Masami: Ok! Let's get this going!

Yuugi: How's my hair?

Hair dresser: it's fine. I think you're all set!

Yuugi: n.n

Yami: Damn it! Masami, where the hell's my jacket!

Masami: (rolls eyes) check the wardrobe storage!

Bakura: (reading script) Hey Masami, what's my character's motivation?

Masami: Are you kidding me! Bakura, we've been through this before! Come on people! Let's get it together! Wait a second . . . where the hell is Jou!

Jou: (comes out of closet) uhh . . . sorry I'm late

Masami: (rolls eyes) Kaiba! I thought I warned you! No off stage sex without my consent or my vide camera being there!

Seto: n.n

Yuugi: Oo

Yami: (wears jacket like a cape)

Masami: put it on properly Yami! Ok! Since everyone's here-

Yuugi: Mai isn't here.

Masami: Oh my god! Kujaku! Get your ass on stage right now!

(Toilet flushes)

Mai: (comes out of bathroom) well excuse me for using the bathroom!

Masami: look, I don't care about your bladder problems! Now everyone get into place!

(Students gather into their assigned cliques.)

Masami: ok! Background action!

(Students start quietly chattering)

Masami: Yami get into your desk!

(Yami sits in his desk and reviews lines at last moment)

Masami: ok! Damion, read out the legend and the summary.

Damion: Legend:

"Verbal communication"


XxX Scene change

Disclaimer: Masami no own YGO so you sue! . . ………I mean no sue!

Summary: Motou Yuugi and Kujaku Mai are new students at Domino High school. Atemu Yami soon develops feelings for his 'twin' and the two start dating. Mai is extremely protective of Yuugi and never lets them be alone. Why doesn't she trust Yami? A dark secret hides in Yuugi's and Mai's past. Will Yami and his friends ever find out or can Mai continue to lie and keep it from them?

Seto: wow….that's one hell of a long summary!

Masami: ok! remember, this is all in Yami's POV here. And . . . ACTION! ROLL CAMERA!


Duel One: Yuugi and Mai


( Yami's POV )

I sighed deeply as I stared out the window of my second story History class. The most I could see was the top of the Sakura tree in the courtyard. Its blossoms were not yet in full bloom, but even with out the flowers it was still beautiful.

I waited rather impatiently for first period to start. History wasn't exactly one of my favorite classes, but my friends always made it more interesting. Speaking of which, they're late again.

'Hey, this is Jou and Honda. Those two slackers haven't been on time for a single thing in their lives to this day! They were even born two days late!'

Ok, bad joke and it wasn't true. But I had to laugh a bit at it. I heard the door slid open and I looked over and smiled.

Jou and Honda were joking around the instant they stepped inside. Their faces were all ready red from laughing so much.

Everyone was shaking their heads and laughing at bit at them. By now, they were used to it. But most of them just couldn't help but pity them. It was a fake pity so they didn't care.

Through a struggling gasp, Honda chocked out, "And I said to him . . ."

He made this strange growling noise that made Jou fall to the floor as he laughed. ( Me: lmfao Honda! (my friend named Tristan! I call him Honda and that's our joke! I absolutely had to use it! )

I didn't quiet understand the joke but I was sure it was funny. Jou took his seat beside me as Honda sat behind Jou.

To settle himself, Jou took a deep breath and wiped away a few tears. "Hey Yami. What's up?"

I smiled at him. "Not much. Where's Kaiba? He's usually the first one here."

"He had to take care of something at Kaiba Corp." Jou ran a hand through his mop of blonde hair. "He should be here tomorrow though."

Honda shook his head. "Attending High school, taking care of his little brother, running Kaiba Corp., and managing a relationship all at once? I don't know how he does it sometimes."

Jou smirked. "That's Seto for ya! Always multitasking, ne?"

"So does that mean that saying is true?"

He blinked. "What saying, Yami?"

"Who we are in life is who we are in bed."

