Footsteps patter down the cobblestone road.
Shouts echo in the distant arches,
Guards yell and shoot their arrows
As the dark shadow flashes by…

Doors swing crazily on their hinges,
Signs are knocked back in the stormy night.
The cold water runs down the steps
And slowly trickles down the necks of the guards.

Whispers crawl through the night
And slithers around the darkness,
Crawling, like a serpent…

Cats meow as they wind around
Their mistresses' legs...
And the dark shadow silently creeps away.

He is called Garret, and The City is his dominion.
So stay away all you, young thieving learners.

Garret is the Master Thief,
The lost brother of the Keepers
And the Law in The City...

For this is the first lesson you must learn...
If you wish too survive.

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