Warnings: All my fics always have some element of shounen-ai, why should this be any different? Random Shounen-ai pairings. Cursing, a lot of saying 'foolish or stupidity''. Cross over from Fire Emblem 1, 3, 6 and 7. Suggestive themes(what the hell?). A lot of bad language... Spoilers...to some extent. And yes, I hate Bush. But I love Kratos, although I kind of make fun of him

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Tales of Sugar Rush Emblem

Chapter 2: Enter...some other random pretty boy of unparalleled stupidity

Any normal, sane person, would bring extra cash, just in case their money is not enough, to a store. But this is a story of unparalleled stupidity, committed by a pair of blue haired, pretty boys, who didn't have enough money.

This story takes place in a little shop in downtown Tethe'alla, where the half-elves lived like poor dogs. And people called them 'Custom Hobo' instead of 'Custom Robo'.

Marth, the exiled prince of Altea. Alone, he is a stupid, troubled man of unparalleled stupidity that only stupid people can poses. But together, with a couple of his goody-two shoed comrades, his smarts rain supreme.

Yuan, a half-elf who has no last name. Together, with his friends, he is a foolish, foolish man of unparalleled foolishness. Alone, he is a half-elf whose IQ is probably 20 times that of President George Dubya Bush.

Now, let our stories begin . . . in a galaxy far, far away . . .

"Fifteen Gald my ass!"

"I'm sorry sir, but that is the-"

"Shut the hell up!" Marth screamed, throwing the bag of sugar he had been holding at the cashier.

"Dude, calm down!" Yuan said, smacking Marth upside the head. The half-elf then gave the cashier a magazine.

"This comes to 25 Gald, Sir. I hope you have enough money for this, unlike your friend over there."

Yuan and Marth looked at one another and said: "We just got served! Bluenette's represent!" The two blue haired men jumped the cashier, took their things and ran out of the store, laughing like they were high on some drugs.

"Wow, what a rush! Its times like these when you need sugar!" Marth ripped the bag open and was about to pour the whole thing in his mouth, before he ran into someone.

"You insolent man! How dare you hit me!"

Yuan helped Marth up off the ground and looked over at the man who was yelling at them.

"Well you should've been paying more attention." Yuan said, rolling his magazine up and hitting the person on the head.

"How dare you smack me with such pitiful paper! No one touches me, Sain, the most handsomest knight in all of Lycia! And the world..." The man said back, holding his head. Marth ignored him and started shoving the sugar in his mouth.

Yuan and Sain watched in amazement as the prince polished the bag off in a mere 15 seconds.

"Damn that felt good..."

"Run away!" Yuan bellowed, grabbing Sain's collar.

Marth stared at them, wondering what was going on. "Sheesh, it's not like every time I have sugar, I get sugar high." He muttered, walking in their direction...

The story ends with so much imbecility that it did not make any sense. This story can only be found in the Twilight Zone...

Zelos' mansion...

Now this is a tale of true forgetfulness and how pretty boys try to conquer all who come their way...

Roy twirled into the living room. "Look at my cake I made!" Raine gave him a disgusted face, stuck out her leg and tripped him.

Roy squeaked and fell to the floor, the cake flying out of his hands.

The healer laughed a very disturbing laugh.

Zelos, seeing this was his mansion, was looking at a photo he had of Kratos, Yuan, himself and Yggdrasill. It was labeled, Cruxis Buddies 4 eva. He sighed, wishing they could be back together again.

But suddenly, the month old picture was covered with chocolate cake. It took Zelos a minute to realize this. He slowly turned his heads to the possible suspects,

Raine, the woman was laughing at Roy. Professor Sage had always been one to throw cake...

Roy, the kid was on the floor, crying. Roy had always been one...to cry...

Kratos, the old crusty man was scratching his armpit. Eww..Kratos Aurion had always been the one to snort at other people's expense.

Lloyd, the fool was staring lamely at his father, lamely. Lloyd Irving was always one to swallow soap whole.

The rest of the people were irrelevant. But that didn't matter, because the great Zelos had already found who the suspect was!

Kratos, sensing the dramatic tension, brought out stereo and played Fighting of the Spirit, Summon Spirit Battle.

"I have found the suspect who had thrown the cake all over my photo of my friends!"

Roy picked himself off the floor and raised his hand, "Uh, Zelos? It was me-"

"Silence wench! Don't you see the great Zelos is talking? Or do you want the Great Zelos to start talking in third person?" Zelos asked.

The general shook his head and took a seat near Kratos, who was blasting the music pretty loudly.

"Before I was rudely interrupted by a common wench, I was about to tell everyone who threw the cake all over my photo. The photograph that I have cherished. This picture symbolizes the love, betrayal and mutual hate of the Cruxis buddies. Yuan, the idiot, has always been my friend. He is majorly crusty in age, but he makes up for that in beauty...Kratos Aurion, this stupid ass loser has always been a pain in the rear end. Not only did he steal my Yuan away, he also took that perverted, disco half elf, Yggdrasill. And finally, Mithos Yggdrasill. He had long, flowing blonde hair."

Kratos, and his hot self, was snoring over the stereo, which the tune had changed to Zelos' theme song.

Roy punched the angel, but missed, hitting the stereo instead. The obnoxious thing, which was replaced by high tech things in a few months, fell and broke into pieces.

Kratos snapped awake, instantly pointing at the red head who sat next to him. He was ready to blame Roy when Yuan came crashing into the house.

"Zelos! This man here says he's the most prettiest guy ever."

This caused the stereo to rebuild itself and start playing Fighting of the Spirit again. Everyone gasped, including the photo Mr. Wilder was holding, Kratos and the stereo.

"Dude, I'm better looking than both of them..."

Zelos silenced Roy, who had mumbled that blasphemy, and glared at the man Yuan was holding. The guy, Sain, looked like a slacker, he had a headband to keep his short, chestnut colored hair out of his eyes. Sain was probably as tall as Yuan, give or take a few inches. He was also wearing some black pants that looked a little too tight, and a green shirt. He pointed biker gloved fingers at Zelos.

"I can't believe you, think you're the prettiest man in the world! How about we have a contest? Whoever gets the most girls in one day, is the winner."

"Bring. It. On. And the loser is the winner's bitch for a whole week."


Zelos walked forward and shook the man's hand, dropping the chocolate caked-covered photograph to the floor.

Kratos fell to his knees, picked up the picture and began weeping over it. Presea rubbed her noes, and then went to the bathroom. Stating that she had some massive bowl problems. Not that anybody wanted to know...

This tale of forgetfulness has ended, now you may think to yourselves, 'What was the meaning of this chapter?' Well, it sets up the battle of supremacy of all pretty boys...in the games that matter most to the person writing this fic. A fic that can only be found...

In the Twilight Zone...

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