Thin needles of blinding white light pierced viciously through the flimsy blinds of the hospital wing, illuminating the face of a sleeping girl with chocolate hair and a look of unease about her. The girl's head rested against a pure white bed, her arms flopping idly by her side.

Underneath the snowy linen, a boy slept. He had been there for days, people came and left, waiting for him to awaken and now the only one left was Hermione. When the Aurors had raided, they forgot about the boy in the cupboard, they left him there after they had arrested Lucius Malfoy for murder. The boy was rescued, however, by a were-wolf, a muggle-born and their dog who had followed the raiding party. At first everyone assumed him dead; he was barely breathing and there were many fractures and injuries to his body. But there was still a pulse, albeit a weak one. They took the boy to Hogwarts, accompanied by a ghost and an Aengel and waited for him to recover.

Draco gave a little moan as the sharp whiteness pierced through his eyelids, yelling at him to get his act together and wake up. The young Malfoy frowned inwardly. Wasn't he supposed to be dead? 'Damn it! Why can't anything ever go the way I want it to? I can't even die properly!'

Squinting hard to block out the light, Draco slowly tried to open his eyes. Then changed his mind and closed them again.

Hermione awoke suddenly as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she peered up into the kind eyes of the head master,

"How is he?" Dumbledore murmured, conjuring up a chair out of nowhere and making himself comfortable. She looked around dazedly,

"I-I don't know." She admitted, somewhat sheepishly, "I fell asleep. But I haven't heard anything yet."

"Go up to your dormitory and get some rest." Albus suggested, helping the girl unsteadily to her feet. She looked reluctantly towards Draco and was about to protest, "I promise you that you shall be informed the moment anything happens." Dumbledore assured her quickly, "Off you go now." When he was sure that she had gone, Dumbledore turned to Draco,

"How are you feeling, dear boy?"

"I'm not dead." Draco mumbled, not opening his eyes, "I'm supposed to be dead."

"Please do not be so ridiculous, Mr.Malfoy. It would be of no use to you or anybody else if you were dead. As it is, you are not dead, so do not dwell on it." Draco humphed indignantly and propped himself up, wincing as he tried to open his eyes against the blinding light,

"How long have I been asleep." He asked,

"Four days now." Dumbledore told him, "I admit, you had us worried for quite some time. We thought you weren't going to make it."

"I didn't want to make it." Draco muttered morosely, hunching his shoulders, "I just don't want to have to keep running away." A thought struck him heavily across the head, almost but not quite knocking one of his ears off, and he looked up at the old wizard anxiously, "What about-" But Dumbledore shushed him,

"Relax, dear boy. Your father's safely put away in Azkaban. The Aurors came the day we rescued you. You don't need to worry anymore."

"And what about me?" Draco asked, "Who's my guardian now?" Dumbledore looked slightly shocked at this,

"Professor Snape of course." He said as though death was merely an inconvenience, "Your mother says you are welcome home in the holidays if you wish to go and Nymphadora was quite insistent that I should tell you that you also be welcomed at number twelve, as does Remus and Sirius." He smiled brightly, "So you'll be fine whatever you choose to do." Draco pondered this for a moment,

"But I don't understand, Sir. Professor Snape's dead, so how can he still be my guardian?"

"Well, it's actually very convenient that he is dead." Dumbledore explained, "Only a couple of hours ago did he offer to take up his teaching post again. Being a ghost doesn't make him any less alive than when he was breathing."

"Fair enough."

Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini sat at the Slytherin table talking about things that Slytherins tended to talk about when a familiar voice reached their ears,

"Hey." Pansy squealed and through her arms around Draco's neck, while Blaise simply sat there and gawked at him,

"Bloody hell! We thought you were dead!"

"Not quite." Draco admitted, prising Pansy's fingers open and sitting down himself,

"Where have you been?" the girl demanded, "You have no idea how many rumors have been going around." Draco grimaced,

"I can imagine. Well, to begin with, Father tried to do stuff to me, then my Aengel appeared, then I ran away and got turned into a six-year-old, then Father kidnapped me and Granger and Snape rescued me. Then Dumbledore sent me to live with my half-blood cousin, a were-wolf and a convicted murderer and Granger came too. Then Snape and my Aengel fell for each other. Then Snape came back here, but Father found me so he had to go back. Then I went back to being a teen-ager, then Father killed Snape and I got kidnapped again. Then Snape came back as a ghost and I nearly died. Then Father got sent to Azkaban and I got rescued. And here we are." Draco finished, gesturing around wildly.

Pansy and Blaise exchanged 'looks', "It's true!" Draco exclaimed indignantly, "That's what really happened!" Blaise patted him sympathetically on the arm,

"Course it did, Drake. Of course it did."

The End

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