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A Second Chance


A Second Chance

"This is your last warning!! Evacuate the premises immediately!!"

A youthful girl of age 20 began to follow the group of people that were heading out the exit of the building. She paused and fell behind the group as she began to look around the nostalgic rooms that in moments will soon turn to debris and rubble. She grew up here for over 8 years now. She both hated and loved this place. This was the place that signified that she lost all her family and as well as, a place that she called home. She sighed and decided maybe after this, it was time to move on and move to another place. Even though she's over the age and could move out of the shelter whenever she wanted, she often wavered about leaving, because by the time she moved out and had a place of her own, what will she come home too? Emptiness and loneliness? She often considered getting a dog, but that wouldn't help much. She wanted that warmth and family love she often saw when many of the kids here got adopted. She wanted that same smile on her face when a kid is taken home and can finally say "I'm home"….she wanted many things, yet she seemed to never get it. And now, her home was being taken away. She softly sighed and began to proceed, but stopped when she heard a hiccup sound nearby. She heard a loud bang, indicating that the door to the building was shut. The girl's blood began to pump faster at the thought of her and a kid being trapped in this building and no one ever knowing that they were inside. She quickly scanned the rooms and listened carefully until she came to a vacant room that at first looks empty, but the hiccupping sounds of a child whimpering filled the room. The girl listened for the child, which led her to a closet. She opened the door and peered inside to see a little kistune red head youkai curled up, crying. She bent down and lightly touched the boy, who he in return flinched away when he looked up.

He began to cry harder as he whined, "Okaa-san!"

The girl's heart began to break as she asked, "Where's your okaa-san?"

The boy didn't respond, but instead pointed up to the ceiling. The girl looked up and didn't need further questioning, to know his mother passed away. She sighed and took the boy in her arms.

"We have to leave now, they're going to destroy the buil-"

"Iie! Okaa-san said she'd come back here! She promised! I'm not leaving until she comes back!"

Suddenly, the girl heard a big boom and a huge rumble, like an earthquake, following after. She was running out of time.

The whole building began to rumble as the explosive was ignited. The occupied room began to shake and small debris began to fall around the area.

The girl smiled wryly at the boy as he continued to hiccup. She then asked.

"Onamae wa?"

The boy hiccupped and responded, "Shi-Shippou desu."

The girl then hugged the little boy named Shippou and answered, "Well Shippou, how about I be your okaa-san, ne? Okaa-san sent me in her place so she could keep her promise to you. And I promise, I'll protect you in your kaa-san's place."

The boy sniffled and looked up to the young girl and just nodded as she then grinned. "Let's get out of here!"

The girl then quickly got up, holding the boy tightly in her arms. She ran out of the room that soon was barricaded by large debris and ran down the hall that leads to the exit. The girl shielded the boy, holding him close to her bosom as he continued to hiccup. Coming to the exit, she found it blocked by large boulders. She cussed under her breath and ran the opposite direction to the back exit. She stealthy tried dodging falling rubbles of the building, but couldn't help but get nicked by pieces of glass and such in the process. She panted as she saw the unblocked exit. She sighed in relief and pumped her legs faster as she closed the distance between her and her exit. She was so determined on reaching her destination, she was late to notice the falling rock from the ceiling raining down on her until her name was shouted out-


Sesshomaru sprang up from where he laid and panted heavily from his dream. He looked around his empty room and found deadly silence. After a few minutes, his breath evened out and he exhaled deeply as he ran his fingers into his hair and licked his dry lips, which he tasted saltiness. He didn't recall having anything salty….

What was that dream…who was that girl…and that name…why does it sound so fresh in my mind…I don't recall anyone with that name…

He scowled as he bent over, holding his head as he tried to give a face to that girl in his dreams. It seemed that the girl's name was all he could remember, since the face was shadowed in his dream.

As well as a kitsune named Shippou….apparently, those two were also victims when a building was being destroyed. Why does that sound familiar?

Sesshomaru sighed as he decided he'll research this later, right now he needed to get ready. Getting up and dressing, he noticed something oddly weird…something out of place…something…missing. It was quiet….too quiet. And then it hit him.

She was gone.

He was alone. Again.


Kagome sighed as she returned back to Tengaku. After all the welcome backs from everyone and all the gods, it just seemed…dull. She sadly sighed again, loudly this time and began to sulk around, just floating to no certain place. Floating around, she then bumped into a person's back and instantly looked up and began to apologize.

"Gomen I wasn't looking-"

She looked up to see nothing, looking down; she peered into black and white irises. Bending down she giggled, "Gomen Tsuriai." She ruffled his spiky hair.

"Oi, oi! I'm here too!" Seiai grinned as he revealed himself behind the youngest brother.

Kagome just smiled as she then stood up, giving a little wave before turning away. Seiai and Tsuriai exchanged looks before Seiai exclaimed out loud.

"Seems someone is missing a certain person," he then added, "And she didn't put much of a fight either eh, Tsu?"

Tsuriai didn't respond as he watched Kagome stop where she stood and began to shake, which he assumed was in anger. He then felt his brother lean on his head as he began to inspect his nails. "I guess that love wasn't meant to be-"

Seiai was then cut off from a punch to his face. The love god fell back; loosening the weight he had put on Tsuriai's head. He grinned slyly as he looked up to the steaming young girl, who was now standing before him with her arms to the side.

"Ahh feisty. Seiai likey," he teased when Kagome then swiftly turned around and stormed off, leaving the two kami to themselves.

Seiai moaned as he rubbed his abused cheek, "Ne, isn't there something wrong with this? Assaulting a higher being is against the law." He pouted.

Tsuriai rolled his eyes as he then began to walk away from his moronic brother, "Not if you were the one provoking the offender. In that case, it's called self-defense."

Seiai harrumphed as he then scrambled to his feet and ran after the younger sibling, "Don't put this on me! And stop treating me like I'm an idiot!"

"Seiai…you have the IQ of a donkey."

"Why thank you….eh chotto matte…Oi! I'm talking to you!"


Sesshomaru seemed a teeny bit…paranoid.

Ever since his quiet morning, he seemed to be on higher alert, should we say? Not even that infuriating Miroku wasn't in today. Is it because it's a Sunday? Nah….Japanese people aren't religious.

