience.

"What's with you today?" The annoyed teen barked. Satoshi, genuinely confused, stared back at him groggily.

"Huh?" He shook his head in order to wake himself him, his messy black hair flailing all over the place.

"You're going to be late! Hurry up and get dressed!"

"Shigeru-niichan, what are you talking about?" Satoshi noticed his uniform. It was a Hakama with a red top and white bottom, indicating that he was at a swordsman at a high level, higher than he was. Curiosity struck him as he began to ponder why he would have his samurai uniform on. That is until Shigeru hit his head with a wooden training katana. Satoshi grabbed his head and hissed in agony.

"Idiot!" Shigeru reprimanded. "Today's the big day! It's the first day of your class A training!"

"What!" Satoshi exclaimed, frantic. "What time is it?" He hastily looked at his clock. When he saw the time, he nearly fainted. "Eight thirty? Crap, I'm gonna be late! Why didn't you wake me up sooner?"

"What did you think I was doing the entire time?" Shigeru retorted. Wasting no time at all, Satoshi jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. A few minutes later, he stepped out in his school uniform. It was a Hakama similar to Shigeru's, but the top was blue and the bottom was black. He was about to run out the door when Shigeru called him.

"Hey, Sato-kun!" When Satoshi turned around, he barely caught the wooden sword that was tossed to him. "You don't want to forget that." And with that, Satoshi thanked him and ran off.

When he arrived at the school court yard, he stopped and glanced around, trying to pinpoint where he had to go. The court yard was beautifully designed and constructed. There were many hang out spots and trees all around. Students from different classes passed by, wearing their department-specific garments.

The four corners of the school were special halls that lead to a specified school. The school itself was enormous since it was made up of five smaller schools, each specializing in a particular art: Martial arts, ninja arts, magic arts, sword arts, and universal arts, his current destination.

Satoshi began walking towards the universal arts building at a brisk pace; daydreaming about how much fun he was going to have. He had just graduated from the B class, making him a senior classman. He hoped that he would make some new friends, go on adventures, and maybe even be world famous! Once he was done with the Universal class, he would travel the world, compete in tournaments, win bouts, and kick major butt.

'In one year, I am going to become an elite samurai!' He broke into a jog, trying any means to contain his overexcitement. 'And once I do, I will be even closer to becoming a master swordsman! Nothing's gonna stop me now!'

While he was daydreaming, he didn't notice someone coming in front of him, resulting in a crash. His forehead smashed into the other person's head, causing them both to fall back. Satoshi shook his head and glanced at the person he bumped into. She was a girl around his age, and by the looks of her uniform, she must've been from the martial arts department. The girl had medium long orange hair and wore a light blue sleeveless training vest with white wrappings under it. He took notice of the brown sash that held up her blue sweat pants. She must be pretty good to only be a rank under black belt. Her feet and hands were covered with more white wrappings.

He got up first and walked over to her, extending his hand. "Sorry about that miss." Satoshi apologized. The girl's aquamarine eyes looked up at him, looking very agitated by his clumsiness. She smacked his hand away angrily and stood up, glaring dangerously.

"Watch where you're going next time you moron!" She snapped harshly. Satoshi pursed his lips distastefully. He had only known her for two seconds and already he could tell she was a tomboy, a red headed tomboy.

This had trouble written all over it.

"I said I was sorry!" He retorted, glaring back at her with the same attitude.

"Well I don't care! Just get out of my way, or else there will be something else for you to be sorry about!" She barked defiantly. Satoshi could've just easily walked away; already being late for his first class, but his honor was at stake. He couldn't let that slide.

"Don't go all PMS on me just because you feel like it! I apologized already so quit acting like a brat!" Right after he said that, her fist careened right into his cheek, the force pushing him back slightly. His eyes widened as he froze. She just punched him! And quite hard too! She didn't look too strong at first. Actually, she was pretty scrawny looking.

'I guess looks can be deceiving.' Satoshi figured. The girl huffed, looking down on him smugly. Even if she was a girl, he wasn't going to go easy on her. He bounced forward and shoved her with his shoulder. Caught off guard, she gave a cry as she fell to the ground. She looked absolutely shocked at first. No boy ever had the guts to actually stand up to her. But she wasn't impressed.

Needless to say, this meant war!

Jumping to her feet, she immediately took hostile action. In rapid succession, her fist and feet flew at Satoshi speedily. He took several steps back while shifting left and right to dodge and block her attacks. When he saw an opening, he grabbed her arms and pinned her on a wall. She tried to move, but he pressed her hard, trying to restrain her. The girl was like a wild tiger trying to get out of its cage, and he was having a hard time containing her.

"Calm down!" Satoshi commanded her, but she didn't listen. Instead, she kneed him in the stomach, making him lose his grip on her. When she was free, she pushed him away with her feet, successfully knocking him down. She was about to pounce on him when a girl grabbed her from behind.

