When they arrived at work Nick began changing into the clothes that had been left in his locker, vividly aware that Greg was only five feet away from him the entire time, practically in touching distance. He tugged the work shirt over his head just as Warrick wandered in, looking just as tired as he did. "Hey 'Rick, what's up?" He felt bad that he hadn't actually taken the time to talk to the black man in the weeks following his incident.

"Not much," Warrick replied, slapping him on the back in a friendly manner, letting him no that there were no hard feelings between the two of them. "Good to have you back man; it's been a lot less fun without you around."

"Thanks," Nick smiled as Catherine came in. "Hey Cath." He greeted the women happily, genuinely glad to see her.

Catherine kissed his cheek softly. "How are you Nicky?" She looked at him with concern in her eyes.

Nick returned the gesture, for once not bothered by her motherly nature. "I'm feeling better," He told her, surprised to find that it was no longer a lie, that he actually was feeling better and it had almost everything to do with Greg.

"So we're all back together again," Greg broke into the conversation, slinging his arms around Warrick and Catherine's shoulders, "One big happy family." He declared rather loudly, sneaking a flirtatious look at Nick, he winked.

"Wow Sanders what happened to your neck?" Warrick asked, arching an eyebrow immediately noticing the purple mark that looked like someone had bitten him.

Greg ducked his head, a light blush decorating his skin, he lowered his eyes ready to deny where the bite mark had come from before he looked at Nick and happiness filled him. "Went riding yesterday and got bit by something wild," He responded nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulder in an easy manner.

Nick laughed softly, shaking his head at Greg's actions, but happy to see that he seemed to be more back to himself than he had in the months previous. "No need to lie G," He told him softly.

"I'm not, you are pretty wild," Greg said flirtingly, taking the plunge and allowing his two co-workers and friends to see him just for what he was.

Warrick groaned and slapped twenty dollars in Catherine's hand. "I can't believe it, I knew you were gay Sanders but I never would've imagined that Nick would've had feeling for you. Not that there's anything wrong with that," He amended quickly, catching the look that Nick shot him.

Greg shrugged again. "I guess I'm just that fabulous," He slipped away from Warrick and Catherine moving to Nick's side, beaming when the Texan wrapped an arm around his waist. "And maybe Nick's just that damn sexy, he just can't be straight with a body like that."

Catherine laughed. "I knew it all along, I have excellent gaydar, I can't believe you never saw the way those two looked at each other Warrick, I think even Grissom noticed and that's saying something. I know Sarah did because we always talked about the two of you getting together." She arched an eyebrow studying them. "And they do make a very nice couple, if I do say so myself."

Groaning again Warrick took her elbow and led her from the room once she was finished putting her purse in the locker. Catherine merely waved and smiled at them before going back to bragging to Warrick about how she had been right all along.

"I'm glad they don't care," Nick confided in Greg, his fear dissipating rapidly, as he looked into Greg's eyes.

Greg nodded taking one of Nick's hands. "They care too much to care if we're fucking," He explained before giving Nick a soft kiss on the lips, realizing that he really had had nothing to worry about all along, that he was himself, no matter what...

Nick returned the kiss gently, running fingers through Greg's already messy hair, messing it up even further.

Pulling back slightly Greg smirked. "Hey Nicky?" He muttered, his lips brushing the older man's lightly.

"Yeah," Nick replied, bringing a hand up to stroke Greg's cheek tenderly, glad to see that the fear was gone from his eyes.

"You hands stopped shaking," Greg looked into his eyes, love emanating from his entire being.

Nick grinned once he realized that Greg was right. "Your whole body is shaking." He murmured softly, wrapping his arms around his waist again.

"Make it stop then," Greg grinned wickedly before sealing his lips over Nick's, kissing him deeply, happier than he'd been in his entire life, thoughts of the explosion and Eric's treatment of him melting away, in favour of thoughts about how good his life was going to be from that moment on.