The sound of the cell door slamming shut echoed through the corridors of the Dallas State prison. One lone prisoner was escorted through a door and pushed down into a chair. Sitting across from the prisoner was Brent Mitchell, a man in his mid-thirties with sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a weathered look, like he'd been through hell and back. The prisoner, his younger brother Mike, smiled to acknowledge him and picked up the telephone … their only way to communicate.

"Hey man when are you going to get me outta here?"

"Pretty soon little brother," Brent said. "I sent our favorite judge a little message this morning."

"You sent Stokes a message. You know he doesn't scare easily."

"Already have that covered Mikey. Haven't I always taken good care of you? Trust me when I say, you will be free soon enough. All I need is to persuade our friend the judge that this whole trial is a bad idea."

"Yea, and how are you going to manage that?" Mikey asked.

"Did you know that Stokes has seven kids? That's a pretty big family. All I need is some leverage, if you get my meaning."

"Leverage, hmm I like where you are going with this. Stokes watches his family like a hawk it will be hard to get to one of them."

"Me and my boys will be out of town for a few days, I have to take care of some business in Vegas."

"What? You're going out of town!" Mikey screamed, getting the attention of the guards.

"Calm down man, don't make a scene." Brent replied back sharply.

"What's so important in Vegas?"

"Well two things actually. I have to take care of some guy that cheated me out of some hard earned money, and I have a friend to visit."

"What friend? You don't have any friends in Vegas."

"Yes I do little brother, his name is Nick Stokes." Brent said leaning into the window with an evil smile.

The Las Vegas Crime Lab, the second best lab in the country, was busy as usual, various technicians and analysts going about their jobs.

In the midst of the usual chaos of the midnight shift, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Sara Sidle, Greg Sanders and Nick Stokes sat in the meeting room waiting for their shift supervisor to hand out their assignments.

"So what do you guys think Grissom has for us today?" Greg Sanders, the newest member of the team asked.

"Could be anything, or hopefully nothing, but I seriously think that we won't be that lucky. This city seems to bring out the worst in people: greed, lust, jealousy, you name it." Catherine answered.

"Yep and let's not forget the crazies." Nick added.

"Crazies? What do you mean by crazies?"

Nick and Warrick looked at each other with smiles, what a perfect time to mess with the newbie. Warrick was just about to answer when Gil Grissom entered the room holding the assignments.

"Hello everyone. I trust you had enough time to get a good amount of coffee in you. It's going to be a busy night."

Grissom proceeded to hand out the assignments. "Nick and Warrick you guys have a 418 down on Tennison and 1st, Sara and Greg you have a B&E at the Tropicana. Catherine and I will be busy here."

"We will?" Catherine said.

"Yep, I just found out that we are going to be audited by the Sheriff's people, we need to make sure that everything is in order before they get here."

"Oh yippy, paperwork, my favorite thing in the whole world. Tell me again why I wanted to be a supervisor?" Catherine asked while taking a sip of her coffee.

"For the glory, and the pay isn't bad either." Grissom said with a smirk. "O.K guys you have your assignments, be careful out there."

"Yea you too." Nick replied while getting out of his chair.

"What do you mean Nick? We'll be here in the office." Grissom questioned.

"Well this place isn't exactly safe, you know you could get a nasty paper cut or something doing all that paperwork."

"Yea and not to mention carpal-tunnel syndrome, I heard that can hurt." Warrick added with a smile.

"You guys better hit the road before this room becomes a crime scene," Catherine said as she got up from her seat, and proceeded to walk towards Nick and Warrick.

Nick and Warrick grabbed their folders and ran out the door. Sara and Greg followed them out, both of them smiling and shaking their heads.

Detective Jim Brass, a veteran in the Las Vegas Police Department, saw a lot of death in his career. This was just another body to add to the list. He tried to remember when he became so cynical, but couldn't recall.

He was just beginning another interview, when a familiar SUV pulled up to the crime scene.

Nick and Warrick both exited the SUV and went to the back to retrieve their cameras and kits. Once at a crime scene both men were all business. They took their jobs seriously. With equipment in hand they proceeded over to Detective Jim Brass.

Brass ended his conversation with the witness and waited for Nick and Warrick to walk over to him

"Hey Brass. What do we got here?' Warrick asked taking the lead.

"Warrick, Nick." he said in greeting. He then walked the CSIs over to a White 2005 Camero, with the front smashed in. The airbag had deployed and the passenger window was still rolled up with blood and brain matter splattered all over it.

"According to this driver's license, his name is Brian Daeber, age twenty-seven. One shot to the head. Witnesses say that he was driving west on Tennison, when a black van cut him off; the victims' car rear-ended the van. One man exited the van wearing a black ski mask, and proceeded to shoot the victim in the head. The perpetrator got back into the van and it sped off."

"Sounds like it was some kind of hit, what do you think Warrick?" Nick asked while looking around the crime scene for anything that might jump out.

"Yep I would have to agree with you on that one. I'll take the victim." Warrick said while placing his kit on the ground.

"O.K. sounds good. I'll work on the perpetrator's shoeprint and see what I can get off of those tires marks." Nick said as he walked towards the front of the car.

Warrick took out his camera and began taking pictures of the crime scene. He photographed the victim and the car from every possible angle. He also photographed the crowd. It had been known that some perpetrator's came back to watch.

Warrick held his flashlight on the victim to check for any traces of anything that could lead to why he was killed. He located a long blond hair on the victim's left pant leg. This was a break; the victim had brown hair and brown eyes.

He bagged the hair and placed it in his bag. He continued on with searching. He still couldn't move the victim since the coroner hadn't released the body.

"Hey Brass, do you know what the status of the coroner is?

"They should be here any minute." Brass replied, as the coroner was pulling in. "Now see what did I tell you." Warrick smiled at Brass's humor.

David Philips, the assistant coroner, exited his car with his kit. "Sorry I'm late. I ran into traffic down the strip."

"No problem. We have the COD as one shot to the head entering through the left temple."

"I would have to agree with your assessment. Temperature shows that he's been dead no more than an hour an a half." David replied taking the thermometer out of the victims' liver. "If you are finished I will take him off your hands."

"Thanks Dave. Yep I'm finished with him. I just need to finish processing the car." Warrick said as he moved out of the way.

Nick scanned the streetlights in the area to see if there were any cameras that may have gotten what happened. He noticed an ATM machine across the street, and that the lights on Tennison and 1st had cameras as well. He took some pictures of both. He then approached Brass.

"Hey Brass. Do think you can get me the tapes from tonight from that ATM across the street and the streetlight cameras?"

"Sure thing Nicky."

Nick continued to scan the area.

Little did Nick know that the perpetrator, Brent Mitchell, was in the crowd watching him.

"Well what do we have here?" he said to himself watching Nick closely. "This must be my lucky day. I guess I have to thank you Brian, if it weren't for you I wouldn't have found Mr. Stokes this easy. Soon Mr. Stokes. Soon."

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