"Let. Me. GO!" The red head demanded through clenched teeth. The teenager behind her remained unfazed and continued to hold back the enraged woman.

"Stop it Kasumi-chan! You're already late for class; you're gonna get yourself in trouble like last time!"

"But Furuura-chan, he started it by running into me!"

"Don't lie, I saw the whole thing!" Furuura chastised. "Yes, he did run into you by accident, but when he apologized, you bit his head off. He was being nice and polite to you and you just had to punch him. What else was he suppose to do?" After thinking it over, Kasumi calmed down slightly, but was still peeved. Furuura hesitantly released her, hoping she wasn't going to try to kill the poor boy. She walked over to Satoshi, who had just recovered from the brutal assault and helped him up to his feet. "I'm SO sorry about my friend here. She's the type the attack first and ask questions later."

"I've noticed…" Satoshi said dryly. Looking at his watch, his eyes widened. He was over 25 minutes late! Frantic, his feet went into overdrive as he started jogging in place. "Excuse me, but I've really got to get going. Thanks for the help! Bye!" Satoshi began running speedily towards his class.

As soon as he opened the door to his classroom, all eyes were on him. Feeling embarrassed, he quietly took his seat which was placed by the window. There were nine tables, each filled with two students. He sighed contently when he noticed that he got a really good spot, and by himself too. When he sat down, the teacher stared at him sternly, making him to sink in his seat. The instructor was huge and tanned. He looked very intimidating, and with him staring directly at Satoshi, it didn't make him feel any less nervous.

"And…you would be…" The instructor requested, annoyed that he interrupted the class. Satoshi stood up quickly to introduce himself.

"My name is Tajiri Satoshi , sensei!" He said loud and clear.

"You may call me Mathisu, Satoshi. Now if you would sit down we can get started." Before Mathisu could begin teaching again, a quick series of steps could be heard approaching. He sighed tiredly as he waited for the next guest. Satoshi stared at the door in wonder. Who could possibly be later than him? His thoughts went to the incident that happened earlier. What was that about anyway? One's thing for sure, if he ever saw her again, it would be too soon.

The door flew open, and Kasumi rushed inside, panting heavily. Once again, all eyes were on her. She noticed Satoshi and gaped in shock, pointing at him.

"It's you!" She shouted. Satoshi's mouth hung open, stunned.

This was a lot sooner than he had hoped.

After regaining his voice, he decided to speak. "You have this class too?"

They stared at each other, startled by this new turn of events. The students looked back and forth between them, wondering what connection the two had. A cough from the teacher turned all attention to him. He was looking quite irritated to say the least.

"Is this come-late-to-class day?" He asked sarcastically. "Who might you be?"

Kasumi bowed in respect. "I apologize for my tardiness." She started. "My name is Yawa Kasumi ."

"Okay, Kasumi-san, you will be excused only once this time. Be sure that you are not late again."

"Yes sensei." She said nervously. Mathisu went back to teaching the class. She began to look for a seat. Being late, she saw only one seat left. Satoshi noticed the look on her face and easily guessed what was on her mind. They both paled.

'No…way…' Satoshi thought bewildered. Hesitantly, Kasumi made her way towards his table and sat next to him. There was awkwardness and tension between them. Trying to ignore her, Satoshi was about to take out his notebook only to remember that he left it back at his room.

He was starting to wish he had stayed in bed today.

Kasumi glanced at him, curious as to why he was mumbling lowly to himself. She saw that he had come unprepared and sighed.

'What's with this guy?' She thought. She leaned towards him to whisper, causing him to shift uncomfortably. "You're pretty scatterbrained aren't ya…?" Satoshi didn't answer, but instead looked away, trying to avoid another assault. Kasumi groaned inwardly. She knew what he was trying to do, and it only made her feel worse. Pretending not to notice or care, she slid her notebook towards the middle of the table so that he could see her notes. Satoshi glanced over at her, a little surprised by her slightly caring actions.

'She's probably felt bad for trouncing me this morning.' He concluded in his thoughts. "Thanks…" He whispered back to her.

"Don't get any ideas…" She warned. "This doesn't make us friends or anything. This is just repentance for attacking you…"

"Okay, okay…" Satoshi conceded, looking over her notes. Unknown to Satoshi, a girl that sat a few tables away, gazed longingly at him.

The first of two classes ended near the afternoon, granting everyone a break. When the signal bell rang, the first thing Satoshi and Kasumi did was separate. The last thing they wanted was to be near each other. Satoshi managed to grab some food and sit down under a tree. Enjoying his hour break and an entrée of delicious food, he ate happily.