Jou turned a bright red shade as we laughed at him.

About ten minutes later the bell rang and our teacher walked into the room. "All right, minna-san, settle down."

The laughter and conversations died down and every one sat in their desks.

"Good morning." The class respectfully echoed his greeting, save for the students in the back right corner of the room. "I trust all of you finished questions one through twenty in chapter three that are due for today?"

Groans of discord filled the room.

"No?" Morita-san blinked in mock surprise. "I gave you three days to get it done!"

He whistled and shook his head. "That doesn't bode well for your final mark."

Many of the students playfully glared at Morita-san's almost singsong tone.

He sighed. "I don't know about some of you. But unfortunately, I'm not allowed to extend the due date so hand them in now or else."

Morita-san sat behind his desk and grinned a bit and most of the students trudged towards his desk.

I slowly stood up with a crumpled booklet in my hand.

I saw him smile as soon as I stood in front of his desk.

"Ah, Atemu-san! It's always such a pleasure to . . . correct your work."

I gave him an annoyed, mocking look and threw the papers down on his desk. However, the booklet (that I unknowingly tossed to the bottom of by book bag) had lost its crispness and lightly floated down.

He stared at the crumpled rectangle. "Mmm hmm!"

I rolled my eyes and returned to my desk. I saw Jou snickering so I growled at him deep in my throat. A few surrounding students hid a laugh behind their hands as I scoffed.

The lesson began. I only paid half my attention to what he was saying. As long as it looked like I was listening and writing things occasionally, he wouldn't know the difference.

In a way, I did want to learn about our country's history but not so early in the morning! It seemed so unfair! How can they expect us to think this near to the beginning of the day?

We're teenagers, for the love of Kami!

(A/N: if he thinks he has it bad, try having Math first thing everyday on the top floor of your school when your locker is in the basement! In summer it was always so hot! x.x' I'm surprised I even passed that class since it's the one I always do the worst in!)

When I tuned in to the lesson (having at least some thinking capacity) I looked at the clock to find it was only half way through class. I started counting the minutes until it was over, but I was interrupted.

Morita-san cleared his throat. "Atemu-san?"

I looked over at him and saw that he had stopped the lesson and was staring right at me along with the rest of the class. Kuso! I've been caught!

I stood up. "Gomen nasai, Morita-san. I was just counting the minutes until class was over."

"Why? Do you have a hot date with someone after my class?"

The class laughed and my face turned a bit red. "No sir."

"Then how 'bout you pay attention until then? And if you still want to court someone then I'll give you some flowers to give to your special someone."

Every one burst out laughing. I glared at him a bit and sat down.

There was a timid knock on the door. Morita-san walked over to it and stepped outside for a moment.

When he came back in, he had a small smile on his face and it wasn't from the joke he made about me. At least, I'm pretending that it's not.

"Minna-san, please quiet down." They just became rowdier. "Minna-san!"

No one was listening.

"Shut up!" He abruptly shouted. Every one visibly flinched. Morita-san was never the kind to shout.

But at least it worked. Every one was silent and let him speak.

"Thank you! Now, I forgot to tell you, but we're getting a new classmate today." A few quiet murmurs echoed in the class. "When he's talking I only want to hear his voice. Be nice to him and don't throw any rude comments at him."

I noticed he was looking at Ushio when he said that.

"This is his first time at this school so he doesn't know any body here. Get to know him. You all know what it's like being a first timer, and no I don't mean sex."

Scattered laughter through the room meant a few people were thinking that.

Morita-san slid the door open all the way and beckoned the new student in. The instant my eyes fell upon his face, I gasped. I wasn't the only one apparently.

But Jou and Honda did it for another reason.

"Yami, he looks just like you!"

I blinked. Could he really?

No, it's impossible! There's no way I look like such an angel. He was absolutely beautiful! I suppose I looked all right, but this new student . . . it felt like I was staring at a wingless seraph.

