Title: What did I ever do?

Author: Loz

E-Mail: PG

Category: Mac

Series: Nup

Spoilers: As long as you know about Harry Love you're fine.

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Summary: Ramblings of Mac about Harry Love and Bill.

Author's Notes: This started as three sentences I scribbled down at the time o the episodes, I think it's fitting it's become a drabble.

Disclaimers: I have no association with channel 9, Beyond or any other associated with Stingers. I don't own Stingers, or any of its characters.

It's almost hard to believe how much I loathe this man. It has nothing to do with the fact this man is doing the job I think I deserve…I know I deserve. The way in which he obtained it only serves to solidify my attitude. He's cold, smug, sly, unsympathetic, calculating, manipulative and untrustworthy and I could go on. I know if you were here you'd have backed me one hundred percent but then if you were here all this would be a bad headline for another state's service.

It's not even about the terrible feeling I get when I walk into his office…your office. I look for that photo of you fresh out of the academy, you told me you were naive and intended to save the world, time served to harden you into the good cop you were…All I get is a feeling of intrusion.

What is this opportunistic gutter dwelling bastard doing here?

Why does a small part of me still believe he's only here temporarily? An unwelcome and uninvited guest in your office where we sat shoulder to shoulder reviewing cases, the occasional stolen kiss that I was so often reluctant to engage in but never regretted.

Where are you? I was happy and I loved you, life was complicated in a minor way and I would have grown to love an instant family. I know I was hard for Sarah; I wasn't her mother and never will be but she knew I'd protect you, care and love for you and that's all she wanted for you - ever. Whatever tension comes between an ex wife and a new partner - one day maybe a wife – it would have been worth it. We would have been happy.

Only you were ripped away from me…what did I ever do?