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Wow. This took me 2 hours to throw out. I decide This fic has got to end already ;; I originally wanted to write a completely different story, but I felt it needed back story. See where that got me. Now, When I feel like it, I'll start the next story. This last Chapter is a cliffie. It leads to the next to the story. Here we go!

Megumi hummed softly to herself while polishing the magical mirror, trying to quit stressing about Shinobin storming out of the house. She really liked that kid.

Suddenly Megumi heard a sickening roar downstairs, and not one, but two boys' yells. She snatched the mirror, hastily with as much care as possible, placed the hand mirror into a black drawstring bag and ran from the room.

She stumbled down the stairs, anxiety pounding in her ears. What was that sound? She stopped dead halfway down the stairs, and gasped in horror. Water was pouring through the door, rushing through the broken windows, and rapidly filling the room, ruining it completely.

"Damien! Shinobi!?" She shrieked their names frantically and scrambled as low down the stairs as she could, looking for them. How could this be happening? This was completely impossible! Realization hit her like a punch in the stomach. They were at the bottom of the slope, by the edge of the dome.

The water was going to pile up at the bottom first and work its way up. They were gong down first.

"Damien!! Shinobi! Damien!!!" She cried, panic filling her lungs like the icy water in the room. She couldn't, she would not lose them.

Shinobi suddenly burst the ever-rising surface, coughing and shaking. "Shinobi!" Confusion and relief flew into her as she yanked the boy out of the water, lying him on the stairs. He was freezing… "Shinobi? W-What are you doing here? I thought you left…" He weakly glanced up, short of breath. "The water…I…I came to warn you…to get out…" "Where's Damien?" She asked, still frantic. "I tried to hang on to him…I really…did…but I couldn't…I'm so sorry…I gotta go back and get him-" "No." Megumi scanned the water. I'll do it." Shinobi weakly nodded, and then slipped away, passing out.

She turned and shut her eyes, screaming. "DAMIEN!!!" She had to find him. It was her duty. She also knew she loved him, and had to find him.

She flung herself into the water, and choked. It was so cold. It burned painfully, it was icy. It took everything just to move her limbs, to turn her head. She surfaced and gasped, the water rising higher still. She went back under, feeling weak. Searching frantically, ignoring her fatigue. But she felt tired…it was so hard….she started to slip away like Shinobi, against her will. "Damien…" He eyes fluttered closed, and a name escaped her lips, along with her last breath of air.


And time seemed to stand still at that moment, as everything changed.

The unconscious and drowning Damien froze, being surrounded by beams of ice blue light. The blue ribbons wrapped around his body, like a transparent oval cocoon. He stirred inside, and his eyes snapped open.

He was a different person now.

He couldn't feel the cold water anymore, all he knew was that he had to save his friends. He willed the cocoon to move, and it shot over to the dying girl. He reached for her, and he took the unconscious girl into his arms, holding her close in his blue orb radiating power.

He rose up out the water a streak of neon blue. He hovered above the ever rising surface, gazing down at the lifeless female, and then closed his eyes. The blue orb split into blue ribbons, swirling around him like magic and connecting into two places into his back. He winced and arched back as they merged into him, coming together to form two shapes, shrinking, changing colour until they were two black bat wings.

He glanced at the rising rushing water, panting at the effort of staying aloft with his new wings and holding the lifeless Megumi. Damien caught sight of his best friend Shinobi, slipping dangerously into the cruel icy water surrounding the stairs. He flew over to him, shifting Megumi over and picking up Shinobi in his free arm, and flew heavily up the stairs.

He found the trap door in the ceiling that led to the roof, leaned back, and kicked as hard as he could, letting out a yell from the effort. It crashed open, and he flew up, away from the rooftop, and he surveyed the damage on the earth below.

People and Animals scrambled away from their homes at the bottom of the slope, as rivers streamed down past them to the edge of the dome, pooling up, begging to be let down the rest of the mountain.

Suddenly, pangs of exhaustion racked his body, pounding at his temples, his arms aching. He needed to find a warm dry place to hide themselves…where…his mind fogged, and he plummeted toward the watery earth. He struggled for a second, and then regained composure. Shinobi's house…he was alone most of the time.

He flew exhaustedly in the direction, praying not to be seen, hoping people would be distracted by the flood. It hurt so much…his arms were screaming to be freed…he spotted his rooftop, and flew into the forest by his house, landing unceremoniously on his porch.