I saw that he was hugging his binder and a history textbook to his chest, well, it was more like he was clutching them, but he still looked absolutely terrified.

I came out of my daze when Morita-san stood beside me and leaned against the wall.

"Well, why don't you introduce yourself to us?"

He nodded his head and took a deep breath to settle his nerves. I saw his lean body shaking a bit and I couldn't take my eyes away from him.

"M-my name is Motou Yuugi and . . . I'm from Nagano. Um . . . I moved here a few days ago from . . . N-Nagano."

I vaguely heard Ushio laugh a bit at how he stuttered and repeated his hometown twice. My hate for him increased. How could he make fun of such a beautiful creature?

Morita-san nodded. "That's where the 1998 Olympics were held."

(Me: It's true! My mom told me everyone kept on saying the city's name wrong too! n.n silly people who can't pronounce Japanese cities! Then again, I probably can't either :P)

Yuugi bobbed his head a bit. That was when I noticed why Jou had said that I looked like him.

We had almost exactly the same hair!

The only big difference between us (beside eye colour and voice) was his height. He looked to be about a head shorter then me and I swear I thought he was ten years old! They weren't letting children attend Domino High School were they?

"Want me to get you those flowers now, Atemu-san?"

I jumped a bit when I heard Morita-san's voice right beside my ear. He must have seen me staring!

I blushed brightly and sunk further into my desk.

He stood up straight and patted the desk before mine. "You can sit right here in front of Atemu-san."

He bowed deeply to our sensei. "Arigatou, Morita-san."

I couldn't take my eyes off him as Yuugi slowly made his way toward me. Well, to his desk, but it was still in my direction!

I gaped at how his slender body moved. He had a kind of grace with each movement made.

I gulped, as he stood right next to me. Our eyes met and everything seemed to stop.

It's as if nothing existed but Yuugi and myself. Time froze to let this moment of our first real look at each other last forever.

His deep pools of amethyst made me feel so at peace and calm. But at the same time, I was excited and almost fearful. I've never felt so . . . so . . .

"Um . . . e-excuse me . . . Atemu-san?"

I love the way he said my name. It sent a tingle down my spine. His voice alone was enough to-

"Atemu-san, would you mind removing your feet from Motou-san's chair?" Morita-san asked.

"Oh! Um . . ." I shook my head. "Sure."

The bottom of my slippers connected with the floor. ( 1 ) He bowed and thanked me before sitting down.

Morita-san explained to him what he was just teaching us.

I blinked several times before my eyes could focus again.

It was as if his beauty had blinded me worse then staring straight at the sun. I took slow, quiet, deep breaths to try and get my breathing back to normal. I could feel my heart pounding harder then a war drum. My blood was racing through me like an electric shock to my heart.

It was absolutely incredible. I've never felt like this before!

I stared at the back of his head all class. After some time, I felt the initial burning sensation slowly start to subside.

All that was left ten minutes before class ended was this strange warmth in my stomach. My mouth was dry so I asked if I could get a drink.

Any one who would have watched me probably would have thought that I had swallowed an entire ocean. But I couldn't help it. I drank the fresh, cool water with such greed, as I had never known before.

Finally coming up for air, I panted like a marathon runner.

I don't know why, but I couldn't get Yuugi's face out of my mind. Every though that came to me was about him. And once again, I had lost all saliva as I imagined-

No! I can't think like that! Not now! Taking another gallon or two of water, I returned to class.

I quietly sighed as I sat behind him once more.

"All right class, you have your partners, so get started on the project tonight. It's due next Monday and I expect it to be better then your last one." Morita-san lowered his voice. "Let's not have a 'Tokyo Tower of Mashed Potatoes' reenactment."

Jou and Honda cleared their throats tried to sink into their seats.

I clearly remember that little incident. Mashed Potatoes flew everywhere when the 'tower' fell over! I couldn't get those spuds out of my hair for two hours!

Most of us couldn't help but look back on that and laugh. Although, others just glared at the pair.

