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Chapter 1 Hogwhats?!

'Ah, home sweet home,' I looked at the clock on my bedside table. It glowed an ominous blue and the numbers read 4:39am back at me. 'Ugh,' I just spent my night on the side of Cabrillo Highway trying to dig up an ashtray, I kid you not, that held a key, I wouldn't call it the safest hiding place but to each his own, to a safe deposit box that was lost in the car crash which is how the guy died. The money belongs to his daughter who is going to an Ivy League school this fall. Well anyway, I spent a better part of my night digging, driving, and making sure the daughter knows why the hell there's a key on her doorstep and where it goes.

Peeling off my dirty ghost busting clothes, I threw it in the hamper knowing I would probably be doing laundry tomorrow, or really later today. I threw on a light T-shirt and a pair of pants. Hey, it might be California, but the mornings were a bit cold.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep and dream of Jesse, I hear a noise coming from my window. Ignoring the noise I try to sleep again because I have to get up in a matter of three and half hours for Andy's Sunday morning breakfast.


I grabbed my pillow and slammed it over my ears so as to ignore the incessant tapping. Tap, tap, tap. 'Ahh! I will personally do harm to the per- . . . owl?'

It was an absolutely beautiful owl. Although I could only make out the outline of the owl because its feathers were an ink black, the feathers shone like ink too, but the eyes were the brightest purple, they were two stones of amethyst. I walked over to the window to see what she, or he, who knows, well I guess the owl knows and maybe the owner, okay getting off subject, wanted. I had a feeling it had to do with the letter in its beak. I opened the window and faster than I could even reach my hand out, the owl dropped the letter and left without a hoot. I picked up the letter while closing the window. On the front I read:

Susannah Simon
The Room with the Ocean View
99 Pine Crest Road
Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, USA

Slightly, if not very, freaked out, I broke the wax seal and opened the letter.

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Miss Simon,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We here understand that you have been raised with the understanding that you're only powers were to be able to converse with the dead. This letter is to inform you that you are also a Witch with magical powers. I am sorry to contact you so late in your life, but with the situation of things and its escalation, it is imperative you learn magic. I would not contact you unless it was urgent, but as it stands we request your and Mr. de Silva's presence be made here in England.

I shall say no more in case this falls into the wrong hands. Oh there will be someone to escort you on your travels. Expect these persons on July 30th.

Yours Sincerely,
Albus Dumbledore

This is not normal. Hogwarts? Mugwump? I glanced at my calendar and noticed the date was July 27th. They were going to be here in three days from England. Wait, England?! I am überly confused. I'll talk it over in the morning with my mom. She'll have to know something and I can't go barging in now! Plus I don't want to see her and Andy in bed. Its one thing to know it happens and another to see it. Yeah it would be better in the morning. Sleep now, question later.


"Suze! Get up!"

"Go away!"

"I won't wait for you. I'll eat all the food."

"No, you need me. Andy won't start without me." Bad move. Brad turned on his heel, walked into his room and grabbed something, but I didn't know what it was. I thought I had gotten rid of him. No such luck. Brad walked back into my room and pressed the button on the air horn! I jumped out of bed so fast a cheetah had nothing on me. I ran downstairs and tattled on Brad. I don't care if I am a tattle tale; no one and I mean no one, gives me that kind of wake up call. Plus it's not like you couldn't hear it from downstairs. Brad got my garbage and kitchen duties for the next month in case you were wondering.

Because of my eventful morning I had forgotten about the letter I had gotten earlier that morning. So I dragged my butt back up the stairs and grabbed the letter. I sat down at my usual place at the table. After remembering the letter I had lost my appetite. I pushed the food around the plate thinking more about the letter in my hand than he sight of Dopey, Sleepy, and Doc eating (not pretty, so this was kinda okay).

"Susie, are you ok? You haven't touched your food," asked mom. I just lifted my hand and handed her the letter. You know, I was expecting something like, 'what are these powers this man is writing about?' Instead I received a pale face and, "I guess it's time."

It didn't register at first that she hadn't asked about my mediator abilities, so I was about to say how sorry I was for not telling her sooner. Then it clicked. I opened and closed my mouth a few times like a fish during feeding time before, "time for what?" came out.

"Suze I know I should have told you earlier, but you are not my biological daughter. While I consider you my own daughter, you and I don't share genetics. One, actually it was the first of August, morning," do you see where I get it from. "A woman knocked on our, your father and Is, door and asked us to take you in. Your dad and I were having trouble conceiving a child and we really wanted a child, especially a baby girl. We told this woman that we would raise you as our own and I believe we have. Yes, I know you have been conversing with your father the last ten years."