He couldn't wait for his second class. It was his favorite kind of class, physical training exercises. While the first class was informative, he felt that it was too boring for his taste. His true skills and prowess showed on the field. He relished the thought of the rumors that he had heard about it. Apparently, they set you up in teams of four, each person from another department, thus the term 'universal' department. This would greatly help him, especially since it would help him learn more and become even stronger.

Still having around 45 minutes to kill, he decided to take a break and relax. He leaned into the tree and closed his eyes, letting his mind drift.

Shuffle, shuffle.

'What was that?' Satoshi thought. He looked around, but saw no one near him. 'Must've been my imagination.' He closed his eyes again, trying to rest.

Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle.

Satoshi jumped up, looking a little more alert. He looked around more carefully, but found nothing. 'What's going on around here?' He thought, scouting the area again.

Shuffle, Shuffle, SNAP!

'It's coming from above!' As Satoshi looked up, he saw a flash of white right before it collided with him. There was a big crash and explosion of dust. When the dust settled, a teenage boy laid on top of him, temporarily incapacitated. 'What is this, attack-Satoshi day?'

When they both recovered, Satoshi looked at the surprise attacker. Looking closely, he could tell that this boy was from the ninja arts department. The ninja had on an all black ninja outfit with a short sleeved top, complete with a sash that carried shurikens and kunais. He wore his signature black head band with his school's symbol: the yin yang. Over his eyes was a pair of black shades.

The boy got off of him and smoothed back his snow white hair. "Oops, sorry about that." The ninja apologized. In an instant, he began to panic. "Crap, crap, crap, I am SO dead!"

"What's wrong?" Satoshi asked, still feeling odd about him falling from a tree. "And why were you hiding in a—" He got cut off by a fireball that zipped passed him. Startled, Satoshi jumped back. He saw someone running after them, someone really upset about something.

"You get back here Yuuki-kun!" The girl in the distance yelled, making a bee line for them.

Satoshi saw the brown haired girl coming towards them. From the white and yellow robe she wore, it was obvious that she was from the magic arts class. Her sapphire eyes burn with fury as she darted at them.

"Yipe! Busted!" Yuuki gasped. He grabbed Satoshi's arm and ran, dragging the poor bystander into the chaos. "No time to explain! If you wish to live, run now!" Without a moments time to waste, they both ran away from the mage.

"You are so dead!" The girl shrieked, conjuring more fireballs and throwing them.

Fire rained on the two boys as they ran for their lives. Yuuki, being a ninja, easily traversed the terrain by running on walls and leaping over obstacles. Satoshi, on the other hand, was having some trouble. He managed to get burned a few times. After leaping down a flight of stairs he caught up with Yuuki.

"Why on earth is she trying to chase you down so badly?" Satoshi asked.

"It's a long and boring story, you wouldn't want to know." Yuuki waved it off.

"Give back my donut you thief!"




"…well, it's a boring story anyway."

Satoshi grabbed his shoulder, stopping him in his tracks. Yuuki stared at him as though he went mad. He was mad alright…

"YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I NEARLY GOT KILLED OVER A DONUT?" He yelled at the top of his lungs. Yuuki stared blankly at him.

"It was a frosted donut to be more precise." Yuuki corrected smartly. "Beside, with an attitude like that, you can make anything sound bad."

Satoshi grabbed his wooden katana, planning to beat the life and stupidity out of him when the magician used her baton-like wand to do the job for him. With one full body swing, she leapt in the air and slammed Yuuki in the face. Yuuki shot off like a missile, going a good couple of yards before skidding across the pavement to a painful halt. Unfortunately for him, the pain didn't end there because the girl caught up to him and started to beat him ferociously. Satoshi winced at the poor ninja's pain. After four agonizing minutes, the teenage monstrosity ceased her onslaught and grabbed the donut from his pocket. Suddenly, she twirled and performed the victory sign with her hand.

"Yay, another victory for me!" She cheered, singing a victory tune.

There was moment of silence…

"Aw, come on Haruka-chan. You didn't have to hit so hard…" Yuuki whined.

"Well, you didn't have to steal my donut." She extended her hand, pulling up an almost perfectly fine Yuuki, except for a few bandages here and there.

Satoshi was amazed. 'How the heck did he recover so fast?' He continued watching them. It was like watching comedy on the road.

"Oh please may I have the donut?" Yuuki begged.

Haruka sighed, giving him an emotionless stare. "You just don't know when to give up do you?"

"Well, it looks like I no choice…" Yuuki said tauntingly. Haruka looked away, trying her best not to look at him.

"Oh no, that's not going to work on me again!"

Yuuki took off his shades, revealing his ruby red eyes. Satoshi stared at him shocked. At that point, he remembered that dream he had. It's the same one he always had ever since a few months ago. But it couldn't have been him. That man was evil and maniacal.

This guy was an idiot.

He continued to watch Yuuki. The ninja gazed at Haruka with an adorable puppy dog eyes as he got on his knees and shifted towards her. She continued to resist, but was faltering noticeably.

