Stop Light

"They need to put a light on this corner," Tai grumbled.

"It won't happen until someone gets run over," Matt said with a sigh.

It was early in the morning and Matt, Tai and Izzy were walking to school together. Unfortunately, the school was across the street. This meant they would have to cross through the intersection, accurately and affectionately nicknamed by the students as 'The Death Trap.'

"You know…there is no actual proof of any student fatalities…" Izzy stated, obviously trying to sound convincing.

"Izzy, you first then," Tai said as a truck rumbled past, ignoring the stop sign. Izzy stayed silent. The trio watched as every single vehicle went speeding by. The only way to get across was to wait for the traffic to lighten up or wait for a car to actually stop in front of the crosswalk.

"This is stupid," Matt grumbled, "Nobody can see the sign, there's a freakin' tree in the way!"

"It would make sense for them to trim the tree." Izzy said with a sigh. Tai groaned and stamped his foot.

"This is the same conversation we have every morning!" Tai exclaimed, clearly beginning to reach his limits. "We've been standing on this corner for ten minutes! Someone has to stop!"

Tai's brief rant was met with silence from his two friends. Another loud truck rumbled past.

"Tai is correct. The probability of someone seeing us and stopping is growing…"

"Tai's right, we do have this conversation every morning," Matt said, interrupting Izzy in mid-sentence. "We don't really have a choice though, do we? I'm not willing to risk my life just to get to school."

Tai nodded, "It's ridiculous! There should be a stop light." Another minute went by, and every car speed past. One car began to slow down, but only to speed up upon reaching the crosswalk. Matt sighed.

"That's it. I'm going home. School is not worth dieing over," Matt turned and began to walk away. Tai grabbed him by the arm.

"You can't leave! You've already missed too much school this year!" Tai yelled.

"Let go of me Tai," Matt tightened his hands into fists.


"Tai, let go!"

"I'm going to be late to computer lab," Izzy stated to himself, watching the cars as Matt and Tai argued. Matt was about to swing his fist when Izzy let out a surprised gasp. "That van stopped!"

Tai quickly let go of Matt and darted across the street with Izzy close behind him. Matt reacted late, and quickly began to chase his friends. He was nearly clear of the van when he heard the engine growl to life. There was a flash of red and then everything went dark.

"Matt are you alright? Matt? Matt?" Tai…he sounded upset…

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't know anyone was crossing. I didn't see him…"

"Ma'am, I don't believe you were looking" Izzy's voice….

As far as Matt could tell he hadn't lost consciousness. Everything had gone dark because he had shut his eyes in preparation of being run over.

"Tai?" Matt asked weakly.

"I'm right here, Matt."

"Um…Am I dead?"

"Er…. no."

"Am I bleeding?"

"I don't think so…"

"Any limbs at an odd angle?"

There was a pause, before the answer. "No, Matt.



"You didn't sound positive…"


"Any bones protruding out of my skin?"

"Matt, just open your eyes…"

"Answer the protruding bones question!"

"NO! There aren't any, Matt!"

"Nothing is outside of me that should be inside?"

"…No Matt…"

Very slowly, Matt opened one eye and then the other. He flexed his fingers and then his toes. Nothing was damaged, though his side was a bit sore from being struck by the mini-van. Along with a worried Tai and Izzy there was a very distraught looking women standing in the background. She had her hand to her mouth and was crying, mumbling, "I'm so sorry," over and over again. He slowly sat up and looked around. He was sitting in the crosswalk. Other cars had stopped to stare. Matt had never seen so many cars stopped at this intersection before. He slowly stood up, with Tai's assistance. He felt slightly ill.

"I'm going home," Matt said and then turned and stiffly began to walk away.

"Matt, wait!" Tai shouted. Matt turned and glared at Tai.

"I got hit by a mini-van, Tai! I'm going home."

Tai followed after him, "It was only going like three miles an hour! You were only a foot in front of it!"

"It's…it's the principle of the thing!" Matt shouted angrily.

"Wait, I'll go with you," Tai said, once he realized his friend was serious, "I'll carry your bag, OK?" Up until that moment Matt hadn't realized that he no longer had his school bag. Tai was carrying it. Tai turned to Izzy, who was still standing in the street and shouted back to him, "It's alright, go ahead Izzy," Tai seemed to be at a lost for words, "Just…tell people Matt got hit by a van."

"Don't tell him to tell people that!" Matt hissed angrily.

"Well, it's true," Tai said stubbornly. With that both boys began to walk towards Matt's home. When they were nearly there, Tai began grinning. Soon he was giggling, and then he was laughing out loud. "You…got… hit… by… a …car… going…three…miles… an… hour!" Tai gasped in-between his laughter.

"It's not funny, Tai," Matt said.