"Did she tell you anything else? Like whom my real parents were." I know it sounds harsh and mean, but all my life I thought I knew who my real parents are, were, but now I find out I'm adopted!

"She told us their names are Lily and James Potter and that they were from England. They told her to find the best home possible for their little girl. We were informed that you would hold powers that no one had seen done in a very long time if ever. Also you have a twin brother named Harry James Potter. We also found out that a little over a year later your real parents were killed by a very powerful wizard. They died trying to save your brother and they succeed. We were not explained the whole story only that our love for you would protect you from the evil that killed your parents. I'm sorry."

I nodded my head. I wish I was able to really meet my parents, but I need more information. I could sulk later in privacy. "Did you know about Hogwarts and this Dumbledore person?"

"Not much. We were very briefly introduced to the magical world. The few details we did receive were that Albus is the headmaster of Hogwarts, a school of magic. You were assured that you would not have to go unless absolutely necessary, which I guess it is now. Everyone wanted you to grow up normal and live the most normal life possible. Also that was when we learned about your main power of speaking to the dead."

"Oh, o-, wait. You knew! You knew about my powers and you never said anything. I've been grounded thousands of times because of it and you knew! I think an explanation is so needed here."

"Susannah, I understand you are upset, but there is no reason for you take that tone of voice young lady." I crossed my arms over my chest and slumped in my chair. "Yes, I knew, but again, I thought by telling you that, I would have to tell you everything else and I wanted to put that off."

"So I had to wait to loose my father before I could know what I really was? I am so glad that the conveyance of my finding out landed in the death of my father. Nice. No really, I mean why bother to tell me when I had been seeing ghosts since I was two. And I couldn't tell you because even I know, knew, that it wasn't normal. I was afraid you'd send the 'nice men with the jacket' after me. Also when I was brought home by the police so often and then getting punished for trying to do my job. You also could have said something when I ended up in the hospital on more than one mysterious occasion." Look I know I'm getting a bit over dramatic and hot headed, but I was pissed and hurt. Who knows where my relationship with her could have gone.

"I know, I know, but you have to understand that the reason I didn't tell you was because I wanted to keep you safe." I was about to protest about how I didn't need safe keeping, but she held up a hand to me. "Remember what I said about the evil you needed protecting from? I didn't want to expose you to that any sooner than possible. Plus when the woman came to us and tried to explain the great evil, for one thing not even she could explain its magnitude, and two she specified to not give you all the details until it was an emergency. We were also not given all the details ourselves, in case you were found out about. Please understand."

"Okay." It sounded stupid, even to me, but I couldn't find anything else to say. I really did get it. There's no logical way to explain how I felt, but I totally understood. Not to mention that if she could hold onto that for sixteen years, then I could hold on to the secret of Jesse just a little bit longer.

"So it was a ghost guy you've been sneaking into your room all these months?" Dopey asked. Okay, maybe I couldn't and anyway I could pull the adopted card.

"Suze, as your step-father, I don't like boys in your room. Living or not." Great, we're going there now. I'm glad my dad already knows this. Otherwise this would be even more awkward than it already was.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you." Not really the reaction I was expecting though. To be honest I was expecting,-

"Wait, you see ghosts?" that actually.

"Yes, Jake, I see ghosts. Not like that little kid in the comedy The Sixth Sense, but yes I see ghosts. I don't know how or why, but I do. I actually met your mom. She loves you," I looked at all the boys," all of you, very much. She's ecstatic that you're all so happy."

"Really?" I smiled at him. I had sort of grown a soft spot for Sleepy in last couple of months. Brad I had yet to grow anything except in annoyance. "Well, now that's straightened out. Wait, I saw dad's, Brad's, and my shocked face with all the information, but you Dave, don't seem, err, shocked."

Doc turned a slight shade of red. "That's because I knew about her abilities before today. I'll admit, I didn't know about the adoption, but no one else did either. I've known since the time we had to rescue her at school."

"You told your step-brother, but not your own mother?! Of course I mean nothing by it to you David."

Doc nodded, "She didn't tell me, I figured it out on my own." My mother, Helen (?), nodded. "Suze, I think they want an explanation for the ghost in your room. Well, who used to be there anyway." Thanks Doc, just when I thought they had forgotten. Everyone looked at me expectantly. Well here goes nothing. (A/N: FYI- I was so close to just stopping here, but you all have waited so long for this so I shall continue.)

