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Chapter 7

"O.K, Acheros, I want you to focus on your wings. Feel them spreading?"

The boy had a look of intense concentration on his face, and suddenly, a mass of gold and silver feathers sprouted from his shoulders and moulded themselves into wings.

"Wow, impressive," Aeo whispered, pushing his golden blonde hair out of his face to stare more intensely at Acheros.

Ignatius arrived; he too was shocked by Char's wings.

"Char, how…?"

"How what, Da, and why are you staring at my wings?"

"You do know that ours are white, don't you?"

"Yes, why, aren't mine, I mean, they should be, shouldn't they?"

"Child, your wings, well, they are silver and gold. Wait a sec… whoa! I'm detecting some of your elemental magic, but, this can't be right, it's emanating from one of your wings. Char, why can't I detect anything on the left side of your body?"

"Err, Da, you know when I said I couldn't remember anything?"


"I lied. You can't feel anything there yet, because… my arm's still healing."

"Char… you're not who I think you are, are you?" Rampant curiosity and something more, almost a sort of wild hope danced in his father's eyes.

"Probably, yes, Da, I didn't know, if I had done I would have told you, I swear!"

"Char, remember what I told you about your language, you are physically four years old. You do not swear, metaphorically or otherwise!"

"Da! You know I… oh."

"See, you did swear. And now, I would like to see you fly. Concentrate hard, this is difficult. Flap your wings and imagine yourself levitating."

Acheros closed his eyes and started to flap, a moment later he opened them. He was still on the ground.

Half an hour later, he had finally mastered flight.

As he soared far above his father, Ignatius gasped. Fine silver rain was falling from his right wing, spread as it was over his head.

"Char, now I want you to concentrate on getting a control on your magic. I don't want to have a cold shower every time I see you fly!"

"Da, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" The child sounded very ashamed.

Ignatius laughed. "Child, just stop leaking, that's all I ask.

A strange look passed across Chars face and the rain stopped. The coldness in the air also vanished.

Ignatius was just in time to catch his son as he fell.