Every loud bang, laughter, and random clumsiness from his employees placed him in high edge. He couldn't believe she would just leave like that. It's just impossible. He had tried everything from exorcise to therapy and those didn't work. But just simply wishing did? Sesshomaru was in a bad mood, even more than usual, as he barked orders from the clumsy people, any raven haired woman, and blue eyed person he saw. He was going mad.

Sesshomaru leaned forward in his desk and growled. His elbows rested on his desk as his hands ran through his platinum locks, clutching them tightly in aggravation.

Maybe she never existed. Maybe all this loneliness all this time was making him lose his mind. Maybe he needed Miroku's help after all…Maybe-What the hell is going on!?

Him, Tashio Sesshomaru, CEO of his company, sexiest and most wanted youkai in all Japan, needs the help from a perverted lowly ningen?! And this said man is now going mad over the fact of the disappearance of a mere ningen ghost?! He needed a vacation…fast, these annoying pests where giving him a headache.

Speaking of pests…

Sesshomaru's phone began to ring, he answered and grinned as he said, "Ahh Kaguya, good timing. I decided to change our appointment, come to my office as soon as you can; I need to speak about some matters with you."


The whole floor seemed to be quiet as the little cubicle workers went on with their work. They could tell their boss was not in a good mood, so little murmurs could be heard here and there, and tapping noises from their keyboards. This went on for a while, until a ding was heard from the elevator. As soon as the door opened, the quiet room was interrupted by a loud cackle and strong perfume wafted into the air.

The people continued their work and a few noisy workers peeked out of their doors to see an overdressed yet stunning young woman walk down the hall. The workers watched after her, striding with confidence with her head held up high, as if she were higher than all of them, with her Prada three inch heels clicking on the carpet floor to inform all that she, Minamoto, Kaguya, was here.

Now all the workers were peering out of their cubicles as they watched the CEO of Tennyo Inc. stop in front of the albino assistance's desk, which was the only one standing in the way from reaching her desire.

Kaguya sweetly smiled and decided to interrupt Kanna. The said girl continued to stare at her computer screen, typing away; despite the 'ahems' made by the CEO. Everyone held their breaths as Kanna's fingers stopped typing and her expressionless face slowly turned to Kaguya.

Everyone in Tashio Inc. knew better than to interrupt Kanna when she was working. For such a petite little woman, even she could stand up to Sesshomaru's icy glare; even perhaps surpass the youkai.

Kaguya then leaned on the young girl's desk and gave her a silky grin, "Can you please let my Sesshy-poo know that I'm here?"

Kanna stared down at her arm that was wrinkling and messing with her neatly placed and finished reports and assignments. She only replied, "Arm."

Kaguya blinked at the assistant and looked down to where she was looking at. She saw her arm on mere pieces of papers and scowled. She looked back up to the girl and gritted her teeth as she sickly sweet said, "Ahem. Sesshomaru is expecting me, either you let him know, or I'll do it myself. "

Kanna continued to stare at her arm and curtly said, "Arm."

Kaguya's patience was wearing thin. She exhaled as she then said, "Fine." She then pulled back her arm, taking the stake of papers with her, causing the papers to scatter and float down to the floor. The people witnessing the scene gasped and it went quiet. Kaguya grinned as she then stood up straight as if she just won a victory, "I'll just let myself in. Thanks," she added with sarcasm.

Kaguya then turned, ready to open the door. And just as she was just about to enter the room, a tight grip on her arm held her back. Kaguya tried pulling her arm free, but to no avail. She turned around, ready to scream at the audacity of the offender, when she saw it was just Kanna. Kanna stared into Kaguya's chestnut brown eyes and expressionlessly said in a deadly monotone voice.

"Pick. It. Up."

Kaguya's eyes widened as they stared into dark voids of the little doll woman and shuddered as she then started screaming, "Sesshomaru! SESSHOMARU!"

"Stop screaming, I heard you the first time."

Kaguya turned her head and breathed a sigh of relief as she smiled, "Finally. This one needs to be punished. If it were up to me, I'd fire her and sue every yen she has. It's about time these lower people learn their places."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at her before looking to Kanna and nodding his head. Kanna then released her arm before bending over to pick up the scattered pieces of paper. Kaguya's nose flared as she held her bruised arm. "You'll pay for that bitch," she muttered as she followed Sesshomaru into his office.

The office then resumed their work, grinning ready to hear what else Cruella Devil had in store today…

--Five Minutes Later.


The whole floor went dead silent as they heard the screeching in Sesshomaru's office. Soon after, the door was wide open and an aggravated and shocked CEO emerged. Her back was to the office as she screeched and pointed at the youkai inside.

"I'll be damned if I had my people build that shit! They're lower than us Sesshomaru! Why should we help them!? They're trash!"

Sesshomaru's baritone could be heard from inside as he responded, "Kaguya, either you accept my proposal or get out. You're disturbing my employees."

Kaguya gritted her teeth as she shouted and pointed to the people behind her, "These pieces of shit mean nothing to us! We can always replace them! Besides you need me! So why should I agree?!"

Sesshomaru sighed as he shook his head, "I don't need you Kaguya. It was just simply business. But since you don't wish to cooperate, Kanna will show you out. Good day."

Sesshomaru then closed the door in her face, leaving a baffled CEO President outside in a floor of so called trash. Kaguya seethed as she screamed, "You'll regret this!" She then turned around to a floor full of evilly glaring people as they stared at her like a piece of meat. Kanna appeared before and smiled innocently.

Kaguya laughed nervously as she then asked, "You're Kanna right? Sorry about earlier-"

Kanna then took the CEO's arm and pulled her harshly into the den of hungry wolves.


Sesshomaru sighed as he sat back into his chair, rubbing his forehead. This day was just getting worse and worse by the second, well for his headache anyway. He never did like working with Kaguya. She was just a back-up if his plans didn't work out.

He needed the right information before he made the call and the man that was in charge of this sort of information was mysteriously out. Sesshomaru exhaled noisily as he reached for his phone and made a call. He better have a good excuse, than just saying he was butt-naked in a park.


A loud ringing scared the young guy as he quickly picked up his cell phone and whispered, "Hello?"

"Houshi, you better have a legitimate excuse for being out today or I'm taking this out of your pay."

Miroku sighed in relief as he then whispered, "Thank kami you called! I need your help out of here! You see I'm stuck at your brother's apartment and I-"

"I don't care. If you're not here in 30 minutes you're fired."