He kicked the door open, dragging Megumi and Shinobi in. He found towels, and wrapped them around his comrades and himself. Suddenly everything on his body crumpled, the edges of his vision grew black, and he fell down in a dead faint.

The Snowboard Kids gang all gathered together, gasping and surveying the damage of the bottom of their town.

Nancy cried hysterically. "My house is next…What will I do? My mom doesn't believe anything... She doesn't believe her eyes…I can't get her to go to higher to ground, she's so stupid…" Wendy put her arms around her, holding her and looking out grimly.

"We need to put an end to this. Now." The brunette muttered darkly.

"Agreed." Slash looked at the gang's anxious, fearful faces.

"How?" Linda demanded, pale as a sheet.

"I don't know!" Wendy snapped, frustrated, causing Nancy to sob harder.

"I can't find Julia anywhere." Tommy muttered, frantically punching numbers into his phone uselessly in an attempt to contact his girl. Mae and Koko weren't anywhere.

Suddenly a loud voice rang out, calling them. "It's no use. Everyone's going to die!"

They all whipped around, and saw Julia standing higher up the slope, flanked by Mae and Koko. She sounded strangely triumphant. "Julia!" Tommy called out. "What do you mean?"

"You are all going to die!" She shouted, crazed.

They all felt a sick realization.

"You." Jam said, dumbstruck. "It was you. "How?"

"How?" She barked out a laugh." "It took a lot of work. It took me a while to figure out and plan out, a while to launch. I finally did it. And now everyone will die. Except for me and these two, of course." Mae and Koko looked grim and scared about what they were doing, avoiding Jam and Slash's eyes.

"And why?" she continued, when no one was able to say a word. "Because when I came here as a child, I was shunned. Everyone was so different. I was different. And I was hated for it. I was so miserable, I planned revenge. Now judgment has come to pass, and you'll all get what you deserve!"

Tommy looked wounded. "I loved you. How could you do this?"

She glanced down her nose at him. "You were nothing to me. I just used you to look normal. You never knew me."

The cruel words hit Tommy like punches, blow after blow. He turned away to hide his tears.

Slash growled and clenched his fists. "You psycho cow! You'll pay for doing this!"

He ran toward her, but she fell back with her comrades, onto a hover craft to carry them away. She laughed as she flew away, while Mae and Koko threw pleading looks back while she wasn't looking.

Slash fell to his knees in the snow. "I can't even…believe this."

"Unbelievable." Jam agreed. The girls were shocked speechless, until Tommy stood and glared.

"We are going to save the town from her. She'll be sorry she ever did this."

The group looked at him, and they all reached an understanding without even speaking. They were going to stop her.


He softly stirred inside himself. Wha…?

"He's lucky he wasn't killed. All that effort…just for us…" The voice choked. Another quiet voice spoke.

"He's amazing. His will to survive…"

He stirred softly, groaning. The voices were directly over head now.


They were getting clearer…


His eyes slowly opened. Shinobi and Megumi were bent over him, tears in Megumi's eyes.

"Damien!" She hugged him, and he sighed with exhaustion and relief.

They were ok. It was all that mattered.

"I thought you died! I couldn't' figure out how we got here, and then I saw you…" She gestured at his back. The blue skinned teen tilted his head back, but couldn't see the wings now.

"They're gone." Megumi nodded. "I don't have time to explain, but-"

"Whoa. Hang on." Damien cut her off. I need to know what the heck is going on. I mean, I knew I was different, but not this different. Nothing like this has happened before."

Megumi sighed. "I'll tell you what I can. It's not much, but you'll know more sooner than you think."

"Basically, this is it. The world is going to be destroyed. I cant' explain now," She felt bad, watching the two boys faces pale, one white and the other ice blue as opposed to teal. "You must believe me. But we're not going to be here for it. We have to leave in a few hours. I know it's short notice, but you'll know the whole story soon. Right now, it's important to do exactly what I say to survive. First, we must, absolutely have to break this shield in an hour. It's critical." The boys nodded.

"Then I'll take care of it from there. As for you, you have wings now. I can't go into much detail now, but you'll know soon."

"Megumi?" Damien started. "A lot of people are going to die…aren't they…?"

Megumi nodded sadly. "Have patience, Damien. You'll know soon." Damien suddenly started.

"I know who can help us."

