Folie A Deux

Author: Mokis

R: PG-13 (just to be sure)

Summary: Love makes us all go crazy

A/N: It was about time! I've had a hell of a summer but finally things are goin' back to normal. To celebrate i've decided to write something.

Love, amazing as it may sound, has the power to transform a serious person like me into a crazy child. Go round and round the kitchen's table playing with her and trying to slide a cold ice in her back. But I'm not alone in this game. I know she becomes a crazy child sometimes too.

We're madly, deeply and truly in love. We're two optimistic fools in a world of pessimistic people. Since she found me, I'm no longer sad. Since I've found her, she's no longer angry. People look at us and see happiness, two grown-up girls saying pervert things to one another just to make the lab tech cheeks grow red.

We have pillow battles in Sunday mornings. We have our tender sugar moments in the middle of the hall making everyone suspire in admiration. We play and we argue about the most stupid things in the world. I invite her to dance in our living room. We share smiles.

I want to be mad the rest of my life. And I know she wants it too. And, sincerely, I don't give a damn of what people may think.