"Ah Sessho-" Miroku was then left with a dial tone as he groaned, "How did I get into this situation?"

He leaned his head back and thought back how this all began.


Miroku was oblivious to the lovey dovey looks Inuyasha was sending his way as Inuyasha drove him in his car. Instead Miroku was being his moronic normal self with his friend.

"Man, I owe you big time. You can't believe how humiliated I was! I swear there's something haunting me! This is just another example Yasha!"

Inuyasha didn't reply instead kept driving until he parked his car outside of his apartment.

"Eh? Why are we at your place?" Miroku tilted his head as he got out the car.

Inuyasha just grinned as he locked his car and proceed inside, "You'll see."

After Inuyasha opened the door to his apartment and Miroku proceeded inside, Inuyasha closed the door behind him and locked the door. Inuyasha's apartment was small since he was living by himself. The apartment only contained 4 rooms: a bedroom, a bathroom that was across the bedroom, and a living room that connected to the kitchen. It was fairly good for one person.

Miroku cheerfully went to his kitchen and began to rummage his refrigerator.

"Alright!! Pocky!! And new flavored ramen!! I'm stealing these." He grinned as he pulled out the said items out.

"I'll be back out in a second, I just gotta change." Inuyasha said in a deep tone in his voice.

Miroku paid no mind as he began to heat up the ramen noodles. Once the noodles were done, he took a bowl and hopped on the couch and switched on the TV, watching anime on AdultSwim. He was in mid-slurp when Inuyasha came out practically with nothing, but a pink thong that hid his manhood. Miroku turned to look at his friend, choked on the ramen, and began to cough at the sight. When he cleared his throat and was done choking, he covered his eyes and started laughing.

"Wh-what the hell man?" he laughed out loud, "I'm not gonna ask why the hell you own those or why the hell you wearing them now."

He was rolling on the couch, dying with laughter at his best friend's appearance, that he lacked to notice the ramen bowl that was soaking the carpet on the floor or the fact Inuyasha was totally serious and was coming closer to him. By the time Miroku was done laughing and wiping the tears from his eyes, it was too late as Inuyasha then pounced on him and started kissing on him.


Miroku groaned as he shook his head. He knew his friend was desperate, but he didn't think he would be this desperate. Damn, that hanyou is damn strong. He didn't want to know what Sesshomaru would be like if he was like Inuyasha, but as a full youkai. Miroku shuddered as he began to think of the possibilities.

But at the moment he needed to get out of here. The only way out was out the door and the door was at the moment, locked. The key…he didn't want to know where it was. After Inuyasha was done kissing on his neck, he had an idea where the key was, and by hell if he was going to ask him to give it to him. The only reason he was still purely intact, ass and all, was because he convinced Inuyasha that he wasn't in the mood at the moment and that he needed to go to the bathroom. Since then, he has been locked in here. He didn't even know what happened to Inuyasha after that. And he wasn't about to find out any time soon. He needed help, yet his cell phone was dying. Who to call? …Who…Sesshomaru was a clear no. Would Sango? …Only one way to find out.


Sango was in the middle of drawing with crayons with Rin on her day off, when her cell went off. She smiled as Rin was in deep concentration on drawing.

"What cha drawing there Rin?"

Rin's tongue was stuck to the side as she began to press harder on the crayon and once she was done with that color, she quickly replaced with another crayon.

"Okaa-san and pretty gay man." She just answered.

Sango sighed shaking her head. She didn't know if she was relieved or not. Rin seemed occupied and wasn't constantly asking for Kikyo since yesterday. But she knew she had to tell her sometime soon. But at the moment, her phone was getting on her nerves and she had a pretty good idea who it was.

Picking up, she asked in apparent irritation, "Hai?"


Sango cringed as she pulled the phone away from her ear and gritted her teeth at her so called boyfriend. "Nani, baka!"

Miroku then answered in a whisper, "I need your help!"

Sango quirked an eyebrow as she looked at the time to see it was nearly noon, "If this is about making an excuse for you to get out of work, you can forget about it-"

"But I'm not even in work."

Sango blinked rapidly as she looked at the time again and then at the phone, "Why are you whispering? And why aren't you in work? You're going to get fired-"

"Exactly! If I'm not there in 25 minutes Sesshomaru's gonna fire me!"

Sango's eyes narrowed as she then held her cell phone between her shoulder and her ear and began picking at her nails, "I'm not buying it. I never liked that guy anyway. You should get a new job—"

"Sango! Shut up for one minute and listen to me! Inuyasha has me in his apartment and wants to make me into a new man! And I don't mean that in a good way either!"

Sango laughed as she transferred the phone to her other shoulder, "Good. He can start with that attitude. I'm going now. It's my day off and I don't want to deal with you at the moment-" Sango then heard whimpers in the background, "Are you crying?"


Sango sighed as she shook her head, "If this is a prank, you're dead. And you're paying for gas-"


Sango didn't even say goodbye as she then snapped her cell phone closed and sighed. She smiled as Rin looked up, "C'mon Rin, we're picking up baka no Miro."


Sango then arrived at the apartment, taking Rin with her inside. She then reached the door and knocked. When no one answered, she scowled and knocked harder.

"This jackass." She gritted her teeth as she began to kick the door.

Neighbors next door opened their door and stared at her like she was a crazy woman. Sango smiled wryly while laughing with evil thoughts on what she was going to do to that man. She then took out her cell and dialed his number. When he didn't pick up, Sango got so fed up, she kicked the door down, screaming, "MIROKU!"

The neighbors all jumped and closed their doors, locking it. Sango stomped inside the apartment, steam coming out of her ears. She then heard a toilet flush and the bathroom door opening to reveal Miroku. Miroku grinned and waved.

"Oi, took you long enough."

Sango glared at him and spun around, dragging Rin behind her and leaving Miroku running after her asking what he did wrong.

Meanwhile Inuyasha….

He was sleeping in his bedroom despite the raucous, dreaming about Miroku.


Miroku looked at his time and saw he had two minutes left as they arrived at Tashio Inc. After having to "calm" Sango, even though she "accidentally" backed the car up on him and practically ran over his foot, he was able to reach the building in time. Despite him having to run after the car while wobbling on his bruised foot and stealing a kid's skateboard just to catch up with her, he convinced her to let him in.

Actually, if it weren't for the stop light, he would never have caught up with her. The only reason she allowed him in the car was because he looked like a fool on a skateboard as he hung desperately on the bumper of her Mercedes.