"Well, I think by now you all know why I hate old houses." I continued to explain my Jesse story, leaving out many, ah, um, I guess you could say, err graphic details. Again, Doc looked unfazed, Sleepy, Dopey, Andy, and my mom/Helen were another story. They all stayed quiet for a little too long. "Um, I know its weird how he knows so much about you all and the fact that he's way older than everyone in the room, but he is really only 21 years old. He's just been living the same year over and over and over. It's sort of like that movie Groundhog's Day except not really."

"Suze, shut up. Oh and by the way, Jesse is so dead… again."

"First off," I stuck out my tongue at Sleepy. I know he meant well, but seriously. "Second, what did he ever do wrong? If anything you should want to throw the guy a parade with the amount of times he's saved my life."

"He was in your room. Who knows what he could've seen."

"Just because you're like that doesn't mean Jesse's like that. Remember the fact that he was raised with very old fashioned morals. It took me forever to try and break him of his PDA morals. I just barely convinced him to let me hold his hand and 'cuddle' me in public places like the beach. So there shall be no killing of boyfriends. Well, at least not of mine."

Sleepy grumbled something that sounded like fine, but I can never be sure with him. Brad though had been exceptionally quiet through out our discussion. A little too quiet for comfort, but I was okay with him this way, if only he stayed like this. (A/N: This isn't a foreshadowing of Brad going to the dark side, he's just a little slow when it comes to processing the info, hence only one question.) From there breakfast was quiet and I couldn't eat all the food on my plate. I had been given a lot of knowledge and in a little amount of time. I needed the one person who always made me feel better no matter what, Jesse. I excused myself from the table and put the food in Max's bowl and placed the plate in the sink so Brad could wash it later. I grabbed the keys to the Rambler, "Going over to Jesse's!" Well it wasn't a completely stupid idea to go there. He's in the letter and they want him to come with me. What if he doesn't want to come with me? What if he thinks it would be a good time for him to break us up so he could find a real California girl? His reasoning being that distance will make the heart grow fonder. Yeah right. This is what happens when I don't get to see him for too long; these thoughts run through my head. Which is never good because then I drive faster and who needs a ticket this early in the morning. I need help.

I parked the Rambler and it was then that it hit me that I was still in my pajamas. My hair was even in a pony tail and may I remind you that I look disgusting with my hair pulled back like this. As I walked to his door I tried my best to hide that fact that I just had my hair up and tried to look nonchalant about my clothes. I didn't even have a bra on! I knocked on his door and when he opened the door only seconds later, I had to remind myself that he was real. He was a vision in an olive green polo and dark wash denim. 'Snap out of it Suze.'

I walked inside and plopped on the couch. He joined me after he made a face, which I'm sure was about how I was dressed. I was about to open my mouth to pour out all the info I had just been given when I hear that damn pecking, again. Damn bird. Jesse kissed me on the forehead and made his way over to the window to let the owl in. It dropped the letter in Jesse's hand like he/she did to me earlier. His was also from this Albus guy. They wanted him to be the new doctor at Hogwarts and the co-head of something called Gryffindor. I was floored. Jesse had always wanted to be a doctor and for him to learn how to do magical medicine too would be a dream come true for him I'm sure. When I looked at him though, he wasn't showing any emotion. I waved my hand in front of his face, "Jesse? Jesse, this is good news right? I mean you've always wanted to be a doctor and now you get to learn a new method of treating people. You love learning new things. Please, say something."

Then it all happened so fast. Jesse broke out in a huge grin and faster than I could sigh in relief he picked me up and spun me around in the air like in those cheesy romance movies, only this wasn't cheesy at all. He put me back on the floor and gave me a great kiss. He smiled at me some more and said, "How is that for saying something?"

I, of course, was still a little light headed from the kiss. "Um, it was okay," was my genius response. We continued talking for a couple more hours and I really do mean we talked, but after we had some, ah, fun. That is until he realized I wasn't wearing a bra. Although I wanted to continue, the look on his face was priceless. I climbed off of him and said my goodbyes. We had come to the conclusion that we both go to England in a few days. I said I wanted to meet my brother; he just wanted to keep me safe and not leave my side so he could protect me. Driving back to the house, I rolled my eyes just at the thought.

I got in the house to find my mom/Helen waiting for me in the living room. "Hi?" I asked her. I found this odd, her in the living room I mean.

