Part Two: Sith

Author's Note: Okay, this is it. I decided on one more part, and one more only. So here it is. Enjoy.

Within the dark and fetid tunnels of Coruscant's underbelly, he plotted his revenge. Revenge against all of those that had misled him, that had betrayed him, that had hated him. Those who had scoffed at him, who had laughed, who had not thought him worthy of being a Jedi Knight.

A strange grin crossed his features, barely visible in the flickering light, as he realized that he was now proving them right. No matter. They would get what they deserved.

His hands and feet dragged through the semi-liquid slime, and yet, seemed to emerge clean and unscathed. There was a strange aura around him, he who was once the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. If anyone had been nearby, if anyone had thought to look down instead of up, they would have simply sensed the coldness that now surrounded him. A coldness that was neither natural or normal.

However, as he planned his scheme of revenge and torture and evil, he thought first of something else. Something, rather, someone, who had been constantly in his thoughts and in his dreams. He reached out into the tangled web of the Force, and cut a path right through it, leaving a wake of darkness behind him as he reached out to Siri.

The Sith apprentice smiled to himself in the depths. She was here, in the Temple. And she was alone.

Moving as swiftly as a nightfox and as quietly as the spiders of Antari Prime, the young man moved out of his hiding place and up into the building he had once called home. It was filled with a light energy that most called the Force, and he could sense it subtly pushing against him as he climbed higher and higher up. Pushing against the power that had now taken over his heart.

As his muscles worked and his heart beat faster and faster, his mind was concentrating only on the Force, and the presence that seemed to call him to it. She was on the Takari level, a seldom used part of the Temple, long abandoned by the majority of the Knights and Initiates. There, he would meet her. Finally, and forever.

After all, he had done this all for her.

There was, however, something else. A nagging feeling, like something was fighting him from the inside. Obi-Wan frowned, his concentration slipping, and his right foot stepped forwards awkwardly, ligaments stretching and breaking as he tripped. Anger exploded inside of him as his appendage immediately ballooned outwards, swelling because of the injury. He cursed, but continued running. An ankle would not stop him, and nor would anything else.

A cool wind began to come through the corridor, and he could feel its' touch upon his face as he approached the balcony at the end of the hall. He could see the city-planet's lights in the midnight sky; he could hear the rumbling of the vast machinery below him.

He could feel her.

A voice came to him over the wind. Pleading, crying, full of sorrow. "Obi-Wan..."

He answered. "Siri."

The cloaked figure before him leaped to her feet, stumbling awkwardly upright, as her covering floated down to the ground and he could see the curvature of her body, and the reflection of the pale light off of her beautiful hair. He could see her eyes as shock overtook her and she gasped, almost forgetting to breathe.

In that moment, he wanted her. He wanted her with every single part of him; he wanted to envelop her in his arms and never, ever let her go. His heart seemed to burst with a strange, alien emotion, and for a split second, he was Obi-Wan again. The Jedi. The Padawan. The hero.

Something changed in her indigo eyes, and the moment was shattered, thrown to the wind. The Jedi was stomped, pushed, stabbed back into the depths, the darkness rising back up. The coldness returned.

"You... can't, no, not possible." Her voice was like liquid ecstasy, and he remembered with a passion why he had done all that he had done. His cerulean eyes met hers.

"I missed you." he whispered, but the words were strange in his mouth.

Her eyes widened, and the night seemed to darken, just a little. "You died!"

"That's what everyone thinks." The new Obi-Wan was confused. Why couldn't she see? What was there so puzzling about it? He was doing this all for her.

The woman that was everything to him stared at him oddly, and he could feel frustration building within him. "Bu-but why?"

The timid tone in her voice angered him, a little. He moved closer to her; she, a beacon in the light; he, a whirlpool of the dark. Something inside of him screamed, and there was nothing else in the moment but for his physical need to have her, to take her, to simply be with her. Obi-Wan shook, ever so slightly, on the balcony under the stars.

Raw passion fueled his words. "I did it for you, Siri. I couldn't fight it anymore."

He looked at her. She looked at him. And then, it changed.

"You didn't do anything for me, Obi-Wan. You've betrayed everything."

And the world spun around him as the anger that had been building up within him exploded outwards, and he realized how wrong and how stupid he had been. She was one of them.

"I've betrayed nothing," he snarled.

She moved, but she was too late. He grinned as the lifted the two blades, activated the hilts, and crossed them in front of him. Siri fell into a pointless battle stance. Didn't she know what happened to those that betrayed him?

He laughed into the cool evening. "Goodbye, Siri." The words were fire upon the air.

"I've already said goodbye to you, Obi-Wan," she whispered. He brought the blades up between him, and prepared to end it all.

Before he could react, she was sliding through the air, and his damned ankle cracked beneath him, and she fell, forever.

Obi-Wan's eyes glowed a brilliant red as he watched her fall, and he screamed into the night.