Getting out of the car, Sango glared daggers at her boyfriend as he then reached over and kissed her cheek.

"Arigatou, baby." He grinned.

She growled, "Who's the man in the relationship?"

Miroku flushed as he looked around and saw people staring at them. "Not now." He muttered.

Sango grinned as she then spoke louder, "Who's the man in this relationship?!"

Miroku groaned as co-workers began to snicker at him, "You are."

Sango devilishly smiled as she kissed his cheek. "Have fun. Oh, you have one minute left." She winked.

Miroku yelped as he then dashed off.


The office was quiet once more. A few taps from keyboards could be heard all around. The suddenly, a loud bang was sounded as the door opened and a gush of wind flashed by. The people muttered to themselves saying, "Miroku's here," and continued their work.


Miroku fell to the floor as he reached Sesshomaru's office, panting for air. Sesshomaru looked down to the exhausted ningen, quirking an eyebrow at his dramatic entrance. Then he looked down to his watch and rolled his eyes. You're 20 minutes late.


"Oh? I thought they just fixed that 15 minutes ago?"

Miroku then died…


Miroku felt a cold splash of water over his body and jumped up in surprise. He shivered and his teeth chattered as his boss stood over him with a bucket of ice cold water.

"I need information on this one person." He said as he handed him a slip of paper with the name.

Miroku stared at the youkai as if dumbfounded. "You….called me here…just to get information on one guy ….when I was locked in your brother's bathroom for a day….endured riding on a skateboard behind a Mercedes Benz in traffic…a broken elevator…all in 30 minutes and yet you have 200 other people on this fucking floor that could've done it?"

Sesshomaru sat back down, his hands crossed behind his head, and his legs propped up on his desk as he shrugged, "Well it was more like an hour…but mmm yea."

Miroku died again the second time that day….


Kagome sighed as she looked down the Life Mirror to see Sesshomaru replacing her on torturing Miroku. She scrunched her nose and flipped him off with her finger when she saw that he was able to do all that and not lift a finger.

"That bastard." She muttered, "Already having the time of his life without me."

Kagome sadly looked away and noticed she wasn't alone in the room.

"Yo!" the blacked hair silver streaked girl grinned.

She gave a small smile to the tomboy goddess as she wrapped an arm around Kagome. Kagome always liked Kibo, though she was a tough cookie on the outside, she always gave an optimistic feeling to any situation. Maybe that's why they called her Kibo?

"Why so down Kaggy?"

Kagome pouted as she turned her face away when she realized she was looking back at the mirror, "I'm not down. I'm just peachy."

Kibo grinned boyishly as she winked at her, "Mmmm that boy sure is getting a lot of whooping from frosty eh?"

Kagome scoffed, "Beginners luck…"

"Hmmm threatens his job and in the process gets nearly run over, got a beating from his girlie, his best friend molested him, had to walk 12 stories of stairs….I'd say he's taken an influence from you…"

Kagome burst out in laughter, "I know! And then he poured ice water over him! If it were me, would've used the toilet water and cooled it-"Kagome then realized that she's been tricked and quickly changed the subject, "-I guess he never did need me," She sighed.

Kibo began to laugh loudly now. Kagome glared at the megami as she then pulled her to look at the mirror again. "You're too modest man, look at this sissy. He's smiling, how many times did you see him do that before you came?"

Kagome stared as Sesshomaru gave a chuckle and seemed—relaxed. Her eyes lowered and it seemed that he was the only one she could see. Her chest hurt and didn't know why. Kibo patted Kagome's back and shook her head.

"Ah young love, so stupid to see it these days," she chuckled as she then left Kagome to herself once more.


One week passed.—

The quiet room beeped with electronics surrounding the young woman as she breathed in shallow steady breaths as if in a deep sleep. The little boy that remained with the young woman held her hand, as if in a fairy tale, waiting for the princess to wake up. He then looked up to see the same visitor that had visited just last week. It seemed that the person knew the young woman and cared deeply for her, as she caressed her face once more. The boy grew sad as he felt hope slipping him each passing day, week, and month. The boy sighed as he looked down to the young woman's hand in his hand. He then felt a hand patting his head. He quickly looked up to the smiling visitor's face that shined with hope and faith.

"She always keeps her promise."

That was all she said before leaving the room once more, to the beeping that continued to beep on and on consistently.


Kagome groaned as she sat by the mirror again, she was getting leg cramps each day. Stupid jerk! Why won't you admit you miss me! She pouted like a little child as she watched the youkai once more get up.

"Don't you get tired of sitting like that?"

"I know I would."

"No one asked you little girl."

"I'm not little! I'm over a millennium years old!"

"Alright Mei-baachan."

"I'm not a grandma! Waaa!! Shin-chan !! Niku-kun and Ren-kun are picking on me!"

"Stop picking on the baby."

"I'm not a baby! Gome-chaann!! They're picking on meee!!"

Kagome groaned at the additional loud commotion behind her. Here's a funny pun. What's worse than twins? Two pairs of old bickering twins.

"Why does it seem that all you gods keep babysitting me? Don't you have other people's lives to ruin?"

"Moouuu!! Gome-chan hidoi! We would never do that! We make ningen and youkai lives better!"

Kagome was sitting with her legs crossed and was leaning on her arms for support. She looked over her shoulder to see the two girl twins standing to her right and the male twins to her left. She rolled her eyes at that statement as Shukumei leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"I'll tell you something good. You'll get to see him again."

Kagome's eyes widened as she turned around to see her smile sincerely. She giggled as she did the peach sign with her fingers and winked at her with her head tilted to the side. Kagome's eye twitched when Mei-chan seemed like an anime character at that moment. Shinko rolled her eyes as she pushed her twin to the side, taking her turn to talk.

"Here's the story Kagome. Long story short, we can't tell you much, but don't lose hope. I didn't go with Seiai's idea just for kicks you know." She snickered as she gave her thumbs up. After those two spoke, Kagome turned around, so she was sitting directly in front of the twin boys. She tilted her head and blinked at them.

The two quirked an eyebrow at her, "Nani?" they responded in unison.

Kagome shrugged, "Well, it just seemed that everyone was giving me lots of hopeful advice this past week. What's yours?" she grinned.

