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So the epilogue – the long awaited end to this story, finally. I'd like to thank the readers who stuck with this story, regardless of the long (LONG) breaks that I took between chapters. Will you be satisfied with the ending? It's a little different, inspired by a class that I took, leaves a little mystery – but I'll let you get on with it.




A tall, raven-haired woman turned around as she heard her name being called by a nurse.

"The woman that we found a few days ago, someone has come in claiming they know her," the nurse said urgently.

The woman nodded before briskly pacing down the hall towards the main lobby. The mysterious auburn haired woman had been found behind a clothing boutique - the owner told the police that she initially heard screaming loud enough to penetrate the beating sound of the rain. It had stopped after a while but started again, more vicious than before so she grabbed an umbrella and ran outside to check if everything was well. She had found the woman lying in a pool of blood, trailing from her wrists. The shop owner immediately called the police, however, they had not been able to identify her.

The inspector described her as "loony" and possible a "nutcase". Not the most technical words that would be used as Domino Psychiatric Hospital, either way, Midori was relieved to know that someone at least knew her. They were waiting for someone to call in with a missing persons report, but no one did over the past few days. The woman also, wasn't much of a talker; she came into the hospital screaming about some man and eyes, but over the past few days she had calmed down and mostly sat alone, muttering under her breathe. Midori hadn't been able to get much information out of her, just bits about "the end" and "his eyes".

She came to the main lobby and found a tall, blonde woman, who looked as if she could be very beautiful, however, her face was sunken in – from tears, Midori assumed. Next to her was a tanned man, quite handsome, his platinum blond hair contrasted with his skin and gave him a certain glow.

"Good afternoon," Midori greeted, bowing before the two people.

They shuffled a bit before bowing quickly.

"My name is Ishtar Marik and this is Kujaku Mai," Marik introduced. Mai made swift eye contact before looking back to the floor.

"The woman you have, we think it's our friend, Kawai Shizuka. She was staying with me, well, she stayed with me for a night before running out. I thought she had gone back home, I waited a few days before calling and Mai told me she hadn't heard anything since the funeral so we –"

Midori put her hand over Marik's shoulder and offered him a comforting smile. "Why don't we go into my office and talk there?"

He nodded before trailing behind her.

Midori went over the first impressions of the two people behind her – a habit that had become somewhat of a sixth sense, and was usually accurate. The woman was the easiest to read, it was obvious that she played on her looks, but they didn't seem so important right now. The tanned man had mentioned a funeral, possibly a loved one – possibly a boyfriend or husband. She seemed totally distraught and lost; either the loss was relatively new or she was very fragile – Midori was willing to bet on the latter. She assumed the person she had lost (probably a male) had been a very stable figure in her life, a quality which was mostly likely absent before him.

The man was harder to read. There was an air of mystery to him – it intrigued her anytime she met someone she couldn't break down, it usually indicated that they were good liars; something to hide.

She opened the door for them and stepped aside; they entered and sat before her mahogany desk. She took a seat in front of them.

"I am Yukichi Midori, I am a Psychiatrist here. I'm assuming that you took notice of the picture we decided to release to the press?"

Marik nodded, Mai kept still.

"So how do you know Kawai-san?" Midori asked, leaning back into her chair.

Marik looked to Mai to speak up; he sighed and looked back at Midori. "Shizuka lived with her brother, her boyfriend," he motioned towards Mai, she squeezed her eyes tight at the mention of Jou.

"He passed away a week or so ago, you've probably seen him on the news – the man that was found in the alleyway…uh, kind of battered." The end of the sentence sounded like a question as he lowered his voice to spare Mai's feelings.

"She ran out of their home the night of the funeral, I found her and took her in for the night. The next evening she ran out on me. I wasn't quite sure where she went. I let a few days settle before calling Mai, I assumed that would be where she'd go, Mai hadn't seen her since she left – that was when we saw the news and her picture."

Midori nodded. "How was her behaviour during the death? Were there any extenuating circumstances? Does she have any family?"

Marik looked at Mai once again, this time he shook his head. "There's some sort of stalker situation. I'm not quite familiar with it, all I know is that someone has been following her for some time now. It's really put a strain on her life. There was also talk that Jou, her brother, possibly died at his hands. And no, Jou was her last family."

"Her last family member and she was so ungrateful." Mai muttered under her breath. Midori caught it and decided not to comment just yet.