"Pretty please Haru-chan, with a cherry on top!" He begged again, this time using a voice that Satoshi thought was hilarious yet cute all the same.

At that point, she cracked.

"Okay fine!" She surrendered. "You can have the stupid donut!" It was then Yuuki grabbed the donut and did a dramatic victory pose that was exactly like Haruka's.

"Alright!" He cheered, doing the victory sign. "I got a donut!

Satoshi promptly fell over anime style.

"Huh?" The odd duo looked at Satoshi, who was staring back at them. There was a long pause.

"…um, who are you again?" Yuuki asked, puzzled.

Satoshi fell over again. This was just too much!

"I'm the guy you dragged throughout the entire campus!" Satoshi said, aggravated.

"…oh, right. Hey, I didn't catch your name."

"It's Satoshi." Satoshi regained his calm atmosphere and smiled kindly. "What are your names?"

"Well, I'm Odamaki Yuuki , ninja extraordinaire!"

"I'm…I'm…" Haruka swallowed hard, feeling butterflies in her stomach. She felt her face getting warm just by looking at him. Impatient, Yuuki nudged her with his elbow, bringing her back to reality. "Oh right, I'm Momiji Haruka !" She laughed nervously, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you guys." Satoshi greeted, shaking hands with Yuuki. "I've got to ask, are you two related?"

Yuuki and Haruka gaped at him aghast, appalled by the idea. "Are you out of your mind? Of course not! Eww!" They spat in disgust. Satoshi couldn't help but chuckle lightly. It was entertaining watching them act like children.

"No, we're just childhood friends." Haruka explained. They heard the sound of a bell, indicating that their break was over. "Looks like it's time to go."

"Well alright." Satoshi agreed. He turned to leave, but not before saying goodbye to them. "We should hang out sometime! See ya!"

"Later man!" Yuuki waved.

"Bye…" Haruka said dreamily. When she came out of her reverie, Yuuki was directly in front of her face, causing her to jump back in surprise. "What are you doing?"

Yuuki crossed his arms, scrutinizing her carefully. "You've been spacey ever since your first class. Are you feeling alright?" He asked, genuinely concerned. She shook her head and smiled brightly.

"Oh I'm fine, perfectly fine." She skipped off to class gaily, leaving Yuuki to his thoughts.

'She's really been out of it. And the way she keeps looking at that Satoshi guy…ah what do I care? Well, got to get to class. Wait a minute…I'M IN HER CLASS!' Surprised, he ran after Haruka to catch up.

Satoshi came inside a classroom. He must've come early because no one was here, not even the teacher. If what he heard was correct, they normally come here first, and then go outside. He observed the interior. Like all of the classes and halls, the wooden floor was polished and smooth out. There were no tables like in the other classrooms, but inside there was a line of different weapons on the walls.

He always liked the design and environment of Arcadia, the school of mastery. It was called such because it was the same school that housed the five masters of legend. If anything, he wanted to be just like them. No, he wanted to be better than them, better than anyone.

Seeing that he must've been pretty early, he decided to sit on a ledge by the window and released a tired sigh. He let one of his legs dangle while he had his other leg up, resting his arm on it. Today was one of the weirdest experiences he ever had. As soon as he woke up, it was like all heck broke loose. First, he woke up late, then he was attacked by that weird girl, then he had the same class as her, which freaked him out a bit, and after that there were those two people. They were nice, but strange…scratch that, they were just plain nuts. He shuddered to think of what would happen next.

"Man, they are sure taking a long time…" Satoshi thought out loud.

"Who's taking a long time?" A familiar voice spoke, scaring the wits out of him.

"K-Kasumi-san? What are you doing here?"

"Duh, my last class is here."


The room fell into an uncomfortable silence. It was too quiet, but Satoshi didn't really care. He continued to look out the window, trying to avoid eye contact. Rule number one, red heads and tomboys are a very dangerous combination. Kasumi got irritated with his silent treatment. She was about to say something when a group of students all rushed in. Yuuki and Haruka came inside as well. When they saw Satoshi, they immediately came up to him.

"What's up?" Yuuki greeted. Satoshi immediately brighten up, greeting him as well.

"Awesome! So you guys are in this class too?" Yuuki and Haruka nodded. "This is going to be such a cool year!"

"Spare me…" Kasumi rolled her eyes, walking to the opposite side of the room. The room was bustling until their teacher arrived. Their instructor was well built and athletic, who had black hair and brown eyes. He had on a red vest and sweat pants. His atmosphere was very laid-back and calm, though the fact he had a ninja mask over his mouth was a mystery.