This has to be good. The gods of mercy and hatred giving advice about love, what a riot! Nikushimi cleared his throat, "Well you see….Awareni… wants to go first…that's right! Don't cha brother," he coughed and elbowed his twin. Awareni glared at his brother and sighed.

"That guy's an ass, just be patient with him. He'll come around soon enough."

Everyone's eyes then turned to Niku as he glared at everyone. He seemed to flush a bit at the attention and so he cleared his throat once more.

"I wish you luck."

With that said Nikushimi pivoted around and quickly walked out. The two girl twins following soon after, scolding him asking him what the hell kind of advice was that, leaving Awareni and Kagome alone. Kagome giggled and shook her head at what just occurred. She then turned back to the mirror to watch on. Awareni chuckled.

"I'll tell you this Kagome, even if he doesn't look like it. He has changed a lot. At first Niku and I wouldn't deem him as worthy to be pitied or saved and would've sent him straight to jigoku, but now…he's an alright guy. Keep watching, you'll see." Awareni then turned around and was going to leave when he heard her mutter.



One month passed--

He didn't get it. Even though it has been over a month since he last saw her, he can't help but expect that baka onna was going to pop out of nowhere and ruin his life. Ever since she mysteriously disappeared, he seemed to be lighten up somewhat, in a good way. His daily torture was of course messing with his poor adviser in her place, but besides that, he would be going out to the park and other places besides staying in the office or at home. He wasn't totally friendly with his workers, but he made an effort to cut back on the cold glares and icy retorts to stop fooling around. That damn insufferable onna, even though she's not here, she continues to influence my life! And what's worse, those damn words keep echoing in his head…her voice and those words. "I'll always be here, so wait for me. Just like you, I'll have a second chance… " He couldn't seem to get them out of his head. And each day he would be waiting as she said! Again! Damn her to hell!

"Here boss man. Ya guy said he would hear ya proposal." Miroku looked at the name again, "Are you sure he would? He doesn't seem like the guy who would do this sort of thing…."

Sesshomaru glared at his adviser, "Are you questioning me?"

Miroku rolled his eyes and replied in sarcasm, "Now why would I ever question your motives "oh mighty ice king". I am here to serve you. Your wish is my command, and all that yadda yadda shit." He yawned as he walked out of the office room, secretly smiling at his boss' change in attitude this pass month. He must be getting some nookie….or ass…

Sesshomaru chuckled as he looked over the information his adviser had collected for him on the man he was about to do business with. Putting that aside, he looked over the information collected on the people who were serving in the shelter and those who had been living there. One of them, he was surprisingly interested in.

"Mmm….Rin Arango Taijya…."


Kagome was just leaning back watching other people's lives while Sesshomaru did his work, when the two eldest siblings came into the room. Kagome just had to look over her shoulder to confirm it.

"I was wondering when you two would show up."

Eiko quirked an eyebrow, "We've been busy."

Kagome stood up and stretched as she then turned to the two, "I'm just playing around Eiko. Soo, if ya so busy. Why the visit?" she winked playfully.

Eiko smiled as Meiyo rolled his eyes and responded, "Okaa-san and Otou-san wanted us to cheer you up." He remarked blandly, causing Eiko to send him a grave look.

Kagome stuck her tongue at him, "Ahh straight to the point. I've always like that about you Mei-kun."

Meiyo coughed lightly into his hand as he looked away. Kagome could've sworn she saw him blush. She let it slide, for now anyway. For now, her attention was on Eiko as she then began to speak.

Eiko then sighed, "Kagome…I don't know how to put this but…you see…the reason why we're putting this off for so long and having to console you is because-"

"We can't do a damn thing for you! Ok we've said it, now lets go Eiko." Meiyo scowled at his sister as she gave him an agitated look.

Kagome was confused as she looked at one and then the other before saying, "I'm …confused. Why would you fill me up with so much hope if you're going to say, we can't do anything for you."

Eiko bit her lip, "Kagome-"

"We're just gods! We can't tamper with human lives! You get it now?!"

Just as Kagome was about to retort, Eiko turned to her brother and slapped him in the face.

"We agreed we'd do this lightly."

"Not if you're going to sugar-coat the whole thing. She's a big girl, she can handle it."

Kagome was at first amazed that Eiko was so daring; she was always the young megami that was elegant and just, never one to sort to violence. But then again, we're talking about Meiyo, the prided fool who had a bigger ego than Sesshomaru….Sesshomaru.

Kagome's hopes of seeing him….gone. The kami were cruel to lead her on like this. She turned to the mirror and watched as Sesshomaru appeared before her. His composed face, she wondered how he could keep his straight poker face even till now…was he even thinking about her? Kagome fell once more to the ground. Meiyo was still seething at his sister for even blemishing his beautiful face. Eiko instead ignored him and sympathetically put a hand on her shoulder.


"I just want to be alone…."

Eiko sadly bit her lip, wondering if they've done the right choice. She then turned to her brother glaring at him and daring her to challenge her. She sent him a message through her grave face saying "If this doesn't work, I will send you down to hell myself." Meiyo just dusted the threat away and walked out with his sister, leaving Kagome to wallow in her doubts and depression.


The little boy panicked when he saw the young woman's breathing speed up. He pressed the button to call someone into the room, rapidly. This never happened before! The little boy began to curse the visitor for making him believe his okaa-san will wake. He held the woman's hand as the caretaker for his mother came in and began treating her. The little boy only hoped that the person is true to their words.


Sesshomaru was reading his reports, when a call rang through. Sesshomaru placed down the papers in his hands and picked up the phone.

"Is he here?"


"Send him in."

As soon as he placed down the phone, the door opened and emerged a gorgeous 6 feet tall man in a black Armani silk suit. His silky curly black hair was tied up in a ponytail, allowing all to see his pale creamy face and brilliant red eyes. Sesshomaru stood holding out his hand to the man, before the man returned the gesture and shook his hand. The two businessmen sat down and began business.

"I was surprised to get your call; it has been a while since I've heard from you. And here, I was beginning to think you hate me," the man replied humorously.

Sesshomaru quirked an eyebrow, "Forgive me, I was caught up in business. How's your daughter?"

The man chuckled, "Kids these days don't want to spend time with their father now that they've got a job. How's Minamoto? I'm sure she's mad now that you're associating with me."

"She'll live. Speaking of kids…." Sesshomaru took out a piece of paper with a picture of a little girl and handed to him.

