Trent's POV

(His point of view of Monday's class)

Monday, day Four

Shit! I'm so late to class. Dr. O is going to kill me when I walk in class. Man, I feel like going back to bed.

It took a good thirty minutes trying to find out what to wear. It took forever to find this damn yellow shirt. I was praying it still fit. It did.

Poor Kira, she's probably kicking herself in the ass for wanting me to wear yellow.

I for one am extremely glad right now. I don't think I ever want to be in another person's mind ever again.

As I open the door, I can tell Kira has been looking at it for some time now. Her eyes grow as she notices what I'm wearing.

"All right class, quiet," Dr. O says.

I catch her looking at me a couple of times but quickly turn back around. It's too funny. She has yet to say anything, and we sit right next to each other.

I can tell she's losing it. My bag severs as a pillow as I lay my head down, wanting to sleep so badly. Knowing Dr. O's going to tell me something sooner or later, I get back up.

I know Kira knows I'm looking at her, even though her eyes are on Dr. O. She's probably thinking about how Dr. O is reacting to all this. I am, too.

Truly, I had no idea I had this kind of effect on her. I swear. Really, I didn't. I'm really sorry Kira. Love you. You're the one that wanted to see me in yellow.

As Dr. O starts passing out the test grades on the other side of the room, I can see him looking mine and Kira's way a few times. Honest Dr. O. It's not all my fault. Okay, well, I guess it can be. Whatever, just give me the damn test grade already! Me thinking about wearing yellow's making me crazy.

As I see Kira smile down at her paper, I think 'cool.' She must have done well. I'm happy for her. I take a deep breath as he gives me this 'I know what's going on' kind of look. Oh come on Dr. O. Don't give me that look.

Oh cool. Right on. Oh no, I'm sounding like Kira now. Anyway, I got an 85.

Suddenly I see Kira turn around in her seat, facing me. I show her my grade and she smiles. When she shows me hers, I give her a wink. An 88 isn't bad at all. Sure, a 90 would've been better, but considering the situation, I think we both did pretty well.