His eyes were in a cool glare. He couldn't believe that he had left this very woman. She stood tall,gently but strong, in this Irish square. He turned to his host and started to talk,Scarlett was coming over.

"Hello Rhett, what a surprise!" He could hear the want in her voice.

"Helllo Scarlett , what weather were having ?" Wonder if she can hear the surprise in my voice? she hopefully can't read my eyes , she is soo good at that since I taught. I hope you can! then you can see my pain. He just laughed.

"Well I never. Well how have you been" as soon as she said it she thought she would die! The thought of him with another women. How awful! Well I love him!

" Oh Rhett I love you!" oh she shouldn't have said that.

"goodbye Scarlett" was the response.

There was a knock on the door, who could that be ?

"Take Cat to her room I'll be there in a second."

" hello? Is anyone there?"

Oh my God it's Rhett. He won't take her away that's it. That can't happen!


"Mommy what are you doing ..."

The door was already open, he had heard the child. NO!

"Mother?" he questioned.

"Yes she's mine ."

" And... Where is the father ?"

"H-here!" should I tell him? Yes, he ought to know. "He left me but I hope that he'll come back!"she stood afraid!