"Kawai-san hasn't said much. Though I have reason to believe that she is sick."

Mai looked up at her this time.

"It's hard to pinpoint when or for how long. There are many theories about how one develops an illness, whether it is always in their genes and some sort of stress or trauma triggers it or they are more vulnerable to such conditions. From what you've told me of her brother's death and him being her last family member, I assume they were close."

Both of them nodded.

"It might have been a result of his death, or maybe even before that."

"She was different before that."

Midori and Marik looked to Mai.

"When we were younger, she had this bubbly personality, something that initially sickened me, but it grew on me. But then something changed, she just became different. I always assumed it was because of the whole stalker situation, but could that mean something?" Mai looked at Midori with soft, violet eyes.

"Yes, it is possible. However, I have reason to believe there might be no stalker at all."

Marik raised an eyebrow. Mai's jaw fell down.

"I've been watching her for the past few days, listening to what she mutters. From pure observation of physical affect, she seems aloof at times, patronizing, and picks verbal confrontations with the other patients. When she was found by the police, I suppose the night she left your place," Midori said looking at Marik. "She attempted suicide. Even in her few days here she tried once again, attacking a nurse – attempting to grab a needle from her hands.

On a particularly good day, she decided to speak to me, but only for a little while. Only before some 'man' started speaking to her. I think she might have been hallucinating. As for the idea of a stalker – I believe those might be delusions of persecution, the idea that someone is out to get you."

She let the information sink in.

"You mean to say that all of this, this suffering," Mai stressed. "Was fake?"

Midori attempted to remain composed. "It's all very real to Kawai-san. Every sensation, the touches, the looks, the words – everything seems real to her. But, like I said, it's an initial diagnosis from my prognosis of her. She might have paranoid schizophrenia, however, this 'man' has quite a presence within her – it might be dissociated personality disorder."

"But the hospital – all those guys?" Mai asked.

"I'm sorry?" Midori looked slightly puzzled.

"Any time she decided to go on a date, the man would turn up in a hospital bed the next day beaten badly. The only thing was, they'd never talk, just yell at her if she ever visited."

Midori let the information settle in; she chose her next words cautiously. "It is possible, if she has another personality, that it might have been her – though this is all speculation," she added quickly when she saw the rage flicker over Mai's eyes.

"And…and…J-Jou?" She held back her tears.

"We won't ever know until she's ready to talk."

Mai nodded. "I can't do this. I thought I could, for Jou, but I can't. I need to go." She pushed her chair back quickly and started towards the door. Midori went after her.

"I want to see her."

Midori looked back at Marik and then to Mai who stood at the door, stopped by his words.

"Excuse me?" She called out to a nurse. She stopped and looked to the doctor. "Can you please take this man to Room 1289?"

The nurse nodded. Midori smiled, she led Mai out the door before turning back to Marik and nodding. He made eye contact with her; an involuntary shiver ran down her back. He smiled at her as he followed the nurse down the hall.

'Always the ones that say nothing.' Midori thought as she led Mai to the main entrance.


'He's coming Shizuka! Faster! Faster!'

Through pools of blood, mud, and water she ran. Every once in a while looking down to find corpses, but she would keep her head up so it wouldn't make her sick.

'Why did he have to kill so many people? All of them died because me…it's all my fault.'

Wiping the tears that had welled up in her olive green eyes she forced herself to concentrate and look ahead. Her foot suddenly drowned in a pool of blood and mud, twisting her ankle and causing her to fall on something that felt as if the warmth had been sucked dry.

'This body…so familiar.'

Attempting to keep her cool she slowly, very slowly pushed herself off the body.

'That hair…'

"This is…" She lifted the head. Lifeless olive green eyes stared back at her. "Me…"

She dropped her motionless body and crawled away. Leaning against a brick wall she brought her legs to her chest and sobbed.

'It's impossible. I'm here.' She pinched herself and felt the pain. 'Yes, I'm alive, it's all in my head.'

"Is that what they're telling you now Shizuka? That you're crazy?" His voice rang strongly around her. Suffocating her.

"No! Leave me alone!" She screamed, trying to scramble away from his sight.

"Haven't you learned already angel?" He began. "No one can keep me from you," he whispered.

From her small room she looked up at the metal door that separated her from the outside world. That told everyone that she was dangerous and unstable. He looked back at her. Again, his eyes.

"No one…"