"So, you all are my students huh? Alright, listen up!" the instructor began. "First of all, you guys may call me Hayabusa; I will be your trainer for the rest of the year. To those that are new to this course, I will give you the run down. From now until you graduate, you will be placed on a team. Each team will select one person on their team as leader. You will be in groups of four. Don't get too excited because I will be the one choosing for you. Now, I will read the groups and go from there." He took out a sheet of paper and began to call out names. Some people cheered while others groaned loudly. After some time, it came down to the last few groups.

"Alright, next is team number six. It will be the following: Tajiri Satoshi …" Satoshi looked up, curious as to what his team will be. "Momiji Haruka…"

'Yes, score!' she thought excitedly.

"Odamaki Yuuki …" Yuuki and Haruka gave each other high fives, grinning excitedly. "And…Yawa Kasumi…"

"WHAT?" Kasumi screeched, getting everyone's attention.

'For crying out loud…' Satoshi thought, cursing his luck.

Hayabusa stared at Kasumi emotionlessly. "Is there a problem Kasumi-san?"

"Yes there is Hayabusa-sensei!"

"Then get over it, because the four of you are stuck until I decide otherwise. Although, if you really don't want to be in the group, you can always drop out and wait ten more years." Kasumi quieted back down, mumbling a few curses. He continued on until he finished the list. "Now, tomorrow you all will be getting a special gift from yours truly. I will give you the rest of the day off in order to get to know your team. However, tomorrow we will begin our training exercises, so loosen up. Do me a favor and don't be pathetic…or stupid. The last thing I want to do is waste my time kicking you out. You're all dismissed."

Satoshi stood in place, staring in shock. This was just too much of a coincidence. The same girl that brutally mauled him is going to be on his team? Hopefully Yuuki and Haruka won't be as much of a problem. He glanced at Kasumi and noticed that she disappeared.

'Probably still upset.' He thought, slightly dejected. 'She didn't have to be that upset about me…' He was about to go and find her when Yuuki and an ecstatic Haruka came up to him.

"Dude, we're going to be on the same team! How awesome is that?" Yuuki cheered.

"It's really awesome." Satoshi agreed. "Hey, did you see where Kasumi-san went?"

"Oh, you mean that fighter? I think she went outside…why you ask?" Haruka answered.

"Well, she's on our team…and we really didn't get a get a good first impression so…"

"Yeah, I remember that!" Yuuki exclaimed. "You're the guy that got his butt kicked this morning!"

Satoshi slumped forward slightly. "I wouldn't go as far as to say that…" That's when he got an idea. "Say, when we find her, why don't we all go out somewhere?"

"Cool, let me find her for ya." Yuuki said, disappearing in a flash.

"Wow." Satoshi breathed, surprised. "That was pretty quick."

Haruka nodded. "He may be a bit weird, but he is one of the best ninjas of his class. He should be able to find her in no time." Right when she finished, Yuuki tapped on Satoshi's shoulder from behind, making him almost jump out of his skin. The mage grinned. "See what I mean?"

"I found her. She's in the girl's locker room. We should go and meet her there." Satoshi and Haruka gave him a scrutinizing glance. "…What?"

"Yuuki…?" Haruka started, raising an eyebrow. "Exactly how did you find out that she was in the locker room?"

Sweating nervously, Yuuki changed the subject. "Err, that's not important. Come on, if we just stand around here, we're going to miss her." Quickly, Yuuki escaped, with Haruka in hot pursuit.

"You still didn't explain how you found out! Get back here!"

Satoshi followed them, pondering how he got into this mess.

After some heavy convincing, Kasumi reluctantly agreed to go out with them. They decided to stop by a restaurant and get to know each other.

"So, how did you two become friends?" Kasumi asked them.

"Well, it must've been around ten years ago, during my first year in Arcadia…." Haruka began to reminisce.

A five year old Haruka sat alone at a lunch table while she ate her mother's famous donuts. She didn't have any friends to share with since she wasn't very popular, but at least she got to keep it all for herself. When she was about to eat the last one, it disappeared right in front of her eyes! She was surprised, and angry. No one stole her donuts and got away with it!

"Cool, I scored a donut!" A young boy exclaimed gleefully. Haruka saw the donut in the boy's hands and chased after him.

"Hey! Give me back my donut!" She demanded. The boy stuck his tongue at her.

"No way! Try and take it!" And the chase was on. After a few minutes of running, she caught up to the boy and beat him senseless, grabbing her donut back.

"Gotcha you little thief!" She proclaimed proudly.

"Wow." The boy said, amazed. "I never met anyone who could catch me, you're pretty fast!"

Haruka, surprised with his attitude, stared at him oddly. "Uh…thanks?" The boy stood up, dusting himself off.

"Well, don't think you've won yet!" The boy said. "For I, Odamaki Yuuki, super ninja boy, will get that donut one of these days. You'll see!" Fueled by the thrill of competition, Yuuki ran away, leaving the girl baffled.

