Title: A Second Death

Author: Aelan Greenleaf

Category: AU, romance, angst

Rating: K

Summary: A strange vignette. She thinks that he's dead. He proves her wrong. On the balcony, everything changes. (Siriwan)

Disclaimer: None of this is mine, no matter how many wishes I use.

Author's Note: This is a strange story, as stated in the summary. I don't even think that I like it. But this is how it turned out. Interesting.

In the pale moonlight of Coruscant's night sky, she waited. Concealed by both shadow and cloak, she hid in plain view, waiting on a long-abandoned balcony. Twin orbs glittered in the darkness, shedding silent tears. Who she was expecting, she didn't know, and she didn't really suspect that anyone would come.

Siri Tachi was most definitely not the crying type, but against all belief she was here, sobbing to herself, alone, in the cool evening. Silver tears for a dead man, a man who had died defending the Jedi Order. A man whom she had loved.

She pulled the heavy cloak tighter against herself, as the chilly breeze turned to a cold wind. This side of the Temple was almost completely deserted, seldom used since she had been a very young child. She chosen it specifically for that, not wanting to even chance being discovered by the wrong person, mourning and whimpering like an ill-tempered youngling.

The wind started to howl, drowning out the considerable sounds of the immense city-planet below her. Billions upon billions of so many different life forms, a mosaic of so many cultures and ways of life. So unaware that a hero had just been extinguished, a bright light in vast sea of darkness.

"Obi-Wan..." she spoke to the wind, not expecting an answer.

And yet, so strangely, she received one. "Siri."

Her cloak flew off of her as she struggled to her feet, shock numbing her senses as she stumbled on the quiet balcony. Her heart skipped and her stomach leaped into her throat. Before her stood a man, a man with rust colored tresses and blue eyes the color of a Parian life-dragon. A man who was supposed to have died.

She wanted to run and embrace him; she wanted to run and never look back. Her heart cried out to touch him, to kiss him, to take his body into her arms but her mind was screaming to back away. Her hands grabbed onto the metal handrail behind her, the sole barrier between her and the infinite depths of the urban jungle below.

"You... can't, no, not possible." she stuttered, as the north wind blew her words away.

He looked straight at her, and there was something different in those cerulean orbs. She shivered, not from the cold.

"I missed you," he began, and there was something so... wrong, something innately bizarre within those words, though they sounded so familiar in that clipped, Coruscanti tone. His Force-presence was strangely masked from her, and goosebumps trailed up her spine. Her nails dug into her own skin as her grip tightened.

"You died!" she exclaimed, her own indigo eyes opened wide in a mixture of wonderment and downright horror. The man who was her everything grinned oddly, and took a step towards her, lanky figure emerging into the dim moonlight. Siri fought the urge to cringe.

"That's what everyone thinks, Siri."

"Bu-but why?" Siri knew she was not acting like herself, that this timid creature that she had become was far from the brave soul she had always been, but grief and fear and confusion were clouding her mind, and she was so, so tired.

"So that we could be together, of course." he stated, as if it were the most obvious thing in the whole world. An alien light appeared behind his eyes, gleaming unnaturally.

And in that moment, she understood. She understood why she couldn't touch his presence, why there was a strange light inside of him, and why everything seemed so... off. Siri Tachi understood, and she wished beyond anything that she didn't.

"You're a Sith." she whispered, and the wind screamed all the more fiercely.

The person had once been Obi-Wan Kenobi, the man of her dreams and of her heart, came closer now, so close that she could finally feel the dark fire burning within him, the stench of pure dark power emanating from him. His arms grabbed hers, and somehow, he was colder than her, ice in the frozen night.

"I did it for you, Siri. I couldn't fight it anymore."

A different fire erupted inside of her. "You didn't do anything for me, Obi-Wan. You've betrayed everything."

His lips curled upwards in a snarl, so unnatural upon his familiar features. "I've betrayed nothing."

Her hand left the metal behind and plunged down to her belt, realizing only at the last second that her lightsaber was no longer there. Shocked, she stared up at him, and everything seemed to fall away.

He stepped back, two very similar cylinders held up into the air. Two blades came to life, one violet and one blue. They crossed, and looked back through them to her. She fell into a bladeless Shien stance, preparing for what was to come.

Obi-Wan laughed, harshly and cruelly, and she felt so raw, naked underneath the stars. "Goodbye, Siri." he whispered, advancing.

"I've already said goodbye to you, Obi-Wan." Siri said, her words floating between them.

He brought up his blades, and she moved, flipping over the bar and down into the perpetual night.

As the Jedi fell into oblivion, a Sith howled into the wind, and everything came to an end.