"Katsuya-san? Hiroto-san? I trust your project will not involve food this time?"

They simply nodded as the bell rang.

"Remember, minna-san! Due next Monday! That's in a week so get started!"

I slowly stood up after Yuugi. But my attention was turned to my friends when I was tapped on the shoulder.

"Hey Yami, what's up? You never drink the school water." Jou said apprehensively. "You always said it tasted like rat poison!"

Damn my friends for being so perceptive!

"Hey gimmie a break! I just needed a drink, ok?"

Honda scratched his head. "Why? Did you spend an hour in the desert before you got to class?"

I groaned. "No, all right? I was thirsty! Sheesh! Apparently I missed the meeting where it was agreed that drinking from a school fountain was illegal!"

I turned around quickly but bummed into something. Or more like someone.

I gasped as I saw Yuugi sitting on the floor. His textbook had fallen to the floor along with him just to his left.

"Gomen nasai, Atemu-san!" He quickly got to his knees and bowed down so far his forehead was touching the floor.

I shared confused and shocked looks with my friends. What was he doing? I know bowing is meant to be respectful, but this was almost ridiculous!

I knelt beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. Why did he back away from me a little?

"Hey, it's ok. I bumped into you. You don't have to bow like I'm some sort of pharaoh."

He shook his head. "No. I have to bow to my superiors."

I gasped. "What? Yuugi, I am in no way superior to you."


I looked up when I heard a female's voice. She must have been a new student as well because her face wasn't familiar to me.

She wore the girl's uniform but with the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders. She was very attractive and had an air of compassion around her.

She had long blonde hair down to her waist and bright violet eyes. They were deeper then Yuugi's but still similar in shade. In these eyes, I saw immense concern.

Instantly, she pushed me away and cradled Yuugi in her arms.

"Yuugi, what's wrong? What happened?" She glared at me. "What did you do to him!"

I flinched at her sudden change in tone. It went from a soft, gentle voice when directed to Yuugi to a harsh, hateful shriek with me.

Jou spoke for me.

"He didn't do anything, miss. He accidentally bumped into Yuugi and he fell to the floor. That's all."

I could see her violet irises scanning Jou's face for any trace of fabrication.

Then she turned to the boy in her arms. "Yuugi, is that true? Is that all that happened?"

He silently nodded. "Yes." He replied just above a whisper.

She sighed. For the second time, she glared at me. "It had better be."

The girl helped Yuugi stand and grabbed his fallen textbook. He retrieved his bag, all the while staring at the floor. Or at least, he never made eye contact.

"Gomen nasai, Atemu-san."

She stopped him from bowing again. "Don't apologize to him, Yuugi. I'm sure he didn't mean to and I'm also sure the he is the one who really wants to say that he's sorry."

She made it blatantly obvious of what she wanted me to do. And of course I wanted to apologize! I practically scare him to death and I just walk away? I don't think so!

"She's right, you know. And I am very sorry, Yuugi. I didn't mean to push you down like that. I should have watched where I was going. Can you forgive me?"

After a long silence he nodded his head.

I smiled even though he never saw it. I turned it to a frown.

"You're not hurt are you?"

He shook his head. "No, Atemu-san. I'm fine."

The girl held his shoulders and turned him. "Come on, Yuugi. We don't want to be late for science."

I blinked. "Do you two have science with Yamashita-san?"

She turned and glared suspiciously at me. "Hai, we do. Why?"

"Well, that's my next class so why don't I escort you two?"

I could tell she didn't like the idea. But that's when I saw Yuugi. He was almost looking up and . . . blushing?

The girl saw this as well and lost her seemingly permanent glare. She still wasn't happy about it, but at least she wasn't leering at me any more.

"Very well. I don't know where the classroom is any way. Thank you, sir."

I stuck out my hand. "I'm Atemu Yami. This is Katsuya Jounouchi and Hiroto Honda."

