The Photograph

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Summary: James looks at a photo of Lily during the summer holidays after sixth year and realises a couple of things. JP/LE; SB/RL (you get it: SLASH!)

Note: Two guys in love with each other.

Chapter 1- Surprising Revelations

James lay on his bed looking at the photo he had asked Peter Pettigrew to take during the last day of school before the summer holidays. He had been trying to fill his film while the marauders were enjoying the warm summer weather by the lake.

Lily Evans had walked past them and, just trying his luck once again, he had asked her to be on the photo with him. He had expected a rude response or a little jinx as usual but Lily had stopped, hesitated a moment and then agreed with a small smile. Sirius and Remus had been standing a bit aside, oblivious of his luck, so Peter had agreed to take the photo.

James hadn't put his arm around her as many of the other students would have thought. James attraction to Lily had become a joke around Hogwarts, as he hadn't minded in the beginning but James had grown up (at least a bit) and he was becoming tired of fooling around. He wanted her to see his feelings towards her as they really were: true and affectionate.

He had been extremely surprised when Lily had agreed to be on the photo with him and hadn't wanted to ruin the moment by acting like a little boy who has a crush on the cute red-haired girl in his class by crushing her in a huge hug. They were just smiling and standing next to each other on the photo, not too far apart but not too closely either.

After Peter had taken the picture (which happened much too quickly in James' opinion), Lily had smiled and said goodbye, telling him her friend Alice was waiting for her.

Lily had smiled at him the next morning during breakfast, though nobody else had noticed, which was perfectly fine with James and when they had got off the Hogwarts Express in London, she had wished him nice holidays and told him that she looked forward to seeing him again after the holidays.

James faintly remembered the irritated faces Remus and Sirius had made and how Peter congratulated him that he finally seemed to have made an impression on her but all that had seemed slightly hazy through the warm, floating feeling her words had caused in him.

James had finally filled the film during the train-ride and looked forward to developing the pictures the whole car-ride home (his father appreciated muggle technologies and combining them with magic, he used the best of both worlds). He had been terribly impatient during the lunch that his mother had told the house-elf to make and had used the developing charm on the film as soon as he was alone in his room, thankful he was finally of age and didn't have to ask his parents to do every little thing that involved magic for him.

James had quickly looked at all the other photos, mostly of his friends but he only really cared about the photo with Lily on it. He didn't have much to do during the holidays, Sirius would come three weeks after the beginning of the holidays, he wanted to visit his uncle Alphard and though James for once did some homework every day as Remus had advised him, there was plenty of time left. Though James did quite a few things in London, he took out the photo with Lily quite frequently.

Eventually, James knew every little detail about the way Lily looked on the photo but he continued taking it out once in a while. He was never tired of looking at the way she shyly smiled at him and in contrast to muggle photos, the moving wizard photos always seemed to show a slightly different facet of the situation.

Probably for the first time in his life, James regretted not being at school. He couldn't help hoping that Lily had changed her opinion about him for good, her agreement to the photo, her smile at breakfast and their little conversation at the train-station certainly seemed like positive signs. He spend endless hours dreaming of what might be developing between them if there would be no holidays.

James had been looking forward to Sirius staying over again (James' parents had agreed because Sirius couldn't return home since he had run away from home last summer), they had already made plans what to do and had both been eager to organise a few great pranks for their last year at Hogwarts but now James was counting the days till school started and he could finally see Lily again.

Though James found it hard to believe, it almost seemed as if the first of the marauders might have a real date soon. It might seem strange to others that none of this extremely popular group of boys had had a girlfriend yet but James had only had eyes for Lily and though Sirius could have gone out with loads of girls that swooned over his black hair and grey eyes, Sirius had turned them all down.

James had often wondered why but when he asked, Sirius only answered that he was still waiting for the one that was perfect for him. Sometimes; James mused that there already was somebody Sirius was secretly in love with but he usually quickly excluded that thought again; Sirius had never been the one for great secrets and besides, why would he keep being in love a secret?

Though he was shy and spent most of the time he wasn't in lessons or with the marauders in the library, Remus had also attracted several girls but he had always mumbled an apology and quickly hurried of. When Peter, the only marauder that wasn't popular among the girls though he was the only one actively searching for a girlfriend (James mooning over Lily excluded), asked Remus why he had fled, Remus replied that he didn't have the nerves to have to hide being a werewolf from someone that cared for him.