The gang plotted feverishly once they found out where Julia was making this disaster happen. But they were pretty hopeless. All they had was snowboard skills.

Suddenly Damien and Shinobi walked into Wendy's house followed by Megumi, looking around.

"We have trouble." Damien announced.

"So do we. Like you wouldn't believe."

They quickly found out what the other knew, and teamed up to plan to storm Julia's base.

Julia's basement door suddenly slammed open, and the three girls looked at it, shocked. Julia's face contorted with rage as she saw who it was.

"You will not ruin this not now. It's too late."

The group glared back. "We'll be the one's to decide that." Go, Damien!"

Damien ran up to Julia and tackled her, proceeding to start a fight. The rest of the gang ran around the room. Linda and Nancy took on Mae and Koko, starting huge catfights.

"I knew you were crap for Slash!" Nancy shrieked as she smacked Mae. Mae howled, infuriated, and smacked her back, while kicking out painfully.

Meanwhile, Linda and Koko screamed angrily and wrestled with each other.

"You horrid witch! I hate you! Your death will be the SO excruciating!!" Koko spat, while Linda slapped her and cried out furiously when Koko bit her back.

"You rat! You couldn't even hold me down for a second! Ooooh, you cocky brat!"

Megumi yelled over to Slash. "It's over here!"

Julia saw and screamed angrily


But with the boy's help, she pulled the powerful switch. A loud droning sound sounded, and they looked around expectedly. When nothing happened, the boys pulled the girls off each other and tied their arch enemies up.

They proceeded outside when they were positive the girls were secure.

"You sure that will hold them?" Tommy asked apprehensively.

"It will hold them for a few hours, which is long enough." Shinobi replied grimly.

They looked around, and a huge rumble sounded. The next thing they knew, they had been knocked to the ground.

"What is that?" Linda screeched.

"When the dome released, all those chemicals locked in the dome went in to the atmosphere. It was enough to throw off the balance, and now the whole earth is out of whack. It'll break down in another hour and a half." Megumi cried, feeling sick with dread.

Nancy shrieked, terrified. "What will we do? I don't want to die!"

Another earthquake trembled threateningly and this time it was so violent, pillars of earth shot up from the mountain. It clipped most of the group, and screams filled the air.

Megumi opened her eyes when it was over and surveyed the damage.

Slash, Jam and Linda suffered broken limbs clearly, and were howling in pain. Nancy and Wendy looked lifeless, and Tommy, Shinobi and Damien just look shaken and bruised.

Her heart felt like it was stricken as she realized the 2 girls were most likely dead.

Damien yelled in horror when he caught sight of Nancy. He limped over to her, and took her lifeless body in his arms.

"Nancy…" he stroked her blonde hair out of her eyes, and saw blood running from her head. "Nancy." He held her close, shaking with grief.

Megumi couldn't stand to see him in so much pain. He knew he had liked her especially out of the group. Megumi pulled herself together, straightened up and looked at the damage. She knew a lot of people in their little town had already died.

"W-We have to go, Damien. You have to help."

She started to gather the group together, Jam losing consciousness from pain. She and Damien got them around themselves, Tommy carried Linda and held onto Megumi, While Shinobi held Jam and latched onto Damien, who was cradling Nancy. Megumi carried Wendy and knelt next to slash, touching him too. They all were connected somehow, one way or another.

"Prepare yourself." She told the remaining conscious people, and mentally prepared herself. She closed her eyes and told the others to do the same. She sent out power, and the others felt it coursing through their bodies. What was happening? Damien started to throw in his powers, though he wasn't sure how or what they were doing. He just willed it. Megumi felt it and smiled. Their power met and intertwined, glowing around them.

Then, squinting her eyes tight, she focused her energy out and they started to glimmer…until they weren't there at all. There was no trace of them whatsoever.

They slowly started to reappear…but not in the same place the left. They were in the middle of a big intricate floor…and suddenly they were 100 present.

Megumi softly cried out, and then fainted from the effort.

Damien felt exhausted and close to passing out. He knew they had traveled a long way. He looked up dizzily, and saw other people gathering around. They had long pointed ears, different horns, and…teal coloured skin? They were tending to his friends around him, and he numbly threw a question out.

"Where…Where are we?"

A feminine voice answered, and he looked up.

"You're on the ship Viera. Welcome aboard, Damien Ouji Sama."

He remembered that name. It was so familiar. Where was it from?

He couldn't take anymore, and passed out.


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