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Dark Lover
Dark passion bathed in resentful love…

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Run. Run. Run.

Keep the rhythm going.

He couldn't catch her.

She could run all she wanted but she would end up in the same place. With him.

He wanted her. He needed her. He craved her. Only she could satisfy those long, lonely nights he had had so many of. Only she could fulfill every urge his body desired and yet, she continued to run. But if she wanted to play cat and mouse, then he was willing to play her game.

"My dear Shizuka, love will only lead you back to me."

Block the voice. She couldn't hear him; she couldn't let herself hear him. Her only option was to run away from him. But running was so hard when he was at every corner she turned, every way she ran, everywhere she ran. She was an animal cowering in a cage with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

Darkness. Loneliness. Resentment.

She was alone, wet, and scared. Her usually brilliant and vivid auburn hair was damp against her face, roughly scratching it every time she ran.

"Don't hate your hair my sweet. It gives you color."

Her soft, pale complexion tainted with the dirt of day and the darkness of night. Mud smeared all over her legs and clothing, Mother Nature's tears flowing off her numb body.

"Don't hate your skin my sweet. So supple, so delicate."

Her eyes, those gentle olive green eyes full of meaningless hope and futile faith. No one could save her now. She was too deep in him and nothing could pull her out.

"Don't hate your eyes my sweet. Full of such innocence and purity."

She pulled her thin windbreaker tightly around her body to keep the rain off. The wind blew violently past her as she continued to run, she couldn't stop, if she did he would be nearer. Tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

"Why aren't you here Onii-chan?" She whispered to herself as she forced her exhausted legs to keep running.

Days turned into years. It seemed like forever that this man had taken her under his lustful watch and wouldn't let her out. Never had she seen his face but his eyes, a blanket of shadows draped over them with black pools of passion.

In his eyes lay her hell.


'My white angel, must we keep prolonging this? I will have you. Nothing can stop me now…you're in my world…'

His shoes tread over the crimson bathed streets. No one could stop him in his quest to have Shizuka.

Any foolish mortal that even imprudently dared to wouldn't live to see the next second of their life. Committing murder was a small price to pay to have his sweet drink of desire.

Pushing his silky locks back he smirked at all the lifeless bodies that lay at his feet. He kicked one over,

Yugi, laughter trickled down his throat as he recalled Yugi attempt to stop him. Trying to reason with him? Ha! Not likely. Next, his feet deliberately ruined once so vivid locks of Mai, that whore. Body after body, Honda, Mazaki, Otogi - all died just to protect Shizuka from a force, a force that no power in the world could stop.

He knew that. So did Shizuka.


'He's coming Shizuka! Faster! Faster!'

Through pools of blood, mud, and water she ran. Every once in a while looking down to find corpses, but she would keep her head up so it wouldn't make her sick.

'Why did he have to kill so many people? All of them died because me…it's all my fault.'

Wiping the tears that had welled up in her olive green eyes she forced herself to concentrate and look ahead. Her foot suddenly drowned in a pool of blood and mud, twisting her ankle and causing her to fall on something that felt as if the warmth had been sucked dry.

'This body…so familiar.'

Attempting to keep her cool she slowly, very slowly pushed herself off the body.

'That hair…'

"Onii-chan?" She lifted his head, his eyes had been blanketed with his pale eyelids, never to reveal his sparkling chocolate eyes.

"Onii-chan!" Her voice shook violently as she dropped his motionless body and crawled away. Leaning against a brick wall she brought her legs to her chest and sobbed.

'Onii-chan…it's all my fault…I'm not strong…I need you.'

"Finally, there you are. You can be rather irritating when you try Shizuka." His husky voice boomed within her head.

"No! Leave me alone!" She screamed, trying to scramble away from his sight.

"Haven't you learned already angel?" He began, his shoes tapping against the cement. "No one can keep me from you," he whispered, kicking Jounouchi's body to the side. He bent down before her; picking her face up from her legs he left his face brush against her.

"No one…"