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Raven sighed. She had been trying to sleep for the past two hours, and still... nothing. Glancing over at the clock, she sighed again.

12:03AM and ticking...

Time for her midnight tea. She liked her tea. Ever since Slade's first reappearance, it had become a sort of habit of her's to be drinking tea in the middle of the night. At first she had used her tea to calm her to sleep after a bad dream consisting of her father, but the habit had persisted even after Trigon's downfall.

Annoyed, she pulled off her covers and got out of bed. Why couldn't she just get rid of the stubborn consuetude? It wasn't like she needed it anymore. Putting on her shoes, Raven rushed across the room and out the door. As she made haste down the halls, anger flooded her mind. She WAS stronger than this; why couldn't she defeat it?

'Calm down Raven... Something is going to disintegrate if you don't,' she warned herself with a smirk. It wasn't until she had come around the last corner that she realized she was cloakless.

'Oh well, it's not like anyone's going to be there.' Having never spoken of it, Raven's attachment to her cloak had gone undetected. She felt... naked... without it. One might guess walking around in a leotard would result in a denuded feeling, but that wasn't it. Without her cloak to protect her like a blanket protects a child from the uninvited guests that lurk around, exploring every dark corner of the underside of their bed, Raven felt vunerable and exposed. It hid her from the outside world, offering her comfort and protection in times of need. Being unaware of her contemporaneous emotions, others would not be able to use them against her. They wouldn't be able to inflict upon her the pain she had felt the last time she had let her emotions be seen unveiled.

He was shockedas he heard the unexpected swoosh of the common room door, indicating he was no longer alone. Footsteps echoed in the silence, disturbing the once still air.

'Raven...?' Now that's a bit out of the ordinary. What would she be doing here at a time like this? 'Hope she doesn't notice me.' He held his breath.

Raven stood in front of the stove. Unidentifiable objects floated to her from the fridge and cabinets. He could see her holding something over something else, his ears picking up the sound of liquid being poured. She turned the dial and began to wait patiently, for now she was sure she would have what she wanted.

His lack of oxygen was beginning to make itself known, causing him to let out a long, tremulous breath. Raven turned quickly. Had she heard something? She shrugged it off as a meer showing of her emotion-based powers when she heard the high-pitched cry of the kettle; the water was ready. However assuaged by Raven's current lack of interest in her surroundings, he dare not move. He risk not the precarious sounds of his transformations for fear of inadvertently declaring his presence.

Raven teemed with delight at the way her tea seemed to wash down a huge lump in her throat. It calmed her to her very soul, and for some reason her indubitable satisfaction made him happy. She made her way toward the window and watched the sea below. It seemed a dark, endless void, an empty space that ended in nothingness. Above it a thin veil, of silk, shining in the moonlight.

He marveled at the sight. The moonlight outlined her cloakless figure, bouncing off her every curve. She held the mug with both hands, sipping at her tea. How long would this last? This feeling of warmth, contentment, temporary happiness... Was it worth it? To allow herself the momentary pleasures of elusion only to come into a nasty descent, as if she had consumed too much caffeine and now had to feel the consequences? Raven frowned. How long would it last?

Feeling some of the power escape her mental grasp, she looked down. Her leotard had ripped; a thin line from her upper abdomen down to the area right above her left thigh was barely noticeable. It was enough. Raven growled; she needed more tea.

He watched her make her way back toward the stove. As she walked, random objects started to float around, encased in black power. How annoying this was to Raven. She wanted them all to explode; then she would be happy.

'Calm down, Raven...' A nearby cabinet flew open, zestily disgorging its contents. "Stupid powers!"

He watched as she stood, meditating to herself silently. 'Stupid powers?' Of course he knewn her powers were fueled by her emotions, for he had used them before, but what could she be mad at? Wasn't this only when she was extremely enraged? What had been the elements of her infuriation this time?

Halcyon once again, she concluded her trip to the stove, the previosly dislodged cabinet occupants returning to their anterior positions. She sighed; only one tea bag left. If she drank it, she wouldn't have any meditation tea tomorrow. BUT, if she rid herself of it, she would have a chance to leave the tower tomorrow without raising any suspicions from her fellow team members.

Wait! Suspicions? Who cared whether they were fastidious towards her or not? She certainly didn't... Did she? There was no point in denying it and Raven knew it. She couldn't lie to herself, and she also knew that for some reason... For some reason she just did not want them to know that she had life beyond the tower; that she had friends besides them. She hesitated for a moment before pouring the rest of the water out of the kettle and into her mug. Could she be so sequestered from her friends that she hid not only her feelings, but part of her life from them? Starfire's words, just a few weeks before, "For confiding in us we are most humbled..." For confiding in us... confiding... Did that mean nothing?

"Don't thank me yet, Starfire."

He could note the tiredness and sense of guilt in her voice as returned to her previous stance by the window, watching the giant glimmering aquarium below. 'Why would she be-' Raven suddenly whipped around, leaning against the thick glass. She put one foot against it to support herself and tilted her face downward, her head nearly resting on her shoulder.

'...gah...gah...gah...gah...' He suddenly lost all indication rational thought.

It peaked over her shoulder, covetous eyes darting across an enticing form. She leaned her head into him as he whispered into her ear, relaxing into his soft words. His breath tickled her cheak and she smiled. His very essence traced every inch of her body, fingertips lingering on perfectely forged curvatures.

The picturesque fluorescence was hitting her at the perfect angle, just like he wanted so badly to hit himself right then. "Wow..." Acumen returned to him as soon as the fateful expression had escaped his lips. He winced as she turned her head to squint at the shadows that no longer served as a camouflager. Someone was there, and she knew it. Eep!

But who could it be? Her gaze softened and a small smile irradiated her features.


Funny; he never came two nights in a row. Their midnight tea parties were higly infrequent, and she only expected him once every two weeks. Oh well, guess there's a fist time for everything.

"Hey Robin, what's up?" Robin? What the-? "Two nights in a row, that has to be a new record. Ha, I'd say your getting pretty comfortable with this." Pretty comfortable? Pretty comfortable with what? Frantic, he tried to speak; nothing came out. Every muscle in his body astringed, he held his breath as Raven drew nearer. He would later have to admit he could've easily avoided the situation, morphing into something diminutive and conforming to the problem afterwards when he would be fully composed. He would also have to admit that whatever happens does so for a reason.

"Robin?" She smiled slyly.

Oh no...

"Are you okay?" He could hear the teasing in her voice as she stepped into the shadows, darkness obscuring her once effulgent countenance.

Don't move...


Don't breathe...

"Are you even awake? You're not somnambulate again, are you? Like that time you barged into my roo- Why are you wearing your armament?" By then Raven had her hand on his shoulder and was standing over him, towering above him like a queen. 'No, a princess! Queens are fat and ugly! A sorceress? Aahh!' She was slowly running her hand down his shoulder... to his upper arm... 'Oh no!'3...2...1...

Raven gasped. Since when did Robin have long sleeves? She backed away sharply. "B-Beast boy?"

"H-How 'bout an angel?"

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