'What an odd little boy…'

Ever since, Yuuki had made an appearance every single day throughout the years, doing everything he could to get her donuts, or anything he felt had some means of value. He managed to steal pencils, erasers, books, and many other little things of hers, but by the end of the day, she would find the stuff he stole on her bed. Of course, he would always brag about it the next day. For Yuuki however, those were only practice for the biggest prize of all, the donuts. It was the one thing he could never successfully steal. No matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to steal her donut and keep it.

It had gotten to the point where she would always expect him to show up and try to take her stuff. Sometimes, he would hang around and do things to make her laugh, like pulling down a teacher's pants and getting chased for it. The oddest time he tried to steal from her was when she was in the girl's locker room. He didn't get, nor cared, about the principle behind a boy going into the girl's locker room. It was that one day, when everything changed…

A fourteen year old Yuuki crawled through the air ducts in order to find his prey. It was a warm summer day, so the air ducts were very cool. He memorized Haruka's schedule, and according to her schedule, she should be in the girl's locker room. He grinned sneakily as he continued to creep through the air duct.

'Today's the day.' He thought to himself. 'Today, I'm going to get those donuts!'

It was a thrilling experience for him. All of the chases, and bruises, helped him throughout his years of training at the school. Thanks to Haruka's brutal attacks whenever he failed, he managed to be able to recover with god like speed, and his speed and tactics became better and better each day. He knew that she wouldn't expect him to come through an air duct, to the girl's locker room of all places, so he made it a mission to surprise her and grab the big prize.

In vice versa, he had also helped Haruka out a lot. He would always keep her company, and give her a run for her money –sometimes literally-. She had also become quite strong and capable with her magic. Well who wouldn't become strong after beating the life out of him time and time again? In a strange way, it was a weird friendship whereas they help keep each other company, one way or another.

After a minute more, he made it to the girl's locker room. He came at the perfect time because all of the girls just arrived, starting to get undress. He wasn't paying attention to them because he knew his target was around here somewhere. There, he found his target! Haruka, unknown to his presence, started taking off her clothes, soaked in sweat from her workouts and in her undergarments. Yuuki froze in place, gawking at her like an idiot. He looked down to notice that he was having a nosebleed. He wiped it off and shook his head furiously.

'The mission. Can't forget about the mission…' He reminded himself. He looked to see that all of the girls except Haruka and two others left. The two other girls approached Haruka and to his surprise, shoved her against a locker.

"Alright Haruka…" One of the bullies barked. "Where's the money?"

Haruka was petrified. She knew those two girls. They would always bully her into giving them money or doing things she didn't want to do. Today however, she was out of luck.

"I…I don't have it…" This made one of the girls grin evilly.

"You do know what happens when you don't make your daily payments, right?" the other girl cracked her knuckles, causing Haruka to whimper.

She was in tears at this point, shutting her eyes tightly. "I-I'm sorry…please don't hurt me, I promise to pay you tomorrow, honest!" One of the girls punched her hard in the stomach, causing her to double over on her knees.

"Well we don't care! It's time to get what's coming to you, hehehe…"

Yuuki watched them bully and beat her up. He was enraged, way pass the red line. He broke through the gate and dropped down, startling the two bullies and a bruised Haruka. His red eyes glowed ominously, glaring at them murderously. He bared his fangs at them and clenched his throbbing fist. His voice deepened with malice, but it was nowhere near as deep as the hatred he had for those two bullies.

They were going to pay.

"If you lay your filthy hands on her one more time…I will KILL YOU!" Yuuki told them venomously. The girls flinched, but stood their ground.

"So, a peeping tom is trying to play hero huh?" One of them laughed. "Look, kid. We don't care what you say; we will do whatever we want with her. So why don't you just go run along. Or better yet…you can watch us punish her!" The girl was about to stomp on Haruka, but in a flash, he was in her face, surprising her. His eyes glowed demonically, frightening the bully.

"I warned you fools…" Yuuki jumped and kneed her in the face, following up with a downward punch, knocking her down on the ground. The other bully took out her sword, holding it in front of her and positioned it for attack.

"Take this!" She charged at them, the sword held high. When she made a downward slash, it connected, but she hit a log of wood instead of Yuuki.


"Don't…move…" Yuuki warned her, holding a dagger to her neck from behind.

The other girl recovered and was about to grab her sword when a line of ninja shurikens locked down the sword and her clothes, pinning her to the ground. She was about to try something when Yuuki's ninja sword was inches away from splitting her skull in half.

"Now…" Yuuki thought out loud, causing them to tremble with fear. "Which one of you should I kill first…?" The bullies started to bawl.

"P-Please don't kill us ninja-san! We won't hurt her again, honest!" This made him even madder.

