Summary: Sydney's thoughts while she was sitting at Vaughn's funeral.

Spoilers: Just for the season five premier.

A/N: This is the first poem I have ever attempted for fanfiction. You can go ahead and tell me if you don't like it.

Is anyone else really mad about what happened to Vaughn?

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That day at the train yard I saw you shot,

When I ran to you I was distraught.

It was like someone had tried to rip out my heart,

I hoped with all my strength that we would not have to part.

But deep inside me at the hospital I knew,

A horrible feeling deep inside me grew.

This was the one mission you would not survive,

Now you are dead and I am alive.

This is not the way things were suppose to end

I'm not sure that this hurt of mine will ever mend.

I see your casket sitting up there

And am reminded that the situation is completely unfair.

How I wish that this was not how it was

And I want you by my side again because

I'm not sure I can go on without you here.

In your protecting arms I never knew fear.

But now I am vulnerable to attack

And your baby and I, we both lack

The man who is suppose to be here

The man who we will both hold dear.

I'll probably never be able to move on

Because truly I'm still in love with you, Michael Vaughn