The man took the picture and with one glance immediately knew who it was. He stared at the paper for a long while before he asked, "What do you want? I never thought you would stoop so low with a mere tabloid." He answered with hardness venom in his tone.

Sesshomaru sneered as he sat back, "I'm not like you Arango. If I wanted your company, I would've gotten it with force, no strings attached."

The businessman known as Arango, then glared at him, "Then why else call me here for this." He scoffed as he tossed the picture back to him, "I don't want her."

Sesshomaru chuckled, "But the onna that had her, was what you wanted, no?"

Arango stood up in his seat, "Last I heard Tashio, she's dead!" he seethed, "I want nothing to do with this child!"

Sesshomaru stood as well, taking the picture of the little girl as he held up to his face, "And she doesn't want you. As you can see, she's already adopted."

Arango side glanced to the picture and then back to Sesshomaru, "Then want do you want me to do then if it isn't the child or the company?"

Sesshomaru grinned, "I'm so glad you asked."


One year later—

Kagome was getting tired of this. She's been here for a year and all the gods did was fool with her head! Well no more! She was tired of being the selfless one. She didn't even get to stay in Earth as she asked for doing this shit! She was going to speak her mind and they were going to listen. Getting up from the Life Mirror room where she had inhabited for the year, she stormed to the main room, where the kami and megami resided for meetings, where it all began. She slammed open the door, surprising all the kami and megami that were apparently discussing important matters. She didn't give a shit. They were going to hear her request here and now or her name wasn't Higurashi Kagome! All the gods were present and sitting, which means she came at a good time. She stormed up to the table and slammed down her hands.

The gods looked shocked, yet were smiling as they knew what was about to come. And Kagome didn't fail them.

"Kagome what brings you here-"

"I've had it! That's why I'm here! You god damn gods keep fooling with me, having me all hopeful one moment. Then the next these two-"she pointed to Eiko and Meiyo, "Then tell me it's impossible, since you can't tamper and shit with human lives. Well here's what I gotta say about that! BULL SHIT! You fucking made me go down to Earth to mess with a god damn youkai to teach him fucking love! Don't tell me you can't tamper! I've had it! I'm going to be selfish. I want to go back down to Earth! I fucking found what I've been looking for and now I want to live to have it!"

Daiichi grinned as he asked as if he didn't know, "And what's that my dear?"

"To live my life with that egoistic youkai who needs a major attitude adjustment!"

The siblings then asked, "Dooshite?"

And falling right into their trap, "Because I love him!"

Seiai jumped into the air and sent out an arrow full of exploding arrows that sparkled just like fireworks. The gods breathed out a sigh in relief and shook their heads at how long it took for her to just say it.

Kagome just stood there baffled, wondering if these gods have lost their minds. Yogensha smiled as she then stood up beaming at her as she took her hands, "We've waited a year for you to say that."

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows, "Nani? You were waiting? You mean I could've just said that and be done with it?"

The gods nodded their heads and others just shook their heads at how stubborn she was. Kagome didn't care; all she cared was that she was finally going home! She beamed as she then turned to Daiichi.

"So does that mean I'm going to be reincarnated?" The gods stared at her in puzzlement, seeing this Kagome asked, "Nani?"

Yogensha sighed and smiled at the oblivious young girl, "My dear, we can't reincarnate you."

When she heard that, Kagome burst in anger, "Eh?! So you lied to me?! How could you do this-" her rant was then muted by a hand over her mouth.

"Will you please shut up and let okaa-san finish?"

Kagome was breathing heavily into the hand, in which she found out, belonged to Meiyo. That mother-complex boy….

Yogensha smiled, "Kagome-koi, as I was saying…we can't reincarnate you because you're already alive."

Kagome blinked, "Eh? Alive? I'm not alive-"

"Actually, you are," the twins grinned as the Life Mirror then appeared before them and her unconscious body in a hospital room was shown before her, "You were there for more than a year now," the twins tsked.

Kagome stared at her living body, "B-but…then I shouldn't be here. Why am I here then?" she looked to Daiichi.

Daiichi then stood up, went over to Kagome, and placed an arm around her as he pointed to the little red head boy holding her hand.

"What do you recall about your death, hmm?"

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows when she thought about it, "Well, it's fuzzy actually. It's like there's two different memories, but I don't know which is the real one. At one point I thought I woke up alone and everyone left me during the explosion. Then for another, I recall saving a red head boy." She looked up to the boy and her eyes widened as the red haired boy looked up to her unconscious face and memories came back, "Shippou!"

"You saved the boy and protected him as you promised," Seiai grinned.

"B-but, then I remember getting hit by rocks."

"Ah Kagome…the truth is," Tsuriai decided to answer this one, "When you escaped the building, you then tripped over a rock and hit your head on the ground. The reason you're in the hospital is because you have a concussion which lead you into a coma."

Kagome sweat dropped as she could imagine her clumsy self doing that, "So what am I doing here for?"

"You had many doubts about waking up and living again." Kibo answered, "That's why we brought you here, to learn your mistakes, find your reason to live, and wake up."

"But when that didn't work…we were in the middle of discussing what we should do with you…but then the matter with Sesshomaru came up." Awareni sighed.

"But these kids here," Niku pulled Seiai and Tsuriai, "How would you say…killed two birds with one stone?" he grinned.

Kagome cocked her head to the side, "So why not tell me straight out?"

"Would you have learned? Our efforts for you, wasted for taking the easy way out?" Meiyo rolled his eyes. Kagome grinned, "Ahh…that makes sense."

Eiko grinned at his brother as she added, "Might I add, dear brother was the one to use reverse psychology as you ningen put it. When our plans weren't getting through to you, instead we were buttering you up, he decided to use a more effective way. It's as you ningen say, 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder.' Is it not?" she grinned as she added, "Nice job brother,"

Kagome was amazed that the prided god was the one who made her see. She giggled as she ran up to him and kissed him on his cheek, "Arigatou Mei-kun!"

Yogensha and Daiichi then took Kagome's hands as they lead her away, "Come Kagome, we're behind schedule."

The younger gods smiled as they screamed out their farewells for now. And while the two head gods lead Kagome away, the younger siblings began to tease the elder sibling.

"Awww!! Did you see? Did you see? Mei-kun blushed!"

"You know he liked it."

"Better yet, he likes Kagome!"




The two head gods led Kagome back to Life Mirror room. Kagome then beamed brightly as she turned to the two gods.

