Instead of a pilot that does nothing but introduce the characters, this first post will simply profile the characters and settings.

MegaMan is an ordinary Jr. high student (who's school is actually called MegaMan Jr. High) who repeatedly has to save the world. Because, you know, lots of Jr. high students actually do that. He lives with his father Dr. Light.

The main characters are:

MegaMan: An ordinary Jr. high student who worries about body image, puberty, dating, and other things that are of absolutely no concern to a robot.

Dr. Light: MegaMan's father. He's a genius scientist who makes many robots, but much more focus will be given to him being a single parent. He thinks MegaMan's homework is of the same priority as saving the world.

Roll: MegaMan's best friend who will gradually (meaning I'll throw in an instant change whenever I feel like it) become "something more".

Dr. Wily: MegaMan's principal. He's secretly making evil robots to take over the world, but hides it well (by putting skulls all over his school and laughing evilly whenever he can). His robots are teachers at the school. Hates Light, is biased against MegaMan.

Bass: MegaMan's rival. He wants to beat MegaMan at everything and gets special treatment because he's the principal's son.

Rush: MegaMan's robot dog who for some reason was programmed to talk like Scooby Doo.

That's the introduction, stay tuned for the first exciting episode of MegaMan Jr. High!