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If I Only Had a Father

This is the story of Nedia,
daughter of High Summoner Yuna and her guardian Tidus.

She, along with two companions, travels to defeat Sin. Like her mother, she has the summoner art. But never knowing her true father weighs her down heavily, and keeps her from getting closely connected to anyone.

On her journey, she not only learns about Spira's rich past, but she takes a look into herself. She finds the true meaning of family and love, and is tested on her newfound emotions.

This is the sequel to "When the Tears Fall Down" I hope this story is as good as its precursor.

The big day had arrived. All of her friends had come to visit, including her in-laws. Nedia, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka, Vidina, Kimahri, Seymour, and his relatives all were waiting together. Lulu was rocking little Vidina to sleep, trying to keep him from causing too much noise. Rikku was playing with Nedia, asking her simple questions and playing simple games. Wakka, Seymour, and the Guado all talked about random topics, including blitzball. Kimahri just stood in the corner, silent and foreboding as usual.

After what seemed as forever, the news finally came. Seymour, Nedia, and Rikku were allowed in first, them being family. Rikku 'awwed' as she had with Nedia, and Seymour smiled and kissed Yuna, then held her hand. Nedia was confused and sat down in a chair, waiting for someone to explain this to her. Yuna eyed her little daughter and motioned her over to the bedside. Nedia smiled and skipped over. She looked at the bulging bundle in her mother's arms and contorted her face in confusion.

"That's it? That's what this is all about?" She asked, pointing at the bundle. The three laughed at her naivety and tried to explain. All little Nedia got out of it was that the bundle was a baby, and it was her younger brother. She still didn't see why it was so special, and walked out of the room. Rikku followed after hugging her cousin.

The in-laws were allowed in next, and following them, Lulu, Wakka, Vidina, and Kimahri. Vidina was asleep now so he never asked about the baby. Wakka shared his congratulations, and Lulu gave her subtle feelings. Yuna felt good about it all, and thanked them all for coming, especially Kimahri, who hadn't said a word.

The family of four now went home, Yuna carrying her new son, and Seymour and Nedia holding hands. Nedia went straight to the garden, finding nothing exciting over her brother. Yuna accompanied her and napped in the sunlight. She played with her son's fuzzy hair and giggled. He was so small and adorable, and Yuna knew he was going to be a good son. She was so happy and proud of her two children. She then fell asleep, immensed in her love.

Nedia was playing with the flowers, watching the roses in particular. These were her favorite, the orange roses. The stood out the most, and she thought they were the most beautiful. She also felt some sort of otherworldly attraction to them, some connection... She didn't realize it then, but she had a special gift, one that made her intune with nature. It also gave her mysterious knowledge of things, and everytime she would learn something, it was almost as if she already knew it. As if she remembered things from a previous life.

But for now, she just liked to admire the orange roses. And once she felt satisfied, she got up, brushed the dirt off, and went to her room.

… … … … … … … … …

Seven years later, and life was relatively the same. Nedia was now eleven, and maturing faster than her friends. Lex, her brother, was now seven, and as annoying as ever. The two were night and day to the other.

Nedia was the older sister. She was inclusive, often spending countless hours locked up in her room or in the garden in silent meditation. She wore long, dark, concealing clothes and her makeup refined the dark look. She often looked sad and concerned, though know one would know why. She was quiet, but not shy. Internally she was bold and daring, but she could never act the way she felt.

Lex was her rather energetic brother. He was constantly moving, always moving from one thing to the next. He loved playing outside and didn't mind getting dirty. He was constantly talking, just whatever came to mind, and often said things he shouldn't. But, he was sweet as well; he would go out of his way to cheer up people, especially his sister.

It was winter time, and so the garden was frozen over. During the unfavorable conditions, Nedia would coop herself in her room to think. The garden had a light frost over it, and if the flowers still were there, they would be beautiful ice sculptures. But, alas, the winter had killed them off earlier, and all that was there now was a flat land. Nedia's life was depressing enough as it is without the added sorrow of death during winter. That's why she stayed in her room, to keep herself away from the sadness.