"You never gave up hope on me, did you?"

Daiichi chuckled, "I admit I had my worries, but we never gave up."

Kagome laughed as she hugged the two, "Will we ever met again?"

"When the time comes my dear, which is far from now I assure you." Yogensha winked, "And remember Kagome, it's ok to be a bit selfish at times and to express your feelings….it only proves you're human." She whispered in her ear.

She then pulled apart from the two gods and stood while a glowing light spread around her. Then a thought occurred to her.

"Chotto matte…who was the voice that saved me?!"

The two gods grinned as they waved goodbye to her, "You'll meet her. She's always been watching you."

Kagome's widened as she tried to call out, but they were fading away fast and she was losing herself. All she could do was close her eyes and wait for her new life to come to her.


Her little girl was safe, that much she was relieved. Right now, she had to save this rebellious girl, who was like a lost doe looking for safety, with her baby in tow. It's just like her, to go out of her selfless way to protect others even if it means sacrificing herself and her wants.

She had been watching this girl since she entered the shelter and perhaps even before then. She had the same face as her, yet she was still older by a few months than her.

She had met the girl's mother by accident a couple years back, when she and her father were in the area for business. Her mother had mistaken her for her little girl. But when she figured that they were half, she admitted to her, that she didn't have long to live and to please look over her, since she was all she had left…she was only twelve then, but she fully accepted this duty.

Her will strengthened as she saw her half falling to pieces with no one left to care for her. She couldn't reveal herself to her half; she wouldn't know how she would react when she found out. So for 8 years she hid in secrecy, but it wasn't hard, considering she often run off to her school and worked hard in it. She made sure to keep those with bad influence away from her, so she didn't make the same mistakes as she did. And made absolute sure, she maintained her purity compared to her and her sinful desires.

She was her tainted guardian devil. And her half was her pure angelic child.

It wasn't until she wanted to hit this girl for her stupidity, when she caught sight of her running into danger. She sighed as the girl was oblivious to the falling rumble above her. She had promised her half's dying mother that she would protect her and her innocence; she tended to keep even now. She sacrificed enough. Tears fell from her eyes, knowing that this would be the last time she saw her little girl and her half-sister. She smiled even then as she cried out, "Kagome!" and pushed the girl out of the way. She began to fall and as she did, she continued to watch as her half ran into the safety of the light. She cried happily as she fell to the ground and whispered 'I'll always protect you…'


Kagome groaned as she felt weight on her body. Her eyes felt heavy, all she saw was darkness. She then saw a light approaching her and reaching a hand to her.

"Come Kagome, everyone's waiting." The voice whispered.

Trusting that hand, she reached out and grasped the warm light that began to engulf around her.

Kagome felt aching all over her body, especially her head. She cracked her eyes opened and saw a light figure. She moved her mouth, but no words formed out of it. The woman smiled as she stroked her face. Kagome smiled as she then mouthed the words.

"Ari-ga-tou Kik-yo."


One week later.

A loud yawn rang out of the quiet lobby room of the new building built. The young man stretched his arms and cracked his neck, echoing the sound throughout the room.

"Eww, that's disgusting Miroku!" Sango reprimanded the man.

Miroku grinned as he stuck his tongue out at her, "I'll do what I want."

Sango narrowed her eyes at him, "Alright, tell that to your hand when you get lonely at night." She huffed at him, flipping her hair as she sat at her new lobby desk.

Miroku stared at her worried if she was really serious, before seeing that knowingly smile, that she was just fooling with him…or so he believed. She's so cruel, threatening me at my time of need for her beautiful body…that Kaguya had some influence on her…speaking of which, why is she now working here? Then out of curiosity, he said out loud.

"I still don't get why Kaguya allowed you to resign and with pay just like that," Miroku sighed as he shook his head, leaning it on his folded arms on the smooth marble desk of hers, in front of her.

Sango grinned, "Because I'm sure we have a new "understanding" on how much this job pays more than hers," she cackled as she loaded her computer, to a wallpaper of a puffy faced woman in a horrendous dress, being French kissed by a little ape sized monkey.

"By the way, where's Rin?"

Sango shrugged her shoulders as she typed on her computer, "She was touring around the building with Kohaku last time I saw her."

Miroku grinned, taking this alone time and rare opportunity, as he puckered his lips. Sango glanced over to him and rolled her eyes as she ignored him. Miroku whimpered as he then leaned forward toward her.

"I'm working Miroku."

"No one's around Sangooo." He said in a sing-song voice.

Sango groaned as she then tilted her head up and kissed her boyfriend of two years.

"Happy anniversary." He mumbled.

Sango giggled, "Good thing you remembered, or I would've killed you."

Sango then resumed her work while Miroku continued to stare at his girlfriend. Sango, hating the silence, decided to make a conversation.

"I guess that Sesshomaru, isn't such a jerk after all."

Miroku raised an eyebrow at the odd topic, as he then teased, "Have you fallen for him?" He watched as Sango scowl at him. He raised his hands in surrender. "Yea, I'll admit when I first saw this plan I was just as shocked as you."


"Nani?! Am I seeing this right?"

"Houshi, you're pushing your luck. This Sesshomaru never makes a mistake."

"Nor does "this Sesshomaru" do charity. Why build a new adopt center all the sudden?"

Sesshomaru glared at him, Miroku didn't go farther than that and shrugged his shoulders as he went to gather the information he insisted on.

-Flash end-

Sango propped her elbows up and rested her chin over her hands, "Mmm…so he didn't say why the change of heart? He could've made tons of yen by making this a new shopping center."

Miroku shrugged his shoulders, "As I said, I was just as shocked as you, but that wasn't all. He got Arango Naraku to support him." His eyebrows raised, as said this in total seriousness. Sango's mouth gaped as she mouthed, 'Get the fuck out!'


"What the hell is this Tashio?"

"It is as you read Arango, or are you blind that I must read it to you?"

Arango reread the proposal for Tashio Inc. to build a new adopt center. Every time he read it, it was more outrageous than the last. Arango then began to laugh.

"You want me….to get this piece of crap of a building built? Are you out of your mind?!" He shouted.

"Funny, that's what Minamoto asked."

Arango tossed the papers on his desk and began to turn around. Sesshomaru continued to sit at his desk, with his folded fingers above his mouth.

