A Kim Possible Fanfic

by RavenStar


"Oh! Shego!"

"Huhwhat?" Shego turned around as Kim ran up to her. Her unique green and black graduation gown still managed to follow her curves. She'd almost given in and gone with the school's normal purple gown with the yellow underlining, but then Kim did some talking and pulled some strings - and she'd been allowed to wear this one instead. "Hurry it up, you know I gotta do my Valedictorian speech soon."

"Oh, I know. But since we're graduating, I wanna give you these. For closure."

She dropped a small bracelet into Shego's hand. Shego looked at it, puzzled. "A bracelet? Kimmie, you've given me dozens of these-"

"They're Ghost Beads, Shego," Kim interrupted.

"Go-what?" Shego stammered, adjusting her glasses.

"Ghost Beads. Members of the Navajo tribe make them from the seeds of juniper berries and glass beads. Way back when my plane had to stop in the Bavarian Alps to refuel? I went into the town nearby looking for a snack. But I came across these in one of the stores. It was a little weird to find them in a store in a tiny town not far from the Bavarian Alps, I'll admit – but I thought I'd give 'em to you that one night when I asked you about…the truth." Kim cheeks grew red as blushed. "Ghost Beads are believed to provide protection from evil spirits. They're given to Navajo children to keep bad dreams away. I know, I know, I know," she stammered, "It all sounds really stupid, I know, but I just thought-"

Shego's hand on her cheeks brought their colour back down to normal skin. "You thought just fine, honey," Shego said. Her lips slipped into her signature sly grin. "Now go practice your speech, dammit. I know you don't have it down yet."

"Ah heh heh…" Kim murmured. She'd intended to memorize it last night – but Shego had interfered…

Even nearly six months after it, nobody talked of it. The hospital staff was forbidden to talk to the media of it, the details of the operation were so horrifying. Then again, if they had talked to the press, the interview would've been over in 2 seconds and the story would've never run in the paper, anyways – but it was always good to be cautious. The only other people who knew the truth were the ones who made the discovery. And the couple was still going to their shrink in order to deal with what they had seen. But, someone had talked. How else would a rumour of zombies in Iceland have sprang forth into the world?

And that was why he had come. Computer skills only did so much. He'd come for the walking dead.

Author's Note: As evidenced by this epilogue, I've got the beginnings of an idea for a sequel, but I have 10 more 22-page episodes of my own original project to finish writing, so if said sequel comes, it won't be for a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time.

Enjoy the torture, people. Cheerio.

EDIT: And once again, my mind comes up with half the sequel's plot within 48 hours of me writing this damn epilogue. The sequel has begun! It's my new story "Understudy." Check it out on my main ff . net page.