#13 - Road

Whoever said that life was a flat smooth road, never truly lived. It is filled with bumps, holes, cracks, curves and turns. The smallest obtrusion can throw a person into the rocky realities of despair and depression.

He'd traveled the road alone for a seemingly endless time, until his friend (a tall, black haired man with glasses) joined his struggle through life. By the end of the war, a female sharp shooter introduced herself into the duo.

Years went on with their few occasional hiccups, and these two friends, a man and a woman, were there for Roy to push and pull him through every struggle. With those two by his side, he seemed invincible; however, they all soon learned that nothing is invincible.

A crash occurred, taking everyone by surprise, which showed how delicate life really was. The two left hit a turning point in the road, and Roy offered 'Go back now and forget everything that has happened' silently, but the woman by his side simply refused. Roy learned that this woman was truly dedicated to him, and that she had been since day one.

It took time, but this woman pulled Roy from a cliff; and slowly but surely maneuvered him back onto his main road.

From now on, they would have to look at every little upset with a watchful eye. Both knew that the road would be an uphill battle, and that from now on nothing could be taken for granted.

In the end she would push and drag him along the road until they could reach the paradise all three of them dreamed for.

AN: Ok. So I've started doing the R15 themes (I'll finnish the Royai 100 ones too, but I just want to get these done!) I'm starting to doubt my writing skills right now, so any critique would be greatly welcomed. I'm not so sure how 'lovey dovey' I got in this drabble, but I wanted to focus a bit more on loyalty (where I personally think their love is derrived from.)