"If I'm correct Arango…you previously supported and contributed a large donation to Machiawaseru to keep the building going…that is until I bought the property." He raised an eyebrow as the businessman stopped where he stood.

"That's different…it was because she loved that place…."

"And how would she feel if it were any other place? She raised your child there despite being a young mother, without a job, while you were the rich businessman married with a child. She still loved you and that child."

Arango's body began to shake as he swiftly turned around, "It's different now! She's gone and it's because of you!" he hissed as he pointed his finger at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, "You fool, I had once loved her as well."

Sesshomaru picked up the document and went over to him, "She rejected me because she was still in love with you. Do this for her and her child, Onigumo."

Arango stared at the document and huffed as he snatched the paper away and took out his pen, "It's Naraku now Tashio. Don't forget it." He chuckled as he left the document on the desk and placed his pen back in his suit pocket. He then proceeded out the office door, when he paused, his hand ready to turn the knob.

"Why the change of heart Tashio?"

Sesshomaru looked down to the neatly printed copy of the new building to come with both his signature and Arango's. He smiled as he read the name of the building.

"Because I was given a second chance."

-End of Flash-

"Taijya! Houshi! Stop gossiping, I don't pay you for that." A loud bark order shouted.

The two shook their head and laughed quietly. The two turned to the head boss himself as he walked into the lobby, coolly composed and stoic as ever, with his silver Armani suit with black silk lining. His shining polished dress shoes reflected against the marble black floor. His long silver platinum hair flowed down his back, free from any retraining hair bands. He crossed his arms as he stood before them, coolly glaring at the new employee.

"What do you have for me?"

Taijya gave a salute as she then stood up and reported, "We have 5 new additional kids to the building and 10 were just adopted this afternoon."

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes at her ridiculous sense of humor, "And?"

Taijya began to hum the soft playing music that was playing around them as she looked through her papers, "Ahh…this KH has an appointment in applying for the job as second secretary."

Miroku's ears perked up in hearing KH, "Did you say KH? Oh man, I loved that game, especially KH2!! Kairi was a hottie, so was Namie-"

Sango scowled as she added, "Inuyasha is passing by here as well."

Miroku's widened as he yelped and jumped behind the counter, "Where? Where? Where is he? I'm prepared! Protect me Sango!"

Sango sighed as she shook her head. Sesshomaru continued to stare at her and she realized she didn't finish her report as she added, "She should be coming in a few minutes-"

"Okaa-saan's baackkk!!"

Sango was interrupted as Rin ran into the lobby, running around and around, with Kohaku tiredly running after the overexcited child. Miroku patted the poor boy's back, as Sango caught the child, who was jumping up and down.

"Rin! Calm down! What are you talking about?"

Rin stopped jumping and stared into Sango's chestnut eyes with happiness and glee, "Okaa-san came back as she promised! And she brought Rin a playmate. His name is Shippou-"

Sesshomaru was listened with disinterest until she mentioned the name Shippou. He then recalled meeting Rin before and how she had mistaken her for Kikyo. His eyes widened as he then turned around and with quick strides walked out to the entrance. Sango was still trying to convince Rin that she was just seeing things.

"Rin …honey…I know it's late but, your okaa-san is dea-"

Rin's eyes widened as she went around Sango and ran after Sesshomaru. Sango and Miroku both exchanged looks before quickly following after the little girl. Meanwhile, Kohaku was on the floor trying to catch his breath.


By the time the couple reached outside, they were standing next to Rin as she pointed to the raven haired girl standing right in front of Sesshomaru, holding a young red-head kitsune who was asleep in her arms.

The kitsune yawned as he looked around and then up to his mother, "Are we here?"

The girl just nodded and pointed with her head to the little girl who was waving over to them. Shippou grinned as he finally found a playmate. He jumped down from his mother's arms, passed the youkai that was in disbelief, and into Rin's arms, where the two then became acquainted.

The two children turned to the grown-ups. Rin proudly announced that the pretty lady was her mother. Shippou then began to bicker that she was her mother. The two then came up with an idea.

"You shall be Rin's Nii-chan!"

"And Rin shall be my imotou."

With that decided, Shippou then asked, "Who's the scary youkai by okaa-san? Is he gonna eat her?"

Rin giggled, "Iie! Okaa-san and pretty gay man are gonna get married!" she giggled with glee.


Meanwhile, the heroine at hand was looking down at the ground, rubbing her arm with her hand in embarrassment. A strong gust of window came by, pushing Kagome closer to Sesshomaru. Gaining confidence, Kagome then looked up to him, grinning as she waved her hand.

"I told you I'd come back." She nervously laughed. She then looked up to the sign of the building behind him and whistled, "So this is what you've been doing all this time? And here I thought you forgot all about-"

Sesshomaru grabbed the young girl around her waist and pulled her chin up as his lips met hers.

There were gasps in the background and Sesshomaru could've sworn he heard Miroku whistle, saying something about, "My little youkai, gone on and grown up, kissing girls. I'm so proud….hey little kids aren't supposed to watch this!" He made a mental note to beat him up later.

He then pulled away, breathing as he whispered, "Onna-"

"I told you, my name's not-"

He then kissed her again, this time gently. She mumbled something about him being a hentai bastard. They pulled away and she smiled as her ocean blue eyes peered into golden irises. She felt her eyes get blurry and she sniffled as she laughed.

"I'm home"


"And I'm crying."


"I thought I would never see you again."


"Ok, stop saying my name baka."

"Why are you here?"

Kagome laughed as she pushed away an annoying strand of hair that was in Sesshomaru's face and answered, "I'm KH, I applied for here."

He asked again, "Why are you here?"

Kagome pecked his lips as she mumbled, "They gave me another chance. And why are you here?"

Sesshomaru chuckled as he embraced the girl he fell in love with and kissed her once more.

"You gave me a second chance."

With that, the once spirit that haunted the loveless youkai, were given a second chance in life and love.


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AAHHHHHHH!! ….Ok I'll end this. This has been great writing, even if it took 3 years. But I cherished every thought, memory, inspiration, and support from you guys!! Believe me, without you guys, I wouldn't have finished this. Lmao.

Ahhh….stop DG, that's enough for now; you talk too much!

Oh, I'm not going to add a dictionary. You guys probably don't read it anyway. Lol. Now for real, I must start working on Red Wine before wine bottles are thrown at me by my dirty naughty readers that read it. Hehee. Caio for now folks!

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