"Don't lie to me!" He snapped, causing them to shiver. "I know that as soon as I let you go, you are not going to learn your lesson. People like you sicken me!" Yuuki brought to dagger to the other girl's neck, causing a line of blood to trickle down her throat. "Prepare to die!"

"Yuuki, NO!" Haruka cried, surprising him.

"But Haruka-san, these girls are only going to hurt you again…they deserve to perish!"

"I know they're bad, but…but they're my sisters." This shocked him, making him despise them even more. "Please Yuuki…don't do it…I beg of you…" She started to cry, making him soften a bit.

"…Fine, you two may live. But remember this…she saved your life. If it wasn't for her, you would've been dead minutes ago." He released both of them. Fearing that he might change his mind, they apologized to Haruka and ran away. When they were gone, Yuuki returned to his normal self and walked towards her, but she shifted away from him. He couldn't understand why she was running away from him. He reached his hand out to her, but she curled up to a ball, frightened by Yuuki's previous attitude. He could feel her fear. Dejected and saddened, Yuuki back away slowly.

"I'm…I'm sorry Haruka-san. I…I didn't mean to scare you like that…" He heard foots steps approaching. He jumped back into the vent and escaped before the teacher came in.

Within the stealth of the vent, he saw Haruka being escorted by some nurses and officials. At least she was going to be well taken care of. Now he had only one thing to do…

By the end of the day, Haruka came back home, still shaken up by her sisters assault. She was expecting them to ambush her, but to her surprise, they weren't home. As she inspected the house, she noticed that their things were gone too. Surprised, Haruka looked for her mother. When she found her, she was sitting on a couch, waiting for her.

"Haruka, come here." Her mother requested. She walked over and sat next to her. Her mother gave her a stern look. "Why didn't you tell me that your sisters were abusing you?" She scolded. Haruka gasped in surprise.

"How did you know?"

"Well, before your sisters came home, Yuuki passed by and gave me a tape. I thought it was a bit perverted at first, but it showed them bullying you. As soon as I saw that, I packed up their stuff and sent them away. I told your father about the situation and he handled all of the issues with the school and law enforcements. You won't need to worry about them anymore!" She held Haruka gently, stroking her hair while she released soft tears. "You should thank him when you see him next time. He may be a bit…different, but I think he is a wonderful and trustworthy boy."

Haruka thought about her words. He definitely was different, but he did save her. He could've got hurt, or even killed, but he stuck out his neck for her. He may've been scary, but she treated him unfairly. She didn't see him all day after that, and that made her feel guilty. A thought crossed her mind. No matter what happened, he was always around. When she never had friends, in his own weird way, he was there for her. Never, had she felt more grateful towards anyone, and they weren't even officially friends!

But that gave her an idea…

"Mom…can you do me a favor?"

The next day, Yuuki sat on a concrete stairwell, feeling down over what happened yesterday. He was just trying to help. What else could he have done?

'Maybe…I went a little too far…' He thought, cursing himself. He sighed despairingly, propping himself up with his arms. 'Now she's going to be afraid of me…' A warn pair of arms wrapped around him, surprising him. He could recognize those arms anywhere.

"H-Haruka-san?" He was confused, yet curious. "But I thought…" Her cheek brushed his as she rested her chin on his shoulder, making him blush.

"I'm sorry Yuuki…" She whispered. "I was just…so scared at first. Everything was happening so fast that I couldn't handle it. But, thanks for saving me…"

Yuuki softened, feeling comfortable and less apprehensive. "It-it's no problem. I was just glad I could help. Sorry I scared you." She nuzzled closer to him.

"No need to be sorry, I'm the one who should be sorry. Luckily, I have a surprise for you."

He felt something drop on his lap. When he looked down, he gasped in surprise. He couldn't believe his eyes!

"It's…it's…" He picked it up, too shocked for words. Haruka backed away and smiled, knowing what was coming. "It's the donut! Yes! Yes! Yes! I finally got it! Yahoo!" He danced around happily, with the wondrous donut in hand. Haruka couldn't hold back any longer. She doubled over from laughing so hard. When he took a bite of it, his eyes lit up like fireworks. "These are the best donuts EVER!"

"I'm glad you like it." Haruka said, still laughing. After a few more seconds of dancing, he ate the rest and smirked.

"Just so you know. I'm still going to steal those donuts from you fair and square."

"Then…why don't we do it as friends?"

Yuuki looked at her confused. "Friends?"

"It won't mean I will treat you differently than before, but…at least we could be friends at the same time." She extended her hand towards him. "So…friends?"

He nodded, grasping her hand without hesitation. "Friends."

"…And that's the story." Haruka finished.

"That's so cool." Satoshi praised. "I can't believe you went through all of that trouble just for a donut."

Yuuki waggled his finger at him. "Once you've tasted it, you will eat your words...err, no pun intended." He stated matter-of-factly. "But nonetheless, that's how we became friends."