His thoughts distracted from Lily, James for once looked at the other parts of the picture. There was himself, giddy with happiness that Lily had agreed. The surprise in his eyes was quite plain to see and while Lily mostly looked straight at the camera, James sneaked a tiny look at her once in while.

Peter was of course taking the picture, so he was nowhere to be seen but Sirius an Remus were plain to be seen in the background, standing beneath the same tree where they had tormented Snape in fifth-year. They seemed to be deep in conversation, not noticing the world or the luck James was in.

This fact, that James hadn't taken in before, slightly irritated him. In their group, the marauders, nobody had ever been closer to one friend than the other friends and if, it had always been James and Sirius. Yet here were Sirius and Remus, standing aside and not even noticing what was going on. James wasn't annoyed that they were clearly not noticing anything, he just suddenly felt that he didn't know his group of friends quite as well as he had thought; maybe he had been concentrating too hard on catching Lily's attention.

James tried to remember if there had been other occasions like this when the two marauders had preferred staying to themselves to being with the whole group and as he thought about it, he realised that Sirius and Remus had been spending much more time together for a while now than they used to. Sirius had even started using the library regularly though he had usually only gone there if Remus refused to tell them something that was necessary for homework or pranks.

On the other hand, Remus spent more time in the common room and brought up a lot more patience in helping Sirius learn what he had missed when doing nonsense in class. In fact, the two of them were rarely seen without the other anymore.

James considered whether one of them had problems he couldn't tell the others about but James couldn't find a change in their behaviour other than spending more time together. In fact, Sirius was telling Remus something on the picture with a little smile around his lips and Remus was listening to him almost enraptured, from time to time laughing happily, which he usually did seldom enough. No, neither of them seemed unhappy on the picture and they had recently both seemed unusually content.

James thoughts were interrupted as his mother called him to dinner and he decided to think about it later.


After dinner, James immediately took out the picture again. He didn't quite know why but he felt there was something he had to find out. Maybe it was because of being surprised by seeing something he hadn't noticed before. Since when had Sirius and Remus been so close?

James went through his memories of the last few years.

When the marauders had got to know each other in first year, Remus and Sirius hadn't liked each other at first. Remus had disliked Sirius' showing off and doing mischief while Sirius had been quite annoyed by the way Remus always tried to make them follow the rules and Sirius had often called Remus a know-it-all. This had changed when Remus became more relaxed about pranks and Sirius learned to accept Remus' studious personality and realised that he could be fun anyway.

When the marauders found out Remus was a werewolf, it had been Sirius who had found the right words to show Remus that they would still be his friends but they hadn't been much closer than any of the others.

The friendship had almost broken apart after Sirius showed Snape that Remus was a werewolf but after weeks of avoiding each other and a long and loud argument, their friendship had returned to normal. James wasn't sure but this might have been when they began to be closer to each other.

James concentrated on the photo again and blinked. Had he imagined that or was Remus casting Sirius the same quick little glances James had seen himself cast at Lily before dinner? Could it be possible that Remus was in love with Sirius?

James looked closely at the photo. Was his mind playing tricks on him or was one of his best friends in love with his other best friend?

After watching their mute conversation a while, James was convinced his assumption was right. Sirius and Remus talked for a few minutes looking at each other, then there would be a small pause in which they would look somewhere else but Remus would keep glancing at Sirius.

And though he did it more subtle than Remus, Sirius would do the same. When their eyes met by chance, they quickly looked away, a light blush creeping across their cheeks. James no longer had any doubts: His two best friends were in love!

James looked through the other photos he had taken and saw the same signs there as well, Sirius and Remus cared deeply for each other but they didn't seem to know the other felt the same way and tried to hide their feelings. On most of the pictures they were aware of the photographer and hid it quite well, only on the photo with Lily they were oblivious of the picture being taken and weren't on their guard.

James was aware that this seemed to have been going on for quite some time now and he realised that nothing would happen, they wouldn't dare to admit their feelings for each other any time soon; they were too afraid of being rejected and ruining their friendship.

James realised he would have to do something to get them together. He wasn't quite sure yet but he knew that he would have to confront Sirius with being in love with Remus when he came over next week. There was no way James would let his friends only dream of being together when they really could be a couple. Suddenly, charming Lily only seemed half as important as before.

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