"And then…you wouldn't…" Tai stopped, tried to get a hold of himself, "You wouldn't move! You thought you were hurt and you were so scared!" Tai was shaking with his laughter.

"I don't see what's so funny."

"Come on, Matt! We were so worried about the cars not stopping! Then as soon as one does it doesn't see you and…it …hits …you!" Tai was laughing so hard; tears had come to his eyes. Unable to contain himself, a grin began to form on Matt's face. Upon seeing this Tai jumped up and down.

"I thought…I thought you were dead! You were so still!" Tai's laughter reached a new level. "I was so scared! I think my heart stopped!"

"You… you did sound really freaked out back there," Matt said and without thinking about it, he began giggling and soon he was laughing.

"You were so scared!" Matt accused, laughing.

"Yeah! I nearly pissed myself!" Laughter erupted from both of them.

"I thought I was dead!"

"Me too!"

They laughed all the way to Matt's apartment. When they crossed the last street, Tai shouted, "Careful! We might get hit by a slow moving mini-van!" They both whooped at this idea and ran across the street without even looking.

As soon as Matt opened the door to the apartment, the laughter faded. His father wasn't home and the silence seemed to encompass them. Tai even stopped smiling. Matt locked the door behind them. Tai watched Matt as he stared at the door handle and then very slowly Matt slipped to the floor. It looked like a weight had been suddenly dropped on his shoulders. Tai was surprised and hesitant to react. Matt's eyes had begun to tear up, before he could stop himself, he was crying. Worried, Tai knelt down beside Matt.

"What's wrong, Matt?" Tai questioned, putting his hand on Matt's shoulder. Matt made a choking sound, but he would not answer. "Matt, come on. Why are you so upset?"

"I-I'm sorry," Matt stuttered.

"Don't be sorry, Matt."

"I can't help it…I can't stop crying…" Matt said, his voice cracking. Tai didn't know what to do. Matt wasn't usually like this. Unsure of himself, Tai pulled Matt into a sitting position and hugged him. That surprised Matt so much that he stopped crying. "I'm so stupid, I'm sorry," Matt mumbled.

"You're not stupid."

"I'm not like you Tai. I was really scared. I thought…I thought that was it… I laughed with you, but… For a second I thought I was going to die and I was so scared…"

"I'm sorry Matt. I shouldn't have… I was scared too."

"Not as much as me," With that Matt let out a snort, that was almost a laugh. Tai smiled.

"Yes, you were probably more scared than me," Tai said patting Matt on the back. Matt winced.

"Ow, Tai that hurts."

"Sorry," Tai said moving away from Matt.

"I think the mini-van bruised my back…or the fall bruised it."

"Um…I'm going to say the fall, because, truthfully, the ground hit you harder than that van did."

Both boys looked at each other, grinning. Suddenly Matt's phone rang. He grabbed his bag and quickly fumbled through it. "It's T.K." Matt said when he saw the familiar number appear on the phone's screen.



"Hi T.K."

"Matt are you…are you…are you…"


"Yes, are you OK?"

"I'm fine." Matt heard what sounded like a sob on the other line.

"T.K. are you OK?"

"Kari said, that Izzy said, that you got hit by a van! Is that true? Are you at the hospital?"

"No, no, no. T.K., calm down. Listen to me. I'm at home. I'm fine, the van wasn't going very fast."

"You're not hurt?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Can I come over to see you after school?"

"If you want to."

"OK, I have to go. Um, I'll see you later. Bye Matt."

"Bye little brother."

As soon as Matt hung up, he glared at Tai.

"What?" Tai asked trying to look innocent.

"Why did you tell Izzy to tell people I was hit by a van? T.K. was really upset!"

"Aw, come on. How many people could he have told?"

Matt's phone rang again, this time it was Matt's father.


"Matt! What happened? Are you hurt?"

Matt glared at Tai, Tai sheepishly smiled back.

Early in the morning three friends stood on the corner.

"I hear they're calling this, 'Ishida's Crossing' now," Tai said grinning.

"Do you think the cars are going to stop today?" Matt asked.

"I believe they're talking about putting a stop light at this corner," Izzy interjected.

"It won't happen until someone gets run over and killed," Matt said.

"Yeah, too bad that mini-van wasn't going faster," Tai exclaimed.

"Shut up, Tai."

"If only they would trim the tree." Izzy said with a sigh.

"We have this conversation every morning," Tai said. "It's ridiculous! There should be a st--." Suddenly, a mini-van stopped at the crosswalk. The trio didn't move. The driver looked at them, but they didn't budge an inch. Finally Tai shook his head and the driver drove off. There was a moment of silence. Tai cleared his throat. "We'll have another chance. We can cross when… there's…no…van stopped."

Matt exhaled, he had been holding his breath without realizing it.

"Thank you, Tai."

"No problem Matt. What are friends for?"

The End.

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