Lex was off with his father, learning about ancient history and lineage. Nedia never was interested in that stuff. Sure, when she was five or so, it piqued her interest, but as she aged, it dwindled. Partly because she wasn't any part Guado, so their history seemed pointless, and partly because she felt no real connection to Seymour. He was there, but they could never bond, never click. Seymour had tried, and Yuna had encouraged, but Nedia just was not interested. Seymour finally backed off, and started teaching his son.

Nedia had tried to learn about her real father, but Yuna was very reluctant and only told bits and shreds about him. Nedia thought it was cruel; it was her father, so she had a right to know about him. But Yuna didn't give in, so Nedia's image of her father grew sketchier everyday. She began to wonder if he was evil, or mean; or if maybe she wasn't supposed to be alive, if she was an 'accident'. She told herself that couldn't of happened, but the idea tugged at her little by little until that was all she could think about.

Her mother's hesitancy to talk about it only seemed to support her awful idea. Nedia didn't want to just bluntly ask it, knowing how it would tear at her mother's heart. So, see kept it all inside, rather having herself be hurt than her mother. And so, this began Nedia's new stage in life, and she would continue to stay in it for a long while.

Since Guadosalam has harsh winters, Nedia and her family would often go down and visit their friends in Besaid to escape the cold. The family decided that they would be leaving for one of these visits soon. Nedia grew happier by this, and it gave her something else to think about. For some reason unknown to her, she had begun to like Vidina more than she had in the past. She just figured that they were becoming friends; the idea of a crush didn't even dawn on her. Lex was excited too. He was hysterical about it, jumping around and screaming. Nedia normally would have almost killed him, but she was in a good mood, so she just ignored it. They packed up and left the manor. Seymour wouldn't be able to come; he had to keep things running in Guadosalam.

The three of them walked out into the cold air of the Moonflow. It had frozen over, but the pyreflies remained to float in and out of the ice. It reminded Yuna so much of Macalania, and she grew saddened. She quickly shook it off, and they continued.

They would take the bridge across the Moonflow, as the shoopuff only worked during warmer weather, to the Djose Highroad. From there, they would take a boat off of the Crusaders headquarters down to Kilika, where they would take a ferry to Besaid Isle. Nedia enjoyed seeing Spira again. Everything seemed so different frozen over, and it was almost a new place. Despite the sense of eeriness it held, Nedia liked it. Lex just complained about the cold; he couldn't see the hidden beauty that Nedia did.

The small family loaded off the ferry and stood on the dock. The other passengers were busy heading into the village to get supplies or visit their families. Yuna had forgotten to tell Lulu they were coming, so they were going to surprise them. For now, Nedia just sat on the deck, dipping her feet into the cool ocean water. She loved it when the breeze blew through her hair, and the birds squawked overhead. This place felt more comfortable, more like home.

Yuna was busy talking to the Besaidians as they walked past, so Lex took this opportunity to annoy Nedia. He crept up slowly behind her and then jumped right over her, splashing into the water. The wave soaked Nedia, freezing her skin.

"WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!" Nedia screamed at the top of her lungs. Her clothes and hair were dripping ocean water in torrents, and Nedia was not happy. Lex was just laughing, enjoying his latest prank. Out of fury, she stomped off towards the village, forgetting completely about the surprise. By the time she reached the temple, most of the water had dried. She was not as mad anymore, but she was still in a bad mood. She wandered over to Wakka and Lulu's hut by habit, and walked in.

Only Vidina was there, and he was shocked to see her. Nedia, realizing her rudeness, apologized a few times. Vidina brushed it off and offered to help dry her hair. Nedia liked his eagerness to help, his sensitivity. She wished Lex could be more like him. The two talked for a while, telling jokes and stories and laughing at them. After one of them, they both fell silent. They were sitting next to eachother, and Nedia felt a strange urge. She slid her hand over Vidina's and held it. Surprisingly, Vidina didn't let go or squirm away. She giggled, trying to offset the silence. Vidina smirked and turned, so now they faced each other. Nervously, he leaned in. Nedia, mistaking him trying to whisper something, turned her head sideways.

Instead of a secret, she got a wet kiss on her ear.