Sorry it took so long to update. My life has finally turned around and I'll try to get back to updating quicker. I'll apologize now since it's really short too ; :bows: Forgive me?

Hisoka screamed struggling against his attacker. This wasn't like his usual nightmares. No, this was very very different. His hands were trapped above him as the knife dug into his chest. He cried out in pain as it was dragged along a preset path. Just as he felt he would pass out the knife was gone and his shinigami healing powers began to take effect. Once the injuries were healed enough the knife was back.

The empath had no idea how long this had been going on. All he knew was the pain and the familiar laughter. He'd heard it so many times in life, but it wouldn't go away. The white-clad demon couldn't be doing this so how could he hear that laughter? The knife dug in deeper and he cried out in pain.

He shot up from his bed panting for breath tears streaming down his face. As he tried to calm down his eyes widened as he watched the injuries on his stomach heal and the blood-stained sheets. His scream was silent to the ears, but Tsuzuki heard it loud and clear through their empathetic link and bolted up. "Hisoka?! What's . . ." His voice trailed off as he caught sight of the scene before him. Hisoka was huddled over himself his entire body shaking the sheets and blankets were soaked in blood and the empath seemed even paler than usual.

Immediately he scrambled off his bed and walked over to the other. "Hisoka, what happened? Are you all right?" Very carefully he brought his arms around the empath gently rocking him. "Hisoka . . . are you okay? Can . . . can Ryuji tell me what happened?" He panicked when he didn't hear anything from his partner. "Hisoka . . ."

"I . . . I don't know . . . Tsuzuki . . . I don't know . . ." Tsuzuki's heart broke hearing the tone in the mental voice. He gently held the empath. "Let's get you some new sheets and pajamas then I'll make you some tea. Okay Soka-chan?" He felt the weak nod into his shoulder. Tsuzuki picked him up and carried him over to his own bed.

Once Tsuzuki had gathered the sheets from the bed and left the room Hisoka pulled off his shirt. He ran a hand along the skin seeing the familiar scars from his death. Nothing seemed off . . . so then where had all that blood come from? The glimpse of the injury from before brought back memories of his nightmare causing him to shiver. He pulled off the stained clothes and grabbed a fresh pair of pajamas. Just as he finished pulling them on Tsuzuki came back into the room.

"I put some of your favorite tea on. Wanna go sit on the couch?" He held out his hand. Hisoka looked up at his partner then grabbed Ryuji from his spot on the nightstand before taking the offered hand. Carefully Tsuzuki led him to the couch and sat Hisoka down. "Do you know what happened?" He asked as he sat down next to the empath and gently set a hand on Hisoka's. There was silence and Tsuzuki bit his lip. "Does . . . does Ryuji know?"

Hisoka's hand tightened around the stuffed cat and he looked down at the floor. "He . . . he doesn't know . . . h-he was having a nightmare . . . when he woke up . . . it-it was . . . it was like it wasn't a dream . . ." He shivered trying to fight the urge to curl up. Tsuzuki gently hugged him. "We'll figure this out, Hisoka. I promise."

"Baka . . . don't make promises you can't keep . . ." He shivered unable to fight back the urge to curl up any more. Tsuzuki gently pulled Hisoka closer to him and rocked him slightly.

"Otou-san? Tsu-otou?" Motoko walked into the room in one of Tsuzuki's old dress shirts. "W-what's wrong?" The small girl asked biting her lip as she made her way closer to the two on the couch. Tsuzuki gently held Hisoka who refused to look at the girl.

"Otou-san had a nightmare, Toko-chan. Why are you up?" The elder shinigami asked fairly certain he knew the answer. He gently ran a hand through Hisoka's hair. Motoko walked over rubbing her eyes. "I had a nightmare like Otou-san." She said as she crawled up onto the couch next to the two. Tsuzuki kept one arm around Hisoka as he brought the other around Motoko.

They sat there like that for a while until Motoko had fallen asleep and Hisoka's shivers had slowed. "You don't think she really had . . .?" Tsuzuki suggested through the link as he didn't want to wake the poor girl up. All he got was a small shrug from his young partner. "Do you want to try going back to bed?" Hisoka tensed and Tsuzuki took that as his answer. "Let's put Toko-chan back to bed then have some tea, all right?" The empath nodded slowly and moved to stand up.