"Susie I know that this morning wasn't exactly what you planned, but I love you. Know that. Now I'm assuming correctly in saying you want to go to England and I won't stop you because you'll be safer there any way. With that said here are two plane tickets to Heathrow International Airport for you and Jesse. You'll leave on the 30th with your escorts. Now I want you to spend as much time with your friends in the next couple of days and minimal time with Jesse. He's going with you after all, while people like Ceecee and Adam won't. Okay?"

All I could do was smile and hug her with all I had. She really was my mom, even if she had been lying to me this whole time. For that though she has become Helen to me. I'll call her mom to her face, but I can't at other times.

I looked down at my cell phone and it said it was 11:08 am. I had enough time to spend the day with my two best friends.


Those three days went by too quickly if you ask me. Every waking moment I spent with Ceecee and Adam. It was hard having to explain to them why I was traveling half way around the world. I couldn't tell them about the adoption and my twin brother. I just summed it up to leaving for Boarding School and that I didn't even know the real reason. It's a good thing I'm such a good liar otherwise that never would have worked on Cee.

On the day I was mean to leave I had just finished packing my seventh suitcase. (Hey do not look at me that way. I had to pack my entire wardrobe plus necessities. I shouldn't mention that I sent most of my stuff already so it would be there when I got there, huh? Too bad.) I still had stuff here for when I come back it's just that I need a lot of stuff. Okay, shutting up now. Where was I? Oh right the finishing of the packing. When I literally had closed the last of my things, I heard a knock at the door. I knew it wasn't Jesse because he was going to come over when I called, so it meant it was them. Whoever they are… is? I ran downstairs so I could open the door instead of some one else like Doc, who is cute and all, but he tends to give an information overload to any one who walks through this door.

So I opened the door and came face to face with… I have no idea whom. "Uh, I don't want to buy anything, thank you," and made my way to close the door. They looked like they wanted to sell me something. I was kind of bummed, though. One of the guys though, put his foot in the door frame so I couldn't close it.

"Susannah, we are not here to sell you something." This guy had sandy brown hair, was kind of tall, not Jesse tall, but tall. He had light brown eyes and light scars on his face, but even then you could tell he was a good looking guy.

"Do muggles go around selling things? Incredible." The other questioned. He was shorter that the other with bright red hair. He looked past me fascinated, but I don't know why.

"Arthur you can question her in the car. Right now we need to get her to the airport."

"Quite right. Well now, where is your trunk Susannah?" I was completely confused and I guess it showed. "Oh how very rude of us, may we come in and introduce ourselves."

"Uh, sure." I opened the door fully so they could come in. They weren't what I was expecting. They looked different than what I expected. They were dressed normal and were not hideous looking. I think I have been watching one too many fairy tales.

"Hello Susannah, my name is Arthur Weasley. This here is Remus Lupin. We were sent by Dumbledore to escort you and Mr. de Silva on your travels."

"Oh, okay. Well, nice to meet you Mr. Weasley and Mr. Lupin, but please call me Suze. Everyone does."

"Very well Suze, we shall gather all of your belongings and those of Mr. de Silva and be on our way. Where is Mr. de Silva? Oh and please call me Remus."

"He's, ah, at his apartment. I was going to call him when you got here. I didn't know when you would get here."

"Then you must make haste and call him immediately. We haven't a second to lose. Now dear girl, where is your trunk?"

"Um yeah, I'll call right now." I pulled out my cell phone to call Jesse. When I hung up with him I gave Arthur another confused look. "My trunk?"

"Yes, is there something the matter?"

"Arthur I don't believe they use trunks in the muggle world. Suze if you may please point us in the direction of you luggage, we may bring it into the car."

"Oh. It's upstairs in my room. I don't mind bringing it down here, really. This way you don't have to go upstairs and get it. It's fine, honest."

"There will be no need for the stairs. Accio luggage." I couldn't believe what I just saw. For one thing Remus pulled out a wand. I didn't know whether to laugh or be stunned. I chose a combo. Second, after he said his spell, my luggage came barreling down the stairs and stopped right at our feet. "Wingardium Leviosa." Then my entire luggage was floating in the air! He moved outside and put all of my stuff in the car. Right then Jesse showed up and I just started pointing. First at Jesse, then Remus, and last my luggage and rotating like that. I was making incoherent sounds about what I had just seen. "Suze I understand this all new to you, but we must get going."

I said the last of my good byes to all and made my way to the airport and what a ride that was going to be.

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