#11 – Rhythm

During the final song of the night, under the golden sparkling tresses of some high-ranking general's house, they find a simple rhythm out on the dance-floor. Unlike many of the sordid generals, Roy held her in the proper formation (unlike he did with every other woman he danced with ;) his left hand cupping her right, and his gloved right hand rested against her bare right shoulder. Riza's delicately gloved right hand rested against the left arm of his blue dress uniform. Together, as if a duo from a children's fable, they floated along the glistened floor within the gracefully changing flow of people.

He'll take the lead, assuming the role of men at these types of functions, and gratefully guide Riza through the sea of dancing bodies in perfect timing.

Though these dances are rare, Roy and Riza always seem to dazzle the crowds around them.

It then becomes fair to compare their dancing to the workplace. They find a rhythm together, he once again leads and she follows close behind, ever watching his back. And when he managed to stumble over his feet, she was there to take the lead and keep their rhythm steady.

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