She accepted my hand and held it with a very tight grip. "My name is Kujaku Mai. You all ready know Yuugi."

I winked at him to see what kind of reaction I would get. I smiled when I saw his blush deepen.

Mai squeezed my hand almost to the point of breaking my bones. She obviously didn't like me very much.

After the strangest introduction I've ever been in, I walked with Mai and Yuugi to room 203.

"So how do you two know each other?"

Yuugi was about to answer but Mai put a hand on his shoulder. "That's none of your business."

I blinked. Apparently, it was very personal. "Gomen, Mai-san. I shouldn't have been so rude."

She nodded once and we continued on our way.

Upon arrival to the science room, Yamashita-san immediately started interrogating us at to why we were five minutes late.

I could tell Yuugi didn't like being asked so many questions in such an angry tone when he hid behind Mai in fear.

"Please, Yamashita-san. Mai-san and Yuugi-san were lost so I had to help them find their way."

He looked at her for confirmation. Mai, seeing no other way out of this, nodded. In her eyes, I could tell she was angry.

Yamashita-san smiled. "That's very generous of you, Atemu-san. Next time, try to be a little faster."

He allowed us to go to our seats but before Mai sat down beside Yuugi at an empty parallelogram shaped table, she sent a furious glare my way.

'Oh great. She's angry with me again! What did I do now?'

I got my answer at lunch after math class that I also had with them.

Mai forcefully pulled me aside from my friends and shoved me against a wall.

"So you think you can use Yuugi and me to make yourself look good?"

I shook my head. "No! Of course not! I was just-"

"No. We don't need your help. So you stay away from both of us."

"Actually," Jou said as he approached. "Yami and Yuugi are partners for a history project."

Bakura stood by his side with his arms folded. "So unless you want him to fail, then he has no choice but to work with our friend."

Mai released my collar and grunted. "Fine. You can work with him for this project. It will be at our apartment after school. Do you have some problem with this?"

"No, not at all." I said.

She pulled up one of the sleeved that had fallen down while she was dragging me.

"Good. Then after this, you won't ever talk to either of us again. Yuugi doesn't need you as a friend."

She briskly walked away before stabbing me with her sharp eyes that were filled with anger.

Jou snorted. "What's her problem?"

Bakura walked up beside me. "You ok, Yami?"

"Un, I'm fine."

I watched Mai until she was out of site. It seemed so strange that she would jump to such a conclusion. Why would I have any reason to use them for my own gain? It's not like she knew me.

Then again, I didn't exactly know them, either.

But I hoped I could become friends with them. Regardless of what Mai said, they need friends. Every one does.

(End Yami's POV)


Mai sighed and sat down beside Yuugi in a private unoccupied corner of the schoolyard.

"Hey Mai. Where did you go?"

She smiled sweetly at him. He had tilted his head in wonderment while he chewed on his ham sandwich.

"I just went to use the bathroom, nosey."

He laughed a bit which cheered her up.

'Yuugi deserves to be happy. After everything that's happened . . . I won't let him be hurt ever again.'

Mai started unpacking her lunch. All she had was a sandwich identical to Yuugi's and a can drink of her favorite soda. It wasn't much, but she was only paid minimum wage. Besides, it was enough.

"So Yuugi, what exactly is this history project you have to work on with that guy?"

The boy blinked. "I didn't tell you about that."

She smiled. "I know. But I talked to Morita-san before Math."

Mai quickly lied. She didn't want Yuugi to know about her conversation with Yami. If Yuugi knew she was being so rough and angry with someone again . . .

"Oh." He gulped down the last of his drink and sat back against the wall. "Well, Atemu-san and I just have to research what Japan's agricultural habits where before technology was available."

"Wow. Sounds exciting." She said flatly.

Yuugi laughed again. "I know. But in a way, I'm almost . . . excited."

Mai raised an eyebrow. "Why's that?"

"Well . . ."

Her other brow rose to the other's height. "Is that a blush I see?"


