The small girl works fast as she creeps in the darken room.
Her eyes shift from side to side, searching intently
As she glances for any stranger approaching.

A flash of light floods her vision as she is blinded suddenly.
She flails about blindly, trying to strike her opponent with her sword.
Something connects to the back of her neck and she falls stunned.

A dark figure behind her stares down at her back,
She can feel his eyes boring into her
As her Master speaks too her.

You failed, he tells her in a flat voice.
You forgot to move silently across the titled floor;
I could have killed you the moment you entered the building.

A pause follows and then he speaks again.

Train some more Alyssa, if you truly wish to
Remain my apprentice then you must work for the right.
He turns and leaves the stunned girl lying in the room, all alone.

Hot tears sting her face as she crawls to retrieve her bow
And the bag of loot she had gathered so carefully.
Ho! Stop taffer! Thief! Guards, guards – there she is.
A woman peasant yells, pointing the dark figure of the girl.

Alyssa fingers her bow, how easy it would be,
To put the woman peasant, out of her misery…

A thief does not kill unless he or she is forced to.
Garret's words come back to her as she fingers the bow,
Drawing the arrow too her cheek.

She runs chasing the fleeing peasant and pulls out her blackjack;
Knocking the woman unconscious with a swift blow…
Garret watches as Alyssa returns to his apartment silently.
He zooms in on her figure with his eye, and notes the
Bag hanging from her belt. She had made a good looting this night.

He stands and slips away to his room; arriving an instant before she does.

She faces him, I culd have died out there.
You left me alone and paralyzed.
He stares down at her, and did you discover what
You sought when you came to me?

She nods, I came back, I have learned and I'm still learning.

Garret nods, you will always be learning, Alyssa.
He abruptly douses the candle flickering weakly, on the top shelve.

Come with me Alyssa, its time you learned the secrets of the Lost City.
He turns brusquely and Alyssa stares after him for a moment before
She places her bag of loot in the vault behind her sleeping pallet…

Thank you, Uncle. She whispers very softly.