"That may've been odd, but that was still sweet of you two." Kasumi complimented. She looked at Satoshi and groaned slightly. If she was going to be in his group, she might as well be on friendly terms. "So Satoshi-san, tell us a little about yourself."

Satoshi stared at her strangely. "About me?"

"Sure, you seem like an interesting guy...sort of." Kasumi nodded, forcing herself to smile.

"Well, let's see…I live with my brother…I'm a Class B samurai…I, err…" He wasn't exactly the type to talk about himself. It was pretty uncomfortable.

"Boo!" Yuuki interrupted. "Tell us something cool, like battling a harem of sexy robots or something!"

Haruka smacked him on the head with her wand. "Don't be so rude!" She turned her attention to Satoshi. "Wait, what happened to your parents?"

"I…I don't know. I don't even know what they look like."

"Oh, I sorry, I didn't know." Haruka apologized. Kasumi glanced sympathetically at him.

They were two of a kind.

Satoshi waved it off. "Nah, it's alright. I've gotten over it. Besides, I at least have my brother. But enough about that, it's getting late so I should be going. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Satoshi waved goodbye as he went back to his dorm.

"Satoshi-kun is pretty decent." Haruka said, watching his departing form.

"Tch, yeah right." Kasumi retorted, drinking her soda. She eyed the magician slyly. "You like him don't you?"

"Err…well…" Haruka stuttered, earning a smirk from Kasumi.

"Of course she does." Yuuki answered for her. Haruka gaped at him in surprise.

"You knew?"

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious. I mean, he's a very cool guy." Yuuki shrugged. "You know, I like him too."

There was a long pause. Both girls stared at him weirdly.

"Yuuki…is there something you want to tell us?" Haruka asked fearfully.

He looked back and forth between them, confused by the looks they were giving him. "No, why would there be?"

A longer pause followed.

"…Never mind." Both girls sighed. Talk about dense…

Kasumi stood up, exhausted with the day's charades. "I think I'm going to call it a night. See ya tomorrow."

"Later!" When Haruka saw Kasumi leave, she immediately turned to Yuuki. She grabbed his shirt and gave him a frightening gaze. "Now…would you like to tell me what you were doing in the girl's locker room in the first place? And why you had a video of me getting dressed?"

Yuuki started to sweat bullets. "Well, err…I often have spy cameras equipped so that I can memorize enemy patterns and moves. I video tape you often so I can plan my next move, honest!"

"Okay…then answer this…" She brought him closer, making him fear for his life. It was her voice that scared him the most. "…Do you still have that tape of me getting undressed?"

He swallowed hard, laughing nervously. "Um…ehehehehe…about that…funny story…"

The sound of an earth shattering slap could be heard from miles.

Bystanders glanced at the two to see Haruka storm off angrily, red in the face. Yuuki however, laid sprawled on the ground, with a red hand imprint on his cheek and a dazed expression. He was knocked out…cold. A few kids approached him, poking him with a stick to see whether he was still alive.

Later that night, Satoshi settled on his bed. Going into his secret compartment, he pulled out a red book that red "Journal" in bold letters. He opened to the first page and began to write.

Dear Journal


Mood: exhausted

I decided to start a fresh journal since I'm starting a new and final year at Arcadia. Today had to be one of the craziest days of my life! First, I woke up late thanks to that stupid alarm clock (note to self: buy a new one), then I had a run-in with this one girl. A brown belt fighter named Kasumi tried to beat the crap outta me just for running into her! We fought a little until a friend of hers stopped her. I would've stayed if I wasn't late for class (and no, that is not the same as running away). During my first class, she had to sit right next to me! How freaky is that? Although she lent me her notes, she still seemed angry at me. But that's not even the weirdest part…

This next bunch really threw me in a loop. A ninja named Yuuki nearly had me killed! He was being chased by a magician named Haruka and dragged me into it. I nearly became French toast all because he stole a donut from her (I kid you not, this girl was WAY too protective over her donuts! And don't get me started on ninja boy…). I gotta admit, they were pretty cool (and hilarious). During my last class, I found out that I was paired with those two nut jobs (kidding, but seriously, they are crazy). And you wanna know who my last partner is? Yawa freakin Kasumi, that's who! She doesn't seem all that bad when she's calm, but she goes berserk when she's angry. And they said the theory about red heads was a myth…

Oh yeah, I had that dream again. You know, it's the one with the evil samurai I was fighting against. That Yuuki guy looked exactly like him (except for that evil look and his clothes). It's such a creepy coincidence, but I can't help but feel a weird vibe from him. Oh well, it's probably just my imagination.

Anyway, tomorrow's an interesting day because we're going to get a special surprise! I wonder what it is. Man I'm beat. I think I'm going to hit the sack. Good night!

Signing off,

Satoshi Tajiri

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