She waved a hand defensively. "I'm just giving you a hard time. Seriously, what is it that's got you excited about this project?"

He gulped a bit. "Promise not to laugh?"

Mai drew a cross on her chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Well . . . if you have to know . . . it's um . . ."

She sighed deeply. "Yuugi . . . please don't tell me it's that Yami guy."

Yuugi bowed his head.

Mai groaned. "You can't be serious. Yuugi, you can do so much better then . . . him."

He drew his knees to his chest. "He makes me feel . . . I don't even know how to describe it. But when I saw his eyes for the first time . . . I really felt like . . . I am capable of love."

Yuugi stared up at the Sakura tree sadly. Painful memories washed over him like a wave on to the shore.

Mai frowned at him. She sat beside the boy and draped a comforting arm over his shoulders.

"Yuugi . . . I thought we've been through this before. You are very capable of love. Juro didn't know what he was talking about. He just said that to try and break your spirit."

Yuugi buried his head between his knees.

She held the child close to her. "Oh Yuugi, I know you're sad. And I know how you feel. But you can't let him get to you. Juro is dead. Just forget about him. There's only you and me and that's all we need."

He nodded but accidentally let a sob escape his soft lips.

Both of her arms were now wrapped around him. "It's ok to cry now, Yuugi. You don't have to hold it back any more. Remember, we're starting a whole new life. Forget everything Juro told you and made you say and do. None of it matters now and he won't ever come back. I promise."

Yuugi quietly cried against her shoulder. "Gomen nasai, Kujaku-san. I didn't mean to."

Mai closed her eyes and held Yuugi closer. 'He just can't let it go. I wish he wouldn't be so formal even towards me. But I suppose it's just a force of habit. He never wants to offend anyone no matter who it is.

He's only like this around me when he's really upset. Especially when he thinks about Juro. That bastard! Even in death he keeps haunting us. Well, I'll stop him. I don't know how but I swear I will. I won't let his memory torment Yuugi and I forever. You won't win, Juro. I'll make sure of that.'

"It's all right, Yuugi. I know you didn't mean to."

He quieted down a few minutes later. After that, the two sat in a friendly silence. Mai stroked Yuugi's hair to keep him calm and allowed her eyes to close.

Yuugi fell into a light sleep while Mai just rested her eyes.

But their slumber was soon interrupted by a shadow that had consumed their frames.

Mai's violet orbs snapped open and she stood up in front of Yuugi.

"Who are you?" She harshly asked.

The boy smirked. He must have been ten times her size but she showed no fear to him.

"That's none of your business, bitch."

The sudden movement of when Mai stood up had awoken Yuugi. He was shocked to hear such a rude comment directed towards her.

"Hey!" He shakily stood up. "L-leave Mai-san . . . a-alone!"

He laughed. "Hey boys, look at the little baby trying to stand up for his girlfriend!"

His friends chortled cruelly at him.

Mai stuck out an arm to keep Yuugi back. "You stay away from him."

"Why?" One of the thugs asked. "We don't take orders from some stupid whore like you!"

The instant Yuugi heard the term 'whore' his blood began to boil.

"Don't . . . call . . . her . . . that!"

With out a single thought, Yuugi lashed out and knocked his fist against one of the boy's cheeks, forcing him to the ground.

Mai and a few others gasped.

'I've never seen him so . . . violent before. This is the first time he's ever hit any one!'

Yuugi stood in absolute shock. 'I . . . I hit that boy! I . . . how could . . . I hit him . . . like that? Kami, am I no better then . . . Juro?'

"Well well well! Look at what we have here!" The first boy snorted and grabbed Yuugi's collar, lifting him off the ground. "This baby likes to fight, does he?"

"No!" Mai charged at him, but two others held her back. "Let him go! Don't touch him!"

Yuugi tightly shut his eyes. He didn't want to see the face of his attacker.

