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The bright lights. The screeching breaks. The sickening crunch. "NO!"

There's been a death that's had an impact. Was going to be the main focus of the story but it didn't work out that way. Main focus is on Dana and Logan because I like them the most so I naturally end up writing about them. This story will have a sequel. For all the Zoey/Chase fans, there will be Zoey/Chase although not so much in this story, but the sequel will probably have more. For Nicole fans, she has a love triangle in this story. As for Michael, he has minor parts in the beginning, I kind of forgot about him in the middle, but at the end I gave him a storyline. No Lola in this story. They're all 16. This is my first fanfic and I'd really appreciate it if you'd read it. This is probably one of the longest summaries ever so I'll stop now.

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Chapter 1

The bright lights. The screeching breaks. The sickening crunch. "NO!"

Zoey woke up, panting hard, a cold sweat beading on her forehead. She looked around her dorm room. Dana and Nicole were still asleep. Good. Quietly, Zoey got out of bed, grabbed her jacket, and crept out of the room. She walked down to her favorite spot – the pond. As she sat down, she'd realized she been here a lot in the past year. Almost every night it seemed. It was so hard to deal with. During the day she had to act like she was over it, that everything was fine, but on the inside, she knew nothing could be the same. There was no turning back. He was gone, and she blamed herself. She knew she shouldn't but how could she not.

"Dustin, come on! Dad's going to be here soon!"

It was the start of summer break and Zoey and Dustin were going back home for the summer. 8 o'clock at night. Their dad should've been there by now. "Dustin!" Zoey called again.

"Zoey, I have to find my lucky penny!" Dustin complained.

"We'll get you a new lucky penny," Zoey replied.

"It won't be lucky though."

"Dustin, will you forget about the penny?" Zoey looked around and sighed. Where was her dad?

"I'm hungry," Dustin whined.

"I'll go get some food. Stay here and tell me if Dad comes," Zoey instructed.

"Ok," Dustin responded, annoyed that she didn't really trust him to be by himself.

Zoey left, returning a few minutes later. As she was walking down the steps back towards Dustin, she saw him shout out, "I found it!" He ran out into the street and bent down to pick up his lucky penny. Zoey watched in horror as a car sped around the corner. It was dark. Dustin was so small and he was bending down so the driver couldn't have noticed him.

"STOP!" Zoey shrieked as she dropped the food and started to run down the steps.

Dustin stood up and the driver slammed on the brakes but it was too late. The car slammed into Dustin. Zoey was horrified. "NO!" she screamed.

Just then her dad pulled up. When he saw Dustin on the ground he ran over. The driver of the car was calling an ambulance. Zoey stood, frozen to the spot. No…it couldn't be…

The alarm clock was going off and no one was making it stop. Also, Zoey wasn't heard saying to get up. Dana groggily opened her eyes and looked around the room. She didn't see Zoey anywhere. "Nicole?"

"Where's Zoey?" Nicole asked, climbing down from the top bunk.

"I don't know but will you please turn off that stupid alarm," Dana snapped.

"I'm worried about Zoey," Nicole continued.

Dana groaned and got up. She walked over and slammed her fist against the alarm clock, turning it off. "Thanks for nothing," she muttered.

"Dana! Aren't you at all concerned that Zoey's not here?" Nicole exclaimed.

"She probably just woke up earlier and couldn't get back to sleep. Go check the bathroom," Dana suggested.

"Oh! Good idea!" Nicole shouted, hurrying out the door.

Dana sighed and sat by the window. Looking out across the campus, she suddenly noticed a figure, asleep under a tree by the lake. Dana did a double take. That was Zoey alright.

"She's not there!" Nicole cried out in a panic.

"I know where she is," Dana answered, still looking out the window.


Dana just pointed out the window. Nicole looked and soon spotted Zoey. "Oh my gosh, what's she doing outside? We have to go get her!" Nicole hurried out the door before Dana could even answer. She watched Nicole run out of the building and down to the lake. Everyone was staring at her since she was still in her pajamas. Wordlessly, Dana pulled the curtains closed. Zoey was changed, and it was turning Nicole into even more of a frazzled mess than usual. Dana had a suspicion that she knew what was wrong with Zoey, but there was no way she would say anything.

Memories suck. she thought bitterly.

"I hate mornings," Chase announced as he rolled out of bed.

"You've been really negative lately," Michael remarked. "What's up?"

"Nothing," Chase muttered.

"I know what's bugging you," Michael declared.

"No you don't."

"Yeah. Zoey. She's been acting all weird lately and it's really getting to you."

"I'm…going to…" Chase glanced around for something to do. "I'm going to…go look out the window," he decided firmly.

Michael laughed. "Ok man."

Chase glanced out the window. He noticed everyone seemed to be staring at these two people. Chase looked and realized that it was Zoey and Nicole. "What are Zoey and Nicole doing outside in their pajamas?" he asked.

Michael gave him a look. "Man, how should I know?"

"What are you two arguing about?" Logan muttered, slowly getting up.

"Zoey and Nicole are walking outside in their pajamas," Michael explained.

"Why?" Logan replied.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that!" Michael exclaimed.

Logan rolled his eyes. "Whatever, I'm gonna go take a shower."

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