A fist collided with his face. He was dropped to the ground where kicks and punches landed all over his body.

The boy curled into a ball. He silently wished that he could become so small that no one could see him any more. Then there would be no more pain.

A familiar voice entered his ear. It wasn't Mai, who was shouting the entire time. This voice belonged to someone else.

The pain suddenly stopped and Yuugi dared to open one of his eyes. His attacker was on the ground and someone was standing in front of him. Yuugi pushed himself up and gasped.

"At-temu-san . . ."

Yami towered over his assailant's body. Jou, Honda and Bakura stood with him ready to attack him again, if needed.

"Ushio! You stay away from them!"

The newly identified bully growled in anger. But he knew he was defeated. He stood up and his followers ran up behind him.

"This isn't over, Atemu! I'll get you for this!"

Bakura made like he was going to run at them but they were off like a shot.

Yami turned around and crouched beside Yuugi. "Are you all right? Of course you're not all right. Ushio was beating you! Sorry, stupid question. Will you be ok?"

Yuugi stared at him in shock. He slowly nodded, unable to get his voice working.

Yami took hold of the boy's chin and turned his head to the side to inspect the red mark that radiated on his cheek.

He lightly rubbed his thumb over the welt and frowned when Yuugi winced.

"That's going to bruise. But I think you should be all right."

Yami released his chin, letting his hand linger a little longer then it should have.

Yuugi turned to stare into Yami's eyes again. He felt he could have gotten lost in the warm crimson pools that stared back at him.

Before his journey into Yami's soul could begin, he heard a groan come from his left.

Out of curiosity, he turned his head and gasped.


She had doubled over holding her stomach and had started to cough.

Yuugi ran over to her. "Mai, what happened! What's wrong!"

Mai slowly looked up at him and smiled. "One of the guys decked me so I wouldn't be able to help you. But don't worry I'm fine. Really."

Tears fell from his eyes. "I'm sorry, Kujaku-san. It's all my fault."

She held him close now that the pain had slowly started to ebb away. "It's ok, Yuugi. I know you didn't mean it."

He cried from the pain and no one could see an end in sight.

"It's all right now, Yuugi. I love you."

Yami felt a pang of sadness hit his heart. He didn't want to see Yuugi in such pain. But it also seemed that . . . this wingless angel already belonged to someone.

He didn't think they were that close, but if they were Yami wouldn't get in the way of it.

Yami stood up. "Let's go. I think they'll be ok."

Bakura raised an eyebrow. 'He's giving up on Yuugi already? Maybe he didn't love him after all.'

They decided to leave and let Mai and Yuugi have time to their selves. Staying any longer would have been rather awkward any way.

Yami sighed. 'I'm sorry, Yuugi. I thought maybe we could have been together. But maybe our likeness is the only thing we were ever to have in common. If that is how fate chose it, then so be it. Goodbye, Yuugi. I hope you and Mai are happy together. Even if it means that I am not.'


Masami: And . . . cut! Ok everyone that's a wrap! We're done for today!

Yami: (sigh) thank god!

Bakura: Masami! What's my character's motivation!

Masami: (rolls eyes) anyway, great job everyone! Yo! Yuugi! (hug) You were excellent!

Yuugi: (blush) thanks.

Masami: I am so glad I picked you for this role! You're absolutely perfect for it!

Yuugi: (bigger blush) Well . . . I thought Yami was pretty awesome too

Yami: (blush)

Masami: (Takes picture of Yami and Yuugi blushing) n.n

Mai: can I go home now?

Masami: (rolls eyes) yes you can all go! Damion! Drop this film off in the editing room. Make sure it's perfect!

Damion: (rolls eyes) fine

( 1 ) : I read on this one site about Japanese culture that they wear slippers inside. Blue for boys and I think it was pink slippers for girls. I thought it was kinda neat and I wanted to try and make this story as accurate as possible since most of this will be taking place in the school. If I'm wrong about anything, don't be afraid to correct me.

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